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Les Massacres de Septembre 1792 / the Massacres of September 1792 Marker - wide view image, Touch for more information
By Andrew Ruppenstein, April 17, 2022
Les Massacres de Septembre 1792 / the Massacres of September 1792 Marker - wide view
1 France, Île-de-France, Département de Paris, Paris, Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin — Les Massacres de Septembre 1792 / the Massacres of September 1792
Ici s'élevait la Prison de l'Abbaye. ou les massacres de septembre 1792 tirent 326 victimes (English translation:) This was the location of the Prison de l'Abbaye, where the massacres of September, 1792 took . . . Map (db m199514) HM

2 Oklahoma, Tulsa County, Tulsa, Greenwood District — The Historic Greenwood DistrictTulsa, Oklahoma
In the early 1900s, Tulsa's black community, the "Greenwood District," gained national renown. Dubbed "Black Wall Street," the neighborhood teemed with entrepreneurial and business activity: doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, dentists, beauty parlors, . . . Map (db m171410) HM
3 South Carolina, Lancaster County, Buford — Honoring The Fallen
Obelisk The mass grave located within the ring of white stones contains the bodies of 84 Continentals who were buried where they fell on May 29, 1780. The presence of these Patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms makes . . . Map (db m232346) HM

4 Idaho, Franklin County, Preston — 6 — A Battle Becomes a MassacreMassacre at Bear River — The Largest Indian Massacre in the West —
The four-hour fight left the Shoshone band decimated and terrified. Lodges, food caches and belongings were burned and women and children murdered. Chief Bear Hunter was cruelly tortured to death. When the killing ceased, the massacre field was . . . Map (db m165798) HM
5 Idaho, Franklin County, Preston — 5 — Attack at Bia OgoiMassacre at Bear River — The Largest Indian Massacre in the West —
Before dawn on the bitterly cold day of January 29, Shoshone leader Sagwich rose early to survey the area. As he looked toward the bluffs to the south he observed what seemed to be a mist of fog crawling down the bluffs across the river from the . . . Map (db m165797) HM
6 New Jersey, Ocean County, Little Egg Harbor Township, Mystic Island — The Defense of Little Egg Harbor1776-1783 — Pulaski’s Massacre —
October 15, 1778, the largest military engagement in what is today Ocean County occurred near this site. A force of 200 British and Loyalist Troops under the command of Capt. Patrick Ferguson surprised and defeated a portion of Brig. Gen. Casmir . . . Map (db m92441) HM
7 New York, Otsego County, Cherry Valley — Cherry Valley Museum — Cherry Valley Massacre —
The Cherry Valley Massacre of 1778 was led by British Captain Walter Butler and Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant on this strategically important frontier settlement.Map (db m33655) HM

8 Idaho, Caribou County, Soda Springs — William Henry Harrison
Oregon Trail Memorial Erected 1931 Restored 1978 Caribou County 4H Builders Club In honor of William Henry Harrison of Massachusetts who lost his life on the Oregon Trail about 1850. Erected by his niece Mrs. Alura F. . . . Map (db m106732) HM
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9 Québec, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Montréal, Montréal, Lachine — Lachine MassacreMassacre de Lachine
English: During the night of the 4-5 August 1689, fifteen hundred Iroquois landed at Lachine and placed themselves in small groups near all the houses along the shore. At a given signal the massacre began; two hundred persons perished and . . . Map (db m82105) HM
10 Colorado, Kiowa County, Chivington — The Sand Creek MassacreSand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
On November 29, 1864, U.S. Colonel John Chivington and 700 volunteer troops attacked an encampment of Cheyenne and Arapaho along Sand Creek. The thunderous approach of horses galloping toward camp at dawn sent hundreds fleeing from their tipis. Many . . . Map (db m180927) HM
11 Colorado, Kiowa County, Eads — HealingSand Creek Massacre National Historic Site Reported permanently removed
Though the Sand Creek Massacre has long passed, memories live on. Cheyenne and Arapaho return here to pray and pay tribute to ancestors who both perished and survived that dreadful day. Ever resilient, the Cheyenne and Arapaho nations of today . . . Map (db m181060) HM
12 Colorado, Kiowa County, Eads — Pleas for PeaceSand Creek Massacre National Historic Site Reported permanently removed
"All we ask is that we may have peace with the whites...We want to take good tidings home to our people, that they may sleep in peace." Cheyenne Chief Black Kettle As tensions mounted, Chiefs Black Kettle and Left Hand pled . . . Map (db m181243) HM
13 Colorado, Kiowa County, Eads — RemainsSand Creek Massacre National Historic Site Reported permanently removed
”Many years have passed. The land is still here. We lived here, our clans lived here. The land here is our home - we have come back home.” Arapaho: Wonoo3ei’i ceciniihi’ coowoo’ou’u. Nih’iine’etiino’ hiitiino. Neito’eininoo . . . Map (db m180923) HM
14 Colorado, Kiowa County, Eads — TestimonySand Creek Massacre National Historic Site Reported permanently removed
In the aftermath of Sand Creek, federal investigations and military inquiry took place. Dozens of eyewitness' provided testimony. Taken in Washington, D.C., Denver City, Fort Lyon, and other locations, officers, soldiers, and civilians came forth. . . . Map (db m181061) HM
15 Colorado, Kiowa County, Eads — Why?Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site Reported permanently removed
For years, Cheyenne and Arapaho traveled and hunted the Great Plains in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. But in 1858, gold fever struck in Colorado Territory. Miners rushed in and tens of thousands of settlers followed. Competition for land became . . . Map (db m181241) HM
16 Colorado, Las Animas County, Ludlow — Ludlow Tent Colony Site MemorialThe Ludlow Massacre
In Memory of the men, women and children, who lost their lives in freedom's cause at Ludlow, Colorado April 20, 1914.Map (db m100506) HM
17 Colorado, Las Animas County, Ludlow — Testimonies & MemoriesVoices from the Budow Massacre survive.
The following statements are from people who were involved with the tragedy. They come from official records and oral histories. "They used to scrub by hand, go fetch the water a mile [or] two, [at] 3:00 in the morning. We used to make . . . Map (db m193570) HM
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18 Colorado, Pueblo County, Pueblo — Fort PuebloSite of Indian Massacre — Dec 25, 1854 —
This memorial commemorating the Old Pueblo Fort Site erected by The Arkansas Valley & Pueblo Chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution. Dedicated Nov. 17, 1923. On Christmas Day, 1854, a massacre occurred at Fort Pueblo on the . . . Map (db m64755) HM
19 Idaho, Canyon County, Middleton — Hostility Erupts Into ViolenceWard Massacre
On August 20, 1854, the Alexander Ward Party of 20 men, women, and children were traveling on the Oregon Trail with five wagons, a day behind a larger party led by Alexander Yantis. The Wards pulled their wagons off the Trail for lunch and to water . . . Map (db m22398) HM
20 Idaho, Canyon County, Middleton — Peaceful Trading Turns HostileWard Massacre
In the 1830's, local tribes, including the Shoshone, Paiute, and Bannock began trading with Euro-American fur trappers and missionaries passing through southern Idaho. Peaceful exchanges beneficial to both groups increased in 1842 when wagon trains . . . Map (db m22333) HM
21 Idaho, Canyon County, Middleton — To the Memory of the PioneersWard Massacre Memorial
To the memory of the pioneers who were massacred by Indians near this spot August 20, 1854. This monument is dedicated by Pioneer Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Boise, Idaho William Ward       Age 44 Margaret Ward        "   . . . Map (db m22336) HM
22 Idaho, Canyon County, Middleton — Violence is AvengedWard Massacre
In early September, 1854, Major Granville Hallar set out with a US military force from their post in Oregon to avenge the Ward-party deaths. Upon arrival at the rebuilt Hudson Bay's Fort Boise near the mouth of the Boise River, the Indians they . . . Map (db m22366) HM
23 Idaho, Franklin County, Preston — 4 — California Volunteers March to the Bear RiverMassacre at Bear River — A Clash of Cultures —
The tensions between the Shoshone and the settlers eventually led to a call from Utah territorial leaders of help from the Army, but the Civil War was on and military resources were stretched thin. In 1861 the third California Volunteer Infantry has . . . Map (db m105801) HM
24 Idaho, Franklin County, Preston — 3 — Change and ConflictMassacre at Bear River — A Clash of Cultures —
End of a Way of Life The delicate balance in which the Shoshone managed food resources for thousands of years was drastically altered by colonization. By the mid-1800s, the Oregon and California Trails brought thousands of pioneers and . . . Map (db m105799) HM
25 Idaho, Franklin County, Preston — 2 — Shoshone Bear River Winter HomeMassacre at Bear River — Mo-so-da Kahni, "Home of the Lungs" —
Bia Ogoi - Big River The Bear River -- called Bia Ogoi or Big River by the Shoshone people -- runs west and south through this semiarid valley, eventually emptying into the Great Salt Lake. The river and its many tributaries create . . . Map (db m105797) HM
26 Idaho, Franklin County, Preston — 7 — The Earth Will RememberMassacre at Bear River — Remember, But Never Forget —
We cry for the loss and sacrifice of those who did not survive and we honor the strength of those who lived. After the massacre, the survivors, now under Chief Sagwitch, were aided by other bands as they escaped southward. Most of the . . . Map (db m165799) HM
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27 Idaho, Franklin County, Preston — 1 — The ShoshoneMassacre at Bear River — Moving With The Seasons —
Newe, The People The Shoshone refer to themselves as Newe, the People. Their ancestral territory reached from the Wind River Range in western Wyoming to the middle of Nevada, and from the Salmon River in northeastern Idaho to central . . . Map (db m105795) HM
28 Kentucky, Laurel County, London — Levi Jackson Historic StumpMcNitt Massacre — On Boone’s Trace —
At this site on October 3, 1786 a young woman of the McNitt Party, settlers who came to be known as the “Defeated Camp”, gave birth to a daughter in a hollow tree after escaping an Indian massacre that killed all but 3 members of their . . . Map (db m172971) HM
29 Kentucky, Laurel County, London — McNitt's DefeatWorst Indian Massacre in all Kentucky — On Boone’s Trace —
McNitt's Defeat October 3rd, 1786 Worst Indian massacre in all KentuckyMap (db m172970) HM
30 New Hampshire, Strafford County, Dover — 2 — Dover's Early SettlersThe Cochecho Massacre
Dover’s early settlers lived in relative peace with the local Pennacook tribe, learning hunting, fishing, and farming skills from the natives in the early 17th century. Passaconaway, highly respected leader of the Pennacook Confederacy, forged . . . Map (db m152213) HM
31 New Jersey, Ocean County, Little Egg Harbor Township, Mystic Island — Pulaski Legion MemorialLittle Egg Harbor Massacre
This tablet erected by the Society of Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey to commemorate the massacre of a portion of the legion commanded by Brigadier General the Count Casimir Pulaski of the Continental Army in the Affair at Egg Harbor, New . . . Map (db m29783) HM
32 Puerto Rico, Municipio de Ponce, Ponce, Cuarto — La Masacre de Ponce[The Ponce Massacre]
El 21 de marzo de 1937, Domingo de Ramos, aconteció en este lugar uno de los sucesos más trágicos y conmovedores de nuestra historia: La Masacre de Ponce. Ese día, una marcha pacífica organizada por el partido nacionalista fue . . . Map (db m225729) HM
33 West Virginia, Cabell County, Huntington — Battle of Guyandotte"Massacre of the 9th Infantry"
When the Civil War began, few of Guyandotte’s residents were slaveholders, but many townspeople resented any infringement on their right as Virginians to own slaves. Guyandotte was reportedly the only town on the Ohio River that voted in favor of . . . Map (db m144784) HM

34 Belgium, Région Wallonne, Liège, Malmedy — American Massacre MemorialBattle of the Bulge
To the memory of the soldiers of the United States Army who while prisoners of war were massacred by Nazi troops on this spot on 17 December 1944. A la memoire des soldats de l'armee des etats unis, prisonniers de guerre massacres par des . . . Map (db m92232) WM
35 Saskatchewan, Terrell Rural Municipality No. 101, Spring Valley — Old Wives Massacre
An Indian legend from the 1800s reveals how Old Wives Lake, to the west, was named. One winter a Cree party went beyond their traditional area in search of buffalo. They ventured into territory claimed by both the Cree and Blackfoot. The Cree . . . Map (db m204855) HM
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36 Dominican Republic, Dajabón — The Haitian Massacre of 1937
En memoria de los casi 15,000 negros haitianos y negros dominicanos que fueron brutalmente asesinados por órdenes del tirano Rafael Leonidas Trujillo durante los ultimos meses de 1937. Y en homenaje a los dominicanos valientes que . . . Map (db m114780) HM
37 El Salvador, San Salvador, Antiguo Cuscatlán — Massacre at the Central American University (UCA)Masacre de la Universidad Americana (UCA)
∙ Ignacio Ellacuria ∙ Amando Lopez ∙ Joaquin Lopez ∙ Ignacio Martin-Baro ∙ Segundo Montes ∙ Juan Ramon Moreno 16 de noviembre de 1989 Map (db m84130) HM
38 El Salvador, San Salvador — 1975 University of El Salvador Massacre
Homenaje de la Comunidad Universitaria a los Martires Caidos en la Masacre del 30 de Julio de 1975 Carlos Fonseca ∙ Carlos Humberto Hernández ∙ Roberto Antonio Miranda ∙ Eber Gómez Mendoza ∙ Balmore Cortez . . . Map (db m142522) HM WM
39 Guatemala, , Guatemala City — Students Massacred on April 12, 1962
Primer marcador: Guatemalteco: Aquí sacrifico su juventud el Br. Cesar Armando Funes, la tarde del 12 de abril de 1962, en defensa de la libertad y la democracia. Guatemala, Sept. de 1962 Segundo marcador: Cesar Armando . . . Map (db m98013) HM WM
40 Mexico, Ciudad de México, Colonia Tlatelolco — Tlatelolco Massacre of October 2, 1968Masacre de Tlatelolco del 2 de octubre, 1968
1968-1993 …Adelante!! A los compañeros caídos el 2 de octubre de 1968 en esta plaza Cuitlahuac Gallegos Bañuelos, 19 años. Ana María Maximiana Mendoza, 19 años. Gilberto Reynoso Ortíz, 21 años. Antonio Solorzano Gaona, 47 años. . . . Map (db m91671) HM
41 Mexico, Guanajuato, León — Massacre of January 2, 1946
“La sangre de hombres y mujeres por la democracia, no ha sido en vano…hoy los ciudadanos de estas tierras del Bajío, mantienen el alto el estandarte del Municipio Libre” H. Ayuntamiento de León 1992-1994 Rinde Homenaje a los . . . Map (db m127458) HM
42 Mexico, Guanajuato, San Felipe — 1936 San Felipe Massacre
1er. Regimiento de Caballería de la Matriz General San Felipe, Gto. En memoria de los caidos en esta plaza durante el zafarrancho del domingo 29 de marzo de 1936 que propició el arribo del Presidente de México Lázaro . . . Map (db m132044) HM
43 Mexico, Morelos, Cuernavaca — Temixco Massacre
En este lugar, a las puertas del Palacio de Gobierno, el 28 de marzo de 2011, se instaló una Ofrenda ante el vil asesinato de 7 personas: Juan Francisco Sicilia Ortega, Julio César Romero Jaime, Luis Antonio Romero Jaime, Jaime . . . Map (db m207053) HM
44 United Kingdom, Scotland, Highland, Ballachulish — Massacre of Glencoe MemorialClan MacDonald
This Cross is Reverently Erected in the Memory of McIan Chief of the MacDonalds of Glencoe Who fell with his people in the Massacre of Glencoe of 13 Feb: 1692 By his direct descendant Ellen Burns MacDonald of Glencoe . . . Map (db m85791) HM
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45 Alabama, Baldwin County, Tensaw — Fort Mims Massacre
In honor of the men, women and children massacred by Creek Indians in brave defence of Fort Mims Aug. 30, 1813. Map (db m86716) HM
46 Alabama, Butler County, Forest Home — The Butler Massacre / Fort Bibb
(obverse) The Butler Massacre On March 20, 1818, Capt. William Butler, Capt. James Saffold, William Gardener, Daniel Shaw and John Hinson left Fort Bibb to meet Col. Sam Dale. They were attacked near Pine Barren Creek by Savannah . . . Map (db m83259) HM
47 Alabama, Butler County, Greenville — Ogly-Stroud Massacre / Gary's Stockade
Ogly-Stroud Massacre William Ogly built his cabin near this site at Poplar Springs along the Federal Road, and was killed here with most of his family on March 13, 1818. His friend Eli Stroud's wife was fatally wounded and their infant . . . Map (db m120933) HM
48 Alabama, Clarke County, Whatley — Kimbell - James Massacre←½ mile—
Sept. 1, 1813 Creek Indian War. 1813-14 Part of War of 1812. British used Pensacola as base to arm, incite Indians against U.S.. Prophet Francis led Indians in this raid on Kimbell home. They killed and scalped 12 of 14 (two survivors . . . Map (db m47635) HM
49 Alabama, Etowah County, Rainbow City — Site of 1784 Indian Massacre
The lone survivor being Edmond Jones, 5 year old son of William and Hannah Humphries Jones, who later gave the land for the cemetery.Map (db m156398) HM
50 Arizona, Maricopa County, Sentinel — Oatman Massacre Site
Site of Oatman Massacre Feb. 18, 1851 Map (db m72167) HM
51 Arizona, Maricopa County, Wickenburg — Wickenburg Massacre
. . . Map (db m29478) HM
52 Arkansas, Boone County, Harrison — Mountain Meadows Massacre – The Attack
In early September, 1857, the train arrived in a valley known as Mountain Meadows in southwestern Utah. Beginning early on the morning of September 7, the emigrants' camp was attacked by a group of Mormon militiamen and some Paiute Indians whom the . . . Map (db m225250) HM
53 Arkansas, Boone County, Harrison — Mountain Meadows Massacre – The Journey
Modern historical research has yielded information which was not readily available to those who designed the 1955 monument. Here is presented updated information and a modified more accurate map of the emigrants' route. Dedicated . . . Map (db m225248) HM
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54 Arkansas, Boone County, Harrison — Mountain Meadows Massacre – The Victims
In memory of those who were killed in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, in September of 1857. Dedicated in 2020. Modern historical research has yielded information which was not readily available to those who designed the 1955 monument. . . . Map (db m225251) HM
55 Arkansas, Boone County, Harrison — The Mountain Meadows Massacre
In memory of 140 men, women and children N.W. Arkansas emigrants to California. In 1857 under leadership of Alexander Fancher (Piney Alex) left from Caravan Spring 4 miles south of here around May 1st - Camped at Mountain Meadows, Utah in early . . . Map (db m143889) HM
56 Arkansas, Carroll County, Alpena — The Mountain Meadows Massacre
In early April 1857, a large wagon train known as the Fancher-Baker train left Caravan Spring (south of Harrison) and headed for California. They camped at this site en route to intercept the Cherokee trail at the Grand Saline in Indian territory. . . . Map (db m225245) HM
57 Arkansas, Madison County, Huntsville — 54 — Huntsville Massacre
Front On January 10, 1863, nine men, including two Confederate officers and prominent local citizens and Masonic lodge members, were taken from a guardhouse near here, led to Samuel Vaughn's farm one mile northeast of Huntsville, and shot. . . . Map (db m141514) HM
58 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles — Chinese Massacre
Chinese immigrants established their first community in Los Angeles in what is now part of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument. By 1870 about two hundred Chinese had settled in Los Angeles Street across from the Garnier Building, then . . . Map (db m140033) HM
59 Colorado, Denver County, Denver, Central — 280 — Sand Creek Massacre
The controversy surrounding this Civil War Monument has become a symbol of Coloradans' struggle to understand and take responsibility for our past. On November 29, 1864, Colorado's First and Third Cavalry, commanded by Colonel John Chivington, . . . Map (db m6755) HM
60 Colorado, Kiowa County, Chivington — Welcome to the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
We ran up the creek with the cavalry following us…The dry bed of the stream was now a terrible sight: men, women, and children lying thickly scattered on the sand, some dead and the rest too badly wounded to move… George . . . Map (db m181944) HM WM
61 Colorado, Las Animas County, Ludlow — The Ludlow Massacre
  On April 20, 1914, the State Militia unleashed an un-warranted attack on striking coal miners and their families living in a tent colony at this site. Eleven children and two women suffocated in a cellar beneath a tent when flames engulfed the . . . Map (db m100509) HM
62 Colorado, Las Animas County, Trinidad — 247 — The Ludlow Massacre - Cultural Frontier / Hispano Colorado - El Moro Country
Panel 1 The Ludlow Massacre By April 1914, the striking coal miners encamped at Ludlow (ten miles northwest of here) had nothing to lose but their lives. Poor, powerless, largely immigrant, they had held out for . . . Map (db m97716) HM
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63 Colorado, Prowers County, Wiley — Why a Massacre?
I saw the American flag waving and heard Black Kettle tell the Indians to stand around the flag. I also saw a white flag raised. These...were in such a conspicuous position they could not have been missed. -Robert Bent, son of William . . . Map (db m181015) HM
64 Florida, Baker County, Olustee — A Bloody Massacre
At this point in the battle, the Union had five cannons captured and nearly every other cannon was rendered useless. “The horses and men were nearly all killed or wounded, and it was the greatest slaughter among artillery known in the . . . Map (db m146303) HM
65 Florida, Brevard County, Mims — Rosewood Massacre - 1921Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park
On January 1, 1923 a massacre was carried out in a small, predominantly Black town of Rosewood in Central Florida. The massacre was instigated by the rumor that a white woman, Fanny Taylor, had been sexually assaulted by a black man in her home . . . Map (db m179269) HM
66 Florida, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale — Cooley's Massacre
This monument marks the site of the William Cooley plantation. Cooley arrived here in 1824 and soon became the leader of the small settlement that grew along the New River. On January 6, 1836, local Indians attacked Cooley's homestead, killing . . . Map (db m127510) HM
67 Florida, Gadsden County, Chattahoochee — The Scott Massacre
The first U.S. defeat of the Seminole Wars took place here on November 30, 1817. Several hundred Seminole, Creek and maroon (Black Seminole) warriors came to this site following raids by U.S. troops on the Creek Indian village of Fowltown near . . . Map (db m113147) HM
68 Florida, Marion County, Ocala — Dade MassacreFort King National Historic Landmark
December 28, 1835 The start of the Second Seminole War: The first attack on that deadly day Dade Massacre On December 23, 1835, two companies of U.S. troops were dispatched from Fort Brooke in Tampa under the . . . Map (db m201516) HM
69 Florida, Marion County, Ocala — Dade MassacreOcala - Marion County Veterans Memorial Park
Dade Massacre Dec. 28, 1835 Major Francis L. Dade and 110 men were attacked six miles north of Withlacoochee River. Four survived and one lived to tell the story. Troop was en route to Ft. King. Same day, Gen. Thompson and . . . Map (db m198813) HM WM
70 Florida, Orange County, Ocoee — F-1078 — Orange County Election Day Violence/ Ocoee Massacre and Exodus
Orange County Election Day Violence Leading up to Election Day on November 2, 1920, the Ku Klux Klan and the United Confederate Veterans held rallies and parades to discourage African Americans from voting. County officials arranged for . . . Map (db m160890) HM
71 Florida, Pasco County, Darby — The Bradley Massacre
Near this spot, on May 14, 1856, a Seminole war party attacked the home of an early settler Capt. Robert Duke Bradley of the Florida Foot Volunteers. Two of the Bradley children were killed before the Indians withdrew. This was the last such attack . . . Map (db m37715) HM
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72 Florida, St. Johns County, St. Augustine — Massacre by MenendezFort Matanzas National Monument
Massacre by Menendez of Ribault and his men September 1565Map (db m127496) HM
73 Florida, St. Johns County, Summer Haven — F-85 — Massacre of the FrenchMatanzas Inlet
In 1565 some 300 French castaways, under Jean Ribault, were massacred here by Spaniards, crushing their attempt to occupy Florida. The French ships, sailing from Fort Caroline to attack St. Augustine, were driven ashore by a storm. At this inlet . . . Map (db m46145) HM
74 Georgia, Fannin County, McCaysville — 55-1 — The Madden Branch MassacreAnti-Confederate activity in North Georgia
North of here on Madden Branch in Polk County, Tennessee, on November 29, 1864, during the American Civil War, six Georgians trying to enlist in the U.S. Army—Thomas Bell, Harvey Brewster, James T. Hughes, James B. Nelson, Elijah Robinson, . . . Map (db m47731) HM
75 Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, Peachtree Center — 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre / Lynching in America
1906 Atlanta Race Massacre – On September 22, 1906, thousands of white men and boys gathered in downtown Atlanta screaming, “Get them all! Kill the Negroes!” Over four days, white mobs terrorized Black people in Atlanta's Five Points area and . . . Map (db m227435) HM
76 Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, South Atlanta — The History of Brownsville / Brownsville and the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre
The History of Brownsville – The origins of Brownsville began as the 12-year period of Reconstruction was ending following the Civil War. The Reconstruction era was a period of legal, political, and social recreation, during which Black people's . . . Map (db m227410) HM
77 Georgia, Mitchell County, Camilla — 101.1 — Camilla Massacre
In one of the most violent episodes in Reconstruction Georgia, a rally in Mitchell County in September 1868 resulted in about a dozen freedmen being killed and several dozen wounded. Georgia had been re-admitted to the United States just two . . . Map (db m218685) HM
78 Georgia, Ware County, Waycross — 148-6 — The Wildes Massacre
Here, on a Sunday morning in July, 1832, seven members of the Wildes Settlement were murdered by an Indian raiding party from the Okefenokee Swamp. Six of the victims were of the Wildes family, one was a 12-year-old girl of the Wilkinsons. Five . . . Map (db m53057) HM
79 Idaho, Canyon County, Middleton — 75 — The Ward Massacre
Only 2 young boys survived the Indian attack on Alexander Ward's 20 member party, Oregon bound on August 20, 1854. Military retaliation for the slaughter so enraged the Indians that Hudson's Bay Co. posts Fort Boise and Fort Hall had to be . . . Map (db m22328) HM
80 Idaho, Cassia County, Almo — Horrible Indian MassacreAlmo Idaho
Dedicated to the Memory Of those who lost their lives in a most Horrible Indian Massacre 1861 Three hundred immigrants west bound Only five escapedMap (db m119536) HM
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81 Idaho, Franklin County, Preston — 216 — Bear River Massacre
Very few Northwestern Shoshoni survived a battle here that turned into a massacre by Col. P.E. Connor’s California Volunteers. In 1863, Conner and his force set out from Salt Lake City on a cold January campaign in response to friction between the . . . Map (db m165800) HM
82 Idaho, Franklin County, Preston — 186 — Bear River Massacre Monument — Pioneer Women —
Attacks by the Indians on the peaceful inhabitants in this vicinity led to the final battle here January 29, 1863. The conflict occurred in deep snow and bitter cold. Scores of wounded and frozen soldiers were taken from the battlefield to the . . . Map (db m105785) HM
83 Idaho, Lemhi County, Leadore — Massacred by Nez Perce
Massacred by Nez Perce Indians Aug-15-1877 Al Green Jim Hayden Dan Coombs +Two Others Sheehan's Dubois Lions Map (db m109388) HM
84 Idaho, Owyhee County, Murphy — The Otter Massacre
Erected to the memory of the Otter Massacre 1860 Forty four persons ambushed by Shoshoni Indians either killed or scattered. Most awful human experience. Site ten miles east on Sinker Creek.Map (db m110210) HM
85 Idaho, Power County, American Falls — Massacre Rock - A Clashing of Cultures
These reported incidents of Shoshone Indian attacks on emigrant wagon trains in this gap and surrounding area between 1851 and August 10, 1862, led to the naming of these rock outcrop as "Massacre Rocks." The granite marker was dedicated by the . . . Map (db m124160) HM
86 Idaho, Power County, American Falls — Massacre Rocks on Old Oregon Trail
In this defile on August 10, 1862 a band of Shoshone Indians ambushed an Immigrant Train bound for Oregon killing nine white men and wounding six.Map (db m124159) HM
87 Illinois, Madison County, Alton — In Remembrance - Wood River Massacre - July 10, 1814
In remembrance of the pioneer days of this area and to the memory of the victims of the Wood River Massacre who were killed by Indians near this site on July 10, 1814 - Rachel Reagan, Elizabeth 7, Timothy 3 wife and children of Reason Reagan - . . . Map (db m47661) HM
88 Illinois, St. Clair County, East St. Louis, East St. Louis Township — East St. Louis Race Massacre, July 1917
One of American history's most violent race riots took place here on July 2, 1917. Hundreds of citizens were brutalized in a day of death, burning, and destruction. White rioters lynched, shot, and burned innocent blacks, burned their homes, and . . . Map (db m228260) HM
89 Illinois, Williamson County, Herrin — Herrin Massacre Memorial
(front:) In recognition of the men who lost their lives in the conflict of June 21 & 22, 1922. A time of labor unrest and lawlessness which still stands as the largest loss of life due to a labor dispute in the country. A tragedy known as . . . Map (db m216308) HM
90 Indiana, Dearborn County, Aurora, Center Township — Lochry Massacre Memorial
In memory of Col. Archibald Lochry and the members of the Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Militia, who were defeated near here August 24, 1781 by Chief Joseph Brant and a coalition of Ohio Indians. Killed Col. Archibald Lochry . . . Map (db m222279) WM
91 Indiana, Dearborn County, Aurora, Center Township — Lochry Massacre Memorial
In memory of Colonel Archibald Lochry and his command who were massacred by the Indians and British near this site August 24, 1791 Major Creacroft • Adjt Guthrie • Quartermaster Wallace • Capt. Campbell • Capt. Thomas Stokely • Capt. . . . Map (db m222290) WM
92 Indiana, Madison County, Markleville — 48.1966.1 — Massacre of Indians
In 1824, nine Indians were murdered by white men near this spot. The men were tried, found guilty and hanged. It was the first execution of white men for killing Indians.Map (db m170002) HM
93 Indiana, Sullivan County, Fairbanks — 77.1989.4 — Fairbanks' Massacre — Sergeant Nathan Fairbanks —
A War of 1812 military action occurred in September 1812 three miles west/southwest of here. While escorting supplies from Fort Knox near Vincennes to Fort Harrison at Terre Haute, Sergeant Nathan Fairbanks and approximately a dozen soldiers were . . . Map (db m21761) HM
94 Indiana, Whitley County, Columbia City — La Balme Massacre Site
In Memory of Col. Augustin de La Balme and his Soldiers who were killed in Battle with the Miami Indians, Under Little Turtle, at this place, November 5th, 1780Map (db m52758) HM
95 Iowa, Dickinson County, Arnolds Park — Massacre MonumentGardner Cabin
(Side One:) The pioneer settlers named below were massacred by Sioux Indians March 8 to 13 1857. This barbarous work was commenced near this spot and continued to Springfield now Jackson Minn. 39 names listed below (Side two) . . . Map (db m82847) HM
96 Kansas, Bourbon County, Marmaton — Site of Marmaton MassacreOct. 22, 1864
[Title is text]Map (db m79765) HM
97 Kansas, Cherokee County, Baxter Springs — 6 — Baxter Springs MassacreCivil War Tour
On Oct. 6, 1863, Gen. James Blunt and about 125 men from the 3rd Wisc. Cav. and the 14th Kans. Cav. stopped at the creek before coming into Ft. Blair. They were caught in a surprise attack from the rebel forces of William Quantrill. Nearly 100 of . . . Map (db m80214) HM
98 Kansas, Cherokee County, Baxter Springs — Baxter Springs Massacre
Dedicated in memory of General James G. Blunt and his escort who defenseless, fell victims to the inhuman ferocity of guerrillas, led by the infamous Quantrell in his raid upon Baxter Springs October 6th 1863, in which 135 Union soldiers were slain . . . Map (db m80348) HM
99 Kansas, Cherokee County, Baxter Springs — 49 — Baxter Springs Massacre
On October 6, 1863, Gen. James Blunt and about 100 men were met near Baxter’s springs by William Quantrill and several hundred Confederates masquerading as Union troops. As Blunt’s band was preparing a musical salute the enemy fired. This surprise . . . Map (db m37840) HM
100 Kansas, Cherokee County, Baxter Springs — Baxter Springs Massacre 1863
The blood that flowed in Kansas before and during the Civil War nourished the twin trees of Liberty and Union.Map (db m80216) HM WM

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