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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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U.S. Route 66 🛣️ Historical Markers

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By Denise Boose, September 2, 2013
Route 66 Marker
1Arizona (Apache County), Petrified Forest National Park — Route 66
You are standing near old Route 66. The line of the roadbed and the telephone poles in front of you mark the path of the famous "Main Street of America" as it passed through Petrified Forest National Park. From Chicago to Los Angeles, this heavily . . . Map (db m68904) HM
2Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Aubineau Building1912
Because of its prime location, this corner, containing two lots, was one of the earliest in Flagstaff to be developed. Pioneer merchant J. R. Kilpatrick built New Town's sixth building here in December 1883. This wooden store building burned in the . . . Map (db m119945) HM
3Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Downtowner1921 - 1935
The K.J. Nackard family came to Flagstaff in 1912 and opened a small general store at 106 E. Railroad Avenue. The store was successful. In 1921, Nackard built a home on this property, just a stone's throw from the store. Soon afterwards, . . . Map (db m119932) HM
4Arizona (Coconino County), Williams — Adam's Grocery
In 1926, the Old Trails Highway was officially designated U.S. Highway 66, and it became the "Main Street of America." In 1984, Williams was the last Route 66 town in America to be bypassed by the interstate highway system. Built in 1907, this . . . Map (db m33375) HM
5Arizona (Coconino County), Williams — Pollock Building
Built of locally quarried volcanic rock in 1901, this edifice housed a bank and many businesses displaced by the 1901 fire. These included the local newspaper, telegraph office, and eventually Arnold's, a famous Route 66 eatery. In 1928, the Masonic . . . Map (db m33382) HM
6Arizona (Coconino County), Williams — Williams, Arizona
The area around what now is Williams, Arizona, was first explored by a Mountain Man who came to this area in 1876, William Shirley Williams, who was called “Old Bill”. The town site was created by a cowboy named C.T. Rogers in 1879. . . . Map (db m48351) HM
7Arizona (Mohave County), Oatman — Durlin Hotel
This property had been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m119948) HM
8Arizona (Mohave County), Oatman — OatmanArizona Territory — "The Ghost Town that refuses to die!" —
World War I was funded partially by the gold out of these mountains in 1912. Oatman boomed from 1910 to the 1920's. Upwards to 8,000 people lived here. Gold mines were closed about 1942. Mines were needed to mine copper for World War II. Blue Ridge . . . Map (db m119942) HM
9Arizona (Mohave County), Peach Springs — Dallas Quasula Sr.October 28, 1932 - August 27, 2010
These grounds belong in spirit and enthusiasm to Dallas Quasula Sr., a member of the Hualapai tribe. Dallas, a tribal councilman and elder, was also a highly regarded citizen of the county and graduate of Seligman High School. Dallas served . . . Map (db m119933) HM
10Arizona (Mohave County), Peach Springs — Historic John Osterman Gas Station
This property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on March 15, 2012. The John Osterman Gas Station was one of several privately-owned and operated businesses in the town of Peach Springs during the 1920's through the 1950's. . . . Map (db m58605) HM
11Arizona (Mohave County), Peach Springs — Historic Peach Springs Trading Post
This property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on November 21, 2003. The Historic Peach Springs Trading Post, in downtown Peach Springs circa 1932, was an important commercial enterprise for Peach Springs citizens and . . . Map (db m58607) HM
12Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Santa Fe Railroad
Across the Puerco River, the tracks of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad stretch for miles to the east and to the west. With no landforms or forests to block your view, you can see very long trains from beginning to end. More than 60 trains . . . Map (db m119934) HM
13Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Wigwam Village #6
Dear Mr. Paul Lewis It is my pleasure to inform you that the Wigwam Village #6 at 811 W. Hopi Dr. in Holbrook was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 2, 2002. As you know, the National Register is the official listing . . . Map (db m119936) HM
14Arizona (Navajo County), Winslow — Standin' on the Corner Park, Winslow, ArizonaRoute 66 Roadside Attraction
This area was dedicated on September 11, 1999 as a tribute to the memorable song of the 1970's that made Winslow, Arizona a town to sing about on famous Route 66.Map (db m36329) HM
15Arizona (Navajo County), Winslow — The Winslow Bridge
This date medallion is from the Winslow Bridge that once spanned the Little Colorado River on historic Route 66 just east of Winslow. Because the river had always proved a daunting impediment to travelers, this bridge crossing became a strategic . . . Map (db m32781) HM
16Arizona (Yavapai County), Ash Fork — Ash ForkFounded 1882
Ash Fork is located near the 35th Parallel where, in the 1850's the Army Corps of Topographical Engineers began surveying a future railroad route. Camels were imported and used as beasts of burden, adding to the colorful history of the region. A . . . Map (db m33442) HM
17Arizona (Yavapai County), Ash Fork — Ash Fork Maintenance Camp #1
Built circa 1926-27 by the Arizona Department of Transportation This building constructed of Moenkopi Sandstone, has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Ash Fork Camp location was selected because it is a . . . Map (db m33443) HM
18Arizona (Yavapai County), Ash Fork — Ash Fork, Arizona / The Coming of Route “66”
Ashfork, Arizona Founded 1882 The Coming of Route “66” 1926 Ash Fork was a junction point of the Old Trails (Route 66) and the Grand Canyon – Nogales Highways (US 89), leading to the southern sections of the state. . . . Map (db m33502) HM
19Arizona (Yavapai County), Seligman — Delgadillo's Snow CapRoute 66 Roadside Attraction
Juan Delgadillo built the now famous Snow Cap in Seligman, Arizona in 1953 out of scrap lumber.Map (db m119929) HM
20California (Los Angeles County), Duarte — The Trails Restaurant
The Trails Restaurant started small, but vigorous in 1952 on land acquired in unincorporated territory along a two lane road known as Highway 66. A welcome stop for travelers, the steak house earned a reputation for its hefty portions, thick soups, . . . Map (db m52460) HM
21California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Route 66 & Chicken Boy
America’s Mother Road U.S. Route 66, established in 1926, was one of the original highways of the United States Highway System. It originally ran from Chicago, Illinois in the east to its western terminus in Downtown Los Angeles, on . . . Map (db m130182) HM
22California (Los Angeles County), Santa Monica — Will Rogers Highway
Dedicated 1952 to Will Rogers Humorist - World Traveler - Good Neighbor This Main Street of America Highway 66 was the first road he traveled in a career that led him straight to the hearts of his countrymen. [Second smaller . . . Map (db m119616) HM
23California (San Bernardino County), Amboy — 126 — Amboy and Roy's Café
Amboy, settled as early as 1858, became a water stop when the Southern Pacific Railroad laid its tracks through the Cadiz Valley in 1883-84. Following the course of the railroad and the National Old Trails Highway, Route 66 was opened in 1926. Amboy . . . Map (db m78532) HM
24California (San Bernardino County), Amboy — 69 — Old Route 66
Perhaps no other highway in the U.S. is as fabled as old Route 66. It has been immortalized in song, literature, and even a T.V. series as the main street of America. Automobiles came early to the desert, following the railroad with its reliable . . . Map (db m78574) HM
25California (San Bernardino County), Amboy — The Story of Route 66
[ Six panels are mounted on a half-moon base which tell The Story of Route 66 ]. Reading from left to right: [ Panel 1: ] The Story of Route 66 Commissioned in 1926 and soon dubbed "The Mother Road," Route 66 . . . Map (db m33446) HM
26California (San Bernardino County), Barstow — General Beale Uses Camels
In 1857, under orders to survey a wagon road from New Mexico to California, General Edward Beale followed the 35th parallel to paths opened by Francis Aubry and Lt. A.W. Whipple. Beale’s orders required importation of camels and drivers to . . . Map (db m50561) HM
27California (San Bernardino County), Barstow — National Old Trails Hwy/Route 66
In the early 1920’s, an emigration to California started from the Midwest. Families packed up and headed West on National Old Trails Hwy., and proceeded right along Barstow’s Main street. The depression and dust storms of the 1930’s sent families to . . . Map (db m50530) HM
28California (San Bernardino County), Keenbrook — 146 — Blue Cut
Cajon Pass, separating the San Bernardino and San Gabriel ranges, has long been an important natural gateway. It is traversed by Indian trails, emigrant routes, railroads, and a superhighway. Early in the nineteenth century it became the southern . . . Map (db m119252) HM
29California (San Bernardino County), Newberry Springs — Bagdad CaféRoute 66 Roadside Attraction — Newberry Springs, California —
Originally built in the 1950s, this world-famous restaurant was the location of the 1988 film, "Bagdad Café," which became the new name of the restaurant in 1995.Map (db m160081) HM
30California (San Bernardino County), Newberry Springs — 143 — Newberry Springs
The history of Newberry Springs can be traced back more than 20,000 years. Digs at the Early Man Site north of here discovered tools dating prior to 20,000 BC. At that time, much of the land was covered by the prehistoric Lake Manix. Then, around . . . Map (db m119927) HM
31California (San Bernardino County), Phelan — 576 — Santa Fe and Salt Lake Trail1849
Erected in honor of the brave pioneers of California in 1917 by pioneers Sheldon Stoddard, Sydney F. Waite, John Brown Jr., George Miller, George M. Cooley, Silas C. Cox, Richard Weir, Jasper N. CorbettMap (db m157687) HM
32California (San Bernardino County), Rancho Cucamonga — Cucamonga Service Station
The Cucamonga Service Station was built by Henry Klusman in 1915 on the State Route which would 10 years later, be designated as U.S. Route 66. This type and style of station is one of the few remaining that once numbered in the thousands and . . . Map (db m119923) HM
33California (San Bernardino County), Rancho Cucamonga — 490 — Cucamonga Winery
Established by Tiburcio Tapia, to whom the Cucamonga Rancho was granted March 3, 1839 by Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado of Mexico.Map (db m149064) HM
34California (San Bernardino County), Rancho Cucamonga — El Camino Real Bells
The "El Camino Real Bells" have long been in place since the early part of the last century to mark the original route of "El Camino Real" from San Diego to Sonoma in California. The El Camino Real, (Royal Highway or King's Highway), closely follows . . . Map (db m150315) HM
35California (San Bernardino County), Rancho Cucamonga — Historic PavementRoute 66
Directly to your right are examples of the types of pavements used in California highway building during the early 1900s. This road was originally part of the Old Spanish Trail, used by early California explorers and settlers as a stagecoach . . . Map (db m120642) HM
36California (San Bernardino County), Rancho Cucamonga — Magic Lamp InnRoute 66 Roadside Attraction
The Magic Lamp Inn has been a dining tradition on Route 66 since 1955. Recognized by Hampton Hotels Save-A-Landmark program as a site worth seeing. Map (db m158338) HM
37California (San Bernardino County), Rancho Cucamonga — Red HillCity of Rancho Cucamonga Historic Point of Interest
This site sits at the base of the prominent Red Hill Landmark. The early historic importance of the property stems from its proximity to a reliable water source, Cucamonga Creek, and to its location on the major roadway between Los Angeles and San . . . Map (db m117911) HM
38California (San Bernardino County), San Bernardino — World’s First McDonald’s
Dick and Mac McDonald opened the world’s first McDonald’s Self-Service, Drive-In Restaurant on this site in San Bernardino, California, December 1948. They previously operated a successful Drive-In Barbeque Restaurant with Carhop Service on this . . . Map (db m120644) HM
39California (San Bernardino County), Victorville — 142 — Emma Jean's
Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe a Route 66 icon has been serving up meals to locals and hungry travelers on the highway since 1947. The building was built by Bob and Kate Holland from cinder blocks manufactured at the old fiber tile plant located . . . Map (db m78518) HM
40Illinois (Cook County), Berwyn — A Road Well TraveledThe Ogden Avenue Corridor
This corridor was a gateway into the country’s interior. Several well worn Indian trails were traveled by fur traders and explorers. One trail, the future Ogden Avenue, was improved into a plank toll road creaking beneath the weight of settlers’ . . . Map (db m157105) HM
41Illinois (Cook County), Berwyn — Automobile Love AffairA Traveling Showroom
Route 66 was a traveling showroom for new cars in the 1950s. Bold design, streamlining, chrome, and flaring fins captured people’s imagination. Ogden Avenue became a hub for automobile businesses in the Chicago area. In its heyday, the strip . . . Map (db m157677) HM
42Illinois (Cook County), Berwyn — Berwyn, IllinoisWelcome to Route 66 Illinois
(front:) Route 66, the Mother Road, is an American icon that symbolizes romance and freedom of the open road. Born in 1926, Route 66 was one of the first numbered U.S. highways, journeying 2,500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. Today, . . . Map (db m159132) HM
43Illinois (Cook County), Berwyn — Cruising the StripRoute 66 on Ogden Avenue
Ogden Avenue was designed for automobiles when the car was king of American culture. A wide street lined with drive-through businesses and convenient parking served both travelers and residents. Drive-in restaurants, service stations, and auto . . . Map (db m157675) HM
44Illinois (Cook County), Berwyn — Eating on the RunFast Food on Ogden Avenue
Looking for a quick bite? After World War I, fast food restaurants sprang up along Route 66, offering cheap and speedy meals for people on the go. Ogden Avenue is still home to many restaurants that were popular during the heyday of the Mother . . . Map (db m157676) HM
45Illinois (Cook County), Countryside — This was "Countryside"Farms and Quarries
Early travelers on Route 66 raced through open lands once they left Chicago. This was truly “countryside,” a rich region of farms and quarries on the outskirts of the city. Few farms remained by the time the City of Countryside was . . . Map (db m157673) HM
46Illinois (DuPage County), Willowbrook — Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket66 Roadside Attraction
The Chicken Basket was established in 1946 born out of a gas station next door that sold fried chicken. It was a Blue Bird bus stop as well as a restaurant and used to have ice skaters on the roof to attract Route 66 travelers. It became Dell Rhea's . . . Map (db m157104) HM
47Illinois (DuPage County), Willowbrook — Get Your "Chicks" on Rte 66The Chicken Basket
Most businesses on Route 66 began as combinations of gas stations, garages, and lunch counters. At the Chicken Basket, tasty food won out over gasoline sales. Throughout the 1940s and 50s, hungry travelers flocked to the popular restaurant. But in . . . Map (db m157100) HM
48Illinois (Grundy County), Gardner — In Appreciation
Thank you to Bob and Peggy Kraft for donating this Route 66 Hall of Fame streetcar to Gardner. The Krafts provided years of food, fun and nostalgia at their Riviera Roadhouse located on Route 66. The Riviera unfortunately burned down on June 8, . . . Map (db m159247) HM
49Illinois (Livingston County), Cayuga — Meramec Caverns Barn66 Roadside Attraction
This nostalgic barn has been restored by volunteers of the Route 66 Association of Illinois Preservation Committee. August 30, 1998Map (db m157025) HM
50Illinois (Livingston County), Dwight — A Well Connected VillageHistoric Dwight
The architecture of Dwight has always attracted Route 66 travelers. The Keeley Institute for treating alcoholism was founded here and brought the Village national attention. As the institute gained popularity, Dwight became a “model . . . Map (db m158401) HM
51Illinois (Livingston County), Dwight — Dwight, IllinoisWelcome to Route 66 Illinois
(front:) Route 66, the Mother Road, is an American icon that symbolizes romance and freedom of the open road. Born in 1926, Route 66 was one of the first numbered U.S. highways, journeying 2,500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. Today, . . . Map (db m158308) HM
52Illinois (Livingston County), Dwight — Full Service on Rte 66A Friendly Refuge in Dwight
The Ambler-Becker Texaco Station operated longer than any service station on Route 66. It was run by local families for 66 years, from 1933-1999. Flats were fixed, breakdowns towed, and at times, the spirits of weary travelers restored. . . . Map (db m158375) HM
53Illinois (Livingston County), Dwight — Mom and Pop MotelsThe Paulsen-Strufe Motel
During the heyday of Route 66 from the 1930s to the 50s, there were no motel chains. Instead, local families operated small campgrounds, cabins, and motor courts. The Paulsen-Strufe Motel, built in 1935, was more than just a place to stay; it . . . Map (db m158384) HM
54Illinois (Livingston County), Dwight — Shifting RoadwaysChanges Driven by the Auto
Lions Lake is a testament to the changing face of Route 66. Dwight started as a farming community on the Chicago & Alton Railroad. When automobiles began replacing horses, people demanded better roads. Borrow pits, like Lions Lake, supplied the . . . Map (db m158382) HM
55Illinois (Livingston County), Odell — 1932 Standard Oil Gas Station, Odell, IllinoisRoute 66 Roadside Attraction
This restoration is a project of the Route 66 Association of Illinois Preservation Committee. Identified November 9, 1997 on the National Register of Historic Places.Map (db m157019) HM
56Illinois (Livingston County), Odell — Odell Pedestrian Tunnel
From 1926 to 1946 this road was known as the "Mother Road" or Route 66 During this period traffic was so congested that it became necessary to build an underground passage to safely cross church goers and school children. You are now standing . . . Map (db m157023) HM
57Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — A Bridge to the PastFrom Route 4 to City Street
This venerable old bridge enters its golden years serving slow traffic on a city street, but it started life in the fast lane of the "hard road." In 1924, Illinois Route 4 became the first paved road to connect Chicago with St. Louis. Only two . . . Map (db m158825) HM
58Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — An Underground CrossingLadd School Subway
Civic leaders welcomed Route 66 through Pontiac in 1926 as a boon for business. However, parents were concerned about their children crossing this "dangerous speedway.' As a solution, the State Highway Commission excavated a tunnel under the . . . Map (db m158311) HM
59Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — Historic Division Street Bridge66 Roadside Attraction
The original bridge was built in 1926 as part of Route 4. On November 11, 1926, the alignment of Route 4 through Pontiac became US Route 66. In early days, the highways were marked with paint using a stencil on utility poles and on bridge end posts. . . . Map (db m157015) HM
60Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — Historic Route 66 Illinois
You are traveling on one of the most famous roads in the world. On September 25, 2005, Illinois Route 66 was designated as a National Scenic Byway by the U.S. Department of Transportation.Map (db m158309) HM
61Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — Original Route 66 Wishing Well & Sign Countryside, Illinois 1941-200766 Roadside Attraction
Route 66 has become a nostalgic symbol of Americana. This display honors just one of the many mom & pop businesses that served weary travelers on the Mother Road. At it's original location, many thousands of people from around the world stopped to . . . Map (db m163373) HM
62Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — Original Washington Street Route 66 Bricks
For decades the bricks to build this pathway were covered by asphalt on Washington St. in Pontiac. They were unearthed during a road work project in 2008. Until 1930 this stretch of Washington Street was the detour route for Illinois Route 4 (SBI . . . Map (db m163376) HM
63Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — Patrolling "Bloody 66"Hard Road Cops
Route 66 was one of the most dangerous roads in the nation, earning it the nickname “Bloody 66.” From this District 6 Headquarters building, State Police patrolled the hard road between Dwight and McLean. They enforced safety laws . . . Map (db m158312) HM
64Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — Pontiac, IllinoisWelcome to Route 66 Illinois
(front:) Route 66, the Mother Road, is an American icon that symbolizes romance and freedom of the open road. Born in 1926, Route 66 was one of the first numbered U.S. highways, journeying 2,500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. Today, . . . Map (db m158306) HM
65Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — Protecting TravelersState Police Headquarters
This building was home to state troopers who risked their lives every day patrolling Route 66. By the 1940s, Route 66 carried more traffic than any other highway in the state. The Illinois District 6 State Police Headquarters was built . . . Map (db m158812) HM
66Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — The Bob Waldmire Road Yacht
Bob Waldmire was born near Springfield in 1945. His prolonged passion for Route 66 began in 1962 when his parents took the entire family on a motoring trip to California via Route 66. During that trip, Bob fell in love with the Mother Road and all . . . Map (db m163377) HM
67Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — The Log Cabin InnTurning with the Times
Route 66 provided a steady income for family businesses like Joe and Victor "Babe" Selotis' Log Cabin Inn. Joe barbecued beef and pork on a spit out back, while Babe filled gas tanks and fixed flats. When Route 66 was relocated to the backside . . . Map (db m158821) HM
68Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — The Motor PolicePatrolling Bloody 66
The Illinois State Police was formed in 1922 to protect motorists. Twenty officers patrolled the state on surplus World War I Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Radio-equipped cycles revolutionized communications in the 1930s. The ISP shifted . . . Map (db m158810) HM
69Illinois (Logan County), Atlanta — "Atlanta: Midway on Illinois' Mother Road" Mural
Designed by Bill Diaz of Pontiac, Illinois, the "Atlanta: Midway on Illinois' Mother Road" mural captures the spirit of Atlanta's place on Rt. 66. Located approximately 150 miles from both Chicago and St. Louis, Atlanta occupies a central spot in . . . Map (db m160819) HM
70Illinois (Logan County), Atlanta — "Palms Grill Café" Mural
In its early days, weekly dances and bingo nights accompanied the blue-plate specials served at the Palms Grill Café. The "Grill" was also Atlanta's Greyhound bus-stop. You just turned the light on above the door if you wanted the bus to pick you . . . Map (db m160588) HM
71Illinois (Logan County), Atlanta — Bunyon's Statue
During the heyday of Rt. 66, travelers passed hundreds of signs, murals, and other forms of roadside advertising, each hoping to grab its share of attention. Among the more famous of these stood the fiberglass giants created during the 1960s by . . . Map (db m160586) HM
72Illinois (Logan County), Atlanta — Welcome to the Atlanta Route 66 Park
As a respite for Rt. 66 travelers and other visitors, the City of Atlanta invites you to relax and enjoy the Atlanta Route 66 Park. This Information Booth is here to provide you with information about sites to see and things to do in . . . Map (db m162544) HM
73Illinois (Logan County), Atlanta — Wheels of Fortune on 66Business Followed the Highway
Atlanta boomed when Route 66 was built in the 1920s. It didn't last. By 1947 the busy road was rebuilt to bypass town to the east. New businesses flourished on the bypass only to fail again when I-55 replaced the Mother Road in 1977. . . . Map (db m162545) HM
74Illinois (Logan County), Broadwell — Pig Hip Restaurant1937-1991 — At Broadwell Illinois on historic U.S. Route "66" —
Operated for over 54 years by Ernest L. Edwards, Jr. & Family Home of the celebrated Pig Hip Sandwich - baked fresh pork with tomato & lettuce on a toasted bun with the secret sauce The Pig Hip Restaurant Museum with Ernie's fine personal . . . Map (db m156868) HM
75Illinois (Logan County), Elkhart — Route 66 in ElkhartCatering to Travelers
Downtown businesses thrived when Route 66 ran through Elkhart. In 1938, The House by the Side of the Road cafe had an unforgettable customer when actress Shirley Temple stopped for lunch. Afterward, owner J. Smith put a cardboard likeness of the . . . Map (db m156874) HM
76Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — Lincoln, IllinoisWelcome to Route 66 Illinois
(front:) Route 66, the Mother Road, is an American icon that symbolizes romance and freedom of the open road. Born in 1926, Route 66 was one of the first numbered U.S. highways, journeying 2,500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. Today, . . . Map (db m158187) HM
77Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — Postville Courthouse State Historic Site66 Roadside Attraction
Abraham Lincoln practiced law here from 1840-1847. This site is located on the original alignment of Route 66 through Lincoln, Illinois. Free admission.Map (db m156851) HM
78Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — Roadside AttractionsWorld's Largest Covered Wagon
Route 66 promised travelers fun and adventure along the road. The Railsplitter Covered Wagon honors Abraham Lincoln in the only town named for him before he became president. It holds the Guinness World Record as the largest covered wagon and . . . Map (db m159307) HM
79Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — The Mill on 6666 Roadside Attraction
The Mill opened in 1929 on the original alignment of Route 66, it became famous as a sandwich stand and then a Bar/Restaurant. The Mill is now being restored as a museum. Open by appointment.Map (db m156855) HM
80Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — The TropicsA Route 66 Landmark
A Family Business - The Early Years Vince Schwenoha opened the Tropics in 1950, naming it in remembrance of his military tour of duty spent in Hawaii. In 1951, Lewis Lee Johnson came to Lincoln from Macomb, Illinois as a meat cutter with . . . Map (db m159304) HM
81Illinois (Macoupin County), Benld — Dancing the Night AwayThe Coliseum Ballroom
The Coliseum Ballroom on Route 66 was a hopping place on Saturday nights. Benld's ballroom boasted the biggest dance floor between Chicago and St. Louis. People gathered from throughout the region to dance to big bands such as Duke Ellington, . . . Map (db m157936) HM
82Illinois (Macoupin County), Carlinville — Carlinville, IllinoisWelcome to Route 66 Illinois
Route 66, the Mother Road, is an American icon that symbolizes romance and freedom of the open road. Born in 1926, Route 66 was one of the first numbered U.S. highways, journeying 2,500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. Today, you can still "get . . . Map (db m144544) HM
83Illinois (Macoupin County), Carlinville — Circling The SquareRoute 66 in Carlinville
The first hard road connecting Chicago and St. Louis passed through the heart of Carlinville. In 1926, Route 66 opened from Chicago to Los Angeles and followed Route 4 through Illinois. The “Mother Road” Circled the Carlinville Square . . . Map (db m144482) HM
84Illinois (Macoupin County), Carlinville — Original Site of the Ariston Cafe, 1924
This is the second oldest building on the Square. It was built in 1854 and was also the first building on the Square to be three stories tall. In 1924, Greek immigrant Pete Adam opened the Ariston Restaurant here. Business boomed two years . . . Map (db m144480) HM
85Illinois (Macoupin County), Mount Olive — Soulsby Shell Station, Mt. Olive, Illinois
Russell Soulsby built this station in 1926 with his father, Henry He ran it with his sister Ola until 1991. For its 65 years of operation; they only sold Shell gasoline.Map (db m138433) HM
86Illinois (Macoupin County), Staunton — Henry's Rabbit Ranch, Staunton, IllinoisRoute 66 Roadside Attraction
A Route 66 information center and tourist attraction built for past, present and future travelers.Map (db m138472) HM
87Illinois (Macoupin County), Staunton — Historic Route 66 Illinois
You are traveling on one of the most famous roads in the world. On September 25, 2005, Illinois Route 66 was designated as a National Scenic Byway by the U.S. Department of Transportation.Map (db m144781) HM
88Illinois (Macoupin County), Virden — Route 66 Coal TownsThe Battle of Virden
Miserable wages and working conditions in coal mines made conflict between miners and coal companies inevitable in the 1890s. The battle that erupted here immortalized Virden in the history of labor rights. On October 12, 1898, eight miners, four . . . Map (db m149885) HM
89Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — Edwardsville, IllinoisWelcome to Route 66 Illinois
Route 66, the Mother Road, is an American icon that symbolizes romance and freedom of the open road. Born in 1926, Route 66 was one of the first numbered U.S. highways, journeying 2,500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. Today, you can still "get . . . Map (db m144542) HM
90Illinois (Madison County), Granite City — Old Chain of Rocks BridgeWelcome to Route 66 Illinois
Route 66, the Mother Road, is an American icon that symbolizes romance and freedom of the open road. Born in 1926, Route 66 was one of the first numbered U.S. highways, journeying 2,500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. Today, you can still "get . . . Map (db m144521) HM
91Illinois (Madison County), Hamel — Truckin Down 66 - Cassens Transport and HamelTourist Haven Resaurant
It Began with Four Cars - Cassens Transport began in 1931 when Albert and Arnold hauld four new cars from Detroit to their father George's dealership in Hamel. By 1941, Cassens had a fleet of 35 car transporters operating from its terminal . . . Map (db m144481) HM
92Illinois (Madison County), Venice — Main Street of America ran right through Venice1926-1936 — The McKinley Bridge - First Route 66 path across the mighty Mississippi River —
From Chicago to Los Angeles, Route 66 was routed over the streets of cities and towns both large and small. Thus its nickname "The Main Street of America." In Illinois, the first state to have all of Route 66 paved, the infamous highway was routed . . . Map (db m139428) HM
93Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Bloomington, IllinoisWelcome to Route 66 Illinois
(front:) Route 66, the Mother Road, is an American icon that symbolizes romance and freedom of the open road. Born in 1926, Route 66 was one of the first numbered U.S. highways, journeying 2,500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles. Today, . . . Map (db m158214) HM
94Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Risk of the RoadBloody 66 and Insurance
Illinois Route 66 was dangerous. Curves, crossroads, and bridge abutments doomed many speeding motorists, giving rise to the nickname, "Bloody 66." After World War II, curves were straightened, towns bypassed, and four lanes built to improve . . . Map (db m57555) HM
95Illinois (McLean County), Funks Grove — Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup, Funks Grove, IllinoisRoute 66 Roadside Attraction
Established in 1891, Funk descendants have been making sirup since 1824 when Isaac settled in the Grove that bears his name.Map (db m156944) HM
96Illinois (McLean County), Funks Grove — Having a Picnic / A Transportation CorridorFunks Grove — Historical Route 66 —
Having a Picnic. By the 1920s the automobile picnic outing had become a national phenomenon. Cars allowed people to escape from crowded cities, and rural residents also took advantage of the increased mobility furnished by the . . . Map (db m163357) HM
97Illinois (McLean County), Lexington — "Memory Lane"
This original section of Historic Route 66 was dedicated in 1926. The alignment was first known as Route 4. Memory Lane is open to drive on during Lexington's annual Route 66 reunion, car show/parade and other special Route 66 events. We invite . . . Map (db m163090) HM
98Illinois (McLean County), Lexington — Illinois U.S. Route 66
In 1926, construction began on a 2,448-mile highway from Chicago to Santa Monica, California. Route 66 reflected the increased use of motorized vehicles. The road, which cut diagonally across Illinois, passed through Lexington. Sleek restaurants, . . . Map (db m157028) HM
99Illinois (McLean County), McLean — A Home on the RoadDixie Truck Stop
Illinois' oldest truck stop, the Dixie Trucker's Home offered Southern hospitality for weary Route 66 travelers. J.P. Walters and his son-in-law John Geske opened the Dixie in 1928 in the corner of a mechanic's garage. Route 66's first truckers . . . Map (db m156953) HM
100Illinois (McLean County), Normal — A Station and a HomeSprague's Super Service
Opened in 1930 by William Sprague, this is the only two-story Tudor Revival service station on Route 66. Although the station was built in the depth of the Great Depression, Sprague knew that travelers still needed food, gas, and car repairs. He . . . Map (db m163009) HM

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