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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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The Frankston City Park Marker near the gazebo. image, Touch for more information
By James Hulse, November 8, 2020
The Frankston City Park Marker near the gazebo.
1Texas, Anderson County, Frankston — 8755 — Frankston City Park
In 1900 the Texas & New Orleans Railroad built a line through this area and plotted a townsite here on land owned by Frankie Miller. The town was named for "Miss Frankie" who donated this site, known as the Town Square, for a city park. By 1908 a . . . Map (db m161088) HM
2Texas, Anderson County, Palestine — 8772 — Kolstad Jewelers
Soren Kolstad (1823 - 1918), a skilled artisan and clockmaker, migrated to Texas from his native Norway in 1852. He settled in Palestine, where he opened a jewelry store in 1853. The store has occupied four locations. Mahogany display cases, . . . Map (db m182449) HM
3Texas, Andrews County, Andrews — 168 — Andrews County Discovery Well(½ mi. S, & ½ mi. W.)
C.E. Ogden No. 1, producing 200 barrels a day from San Andres lime formation was brought in, Dec. 1929, by Deep Rock Oil Co.--The Andrews County discovery well and first of 730 wells in Fuhrman-Masco oil field. Bought, Feb. 1932, by . . . Map (db m61380) HM
4Texas, Andrews County, Andrews — 407 — Billionth Barrel
On May 25, 1965, from one of 7,400 producing oil wells in the county's 196 fields, came the Billionth Barrel of Andrews County crude oil. In the 35 years and 5 months since oil flowed from the county's discovery well, C.E. Ogden No. 1, in Dec. . . . Map (db m61377) HM
5Texas, Andrews County, Andrews — 1923 — Florey Park
Named for old town of Florey, established as a post office 7 miles to the northeast in 1909, prior to the organization of Andrews County, June 1910. In heart of the Means Oil Field, opened 1930, this park is at site of a 1934-1958 camp of . . . Map (db m61421) HM
6Texas, Andrews County, Andrews — 2683 — The J. S. Means Ranch House
Built in 1900, this is one of the oldest houses in Andrews County. S. H. Purcell, his wife, and two relatives each filed on a section of public land, building this home where section-corners met, so that each individual could fulfill the . . . Map (db m164030) HM
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7Texas, Andrews County, Andrews — Two Billionth Barrel
Andrews County produced it’s 2nd billionth barrel of crude oil August 21, 1981. Sixteen years and 96 days after its first billionth barrel came from beneath the county’s 1500 square miles. In producing two billion barrels in 52 years, Andrews . . . Map (db m61378) HM
8Texas, Angelina County, Diboll — 6989 — Diboll
A sawmill established here in 1894 by T.L.L. Temple gave rise to a town that by 1900 contained a commissary, post office, churches, homes, and schools run by the Southern Pine Lumber Company. The town was named for the Diboll family of New Orleans . . . Map (db m30360) HM
9Texas, Angelina County, Diboll — 6993 — Emporia
Emporia Lumber Company co-owner S.F. Carter and M.T. Jones purchased over 5,000 acres of land in south Angelina County and established a company town named Emporia in 1893. The town included sawmill facilities, a railroad spur to ship lumber, . . . Map (db m37824) HM
10Texas, Angelina County, Huntington — 7003 — Joseph Herrington
When Angelina County was organized in 1845, Alabama native Joseph Herrington (1823-89) was one of six men appointed by the legislature who set boundary lines and selected Marion as the first seat of government. That same year, at the age of 22, he . . . Map (db m32054) HM
11Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 12377 — Angelina & Neches River Railroad
Chartered in August 1900 and headquartered in the sawmill town of Keltys, the Angelina and Neches River (A&NR) Railroad began as a small short line railroad to move logs from the woods of East Texas to the mills of the Angelina County Lumber . . . Map (db m29735) HM
12Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 8709 — City of Lufkin
Founded 1882. Soon became a thriving sawmill community. Named for E.P. Lufkin, chief of crew that surveyed railroad through town. Has been county seat of Angelina County since 1892. Now a regional manufacturing and commerce center. Products include . . . Map (db m28715) HM
13Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 6991 — Equipment Typical of Early Texas Logging
One of last ox-drawn or mule-drawn carts skidding logs to railroad from the forests. Built 1950 for W. T. Carter & Brother, a lumber firm, and replaced 1951 by tractor-powered equipment, this slip-tongue, high wheel cart is a relic of early . . . Map (db m156870) HM
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14Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 6994 — Ewing
The boom town of Ewing stood for two decades on the west bank of the Angelina River. Named for plantation owner James A. Ewing, the town was located near a rail line and virgin hardwood forests. In 1919 H.G. Bohissen purchased a 100-acre tract of . . . Map (db m32058) HM
15Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 13709 — German POWs in the East Texas Timber Industry
The U.S. Army began building POW camps in the United States in early 1942 for captured Axis prisoners. During World War II, the Army shipped almost 425,000 military prisoners to 511 camps in the U.S. Approximately 50,000 of those POWs, primarily . . . Map (db m29450) HM
16Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 7009 — Kerr's Inc.
Regarded as the oldest Angelina County business in continuous operation, Kerr's began in 1870 as a general store in the early county seat of Homer (5 mi. SE). It was started by Civil War veteran Capt. Joseph Kerr (b. 1828), a native of South . . . Map (db m29153) HM
17Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 8711 — Lufkin Foundry and Machine Company
Chartered in 1902 as a repair shop and parts supply house for local sawmills, Lufkin Foundry & Machine Company was begun by J.H. Kurth, Frank Kavanaugh, Sr., Frank Kavanaugh, Jr., Eli Wiener and Simon Henderson. Later, under the leadership of W.C. . . . Map (db m29845) HM
18Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 6992 — Machinery from Early East Texas Logging Railroads
Steam locomotive and tender No. 3 were bought 1908 by Carter-Kelley Lumber Co., for use in building a sawmill at Manning (about 18 mi. south); then in railroad building, logging, and passenger and freight hauling schedules. The 1906 wood-burning . . . Map (db m202014) HM
19Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 8713 — Site of Martin Wagon Company
David Webster Martin (d. 1916) and his two sons opened a small wagon shop here in 1908. An inventor and designer, Martin developed various wagons for use in the lumber industry. In partnership with B.L. Zeagler, he incorporated the operation as the . . . Map (db m27228) HM
20Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 8724 — Southland Paper Mills, Inc.
First plant to turn southern pines into newsprint. Mill here revolutionized paper industry in the southern United States. Seeking local paper rather than foreign supplies, Southland was incorporated in 1938 and began operations, 1940. Its mills made . . . Map (db m28963) HM
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21Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 18725 — Vicente Micheli
Italian-born Vicente Micheli (c.1755-1848) came to North America around 1770 via New Orleans and moved to the Spanish Territory of Texas by 1793. He settled first in Nacogdoches and later received a grant of land near this site. His grant was the . . . Map (db m160411) HM
22Texas, Angelina County, Lufkin — 12821 — W.C. Trout and the Counter-Balanced Pumping Unit
The son of an early industrial engineer, W.C. Trout (1874-1947) came to Lufkin in 1905 and joined Lufkin Foundry & Machine Co. as a shareholder and company secretary. Already a successful inventor, Trout led the diversification of the shop from . . . Map (db m29852) HM
23Texas, Aransas County, Fulton — 18430 — Casterline Fish Company
Founded by Cecil Weber Casterline in the 1930s, his “Fish House” initially sourced fish, oysters and shrimp from local fisherman, iced the catch in barrels and shipped them by rail to San Antonio and other destinations. In 1944, Cecil and his . . . Map (db m205732) HM
24Texas, Aransas County, Fulton — 14 — Fulton Harbor
Fulton’s natural shoreline attracted a flourishing beef processing and distribution industry in the 1860s and 1870s. Piers and docks were built by landowners to facilitate the turtle, fishing, oyster, and shrimping industries. A steady growth began . . . Map (db m58917) HM
25Texas, Aransas County, Fulton — 13 — Fulton Packeries
Because early Fulton was surrounded by ranches and could be accessed by water, the town became a leading packing center on the Texas coast. The industry flourished from 1868 to 1882. Initially, the packeries rendered cattle hides and tallow only and . . . Map (db m58918) HM
26Texas, Aransas County, Fulton — 11 — Fulton Seafood Industry
Seafood has always been a Fulton staple. As early as the 1880s, commercial fishing for trout, redfish, sheepshead, turtles, and oysters had become significant for Fulton’s economy. About 1888, David Rockport Scrivner opened Miller Brothers Fish . . . Map (db m58913) HM
27Texas, Aransas County, Fulton — 3213 — Site of Marion Packing Co.
The ruins of this rendering vat mark the location of the Marion Packing Co. (spelled “Meriam” in some records), one of the dozen or more meat packing plants built in the Rockport-Fulton area in the 1860s and 1870s to process the huge . . . Map (db m53701) HM
28Texas, Aransas County, Fulton — 12 — Tourist Courts and Cottages
In the mid-1920s, a camp known as the “Cool Coast Camp,” located just north of Fulton, was promoted as a resort. It boasted tree-shaded cabins and tents, with a 500-foot wharf with an open-air pavilion over the water. In the 1930s, the . . . Map (db m58916) HM
29Texas, Aransas County, Lamar — 16924 — Mills Wharf
Mills Wharf, built by John Howard Mills in 1932, was a renowned center for waterfowl hunting and fishing from the 1930s until it was sold in 1960. It consisted of cottages, a cook house, a guide service office, a store, a tackle shop, and a unique . . . Map (db m63716) HM
30Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 1799 — First National Bank of Rockport
Chartered on October 8, 1890, the First National Bank of Aransas Pass (now Rockport) was organized by a group of businessmen led by John H. Traylor, James M. Hoopes, George W. Fulton, Jr., James C. Fulton, and Richard H. Wood. Located at Main and . . . Map (db m53748) HM
31Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 18113 — Jackson Family Maritime Companies
In the early 20th century, Rockport earned its place as a major center for the fishing industry along the Texas coast. In 1906, Roy Jackson opened Jackson Fish Company on the waterfront. His brother Stephen joined him to market local fish and . . . Map (db m207846) HM
32Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 17584 — Joe A. and Bertha Harper House
Built around 1910, this two-story frame Colonial Revival was used as a boarding house for shipyard employees. The home was also used for shelter for 50 refugees during the 1919 hurricane that devastated the coast. In 1920, county judge Joe A. . . . Map (db m207909) HM
33Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 4 — Rockport’s Grand Hotels
Before the arrival of the railroad in 1888, hotels in Rockport generally served clientele of the several local packeries. The Congdon Hotel was the leading hostelry of early Rockport and once served as a boarding home to the prominent Robert . . . Map (db m53769) HM
34Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 8 — Rockport’s Harbor
In 1866, James Doughty and Richard H. Wood, searching for a safe harbor location to ship cattle, built pens and a livestock-shipping wharf on “Rocky Point,” a prominent limestone protrusion that extended into Aransas Bay near present-day . . . Map (db m53787) HM
35Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 7 — Rockport’s Seafood Industry
Rockport’s commercial seafood companies have been operating for more than one hundred years. By 1903, David Rockport Scrivner had opened a fish house. In 1907, he sold to Roy Jackson who named the operation the Jackson Fish Company. A few years . . . Map (db m53772) HM
36Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 5 — Rockport’s Wharves and Pavilions
Since 1866, wharves and piers have been a part of Rockport’s shores. The first wharf, constructed to ship cattle, was at Rocky Point. Other wharves handled commercial shipping and passenger traffic. Sorenson’s Wharf extended into the bay behind the . . . Map (db m53770) HM
37Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — Shipyards in Rockport
Shipbuilding was a natural industry for Rockport. The earliest recorded ship built here was the Connie, constructed in 1880 by Bludworth & Company. The Bludworth family specialized in building pleasure craft and scows. In 1917, World War . . . Map (db m58824) HM
38Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 2427 — Site of Heldenfels Shipyard
Shipping industries flourished on the Rockport waterfront by the 1880s. Heldenfels Shipyard was established here on 12.9 acres in October 1917. Four 281-foot wooden cargo vessels were to be built for military use in World War I; the . . . Map (db m53595) HM
39Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 6 — The Packeries of Rockport
After the Civil War, Rockport became an important cattle ranching and shipping center. In 1866, James Doughty, T.H. Mathis, and John M. Mathis constructed cattle pens, with a long wharf that extended out into Aransas Bay from “Rocky . . . Map (db m53771) HM
40Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 4327 — The Rockport Pilot
The earliest newspaper in this area was “The Vaquero”, published by Charles F. Bailey and Geraldo A. Beeman in St. Mary’s in 1868. In 1869 Bailey moved to Rockport and founded “The Transcript”, which continued in operation . . . Map (db m53588) HM
41Texas, Aransas County, Rockport — 4522 — The San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad in Rockport
During its early years Rockport relied on Gulf shipping for goods and services. After the arrival of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad in 1888, however, the town’s economic focus changed to include rail shipping and a burgeoning tourism . . . Map (db m53589) HM
42Texas, Archer County, Archer City — 190 — Archer County Copper Mines(¼ mile northeast and 5 miles to the south southeast)
The civilized world first heard of copper in this area from Texas Rangers after an 1860 campaign against Comanches on the Pease River, about 100 miles to the northwest. The Ranger Captain, Lawrence S. ("Sul") Ross, later to serve Texas as Governor, . . . Map (db m17912) HM
43Texas, Archer County, Archer City — 192 — Archer County Discovery Well(Approximately 13 mi. SE.)
M. P. Andrews No. 1, drilled in 1911, reached oil sands at 920 feet. Well first flowed oil, March, 1912, at rate of 10 barrels a day. Production in this shallow sand development area fell off when oil prices dropped, but rose after other . . . Map (db m187139) HM
44Texas, Archer County, Archer City — 2627 — In Vicinity of French Trading Area
In the mid-1700s, Indians of this region met at a trading ground near this site with Frenchmen who brought them manufactured goods, sometimes including guns and ammunition - products denied them by the Spanish who held sovereignty, but could not . . . Map (db m187195) HM
45Texas, Archer County, Scotland — 2677 — J. H. Meurer Home
German native John H. Meurer (b. 1850) settled his family in this area about 1900 when he became a land agent for H. J. Scott of the Clark and Plumb Company. In selling over 60,000 acres of land, Meurer helped to establish the towns of Windthorst . . . Map (db m157893) HM
46Texas, Armstrong County, Claude — 908 — Claude Monroe Ayers(1854-1915)
Locomotive engineer piloting the first Fort Worth & Denver passenger train to reach here, 1887. Town was given his name. Recorded - 1971Map (db m151614) HM
47Texas, Armstrong County, Claude — 5816 — Park Named for William A. Carroll, M.D.(April 13, 1875-April 22, 1960)
Born in Chester County, Tenn., son of Joseph Cyrus and Emily Kirk Carroll. Married Claudia Haltom, 1900. Graduated 1901 from University of Tennessee. Moved to Claude, 1914. In career of 54 years, delivered over 2500 babies. A staunch Democrat; a . . . Map (db m100494) HM
48Texas, Atascosa County, Jourdanton — 16705 — Jourdan Campbell
Jourdan Campbell (1867-1938) and his family moved to Atascosa County by 1870; his father John Campbell founded Campbellton. Jourdan married Alice Louise Marr in 1897 and the couple had eight children. Jourdan became County Commissioner in the 1890s, . . . Map (db m130161) HM
49Texas, Atascosa County, Jourdanton — 15990 — Martin Abstract Company
By the early 20th century the ranching industry that spurred the growth of Atascosa County had begun to wane, with many large ranches split into smaller ranches, farms and town lots. George M. Martin realized the importance of a company to research . . . Map (db m56667) HM
50Texas, Austin County, Bellville — 1132 — Cumings Family Vault
Rebecca Cumings and her three brothers, James, John, and William, migrated to Texas from Virginia in 1821. As members of Stephen F. Austin's "Old 300" colony, they were given 20,000 acres here in return for the construction and operation of a mill . . . Map (db m157520) HM
51Texas, Austin County, Bellville — 6349 — E.O. Finn Building
Situated on land originally granted by the Mexican Government to Austin County pioneer John Nichols. This Vernacular Italianate commercial building was constructed in 1896 by E. Oscar Finn and John Thomas Colleton. E. O. Finn (1866-1945) a native . . . Map (db m157539) HM
52Texas, Austin County, Bellville — 18106 — First National Bank of Bellville
The First National Bank of Bellville, chartered on February 25, 1890, is the oldest bank in Austin County, and one of four national banks in Texas still in existence that were chartered in 1890. The first officers were E. J. Marshall, President; C. . . . Map (db m125598) HM
53Texas, Austin County, Bellville — 17495 — Joachim H. Hintz
Johann Joachim Henrich Frederick (J. H.) Hintz (1841-1920), a native of Ziesendorf, Mecklenburg, Germany, immigrated to the U.S. with his family in 1855. The Hintzes settled in the Millheim area, and Joachim joined the Cat Spring Agricultural . . . Map (db m157511) HM
54Texas, Austin County, Bellville — 2378 — The Harigel House
The son of a Prussian immigrant, Emil H. Harigel, Sr. (1859-1904) opened a hardware, tinware, and stove emporium in Bellville in 1881. Soon after, he constructed this residence for his wife, Nannie Louise (Lovette), and children. The home features . . . Map (db m201989) HM
55Texas, Austin County, Industry — 17283 — Industry Cotton Gin
German settlers Friedrich Ernst and Charles Fordtran founded Industry, Texas in 1831. The settlement was part of the Stephen F. Austin Colonial Land Grant and was the first permanent German settlement in Texas. Although cigar making dominated the . . . Map (db m176171) HM
56Texas, Austin County, Industry — 14053 — Industry Post Office
During Mexican rule of Texas, a post office was established in May of 1830 at San Felipe, the center of Stephen F. Austin's Texas colony. On the Gotier Trace, a road connecting San Felipe to what would become the town of Bastrop, the German family . . . Map (db m165423) HM
57Texas, Austin County, Industry — 16886 — Industry State Bank
On February 11, 1911, a group of local citizens took the first steps in forming a bank to be called First Guaranty State Bank of Industry. Dr. B.E. Knolle served as the bank's first president and E. Lindemann served as first vice president. By . . . Map (db m176172) HM
58Texas, Austin County, Industry — 3087 — Lindemann Store
The history of the Lindemann store dates to 1884, when Edward Lindemann (1859-1931) and Franz Getschmann opened a general store in the German community of Industry. By 1889, the business had prospered so well that Lindemann bought his partner's . . . Map (db m176212) HM
59Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Austin & Perry StoresLots 16 & 51
Stephen F. Austin hoped his colony in Texas would help his family prosper. But the business of being an empresario proved financially disappointing. Hoping a family business - like a store - would generate income, Austin encouraged his . . . Map (db m206267) HM
60Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Building the TownLot 20
San Felipe's First Townsfolk Arrived to find the "town" yet to be built. Many raised their houses, kitchens and stables with their own hands. Austin also enlisted skilled housewrights (house builders), sawyers, teamsters and blacksmiths to . . . Map (db m206316) HM
61Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Business DistrictNeighborhood to the West
As the Number of Permanent Residents in San Felipe grew, a business district developed west of Commerce Square. Merchants, including Nathaniel Townsend and George Huff, supplied shoppers with goods from around the world. Tailors cut clothes to . . . Map (db m206271) HM
62Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Clopper StoreLot 17
Stocked With Goods From Cincinnati, Nicholas Clopper's store in San Felipe opened in 1826. Clopper faced the challenges of all merchants on the frontier. The town was "in a state of infancy" and home to only nine families of resident customers. . . . Map (db m206272) HM
63Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Founding the TownLot 47
With his Empresario contract in hand, Stephen F. Austin searched out a suitable location for the "capital" of his colony. Together with surveyors and guides, Austin selected a site where a ferry crossed the Brazos River. By late October . . . Map (db m206331) HM
64Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Rio BrazosCommerce Square
Empresario Stephen F. Austin Considered several sites for his colony's headquarters, but this location on the Brazos River had a convenient advantage. A ferry, operated by an early settler named John McFarland, took travelers on the . . . Map (db m206274) HM
65Texas, Austin County, San Felipe — Spanish TownCommerce and Mier y Terán Streets 1/2 Mile East
A neighborhood on the east edge of town was home to a number of Tejanos, or native born Texans. The cluster of families was referred to as Spanish Town. Some families had been driven from their homes during Mexico's war for independence . . . Map (db m206325) HM
66Texas, Austin County, Sealy — 17494 — Citizens State Bank
Sealy developed on the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe railway in 1879. Cotton, rice, corn, cattle and related agricultural businesses supported a quickly-growing economy. In 1907, F.W. Hackbarth, Jr. and his son, John Hackbarth, developed commercial . . . Map (db m162564) HM
67Texas, Austin County, Sealy — 17788 — Hackbarth Building
German natives F.W. (Fritz) and Carolyn (Krampitz) Hackbarth arrived in Galveston in 1846 with their two sons. They settled in Austin County, where Fritz farmed and ranched, and the couple had four more children, including F.W. Hackbarth, Jr. . . . Map (db m162567) HM
68Texas, Austin County, Sealy — 2411 — Haynes Mattress Factory
Daniel Haynes (1828-1913) came to the new railroad town of Sealy in 1881. In 1885 he invented a process and a machine to manufacture a felted cotton, non-tufted mattress. Trademarked under the Haynes name, the mattresses were sold throughout the . . . Map (db m162570) HM
69Texas, Austin County, Sealy — 11701 — Haynes-Felcman House
This house was built in 1901-1902 for H. Schumacher. It was purchased in 1906 by Richard H. Haynes (1875-1942) who, with his father, founded the Haynes (Sealy) Mattress Company in 1909. Local confectionery store owner F.J. Felcman bought the . . . Map (db m162558) HM
70Texas, Austin County, Sealy — 2326 — Paul and Mahala Hackbarth House
Completed in 1911 for civic leaders Paul and Mahala Hackbarth, this concrete block house is an unusual example of vernacular architecture. Prominent features include a wraparound porch, Ionic columns on piers, and large wood sash windows. The . . . Map (db m162563) HM
71Texas, Austin County, Sealy — 12526 — Preibisch Building
German immigrant Adolph H. Preibisch and his wife, Emilie, came to Austin County in 1860. After the town of Sealy developed along the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad, the Preibisches bought property in the new railroad town. In 1885, Adolph . . . Map (db m162569) HM
72Texas, Austin County, Sealy — 4623 — Sealy
Founded in 1879 on the route of the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad, Sealy was named for Galveston businessman and railroad president George Sealy (1835-1901). By January 1880 a depot was established here, and both freight and passenger . . . Map (db m162559) HM
73Texas, Austin County, Wallis — 13587 — Wallis State Bank
Settlement in this area began in the late 1830s. In 1880, when the Gulf, Colorado & San Fe Railway built a spur from Galveston to Temple, circumventing Houston, the community became known as Wallis Station and later Wallis, after a rail company . . . Map (db m155607) HM
74Texas, Austin County, Welcome — 2805 — John Reichle General Merchandise(Welcome Store)
Originally operated by the John Reichle family, this store opened about 1890. Damaged by a storm about 1900, the original 2-story building was changed to its current 1-story configuration with assymetrical front gables. A full-width porch, and . . . Map (db m202529) HM
75Texas, Bailey County, Enochs — 1103 — Coyote Lake
One of numerous natural salt lakes in the Texas Panhandle. Its waters, although brackish, have been welcome enough at various times to Indians, buffalo hunters, and thirsty cattle on hot, dry days. The lake, having a shoreline of over six and a . . . Map (db m153245) HM
76Texas, Bandera County, Bandera — Amasa Clark1825 - 1927
. . . Map (db m162846) HM WM
77Texas, Bandera County, Bandera — 18414 — Bandera Pass
The prominent feature known as Bandera Pass is a notable landmark in the topography and history of the region. The pass is a narrow natural cut through a chain of hills which run roughly east and west and divide the Guadalupe and Medina river . . . Map (db m157932) HM
78Texas, Bandera County, Bandera — 294 — Bandera's First Bank
Bandera's First Bank. On Texas Republic land grant. Hand-cut native rock. Built about 1860. A school, home, shop. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1965Map (db m130358) HM
79Texas, Bandera County, Bandera — 18353 — Pilots' Lounge at Bandera Airpark
Colonel John Henry "Jack" Lapham (1885-1956) was a son of a co-founder of the Texas Company (later Texaco). He was living in San Antonio by 1920 and had many business interests, Jack, his wife, Julie Edna (Capen), and their four children all had . . . Map (db m163481) HM
80Texas, Bandera County, Bandera — Recognizing Bandera "Cowboy Capital of the World"
The State of Texas Governor To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting know ye that this official certificate is presented in recognition of: Bandera, "Cowboy Capital of the World" receiving a Texas historical commission . . . Map (db m177189) HM
81Texas, Bandera County, Bandera — 4061 — Schmidtke-Callahan House
This home was constructed in the 1870s by Georgia stonemason James Henry White for Charles F. Schmidtke (1839-1884). A native of Germany, Schmidtke was an early Bandera merchant, grist miller, and lumber mill operator. White's grandson J. Calvin . . . Map (db m163287) HM
82Texas, Bandera County, Bandera — 13423 — The Mills of Bandera
Communities in the 19th century relied on mills to provide lumber, shingles, flour and cloth. Local millers and blacksmiths were integral community members, providing the necessary materials for early development. Stephen F. Austin reported in 1833 . . . Map (db m130356) HM
83Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9174 — Crocheron-McDowall House
New York native Henry Crocheron (1806-1873) and his wife Mary Ann Tipple (1816-1888) built this Greek Revival house about 1857. A prominent businessman with interests in lumbering, land, and cotton. Crocheron was one of Bastrop's earliest leaders in . . . Map (db m195978) HM
84Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — 9208 — Lost Pines of Texas
Located 80 miles west of the main pine belt of Texas, these trees probably were once part of vast, prehistoric pine forests. As land areas gradually rose, possibly due to glacier activity, most of the forests moved east. Ideal local conditions . . . Map (db m126804) HM
85Texas, Bastrop County, Bastrop — Wilbarger's Bend
Founded in 1827 by Josiah Pugh Wilbarger of Austin's Colony Beginning of Wilbarger's Trace, blazed by his son James Harvey Wilbarger 1860 with slaves and ox-wagons carrying commerce to Corpus Christi and Matamoros, Mex.Map (db m82611) HM
86Texas, Bastrop County, Elgin — 9179 — City of ElginCentennial, 1872-1972
After Houston & Texas Central Railroad built through this area in 1871, town was platted (1872) and named for Robert M. Elgin (1825-1913), H.& T.C. Land Commissioner. Brick and tile, for which Elgin is widely known, have been chief products . . . Map (db m205292) HM
87Texas, Bastrop County, McDade — 9209 — McDade
Laid out 1871; named for Jas. McDade, Brenham lawyer. Became a thriving town, important freight center and early-day stage stop. School-Church was built 1872; vigilantes (organized 1883) lynched three men on Christmas Eve causing a shoot-out next . . . Map (db m205518) HM
88Texas, Bee County, Beeville — 7146 — Commercial National Bank
The Commercial National Bank of Beeville traces its history to January 1893 when several prominent citizens met to organize a financial institution. Elected as officers were Dr. L.B. Creath, A.G. Kennedy, John I. Clare, and D.C. Stone. The bank . . . Map (db m32293) HM
89Texas, Bee County, Beeville — 1790 — First National Bank of Beeville
Beeville, the county seat of Bee County since 1860, did not have a secure bank until 1890, when the First National Bank of Beeville opened for business. Prior to that year, the town's only banking facility was A.C. Jones' general store, where some . . . Map (db m32296) HM
90Texas, Bee County, Beeville — 3840 — McClanahan House
Oldest business structure in Beeville, erected about 1867 on east side of courthouse square, near Poesta Creek. General store, lodging house, post office. Pioneer western style, with southern porches. Built by G.W. McClanahan, Beeville's first . . . Map (db m202000) HM
91Texas, Bee County, Beeville — 7128 — The Railroad in Bee County
On June 14, 1886, the first San Antonio and Aransas Pass (SA&AP) train arrived in Beeville to a cheering crowd. The arrival marked the combined efforts of SA&AP president Uriah Lott; Beeville merchant, banker and cattleman Captain A.C. Jones; and . . . Map (db m180919) HM
92Texas, Bell County, Bartlett — 313 — Bartlett Electric Cooperative
Although the town of Bartlett had regular electric service by 1905, farmers in the surrounding rural area were not supplied with electricity until thirty years later. On May 11, 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed an executive order . . . Map (db m28816) HM
93Texas, Bell County, Belton — 357 — Bell County
Settlement began on Lampasas River, 1847. Created Jan. 22, organized Aug. 1, 1850. Named for Peter Hansbrough Bell (1812-1898), native of Virginia; veteran of Battle of San Jacinto; served in Somervell expedition to stop Mexico's Raids into Texas; . . . Map (db m29379) HM
94Texas, Bell County, Belton — 17122 — Belton Farmers Co-op Gin
The Belton Farmers Co-op Gin, built in 1927 along Nolan Creek, is a rare example of a surviving brick cotton gin in Central Texas. It was built by an association of local cotton farmers to replace an earlier gin that had burned down on the site in . . . Map (db m149427) HM
95Texas, Bell County, Belton — 928 — Cochran, Blair and Potts Department Store
Henry Mansfield Cook opened his first store in Centerville, Texas, in 1869, and in 1874 established the firm of H.M. Cook & Company with his son-in-law, Thomas W. Cochran. The firm moved to Buffalo, Texas, in 1876. Their mercantile business stocked . . . Map (db m150613) HM
96Texas, Bell County, Belton — 4925 — Site of the Central Manufacturing Co.
A Scotsman, Robert Naismith (1859-1938), founded the Central Manufacturing Co. in a two-story building on this lot in 1893. Using equipment originally powered by steam, he supplied and repaired machine parts for the Belton area. The company also did . . . Map (db m149431) HM
97Texas, Bell County, Killeen — 1798 — First National Bank of Killeen
Chartered on Feb. 27, 1901, the First National Bank of Killeen is the oldest continuously operated bank in Bell County. It first served a primarily agricultural economy, but as Killeen began to develop the bank led in the town's dramatic growth. Its . . . Map (db m133596) HM
98Texas, Bell County, Salado — 2344 — Robert Bonner Halley(May 14, 1823 - October 4, 1875)
A native of Georgia, Robert B. Halley brought his family to this area about 1853. With partner T.J. Eubanks, he operated a liquor distillery and a flour and grist mill on the Lampasas River. Halley served as Bell County Commissioner in 1859 and as . . . Map (db m29374) HM
99Texas, Bell County, Salado — 5091 — Stagecoach Inn
Constructed during the 1860s, the Stagecoach Inn was known as Salado Hotel and as Shady Villa before the current name was adopted in 1943. Military figures George Armstrong Custer and Robert E. Lee, and cattle baron Shanghai Pierce are among those . . . Map (db m29080) HM
100Texas, Bell County, Salado — 1179 — The Davis Mill
Built in 1864 by William A. Davis First stone mill with carding machine in this vicinity. A sawmill and gin were added in 1866. French burrs, Leffel water wheel and silk bolt brought from Galveston by wagon in 1871. Made flour for Central Texas . . . Map (db m29251) HM

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