“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Wyoming

Ames Monument Marker image, Touch for more information
By Barry Swackhamer, September 8, 2015
Ames Monument Marker
1 Wyoming, Albany County, Buford — Ames Monument
Commissioned by the Union Pacific Railroad, the Ames Monument is a memorial to the Ames brothers, Oakes and Oliver, for their contributions to the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. Their strong support, drive and influence were instrumental . . . Map (db m89647) HM
2 Wyoming, Albany County, Buford — Lonetree on the Laramie Range
This area of southeast Wyoming is rich in history, geology and recreational activities. Within a short distance from this point, sites abound of early day events that have shaped the western heritage of this area, including the Arapaho and . . . Map (db m68052) HM
3 Wyoming, Albany County, Buford — Old Sherman Cemetery
1867 to about 1880 most bodies have been removed Map (db m89648) HM
4 Wyoming, Albany County, Buford — Pyramid on the Plains
At first glance, the Ames Monument may seem out of place on this high, wind-swept setting. If you step back and view the Monument from a distance, you will notice its design and shape mimic the surrounding features of the mountain landscape. The . . . Map (db m89645) HM
5 Wyoming, Albany County, Buford — Sherman Mountains
The Sherman Mountains are erosional remnants rising above the general level of the surface of the Laramie Range. The flat topped characteristic of the range resulted from beveling during an ancient erosion cycle. Bedrock here is granite, a . . . Map (db m68051)
6 Wyoming, Albany County, Buford — The Gangplank
The granite rocks to the west are more than a billion years old (Pre-Cambrian in age). The sedimentary rocks to the east are some 10 million years old (Late Miocene in age). After the mountains were elevated, some 20,000 feet of rocks were eroded . . . Map (db m92157) HM
7 Wyoming, Albany County, Buford — The Transcontinental Railroad
Construction of the Transcontinental Railroad across the United States was one of the most significant historic events of the 1800s. Built almost exclusively with manual labor and hand tools, the cross-country railroad took only four years to . . . Map (db m89646) HM
8 Wyoming, Albany County, Buford — Tree in the Rock
This tree was growing out of a crevice in the rock when the Union Pacific Railroad built its original main line fifty feet south of this rock in 1868. The fence and cable were provided by the Union Pacific Railroad Co. at the request of the . . . Map (db m95273) HM
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9 Wyoming, Albany County, Buford — Tree Rock
This small pine tree that seems to be growing out of solid rock has fascinated travelers since the first train rolled past on the Union Pacific Railroad. It is said that the builders of the original railroad diverted the tracks slightly to pass by . . . Map (db m62159) HM
10 Wyoming, Albany County, Jelm — Woods Landing Dance Hall
The architecture of the Woods Landing Dance Hall reflects the Scandinavian heritage of this area. Typical of Scandinavian construction, this log hall exhibits peeled and rounded logs with stepped and notched corners. Chinking was not necessary . . . Map (db m153399) HM
11 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — 150 N. 2nd Street
Built in 1869 for the Methodist Episcopal Church, this edifice is likely the oldest church building in Wyoming. It originally was located across the street where the Elks Lodge now stands.Map (db m76783) HM
12 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Abraham Lincoln"We must think anew and act anew" — 1809 - 1865 —
This monument commemorates the sesquicentennial of Lincoln's birth by the State of Wyoming in 1959 Charles W. Jeffrey, M.D., Rawlins - Wyo. Donor Robert I. Russin, SculptorMap (db m47144) HM
13 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — 221 — Bath Ranch
National Register of Historic Places Wyoming Place No. 221Map (db m89649) HM
14 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Battle of Crowheart Butte
This bronze sculpture captures the moment when Chief Washakie first raises his lance challenging Crow Chief Big Robber to a duel. The Battle of Crowheart Butte was ignited when Crow Chief Big Robber and his braves refused to leave an area near . . . Map (db m95342) HM
15 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Big Laramie Stage Station
From 1849 through the end of the 19th century, thousands followed the Overland Trail into Wyoming, across the Laramie Plains, to a toll bridge near tree on the Laramie River. The historic crossing of the marshy plains consisted of a corduroy road . . . Map (db m89621) HM
16 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Chief Washakie
The history of the American West recognizes Washakie as one of its most remarkable leaders. Revered for statesmanship and respected in battle, he united his people into a significant political and military force. A skilled orator and charismatic . . . Map (db m95347) HM
17 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Excavation Site: Basement Entrance to the Warden's House
In 1875, the inmates of the Wyoming Territorial Prison constructed a dwelling for the warden and guards. The dwelling, worth $3,000, consisted of six rooms - a kitchen, dining room, and four bedrooms. On July 3, 1877, Laramie's local newspaper, . . . Map (db m95312) HM
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18 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Excavation Site: Blacksmith Shop, Candle Shop, and Outhouse
The 1907 photograph to the left shows, from left to right, the boiler plant (foreground), broom factory, outhouse, blacksmith and candle shop, and kitchen extension. Before shops were built inside the stockade, inmates worked outside cutting . . . Map (db m95327) HM
19 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Excavation Site: Ice House
On June 24th, 1975, the Laramie Sentinel reported, "An icehouse has been built in the bank a few feet from the prison, and some 60 tons of ice were taken out and stored in it for the use of the prison. This, also done by convict labor, . . . Map (db m95314) HM
20 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Excavation Site: New Boiler Plant and Smoke Stack
Steam was used to heat the new cellblock and administration wing added to the prison in 1889. Though the boiler was only intended to serve the new addition it heated the entire prison (both cellblocks). Working beyond its capacity, the old boiler . . . Map (db m95325) HM
21 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Excavation Site: Old Kitchen and Bakery Ovens
The original kitchen was constructed in 1873. The bakery ovens sat directly behind it. The extension to the left of the kitchen was added by 1894 and used for a variety of things: store room, icehouse, guards' dining hall, carpentry shop, and . . . Map (db m95330) HM
22 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — First Ladies
Four plaques are located around a monument locate on the Ivinson Mansion grounds in Laramie, Wyoming. Laramie Woman's Club, organized in 1898, honors Laramie's "First Ladies" who pioneered civic and political responsibility by women . . . Map (db m89657) HM
23 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — First Woman Jury
This tablet marks the site where the first woman jury served during March 1870 Placed in 1922 by The Jacques LaRamie Chapter Daughters of The American RevolutionMap (db m76786) HM
24 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Ft. Sanders1866-1882
         The emigrant trails across Wyoming were a vital link in the transcontinental migration of an estimated 250,000 Americans in the 19th century, and opened the area to settlers. The Indians resented this intrusion and threatened these . . . Map (db m67994) HM
25 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Gateway to the Rockies
Tall trees, short trees, shrubs, grasses and flowering plants -- mountains, canyons, river bottoms, and prairies -- all intermingle to form the landscape. The greater the variety of landforms and vegetation, the more homes or habitats there are for . . . Map (db m47149) HM
26 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Henry B. Joy Monument
"That there should be a Lincoln Highway across this country is the most important thing" In memory of Henry B. Joy The first president of the Lincoln Highway Association Who saw realized the dream of a continuous improved highway from the . . . Map (db m84887) HM
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27 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Henry Bourne Joy and the Lincoln Highway
This monument commemorates the Lincoln Highway, America's first transcontinental automobile road, and Henry Bourne Joy, the first president of the Lincoln Highway Association (1913). Joy, also president of the Packard Motor Car Company, is sometimes . . . Map (db m47145) HM
28 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Laramie
Founded in 1868 upon the arrival of the Union Pacific Railroad, Laramie was named after the fur trader Jacques LaRamie. The first female jurors served here in 1870 after Wyoming Territory in 1869, for the first time in history, gave women full . . . Map (db m67993) HM
29 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Laramie
Founded in 1868 upon the arrival of the Union Pacific Railroad, Laramie was named after the fur trader Jacques LaRamie. The first female jurors served here in 1870 after Wyoming Territory, in 1869, for the first time in history, gave women full . . . Map (db m76789) HM
30 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Laramie Timeline
This marker is made up of a dozen plaques embedded in a cement patio and a map of historic Laramie also embedded in patio. As each plaque has the same format, only a few of them have been illustrated. 1810-1820 French Canadian . . . Map (db m76849) HM
31 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Old Overland Trail
The first stone erected in Albany Co. to mark the Old Overland Trail 1862 - 1868 Map (db m89622) HM
32 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Ranching from the High Point
This area of Albany and Laramie Counties is noted for its rich agricultural history. The forests and rolling hills were home to large sheep and cattle herds from the mid 1800s into the 1900s. After the Civil War, trees harvested from what is now the . . . Map (db m47150) HM
33 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Site of Fort Sanders
This Monument Marks the Site of Fort Sanders Established September 5, 1866 Abandoned May 18, 1882 Named in Honor of Brigadier General William P. Sanders Erected by the State of Wyoming and Jacques Laramie Chapter . . . Map (db m67995) HM
34 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — Telephone Canyon
The first in the west through which a telephone line was run. The first conversation over this line was held in 1882 between Bill Nye at Laramie and Hon. E. E. Warren at Cheyenne.Map (db m47148) HM
35 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — The Appaloosa
The legendary war-horse of the Nez Perce has a rich history dating as far back as 20,000 years. Detailed images of spotted horses can be found on cave walls in southern France. In Austria, a scabbard dating back to 1000 B.C. was found decorated with . . . Map (db m95348) HM
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36 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — The Franchise
The Franchise by John D. Baker The title “The Franchise” refers to the recognition and bestowal of the right of women to vote under full civil equality with men. In 1869, Wyoming became the first state or territory to grant this . . . Map (db m76744) HM
37 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — The Overland Trail
The route that later became the Overland Trail was followed in 1825 by William Ashley and members of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, who entered the Laramie Valley from the south, forded the Medicine Bow River near Elk Mountain, and crossed the . . . Map (db m89623) HM
38 Wyoming, Albany County, Laramie — The Purple Heart Trail
The Purple Heart Medal was originated by General George Washington on August 7, 1782 for distinguished valor and is now awarded only to members of the armed forces of the United States, who have been wounded in combat against an armed . . . Map (db m47143) HM
39 Wyoming, Albany County, Medicine Bow — Albany County Train Robberies
In remote areas of Albany County, Wyoming, passenger trains carrying mail, payroll monies, and express deliveries were tempting targets for bandits. On June 2, 1899, the Union Pacific Overland Flyer No. 1 was flagged down near Wilcox Station, east . . . Map (db m89659) HM
40 Wyoming, Albany County, Medicine Bow — Dinosaur Graveyard
To the north lies Como Bluff - "The Dinosaur Graveyard" - one of the greatest and well known fossil beds of dinosaur remains in the world. There paleontologist of the 19th century discovered and unearthed many excellent fossil specimens of the . . . Map (db m89665) HM
41 Wyoming, Albany County, Rock River — Rock Creek
In memory of those who passed this way to win and hold the West on the Fort Halleck- Fort Laramie Road Frontier town of Rock Creek 10 miles north east Map (db m89658) HM
42 Wyoming, Albany County, Tie Siding — The Overland Stage Line
This stone marks the place where The Overland Stage Line on its way to the West, June 1862 - 1868 crossed the Colorado-Wyoming boundary line. Map (db m89620) HM
43 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Burlington — McCullough Peaks Wild HorsesWyoming
      No larger than a dog, the eohippus, or dawn horse, first appeared approximately 55 million years ago. It had four toes on its front legs and three on its hind legs. Eohippus remains have been found in Wyoming’s Wind River Basin. Over time, . . . Map (db m86912) HM
44 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Burlington — Shortcut to the GoldfieldsBridger Trail - 1864
      This region is totally unfit for either rail or wagon roads and can only be traversed with the greatest of difficulty.      - U.S. Army Lieutenant Henry Mayandier, while attempting to map a wagon route across the Big Horn Basin in . . . Map (db m86910) HM
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45 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Byron — Byron Sessions
This statue by artist/sculptor, Steve Wirth, depicts Byron Sessions, survey map case in hand, as he prepares to oversee the construction of the Sidon Canal. It was the policy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, often . . . Map (db m91254) HM
46 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Byron — Sidon Canal
Following Mormon settlement of the Salt Lake Valley beginning in 1847, church leaders envisioned colonization of the entire inter-mountain region. In following decades, Mormons emigrated from Utah into Idaho, Arizona and Wyoming. Seeking to improve . . . Map (db m91252) HM
47 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Cowley — 567 — Big Horn Academy
In 1900 the prophet and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, sent settlers to northern Wyoming under direction of Apostle Abraham Owen Woodruff. They wee to establish two communities, Byron and Cowley, and build the Sidon . . . Map (db m190065) HM
48 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Cowley — 536 — Big Horn LDS Stake Office and Tithing Building
In 1900, Lorenzo Snow, prophet and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, sent settlers to northern Wyoming under direction of Apostle Abraham Owen Woodruff. They were to establish two communities, Byron and Cowley, and build . . . Map (db m190064) HM
49 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Cowley — Cowley Log Community Center — "The Log Gym" —
. . . Map (db m190066) HM
50 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Deaver — 9 — Deaver ReservoirThe Shoshone Project Story
The Deaver Reservoir equalizing, or regulating reservoir missing word(s) serves water to about 1,800 acres on missing word(s) Frannie Division of the Project. For 75 years, the reservoir provided the domestic water supply for the . . . Map (db m190068) HM
51 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Greybull — Agents of Change
Douglas Fir Bark BeetleThe Douglas fir bark beetle enters the bark where it introduces a fungi and creates galleries in the phloem – the layer under the bark that transports nutrients from the leaves throughout the tree. The galleries . . . Map (db m88169) HM
52 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Hyattville — 10,000 Years of Occupation
For at least 10,000 years, the area where Medicine Lodge Creek flows out of the Bighorn Mountains has provided a home for humans. Discovering Ancient Cultures In 1968, the University of Wyoming began an eight-year archaeological . . . Map (db m163208) HM
53 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Hyattville — Rock Art
Petroglyphs and pictographs often preserve the only known records created by our human predecessors. The rocks are found at Medicine Lodge, some believe to be as old as 2500 years, has barely wasted the affects of time and weather. Mosaic of . . . Map (db m163206) HM
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54 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Big Horn Basin
Big Horn Basin in northwest Wyoming is bound on the west by the Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains, on the south are the Wind River and Owl Creek ranges, on the north the Pryor Mountains and on the east are the Big Horns. The Basin is nearly . . . Map (db m91289) HM
55 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Bighorn BasinIt's Creation — It's History —
These two plaques offer brief history of the Bighorn Basin. Bighorn Basin -- It's Creation Before you lies the Bighorn Basin, which has its southern end in Wyoming and extends into Montana. Six hundred million years of . . . Map (db m91305) HM
56 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Five SpringsCrossroads of Culture
Several of the prehistoric trails that led through the Big Horn Mountains intersect here. The first people using these trails may have entered the area on the very same path you are now using, as long as 10,000 years ago! Over time, possibly due to . . . Map (db m91307) HM
57 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Gold Fever
The large rocks next to you are granite. These were formed within the earth's crust 1 billion years ago. Their exposure is the result of the eroding forces of wind, water, and ice. This granite contains quartz and resembles the rock containing gold . . . Map (db m91320) HM
58 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Henry Gilbert, Jr. MemorialSeptember 23, 1919 - December 23, 1941
The Flying Tigers were American boys from 41 of our states, fighter pilots trained in our own Army and Navy, who became members of the new A.V.G. (American Volunteer Group) employed by the government of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek to protect the . . . Map (db m91260) HM WM
59 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Mason-Lovell Ranch
Side A One of the largest cattle operations in the Wyoming Territory, the Mason-Lovell Ranch moved its headquarters here in 1883. At its peak the ranch grazed cattle from Thermopolis, Wyoming to the Crow Reservation in Montana. . . . Map (db m91280) HM
60 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Medicine Wheel
Medicine Mountain to your left, was named for the Medicine Wheel, a stone circle that lies atop a ridge below its summit. Designated a National Historic landmark, this symbol remains a mystery as the builders and purpose of the Medicine Wheel remain . . . Map (db m91319) HM
61 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Medicine WheelStone Circles
Thousands of stone circles lie scattered over the Northern Plains and Rocky Mountains. What were they used for? Over 100 of these stone circles are known as Medicine Wheels. The Bighorn Medicine Wheel is probably the most well known and sacred . . . Map (db m169029) HM
62 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Medicine WheelThe Sacred Circle
The white man called it the Medicine Wheel, but to many Native Americans Indians it is, "The Place Where the Eagle Lands." To many people it is a sacred place, and there are few that leave without experiencing something outside the ordinary. It . . . Map (db m169030) HM
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63 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Mystery Shrouds the Medicine Wheel Reported permanently removed
"Eventually one gets to the Medicine Wheel to fulfill one's life." -- Old Mouse, Arikara High in the Big Horn Mountains at nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, lies the Medicine Wheel - a place of worship, a National Historic Site, and an . . . Map (db m169026) HM
64 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Raptors: Winged Hunters of Bighorn CanyonBighorn Canyon National Recreation Area — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Raptors are graceful hunters of Bighorn Canyon. The location is ideal home for these birds of prey because of the abundance of food and excellent nesting spots. Watch for these magnificent birds in action.Map (db m62158) HM
65 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Reconstruction - Finally!
Reconstruction of 52 miles of US 14A between Big Horn Lake and Burgess Junction, began with a bridge and causeway at the lake in the mid-60s. The mountain project was described as "one of the most difficult" in the Department's history. Then, . . . Map (db m91285) HM
66 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — The Jeep
was developed for the U.S. Army during WWII by the Willys Motor Company. Its tough four-wheel drive made it the first all-terrain vehicle. By 1945 over 500,000 had been delivered to the Army and other branches of the armed forces. The Jeep was also . . . Map (db m91259) HM
67 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — 58 — The Mormon Colonists
In honor of The Mormon Colonists of the Big Horn Basin who, under the leadership of Abraham O. Woodruff, first camped near this site in May 1900. These pioneers, under many difficulties, established towns, notably Byron, Cowley and . . . Map (db m91255) HM
68 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — The Original Dayton-Kane HighwayUS 14A — (A National Scenic Byway) —
For many years, the northern most road over Wyoming's Big Horn mountains was commonly referred to as the Dayton-Kane Road. It connected those two towns on opposite sides of the mountain, the latter now just a memory beneath the waters of Big Horn . . . Map (db m91284) HM
69 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Lovell — Welcome to the Medicine Wheel
A National Historic Landmark Located on Medicine Mountain, the Medicine Wheel is one of North America's most important and well preserved Native American sacred landscapes which has played and continues to play an essential role in the . . . Map (db m169033) HM
70 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — A 4,000 Mile Journey
The earthbound journey begins . . . . . . when a raindrop or snowflake hits the upper slopes of the Big Horn Mountains. It joins other drops and gains momentum seeking the path of least resistance. Say “goodbye” to the drop as it . . . Map (db m88182) HM
71 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Beef Trail
The hillside below the cliffs is managed as a wildlife winter range. Elk and deer in the Big Horn Mountains live at high elevations during the summer, but move down to the lower areas during the winter. The Forest Service helps maintain this winter . . . Map (db m153241) HM
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72 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Bighorn Basin – Its History
The presence of humans in the Big Horn Basin goes back more than 10,000 years. Evidence suggests that the prehistoric people were nomadic hunters and gatherers. Indians inhabited this area until 1878. In the late 1870s settlers, ranchers, and . . . Map (db m88172) HM
73 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Carving a Course
The large, granite building blocks of Shell Canyon are an extraordinary 2.5 billion years old. Called basement or bedrock, they form the bottom layer covering the molten material in the earth’s core. At some point, the huge plate of bedrock . . . Map (db m88189) HM
74 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Copman's Tomb
The red cliff face to your left flanks Sunlight Mesa. At the top is Elephant Head Rock, so named because of its shape. The triangle-shaped mountain to the right is named Pyramid Peak. To your far right is a prominent rock-topped mountain called . . . Map (db m68892) HM
75 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Forming Waterfalls
If you are a seeker of waterfalls . . . . . . . mark Shell Falls as unique in terms of waterfall origin. Waterfalls form in three basic ways: 1. Where Hard Meets Soft Falls commonly form where a hard, resistant streambed meets a softer one. . . . Map (db m88179) HM
76 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — HummingbirdsNature’s Helicopters
Shell Creek nourishes a rich diversity of flowering plants, which in turn attracts tiny winged visitors. Hummingbirds are noted for their uncanny ability to hover in the air like helicopters. By turning their wings upside-down on the backstroke, . . . Map (db m89166) HM
77 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Lifeblood of the West
Water is a scarce commodity in the arid west. Wherever streams and rivers flow, you will find the pathways of early exploration and travel, the magnets of human settlement. Shell Creek is no exception. Archaeologists discovered evidence that . . . Map (db m88186) HM
78 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Moving Mountains
Can water really move mountains? Bit by bit, grind of water rippling over rock wears the mountain away. In a more dramatic fashion, run-off from melting snow during May and June creates a massive force capable of muscling huge boulders downstream. . . . Map (db m88168) HM
79 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Nature's Destruction
In June 1959, a tornado roared over the south rim of the canyon directly before you. Its path was along Granite Creek to your left and through what used to be Granite Creek Campground. One person was killed. The twister ripped up timber and laid it . . . Map (db m71500) HM
80 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Oasis in the Desert
So, what is an “Oasis” anyway? The dictionary defines it as “a green area in a dry, arid region.” What makes it so green? If you guessed WATER, then you were right. Most of this area gets less than ten . . . Map (db m88192) HM
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81 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Shaping a Canyon
2.5 billion years of geologic history lie exposed in the canyon walls of Shell Creek. Gradual cutting action by Shell Creek eventually exposed the basement granite layer that lies above the earth’s molten core. However, Shell Canyon itself formed . . . Map (db m88178) HM
82 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Wildfire!
Fire has a number of beneficial effects. It eliminates diseased and dying trees, recycles nutrients back into the soil, and starts the cycle of growth again by allowing sunlight to reach the ground, stimulating the growth of grass. The Forest . . . Map (db m88171) HM
83 Wyoming, Big Horn County, Shell — Wringing Out a Livelihood
By the late 1800s, settlers were already trying to wring a livelihood from the harsh environment in Shell Canyon and the valley below. Average precipitation here is less than ten inches per year and land suitable for cultivated crops is scarce. . . . Map (db m131490) HM
84 Wyoming, Campbell County, Gillette — George AmosThe George Amos Memorial Library
George Amos moved to Wyoming in the late 1800s to work as the foreman on the 4-J Ranch. A bachelor, he was a cowpuncher by day, and a voracious reader at night. In addition to a love for books, Amos subscribed to as many as 20 magazines and many . . . Map (db m203256) HM
85 Wyoming, Campbell County, Gillette — Gillette City Hall1936
This building, constructed in 1936, was completely paid for by the City of Gillette, without bonds or increased taxation, a source of pride for this community. The mayor's office, clerk's office, and courtroom were on the first floor with fire . . . Map (db m203279) HM
86 Wyoming, Campbell County, Gillette — Gillette Post Office1935
Built in 1935 with funds from the Public Works Administration (PWA), this was the first federal building constructed in Gillette. It utilized a standard floor plan developed for post offices nationwide. This building was Gillette's Post Office . . . Map (db m203281) HM
87 Wyoming, Campbell County, Spotted Horse — Hunt's 1811 Astorian Overland Expedition
The fur industry ruled the northwest at the beginning of the 19th century; however, much of the interior of the western United States remained a mystery. The Lewis and Clark expedition constituted the only organized exploration, a fact which . . . Map (db m97954) HM
88 Wyoming, Campbell County, Wright — Tertiary (Paleogene) Period
Soon after the retreat of the great Western Interior Seaway of. the Cretaceous Period, great coal swamps covered Eastern Wyoming. This fossilized tree stump was recovered from the Eagle Butte Coal Mine located about 48 miles to the North of here. . . . Map (db m203255) HM
89 Wyoming, Campbell County, Wright — The Bozeman Trail
As with other emigrant trails in the west, the Bozeman Trail followed a route previously used by traders, trappers, and Native Americans. John Bozeman, along with John Jacobs, officially opened the Bozeman Trail to emigrants in 1863. This 500-mile . . . Map (db m210594) HM
90 Wyoming, Carbon County, Arlington — Old Rock Creek Stage Crossing
The site of Old Rock Creek Stage Crossing Overland Trail 1862-1868 Fremont Survey 1843Map (db m95373) HM
91 Wyoming, Carbon County, Elk Mountain — Fort Halleck
Established July 20, 1862. Located west of the Medicine Bow River at the north base of Elk Mountain. The site was selected by and the post built under the command of Major John O'Ferrall, 11th Ohio Cavalry. It was established to protect the . . . Map (db m95377) HM
92 Wyoming, Carbon County, Elk Mountain — Old Cherokee Trail
The site of Old Cherokee Trail Map (db m95374) HM
93 Wyoming, Carbon County, Elk Mountain — Overland Trail
Marked by the State of WyomingMap (db m95376) HM
94 Wyoming, Carbon County, Elk Mountain — Wagonhound Rest Area
The area near the Wagonhound Rest Area has played an important role in western transportation since the earliest days of human activity in the Rock Mountain west. The area has provided Wyoming's earliest inhabitants, explorers, westbound settlers, . . . Map (db m47142) HM
95 Wyoming, Carbon County, Elk Mountain — Wagonhound Tipi Rings
The stone circles of "Tipi Rings" as this site mark the location of a prehistoric Native American campsite. The stones were probably used to anchor the skins of conical tents known by the Sioux word "Tipi". the stones were placed around the base of . . . Map (db m47141) HM
96 Wyoming, Carbon County, Elk Mountain — Wyoming Winds
This site lies at the northern-most extent of the Snowy Range Mountains, a spot where the high mountain peaks end and the winds begin. Winds here may exceed 70 miles per hour at times, blowing winter snows, leaving ridges and slopes bare, and . . . Map (db m47140) HM
97 Wyoming, Carbon County, Encampment — Encampment, Wyoming(Grand Encampment) — Elevation 7,323 feet —
Gateway to the sites of Ghost Towns of the Copper Country. Once a favorite hunting ground of Prehistoric man, later "Camp le Grand" became a noted rendezvous of Indians and trappers. In 1897 the townsite was laid out by Willis George Emerson and . . . Map (db m95468) HM
98 Wyoming, Carbon County, Encampment — Thomas A. Edison
Camped near this spot in 1878, while on a fishing trip. It was here that his attention was directed to the fiber from his bamboo fishing pole which he tested as a suitable filament for his incandescent electric lamp. Born February . . . Map (db m107499) HM
99 Wyoming, Carbon County, Medicine Bow — George A. Wyman
Waypoint George A. Wyman 1st Across America San Francisco to New York City, 1903Map (db m89674) HM
100 Wyoming, Carbon County, Medicine Bow — Owen Wister
"When you say that, smile" Owen Wister Whose writings acquainted the nation with pioneer Wyoming ranch life, made Medicine Bow the beginning of his most popular novel, "The Virginian," Map (db m89702) HM

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