“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Arizona

The Old Bushvalley Fort Marker image, Touch for more information
By Bill Kirchner, September 19, 2010
The Old Bushvalley Fort Marker
1 Arizona, Apache County, Alpine — The Old Bushvalley Fort
Here Stood The Old Bushvalley Fort Built 1879 For protection against Renegade ApachesMap (db m36274) HM
2 Arizona, Apache County, Chambers — Badlands
Geologists call eroded landscapes such as the Painted Desert "badlands." Summer thunderstorms and winter snowmelt carve the shale and sandstone into mazes of sharp ridges, steep hillsides, and deep V-shaped gullies. Practically waterless, badlands . . . Map (db m72923) HM
3 Arizona, Apache County, Chambers — Painted Desert / Finding Fossils Reported missing
The colorful mesas, buttes, and badlands before you compose a natural work of art--the Painted Desert. Wind and running water cut these features from the Chinle Formation deposited over 200 million years ago when this area was a vast inland . . . Map (db m72925) HM
4 Arizona, Apache County, Chinle — House Under Rock
Discovery of two well-preserved mummies led members of an 1880 archeological expedition to call this site Mummy Cave. The traditional Navajo name for this impressive setting is Tséyaa Kini — House Under Rock. Anasazi lived here for nearly a . . . Map (db m170537) HM
5 Arizona, Apache County, Chinle — Sliding House Ruins
The Navajo know this prehistoric Anasazi village site as Kináázhoozhí, which means Sliding House. It is an apt description. The dwellings were constructed upon a steeply sloping ledge, and even the ingenious Anasazi builders were unable to keep many . . . Map (db m170548) HM
6 Arizona, Apache County, Chinle — The Place Where Two Fell Off
Spanish soldiers may have fired from this very site during the infamous “massacre” of 1805. Their Navajo targets were huddled in the alcove below and to the left. Spanish accounts describe a day-long battle against Indians . . . Map (db m170547) HM
7 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 8 — 26 Bar Hereford Ranch
Once owned & often visited by film legend John Wayne, the ranch with the prominent white show barn came to fame in the 1940s as the Milky Way Hereford Ranch, owned by the Mars Candy Family.Map (db m36611) HM
8 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 9 — Amity School
This stone chimney is all that remains of a one room country school house that served pioneer Amity pop. 119 from the early 1880's until closing in April 1930. The Amity Cemetery & Amity Ditch are the only other remains of this early Mormon . . . Map (db m36614) HM
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9 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 11 — Benjamin B. Crosby Home
An early 1900s adobe home built by the son of Eagar's first Mormon Bishop. Crosby, a major sheep & cattle rancher, was a railroad contractor who in 1917 laid the track for the Santa Fe Railroad north of here.Map (db m36626) HM
10 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 7 — Colter Ranch
Below among the large cottonwood trees are the historic hdqtrs of Fred T. Colter's Cross Bar Ranch. Originally homesteaded in 1881 by Texan Micajah Phelps, Colter built the ranch into one of the largest cattle operations in Northeastern AZ.Map (db m36609) HM
11 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 13 — Eagar Elementary School
After the original frame school house burned in 1930, this building served Eagar's children for 53 years. Mothers prepared hot lunch across the street creating Eagar's own depression era "soup lines" at 5 cents a cup for the children.Map (db m36628) HM
12 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 15 — Harry Colter Home
Completed in 1912 by J.P. LeSueur manager of the Eagar ACMI, this frame house with a skin of pressed metal wall sheathing is best known as home to one of the Colter Bros. important Round Valley Ranchers.Map (db m36643) HM
13 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 14 — Joseph Udall Barn
Built in the early 1900s by one of Eagar's prominent civic, religious & business leaders, this barn was constructed with wooden pegs & retains remarkable architectural integrity. The 2-story brick farmhouse no longer stands.Map (db m36640) HM
14 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 12 — Oscar Jepson Home
Built c.1892, this adobe structure once housed the Eagar School & later a bootlegger's still. Jepson purchased & enlarged the home in 1925 & moved his family from Alpine so his daughters could attend Round Valley High School.Map (db m36627) HM
15 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 10 — Rencher Home
On July 24, 1900, the Peter P. Rencher family arrived from Texas in four wagons & set about building their place in Eagar. Completed in 1913, this 5 bedroom, red brick Colonial Revival home was the crown jewel of their labors.Map (db m36618) HM
16 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 6 — Snyder-Cavanaugh Shoot Out
In 1878, this notorious outlaw gang clashed over dividing their loot. A heated gunfight occurred in the saddle of this hill and it is said that at least seven died. Here lie their last known remains.Map (db m36607) HM
17 Arizona, Apache County, Eagar — 16 — William LeSueur Home1913
This handsome example of Colonial Revival architecture was home to the manager of Round Valley's ACMIs. His wife, the area's first registered nurse, boarded expectant mothers & teachers from the high school.Map (db m36645) HM
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18 Arizona, Apache County, Lupton — Arizona HighwaysSunset Point Rest Area
U.S. Route 66 (US 66 or Route 66), also known as the Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System. US 66 was established on Nov. 11, 1926, with road signs erected . . . Map (db m184319) HM
19 Arizona, Apache County, Lupton — In Memory of Max Ortega1905-1979
Life-long resident of this area, son of a pioneer Arizona family, and early tradesman who was friend and neighbor to all.Map (db m36562) HM
20 Arizona, Apache County, Lupton — One Days Ride to Zuni
In November of 1776 a party of Spanish explorers and Indian guides passed through this area on their way to the Zuni Mission in what is now New Mexico. Franciscan Fathers, Francisco Atanasio Dominquez and Silvestre Velez De Escalante, had embarked . . . Map (db m36577) HM
21 Arizona, Apache County, Navajo — At Navajo Springs
December 29, 1863 Arizona's Territorial officials took the oath of office during a snowstorm. Governor John N. Goodwin and other officials arriving from the east by wagon train, took their oaths of office and raised the U.S. flag "to establish a . . . Map (db m36334) HM
22 Arizona, Apache County, Petrified Forest National Park — A Painted ParkPetrified Forest National Park
As you look out over the Painted Desert, you are only seeing a small portion of it. The Painted Desert extends over 7,500 square miles (19,425 km²) across northeastern Arizona. Because Petrified Forest National Park lies at its heart, the entire . . . Map (db m163185) HM
23 Arizona, Apache County, Petrified Forest National Park — Highway of Dreams
Petrified Forest is the only National Park in the country with a portion of Historic Route 66 within its boundaries. You are currently standing where the Mother Road used to be, with the line of telephone poles paralleling its alignment through the . . . Map (db m163277) HM
24 Arizona, Apache County, Petrified Forest National Park — Over the EdgePetrified Forest National Park
Below you lies a black basalt which forms the rim of the plateau on which you stand. This hard basalt, called the Bidahochi Formation, was deposited by local volcanoes between 16 and five million years ago, and forms a protective cap over the soft, . . . Map (db m163270) HM
25 Arizona, Apache County, Petrified Forest National Park — Route 66 Reported missing
You are standing near old Route 66. The line of the roadbed and the telephone poles in front of you mark the path of the famous "Main Street of America" as it passed through Petrified Forest National Park. From Chicago to Los Angeles, this heavily . . . Map (db m68904) HM
26 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 25 — Arizona Cooperative Mercantile Institution
Built of adobe in 1901 with a cast iron front shipped from St. Louis, the ACMI was a branch of the Mormon Cooperative Store system for 17 yrs. It later served the community as a saloon, variety store & furniture emporium.Map (db m36652) HM
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27 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 22 — Baca Home
Gregorio Baca bought this house from G. Becker in 1907 for his bride, Chona Ortega. It's walls are 16" thick adobe. The wealthy Bacas & Ortegas ran large herds of cattle & sheep on vast tracts of land in Concho, St. Johns & The R.V. area.Map (db m36383) HM
28 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 21 — Baldonado Home
Part of the Spanish migration from northern New Mexico to Round Valley, Faustin Baldonado & his son Pedro bought this adobe home w/1 foot thick walls in the 1890's. Originally a cantina, Pedro added rooms when he married in 1900.Map (db m36382) HM
29 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 27 — Becker's Transcontinental Garage1910
The oldest continuously operated Ford dealership west of the Mississippi began in the west building in 1910. A pathfinding auto trip blazed the first "ocean to ocean highway" through here.Map (db m36379) HM
30 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 17 — Bertha Wahl Shooting
In 1899, 14 year old Bertha Wahl was murdered here by a shepherd. Just south of here was the original Becker Store. Beyond lie the graves of the Becker family. Due west stood Henry Springer's Mercantile.Map (db m36647) HM
31 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 4 — Brawley Boarding House
H.T. Brawley, teacher and principal of R.V.H.S. began construction on this house in approximately 1925. The unfinished shell sold to the M.J. Wiltbank Family in 1935. M.J. & son Clive completed the home. Through the years teachers, newlyweds & . . . Map (db m36595) HM
32 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 20 — El Rio Theatre
Built c.1915 & originally called the Apache Theatre, this adobe movie house once showed silent flickers with a hand-cranked projector. Renamed the El Rio in 1937, Round Valley's first theatre is still operating with its original popcorn machine.Map (db m36381) HM
33 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 1 — Escudilla Mountain
Due south rises the 3rd tallest peak in AZ, revered by conservationist, Aldo Leopold Escudilla was home to Ike Clanton of OK Corral fame & Arizona's last grizzly bear. In fall, the north slope is golden with Aspen covering the 23,000 acre fire of . . . Map (db m36592) HM
34 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 19 — James Hale Shooting
On Dec. 25, 1886, James Hale was gunned down here in front of the Brighton Saloon. His accused was never brought to trial. In 1894 this site, then called Hunter's Hall, held the first Presbyterian services in the Round Valley.Map (db m36651) HM
35 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 28 — Madonna of the Trail
This 10 foot high, 5 ton statue cast by St. Louis sculptor August Leimbach is one of 12 identical monuments to the bold spirit of the pioneers erected in 1928-29 along the National Old Trails Road from Maryland to California.Map (db m36380) HM
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36 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 5 — Old Grist Mill Site1876
Just west on the river, W.R Milligan built the first grist mill & sawmill in Round Valley, later a brick kiln was added. Subsequent owners included the Udall Bros. & J.P. Rothlisberger who built the barn just ahead.Map (db m158475) HM
37 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 24 — Peter Thompson Home & Blacksmith Shop
These log structures built by Thompson, a Danish convert to Mormonism, are Round Valley's oldest surviving buildings (1879). The cabin hosted the first Mormon services in Springerville.Map (db m36385) HM
38 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 23 — Presbyterian & Catholic Churchs
Begun as missions in the late 1800s, Community Presbyterian Church here, and St. Peter's, a block east, moved into these permanent homes built respectively of brick (1918) & adobe (1928).Map (db m36384) HM
39 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 2 — Slaughter Family Cemetary
First cousin to famed "Texas John Slaughter", Peter Slaughter & his rough trailhands brought the first Texas cattle to the White Mtns. C.1881 & built his P Lazy S Ranch on the Black River. Pete is buried here with 3 sons & extended family.Map (db m36593) HM
40 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 26 — Springerville Schoolhouse1884-1983
This bronze school bell summoned children until 1950. This 2 room adobe with high pitched roof & bell tower was added onto with brick, altering the entry & roof in 1927 & again in 1950. The school served the community 99 years.Map (db m36653) HM
41 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — Springerville World War I Memorial
1914 Honor roll 1918 Died in the service of their country Richard W. Judd born Dec 17, 1895 died April 12, 1918 Sidney Severens born March 24, 1891 died June 7 1918 John H. Slaughter born April 2, 1889 died October 27, 1918 . . . Map (db m195841) WM
42 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 3 — White Mountain Historical Park
This park contains buildings restored by the White Mtn. Historical Society. They preserve early settler, Hispanic, & Native American cultures, along with farming, forestry and ranching heritage.Map (db m36594) HM
43 Arizona, Apache County, Springerville — 18 — White Mountain Hospital
Built during the great depression using native stone & W.P.A. labor, this twenty-bed facility finally opened in 1939 when a doctor agreed to come to Round Valley to finish, lease & run the hospital for 10 years.Map (db m36649) HM
44 Arizona, Apache County, St. Johns — Lyman DamOn The Colorado River
The original dam at this site was destroyed in the spring floods of April, 1915. With the loss of eight lives and severe damage to farmlands. It was rebuilt with loans from the state of Arizona.Map (db m136234) HM
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45 Arizona, Apache County, St. Johns — 194 — Pioneer Public Buildings
The old "Bowery" was the first place of worship used by the members of the Latter Day Saints Church who came to St. Johns in 1879-1880. The Assembly Hall, located on the northwest corner of the public square was erected in 1882. It was built of logs . . . Map (db m36586) HM
46 Arizona, Apache County, Teec Nos Pos — Arizona(Four Corners)
The line separating the territories of New Mexico and Arizona was established as 32 degrees of longitude west of the Washington Meridian by Congressional Act of February 24, 1863, signed by President Abraham Lincoln. The Washington Meridian . . . Map (db m36625) HM
47 Arizona, Apache County, Window Rock — About the Navajo Code Talkers
About the Navajo Code Talkers During World War II the Japanese possessed the ability to break almost any American military code. Over 400 Navajos, with 29 being the original Navajo Code Talkers, stepped forward and developed the most . . . Map (db m51537) HM
48 Arizona, Apache County, Window Rock — In Remembrance of Our Warriors / Navajo Warrior Memorial
In Remembrance of Our Warriors Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice and/or Missing in Action, They will never be forgotten and to us they will always be young in our thoughts. Nelson Lewis • Walter Nelson • Willie A. Notah • Edie . . . Map (db m27911) HM
49 Arizona, Cochise County, Benson — Benson Jail1938 - 2006
These doors and windows were used to build a jail on the Northwest corner of Huachuca & 5th Street during April – May 1938. Needing jail material, Benson obtained approval to remove cell doors & windows from the no longer used jail in . . . Map (db m48508) HM
50 Arizona, Cochise County, Benson — Benson Pioneer CemeteryKnown as "7th Street Cemetery" — 1881-1975 —
This land was deeded to the City of Benson as a cemetery by the Pacific Improvement Company, the California based land company of the Southern Pacific Railroad, in March 1929. Burial plots were sold to residents by the City of Benson and the . . . Map (db m48512) HM
51 Arizona, Cochise County, Benson — Four miles southeast at Council RocksApache peace treaty with Cochise was ratified in 1872
Near Dragoon Springs on October 12, 1872, General O.O. Howard and Cochise, Chief of the Chiricahua Apache Indians, ratified a peace treaty ending years of warfare between that tribe and the white settlers. Cochise's stronghold was hidden deep in the . . . Map (db m27877) HM
52 Arizona, Cochise County, Benson — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
Dec 14, 1846 Last camp on San Pedro Turned west toward Tucson Erected 1960Map (db m27878) HM
53 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — Bisbee City Fire Hall
Bisbee architect F. C. Hurst designed this building in 1906. Hurst had also designed the Bisbee Central School in 1905. Designed as a combination city hall and fire station, the design was titled "City Fire Hall Building". The original . . . Map (db m195860) HM
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54 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — Brewery Gulch
In the early 1900's the rough edges of Bisbee's mining camps could be found here in notorious Brewery Gulch with its dozens of saloons, gambling halls and crib houses. The street got its name from a common activity in Bisbee's early days, . . . Map (db m28278) HM
55 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — Calumet and Arizona Mining Company Office Building Reported missing
The Calumet and Arizona Mining Company developed a new town site in this area in 1905 to ensure the continued success of its mining interests. Using the "City Beautiful" model, the new town site – Warren – provided affordable housing. In . . . Map (db m48574) HM
56 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — City of Bisbee Warrior Memorial
The City of Bisbee honors by this memorial her warriors who died in defense of the principles of American Democracy against enemies of freedom in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the War in Vietnam that their patriotic sacrifice will be . . . Map (db m28279) WM
57 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — Copper Queen Plaza
The extent of the power and influence of the copper mining industry in Bisbee's early history is evident here in the Copper Queen Plaza. The buildings were built by the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company, later to become Phelps Dodge . . . Map (db m28276) HM
58 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — Discovery of Ore Reported missing
.......On this site in the year of 1877, Sgt. Jack Dunn, with a detail of the Tenth U.S. Cavalry pursuing renegade Apaches, discovered rich out croppings of copper & silver ore. The discovery led to the staking of the first mining claim & the . . . Map (db m48561) HM
59 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — Mule Pass
Front of obelisk Road Constructed by Prison Labor 1913-14 Board of Control Geo. W.P. Hunt Governor C. Callaghan Auditor U.R. Osburn Member R.E. Sims Supt of Prison Lamar Orb State Engineer Right side of obelisk . . . Map (db m48552) HM
60 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — Phelps Dodge General Office Building
This building was the general office for the Bisbee operations of Phelps Dodge Corporation from 1895 to 1961. In 1971 it was given to the City of Bisbee by Phelps Dodge and was designated as a National Historic Site by the National Park . . . Map (db m28275) HM
61 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — The Importance Of Copper Mining
Rich copper mines transformed Bisbee from a rough camp in the late 1800's to one of the largest and most cultured cities between St. Louis and San Francisco by the early 1900's. From the time of the discovery of rich surface deposits in 1877 until . . . Map (db m148689) HM
62 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — The Lavender Pit
This open pit mine is named The Lavender Pit In honor of Harrison M. Lavender 1890 – 1952 Who as vice president and general manager of Phelps Dodge Corporation conceived and carried out this plan for making the . . . Map (db m28281) HM
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63 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — The Warren Ball Park
Originally constructed of wood in 1908, the Warren Ball Park is the oldest in the state of Arizona and stands as testimony to Bisbee's rich heritage. The Warren Company, a subsidiary of the Calumet & Arizona and Pittsburgh & Superior Mining . . . Map (db m48573) HM
64 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — United States Border StationNaco, Arizona
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m28258) HM
65 Arizona, Cochise County, Bisbee — Walter Douglas HouseArchitect: Henry C. Trost
Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. Built 1907Map (db m48562) HM
66 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Apache Pass
The Road Below We started through Apache Pass, over awful roads, up hill and down. We had to tie the wagon wheels with ropes and then in some places, the men had to stand on the wheels to keep them from turning over. Every man who could . . . Map (db m101004) HM
67 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Apache Pass - A Corridor Through TimeFort Bowie National Historic Site
There are two markers on a single kiosk Apache Pass is a low divide separating the massive Chiricahua Mountains from the Dos Cabezas Mountains. This landscape formed a rugged corridor through which people and goods were moved. The Pass . . . Map (db m100810) HM
68 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Apache Spring
Pottery fragments found around Apache Spring suggest it was used by prehistoric Mogollon Indians before the Apache arrived. Journals of early Spanish explorers described Apache trails radiating from the spring. The Butterfield Trail was constructed . . . Map (db m100823) HM
69 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Bascom-Cochise Meeting Site
After the events on the afternoon of February 4th, Bascom ordered the command to move toward, and fortify, the stage station. According to Sergeant Daniel Robinson: “Our wagons were placed end to end, forming a semicircle, covering . . . Map (db m100815) HM
70 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Cavalry Barracks
This massive adobe structure was among the earliest built at the new fort. By the mid-1880s, it had a shingled and pitched roof, attractive porches, kerosene lamps, and landscaping. The kitchen was behind the barracks; the mess hall adjacent. . . . Map (db m100998) HM
71 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Cavalry Mess Hall and Kitchen
Palatable food during the fort's early days was a constant problem; the soil was poor quality, lacking nutrients, and other sources of fresh food were distant. Though neighboring ranches supplied some vegetables and meats, they were still a day's . . . Map (db m100956) HM
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72 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Centennial of Chiricahua Apache/U.S. Cessation of Hostilities 1886
[Side 1: In English :] September 4-8, 1986, Arizonans marked the return of the Chiricahua Ex-Prisoners of War and their descendants in ceremonies that completed a spiritual circle. We remembered and reflected on the clash between . . . Map (db m42513) HM
73 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Commanding Officer's Quarters
The fort's most elaborate structure, a two story, Victorian-style mansion, was built in 1884-1885 for about $4,000.00. An expensive home at that time! Among its thirteen rooms (originally designed as a duplex) were a drawing room, a sewing room with . . . Map (db m101000) HM
74 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — First Fort Bowie
To your right, a spur trail follows a military road 300 yards to the first Fort Bowie ruins. On July 28, 1862, a 100-man detachment of the 5th California Volunteer Infantry began construction of the primitive fort, completing it two weeks . . . Map (db m218624) HM
75 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Fort BowieNational Historic Site
A Regional Legacy Cochise. Geronimo. Though their reputations were fierce, the Chiricahua Apaches didn't stop explorers, prospectors, settlers, and merchants from Westward immigration. To establish a lifeline between the East and California, . . . Map (db m37761) HM
76 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Infantry Barracks
Enlisted infantrymen found that privacy was not a feature of barracks life. Privates and corporals bunked together in the main room; sergeants occupied small adjoining rooms. Each soldier stored his military gear and personal belongings on a . . . Map (db m101002) HM
77 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Mining Cabin
Mining activity in Apache Pass started when members of the California Volunteers discovered a, “ and quartz bearing ledge...” in 1864. The “Harris Lode” as it became to be known, was later developed by the Apache Pass . . . Map (db m100811) HM
78 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — 086-352 — Old Fort BowieGuardian of Apache Pass
Established 1862 following the Battle of Apache Pass, largest conflict in Arizona Indian Wars. Massed Apaches under Cochise and Mangas Coloradas were routed by howitzers fired by California Volunteers attacked in the pass. Fort Bowie overlooked . . . Map (db m6994) HM
79 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Parke Camp Site
In March 1854, Lt. John Parke of the Topographical Engineer Corps led a survey party in search of an all-weather route for the transcontinental railroad. After a march of 55 waterless miles through Sulphur Springs Valley, the party entered Apache . . . Map (db m100812) HM
80 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Post Cemetery
The Post Cemetery predated the establishment of Fort Bowie, when soldiers of the California Column were interred here in 1862. The area was unfenced until 1878, when a four-foot adobe wall was erected to protect the graves from desecration by post . . . Map (db m68858) HM
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81 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Post Trader(Sutler's Store)
The equivalent of the modern army post exchange, the post trader offered for sale items not supplied by the army – toilet articles, sewing supplies, tobacco, medicinal cure-alls, fresh vegetables, canned fruits, and a wide variety of . . . Map (db m101003) HM
82 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Quartermaster Storehouse
This frame building with a shingled roof was constructed in 1883 to enlarge the storage space available to the quartermaster. The original adobe storehouse, built in 1868, is immediately to the south. The post quartermaster and his staff . . . Map (db m100954) HM
83 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — Second Fort Bowie
Two years after the 1872 peace agreement with Cochise, the great Apache chief died. Several hundred Chiricahuas were relocated on the San Carlos Indian Reservation. However, Geronimo and over a hundred of his followers escaped the roundup, to begin . . . Map (db m100953) HM
84 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — The Bascom Affair
On February 4, 1861, 2nd Lt. George Bascom, and his detachment of 54 men encamped two hundred yards east of here. Bascom’s mission was to find Cochise, recover a kidnapped boy and return livestock assumed taken by the Chiricahua Apaches. . . . Map (db m42008) HM
85 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — The Battle of Apache Pass; July 15-16, 1862
An advance guard of 96 California Volunteers, marching toward the San Simon River to establish a supply depot for the California Column, followed the Butterfield Road through Apache Pass. As they approached the abandoned stage station, Cochise and . . . Map (db m100820) HM
86 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — The Butterfield Overland Mail
In 1857, the government awarded John Butterfield a contract to carry mail by stagecoach between St. Louis and San Francisco. The 2,800-mile route was to be traversed within 25 days. A year later, as the stagecoaches prepared to roll, Butterfiled . . . Map (db m100817) HM
87 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — The Chiricahua Apache Indian Agency
The Story: U.S. Indian Agent Thomas Jeffords governed some 900 Chiricahua Apaches here in 1875-76, under the vigilance of the U.S. Army at Fort Bowie. Cochise, Chiricahua chieftain and friend of Jeffords, died in 1874, leaving the band . . . Map (db m100819) HM
88 Arizona, Cochise County, Bowie — The Stage Station Ruin
The Apache Pass Stage Station was built of stone in July 1858. Within its 6-8 foot-high walls were a kitchen-dining room, sleeping rooms, a storage room for feed and weapons, and a mule corral with portholes in every stall. The stage stopped here . . . Map (db m100814) HM
89 Arizona, Cochise County, Cochise — Sulphur Springs
This valley owes its name to the two springs located one mile north of this monument. From 400 A.D. to 1450 A.D. indigenous Indians farmed the region. Their bedrock mortar pits remain on the nearby hill. Later Chiricahua Apaches, Spaniards, . . . Map (db m37768) HM
90 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Douglas International Airport
At this location on June 5, 1933, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, dedicated Douglas International Airport as the first international airport in the United States. Designed by J. P. Sexton as the first . . . Map (db m28357) HM
91 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Douglas Police HeadquartersDouglas, Arizona
Elizabeth W. Ames, Mayor City Council Hector M. Salinas, Ward 1 Richard A. Arzate, Ward 2 Ramon H. Jordan, Ward 3 Harry F. Ames , Ward 4 Margaret Shannon, Ward 5 Rudy Quinonez, Ward 6 R. Delbert Self, City Manager . . . Map (db m28295) HM
92 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Douglas R.R. YMCA
Built in 1905 by El Paso and Southwest Railroad and the Calumet and Arizona Copper Co., and citizens of Douglas. Expanded in 1916 to include a gym, a swimming pool and other recreational facilities with additional support provided by the . . . Map (db m195862) HM
93 Arizona, Cochise county, Douglas — Library Hall - The Douglas Public Library
Library Hall was built in 1901 and has served as a Town Hall, a Church, a School and a Library. The building was given to the City of Douglas in March, 1973, by the Phelps Dodge Corporation.Map (db m28298) HM
94 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
Smith grave two mile south Buried Dec 7 1846Map (db m28294) HM
95 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
Longest infantry march on record Dec 6, 1846Map (db m28299) HM
96 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Mormon BattalionLDS Church
San Bernardino Ranch Rest Camp Dec 5 1846Map (db m28300) HM
97 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — Mormon Battalion
Mormon Battalion Passed here in 1846Map (db m40693) HM
98 Arizona, Cochise County, Douglas — San Bernardino Ranch
Has been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses National significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America 1964Map (db m28301) HM
99 Arizona, Cochise County, Dragoon — Confederate Graves at Dragoon Springs
On May 5, 1862, a Confederate foraging party rounding up cattle near the abandoned Butterfield Overland Mail Station battled a group of Apaches. The soldiers were members of Company A, Governor John R. Baylor's Regiment of Arizona Rangers, under the . . . Map (db m83149) HM
100 Arizona, Cochise County, Dragoon — Dragoon Springs Stage StopLand of Legends — Coronado National Forest —
The San Antonio and San Diego Mail Line began service across Arizona to the Pacific coast in July, 1857. Its route included a stop here near the Dragoon spring. The San Antonio Line was commonly known as the "Jackass Mail" because mules were used . . . Map (db m76940) HM

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