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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Brant County, Ontario

Adelaide Hunter-Hoodless Marker, facing northeast image, Touch for more information
By Tim Boyd, August 28, 2023
Adelaide Hunter-Hoodless Marker, facing northeast
1 Ontario, Brant County, Brant — Adelaide Hunter-Hoodless
Unveiled by Her Excellency The Lady Tweedsmuir October 2, 1937 “For Home and Country" To commemorate the birth place of Adelaide Hunter-Hoodless 1858-1910 Who founded the Women's Institute Feb. 19th 1897 Erected by . . . Map (db m232132) HM
2 Ontario, Brant County, Brant — Syl Apps (1915-1998)
Born in Paris, Ontario in 1915, Charles Joseph Sylvanus "Syl" Apps was a professional hockey player, businessman and politician. Throughout his life, Apps displayed remarkable breadth in his abilities and accomplishments. He was a varsity . . . Map (db m223241) HM
3 Ontario, Brant County, Brant — The Hon. Harry C. Nixon (1891-1961)
Ontario's thirteenth prime minister was born on this farm and in 1913 graduated from Ontario Agricultural College. A supporter of the United Farmers of Ontario, he was elected to the provincial legislature in 1919 as member for Brant North . . . Map (db m223085) HM
4 Ontario, Brant County, Brant, Paris — “King” Capron 1796-1872
This house was built in 1831 by Hiram Capron, a native of Vermont who, in 1822, had emigrated to Norfolk County where he helped to establish one of Upper Canada's earliest iron foundries. He settled here at the Forks of the Grand in 1829, . . . Map (db m223280) HM
5 Ontario, Brant County, Brant, Paris — Hiram Capron
. . . Map (db m223290) HM
6 Ontario, Brant County, Brant, Paris — Paris Plains Church1845
Built by the free labour of its own congregation with stones gathered from nearby fields, the West Dumfries Chapel was completed and dedicated in 1845. It is a fine example of a type of cobblestone construction seldom found elsewhere in . . . Map (db m221681) HM
7 Ontario, Brant County, Brant, Paris — The Asa Wolverton House
This house and the adjoining structure were built by Asa Wolverton, a native of Cayuga County, New York, who had immigrated to Upper Canada in 1826. About 1832 he settled in Paris, where he erected sawmills and became a prosperous lumber . . . Map (db m223265) HM
8 Ontario, Brant County, Brant, the historic Town of Paris — Alexander Graham Bell
On this site Alexander Graham Bell inventor of the telephone, received from Brantford, Ontario, on August 10, 1876, the world's first successful long distance telephone call. Erected by the Charles Fleetford Sise Chapter . . . Map (db m223183) HM
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9 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Bell Telephone Memorial
This Monument the work of Walter S. Allward, R.C.A. Sculptor, was placed here through International subscription by the Bell Telephone Memorial Association to mark the invention of the Telephone at Brantford by Alexander Graham Bell in 1874 — . . . Map (db m215700) HM
10 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Brant County Court House
Architect John Turner and contractor William Sinon built this court house for the Provisional County of Brant in 1852-53. Turner was Brantford's most influential nineteenth-century architect, designing several important public buildings in Brant . . . Map (db m198273) HM
11 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Brant County Court-House Reported missing
In July, 1852, the Six Nations Indians sold to Brant County the land upon which this court-house now stands. Designed by John Turner and William Sinon and erected by the Provisional County of Brant, the stone and brick building was largely . . . Map (db m198271) HM
12 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Canada’s First Telephone Business Office 1877
In 1877 this house, then located in downtown Brantford, became Canada's first telephone business office. It was the residence of the Reverend Thomas Philip Henderson (1816-1887), a former Baptist minister and school inspector in Paris, . . . Map (db m230401) HM
13 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — George ThomsonCanadian, 1868-1965 — Brantford's Grand Exhibit —
Lingering Snow, oil on canvas, n.d. Collection of Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant George Thomson was born in Claremont, Ontario in 1868 and, at the age of nine, moved to Rose Hill Farm outside Leith, near Owen Sound. He is the oldest . . . Map (db m222039) HM
14 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Her Majesty’s Chapel of the MohawksLa Chapelle des Agniers de Sa Majesté — Ne Iakataneraientahtsere Ne Iekora Ne Kanienkehaka Rotoreonnaienhs —
English: Originally called St. Paul's, this chapel was the first Protestant church in Upper Canada and is now the oldest surviving church in Ontario. Built by the Crown in 1785, it was given to those Mohawk Indians led by Joseph Brant who . . . Map (db m83743) HM
15 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Heritage in Water
A Grand Legacy In 1994, the Grand River was formally designated a Canadian Heritage River. This honour recognizes rivers of outstanding significance and their important role in Canadian history. The Grand is unique, as it is the only . . . Map (db m240760) HM
16 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Hon. George Brown 1818-1880
Across the Grand River at this point lies "Bow Park", once the farm of George Brown, a leading architect of Confederation, who built up an estate of some 800 acres beginning in 1866. A Scottish immigrant, Brown founded the Toronto "Globe" in 1844, . . . Map (db m215793) HM
17 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — John Claude WhaleCanadian, 1852-1905 — Brantford's Grand Exhibit —
Log Cabin, oil on canvas, n.d. Collection of the City of Brantford John Claude Whale is the second son of painter Robert R. Whale and was born during his parents' voyage from England to Canada. A self-taught artist like his father, he . . . Map (db m243605) HM
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18 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — John Hicks WhaleBritish-Canadian, 1829-1905 — Brantford's Grand Exhibit —
Marsh Birds, oil on canvas, 1878 Collection of Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant John Hicks Whale was born in Liskeard, England in 1829 and is the nephew of artist Robert R. Whale. He emigrated to Canada in the early 1850s and married . . . Map (db m243674) HM
19 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Judge Alexander David Hardy1859-1951
. . . Map (db m215795) HM
20 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Lawren Harris (1885-1970)
Born into a prominent Brantford family, Lawren Harris began to paint as a child. At the University of Toronto, a professor noticed he sketched during lectures and advised he be sent to Europe to study art. While in Germany (1904-1907), . . . Map (db m239617) HM
21 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Michael SnowCanadian, born 1928 — Brantford's Grand Exhibit —
Three Chords, lithograph print, 1973 Collection of Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant Michael Snow is among the world's most celebrated artists and filmmakers. Born in Toronto in 1928, Snow's artwork and films have been exhibited at art . . . Map (db m221940) HM
22 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Mohawk VillageLe village des Mohawks
English: Allies of the British during the American War of Independence, the Six Nations Iroquois received extensive lands along the Grand River in 1784. Mohawks, led by Joseph Brant, established a village of some 400 individuals here by . . . Map (db m83697) HM
23 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Park Baptist Church
Designed by John Turner and built in 1883, Park Baptist Church served as a place of worship for over a century until a dwindling membership led to closure in 1992. The fate of the building remained uncertain until 2000 at which time restoration . . . Map (db m215890) HM
24 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Polish World War II Veterans Memorial
[English]To commemorate our heroic Polish and Canadian soldiers under British Command in World War II To honor war veterans who fought for world freedom and all the people that endured suffering and hardship[Polski]Pamieci bohaterów . . . Map (db m243591) WM
25 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Rev. Peter Jones1802-1856
This house, "Echo Villa", was built by the Reverend Peter Jones (Kahkewaquonaby) who lived here from 1851 until his death. Son of the noted surveyor, Augustus Jones, and Tuhbenahneequay, a Missisauga chief's daughter, Peter was born at . . . Map (db m237708) HM
26 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Royal Victoria Place
Royal Victoria Place, originally known as the Commercial Buildings, was designed by John Turner and built in 1881 by Bernhard Heyd. One of the first occupants was the Royal Loan and Savings Company. Following a devastating fire in 1988, . . . Map (db m215851) HM
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27 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Sara Jeannette Duncan(1861-1922)
[English] Pioneering journalist in the late 19th century, Sara Jeannette Duncan challenged social and political norms by examining women’s changing roles, the need for a national culture, and the way Canadian politics . . . Map (db m215697) HM
28 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Sara Jeannette Duncan 1861-1922
[English] An internationally renowned author, Duncan was raised in the adjacent house and educated locally. She taught school briefly, but then determinedly turned to journalism, gaining notice for her distinctive and witty writing . . . Map (db m215698) HM
29 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — St. Paul’s 1785H.M. Chapel of the Mohawks — Chapelle Royale des Mohawks —
English: This chapel, the first Protestant church in Ontario, was built by the Crown for the Mohawks of the Six Nations Iroquois who settled here in 1794. It replaced the Queen Anne Chapel (1712) at Fort Hunter, New York, which the Mohawk . . . Map (db m83694) HM
30 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Thayendanegea (Joseph Brant)The Brant Monument
This National Monument erected by the Brant Memorial Association, Incorporated 41 Vic. Cap. 62 S.O. to Thayendanegea. Capt. Joseph Brant born 1742 died 1807 interred at Mohawk Church and to The Six Nations Indians for their . . . Map (db m215797) HM
31 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — The Bell Homestead/ La Propriété Bell
The Bell Homestead Here at his parents' home in July 1874, Alexander Graham Bell conceived the fundamental idea of the telephone and, in August 1876, carried out the first successful long-distance trials. The Homestead evokes the . . . Map (db m230331) HM
32 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — The Cenotaph
Originally dedicated November 11, 1923, and moved from Gore Park to this site on June 2, 1992. The members of the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire were the sole contributors to this Cenotaph, the only one in Brantford at that time. The . . . Map (db m243640) HM WM
33 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — The Founding of Brantford
In the 1820's significant improvements to the Hamilton and London road attracted settlers to the Indian lands at Brant's Ford where this thoroughfare crossed the Grand River. A thriving village soon developed and in 1830 the Six Nations surrendered . . . Map (db m199047) HM
34 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — The Invention of the Telephone/ L’Invention du Téléphone
Invention of the Telephone Even here at his father's home where he came for rest and peace, Alexander Graham Bell continued to ponder the elusive secret of voice transmission, and it was here, on 26 July 1874, that insight finally . . . Map (db m230396) HM
35 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — The Mohawk Institute
The Mohawk Institute The Mohawk Institute was established in 1831 for children of the Six Nations Iroquois living on the Grand River. Pupils from other native communities in Ontario attended the school as well. Like all Canadian . . . Map (db m230264) HM
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36 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — The Original Six Nations Land GrantAs surveyed in 1821
A Brief History... • 11,000 Years Ago - Nomadic hunter/ gatherer culture in tundra-like environment of the Grand River Valley. • 9000 Years Ago - Hunter/gatherer culture begins to implement seasonal migratory camps. The environment has . . . Map (db m240764) HM
37 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Tomb of THAYENDANEGEA
Tomb Inscription This tomb is erected to the memory of THAYENDANEGEA , or Captain Joseph Brant, Principal Chief and Warrior of the Six Nations Indians, by his Fellow-Subjects, admirers of his fidelity and attachment to the British . . . Map (db m83696) HM
38 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Victoria Park
Victoria Park was set aside as a square when Lewis Burwell surveyed the original town plan for Brantford in 1830. The square was first landscaped as a formal park in 1861. The plans were prepared by John Turner, a local architect who designed many . . . Map (db m215847) HM
39 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — Walter Allward(1875-1955)
[English] An outstanding sculptor of some of Canada's finest public monuments, Walter Allward is best known for his masterpiece, the Vimy war memorial in France. He emerged as a dominant figure in the transition from . . . Map (db m215699) HM
40 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — William Charles Good1876-1967
[English] A leading spokesman for Canadian agrarian and co-operative movements, Good was born and raised on Myrtleville farm. He early developed a strong sense of social responsibility and, returning here after attending the . . . Map (db m217700) HM
41 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford — William Henry ClappCanadian, 1879-1954 — Brantford's Grand Exhibit —
Landscape with Tree, oil on board, n.d. Collection of Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant William Henry Clapp was born in Montreal to American parents in 1879. In 1904 he left Canada to study art at l'Academie Julian in Paris, France. By . . . Map (db m221779) HM
42 Ontario, Brant County, Brantford, Holmdale-Landsdowne — The Ontario School for the Blind
In 1869, on the recommendation of the Rev. Egerton Ryerson, Superintendent of Education, funds were allocated to establish the first provincial school for blind children. The Ontario Institution for the Education of the Blind, which included the . . . Map (db m230229) HM
43 Ontario, Brant County, Oakland — The Battle of Malcolm’s Mills1814
In October, 1814, an invading American force of about 700 men under Brigadier-General Duncan McArthur advanced rapidly up the Thames Valley. He intended to devastate the Grand River settlements and the region around the head of Lake Ontario which . . . Map (db m78341) HM
44 Ontario, Brant County, Ohsweken — Chiefswood
[English] Completed in 1856, Chiefswood owes its importance to its architecture and the prominence of the people who lived here. Derived from the popular Italianate style of the Picturesque movement, the grandeur of the house . . . Map (db m209067) HM
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45 Ontario, Brant County, Ohsweken — Cogwagee • Tom Longboat1886 - 1949
English: An Onondaga from the Six Nations of the Grand River, Tom Longboat was one of the world's great long-distance runners. He ran his first race in Caledonia in 1905 and two years later shot to international attention with a . . . Map (db m83700) HM
46 Ontario, Brant County, Ohsweken — E. Pauline Johnson1861-1913
In this house "Chiefswood", erected about 1853, was born the Mohawk poetess Emily Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake). Her father, Chief G.H.M. Johnson a greatly respected leader of the Six Nations, built "Chiefswood" as a wedding gift for her English . . . Map (db m208900) HM
47 Ontario, Brant County, Ohsweken — E. Pauline JohnsonTekahionwakeh — 1861-1913 —
[English] Born here at Chiefswood, the daughter of a Mohawk chief, E. Pauline Johnson gained international fame for her romantic writings on Indian themes, but she also wrote about nature, religion and Canadian nationalism. . . . Map (db m209066) HM
48 Ontario, Brant County, Ohsweken — Thayendanega (Joseph Brant)1742-1807
English: This celebrated Mohawk chief of Canajoharie Castle and Johnson Hall grew up in the Mohawk Valley. He received his baptism of fire at the battle of Lake George in 1755. He served with Sir William Johnson in the Niagara . . . Map (db m83714) HM
49 Ontario, Brant County, Ohsweken — The Six Nations
English: Commemorating the loyal services and unswerving fidelity of the Six Nations of Iroquois Indians to the British Empire in the Seven Years War, 1755 - 1763, the War of the American Revolution, 1775 - 1783, and in the defence of . . . Map (db m83712) HM
50 Ontario, Brant County, Ohsweken — The Six Nations War Memorial
Lest We Forget 1914 - 1918 Lt. Brant, Cameron D. • Lt. Moses, James D. • Arron, William • Claus, Issac • Curley, Lloyd • Fish, Reuben • Garlow, James • Goosey, David • Groat, Samuel B. • Hill, Hiram • Hill, Roy • Homer, Harrison • . . . Map (db m83744) WM
51 Ontario, Brant County, Ossweken — Ahyouwaeghs - John Brant1794 - 1832
English John Brant was born in the Mohawk Village (Brantford), the youngest son of the renowned Joseph Brant. He was educated at Ancaster and Niagara, and fought with distinction during the War of 1812. Brant devoted his life to improving . . . Map (db m78340) HM
52 Ontario, Brant County, Scotland — Duncombe's Uprising 1837
Dr. Charles Duncombe (1791-1867), prominent physician and politician, was leader of the militant reform movement in the London District at the time of the Rebellion of 1837. He rallied the local "Patriots" at the settlement of Scotland, planning to . . . Map (db m189196) HM
53 Ontario, Brant County, Scotland — The Scotland Library Bell
In 1914, the Scotland Women’s Institute donated this historic bell to be mounted atop the original Scotland Library, located beside the “Garden Wall” house. The bell was rung three times daily, at 6 a.m., 12 Noon, and 6 p.m. In 1932, the Scotland . . . Map (db m221713) HM
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54 Ontario, Brant County, St. George — Adelaide Hunter Hoodless1857-1910
Adelaide Hunter was born in this farm house and lived here until she married John Hoodless in 1881. On February 19, 1897, she organized at Stoney Creek the world’s first Women’s Institute. It was her belief that in this organization rural women . . . Map (db m208855) HM
55 Ontario, Brant County, St. George — Adelaide Hunter Hoodless1857-1910
[English] Born in Ontario, Adelaide Hoodless sought to release the full potential of women for social action. An outspoken educator and social reformer, she successfully pressed for acceptance of Domestic Economy as a subject for . . . Map (db m208860) HM
56 Ontario, Brant County, St. George — Centennial of ConfederationCentennial Park — 1867-1967 —
. . . Map (db m243534) HM
57 Ontario, Brant County, St. George — Nixon Way
In recognition of three generations of the Nixon family, who represented the residents of the County of Brant between 1919 and 2004 both Provincially and Federally, this portion of Highway #5 is being designated as the “Nixon Way.”Map (db m243520) HM
58 Ontario, Brant County, St. George — St. George & South Dumfries Memorial
To our Men & Women who served in World War II & Korea Allen, Edsel ☆22/5/1944 • Allen, Edward • Allen, W. • Alysworth, A. • Anderson, Douglas • Anderson, C. • Andrews, Leslie • Attridge, Donald • Bailey, J. • Barker, Leslie • . . . Map (db m243538) WM
59 Ontario, Brant County, St. George — St. George Community Memorial Hall
This building was presented in memory of Salem Griswold Kitchen by his wife was remodeled by the citizens of the community and is a memorial to the soldiers who fought in the Great War These made the supreme sacrifice Armstrong Walter N . . . Map (db m243442) HM WM
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