“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Michigan

Greenbush School Marker (<i>wide view; school building in background</i>) image, Touch for more information
By Cosmos Mariner, July 24, 2018
Greenbush School Marker (wide view; school building in background)
1 Michigan, Alcona County, Greenbush — L728 — Greenbush School
Built in 1870, across from the township hall, Greenbush School is one of Alcona County’s pioneer schools. It remained a part of the Alcona County educational system until 1947. The school began with twenty-five students, kindergarten through eighth . . . Map (db m121967) HM
2 Michigan, Alcona County, Harrisville — Alcona County Review
The first issue of the Alcona County Review was published on April 27, 1877 by publisher James K. Fairchild. Nine publishers and 140 years later, the Review is the oldest continuously run business in Alcona County. Throughout all of those years, . . . Map (db m121971) HM
3 Michigan, Alcona County, Harrisville — Harrisville Consolidated School1912-1957
This bell marks the site of the beloved red brick schoolhouse on the hill. Proud alumni and loyal friends dedicate this memorial to those who taught and learned from morning ring to closing toll. The bell symbolizes love, laughter and learning of . . . Map (db m154630) HM
4 Michigan, Alcona County, Harrisville — Harrisville Depot
In 1883, Russell Alger formed the Detroit, Bay City and Alpena Railroad. In 1895 it was combined with the Alpena and Northern to form the Detroit and Mackinaw Rail Company. In 1900 depot sites were selected at Greenbush and Harrisville. Scheduled . . . Map (db m121975) HM
5 Michigan, Alcona County, Harrisville, Haynes Township — The Village of Alcona(The Cove) Circa 1845–1903 — Alcona County Historic Site —
Circa 1845, William Hill established a fishery at this place, which was called The Cove. He had five fishing boats and a lodging house. The settlement became the village of Alcona. In the 1860s and 1870s, Johnston, Haynes & Company built a saw . . . Map (db m233580) HM
6 Michigan, Alcona County, Harrisville, Haynes Township — L2223 — Town of Alcona
William Hill established a fishing station in this area. known as "the Cove." circa 1853. Early residents were fishermen who netted the once abundant schools of herring. whitefish and perch. Johnson, Haynes and Co. began lumbering the . . . Map (db m233566) HM
7 Michigan, Alger County, Au Train — Face in the Rock
The sculpture to the right replicates a rock carving as made in 1820 by a French trapper and guide who accompanied Lewis Cass, governor of the Michigan Territory. Cass was on an expedition along the south shore of Lake Superior on his way to what . . . Map (db m154477) HM
8 Michigan, Alger County, Au Train — 121 — Lake Superior
Le lac supérieur the French called it, meaning only that geographically it lay above Lake Huron. In size, however, Lake Superior stands above all other freshwater lakes in the world. The intrepid Frenchman Brulé discovered it around 1622. . . . Map (db m41968) HM
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9 Michigan, Alger County, Au Train — L176 — Paulson House
Swedish pioneer Charles Paulson purchased one hundred acres of land here in 1884 and constructed this cabin for his family home. Built of hand hewn cedar logs securely dovetailed at the corners, the house was occupied by Paulson and his wife until . . . Map (db m206179) HM
10 Michigan, Alger County, Au Train — The Grand Island Nishnaabe
The Grand Island Nishnaabe had many of their spring, summer, and fall needs met on the island, but they also visited the mainland for seasonal foods and hunting. Sand Point provided luscious cranberries. The Anna River and other streams provided . . . Map (db m154478) HM
11 Michigan, Alger County, Christmas — Bay Furnace RuinsPlace of Fire and Iron
Bay Furnace is all that remains of Onota, an iron-making settlement destroyed by fire in 1877. Signs along the trail tell the story of this historic blast furnace. length: 1/8 Mile loopMap (db m226620) HM
12 Michigan, Alger County, Christmas — Location is Everything!A Wide Blue Highway for Shipping - A Vast Green Forest to Provide Fuel
Pioneer iron-makers built here because the curving shoreline and offshore islands create a protected harbor for ships. The logs you see along the beach remain from a dock that was once 1,200 feet long. The surrounding maple and beech trees . . . Map (db m226623) HM
13 Michigan, Alger County, Christmas — What’s Old? What’s New?A Short Hot Life (1870-1877) A Long Cold Death (1877-1992) A Partial Restoration (1992-1993)
Bay Furnace was abandoned in 1877. Over the next century the upper portion crumbled and the unique arches were in danger of collapse. The USDA Forest Service stabilized the remaining ruins in 1992 to prevent additional damage. "Time takes a . . . Map (db m226635) HM
14 Michigan, Alger County, Grand Marais — Cabin in the Clearing
This area was logged in the late 1800's for the large white and red pine and white cedar. Then, in the 1930's and 40's the virgin hardwoods were logged. After the initial logging era, much of the land was tax delinquent and reverted to the State of . . . Map (db m226638) HM
15 Michigan, Alger County, Grand Marais — Tools of the Trade
White pine, cedar, and hardwood logging led to early development of the region. The Upper Peninsula logging industry of the late 1800's and early 1900's has been romanticized in lore and story, in written and oral histories. Men like Wellington . . . Map (db m226824) HM
16 Michigan, Alger County, Munising — Crumbling Into Time
It seems the only constant in this world is change! No two views of the Pictured Rocks cliffs are the same. Erosion by wind, water, and ice is a continuous, ongoing process. Two good examples of change in the 20th Century include the . . . Map (db m226681) HM
17 Michigan, Alger County, Munising — Different Perspectives
What Does Miners Castle Mean to You? It may depend on who you are... Anishnabeg or Ojibwa people have lived in this area thousands of years. The Pictured Rocks cliffs hold great spiritual significance as a place where the Manitous . . . Map (db m226703) HM
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18 Michigan, Alger County, Munising — Grand Island View
In the Ojibwa language, Munising is "Kitchi-Minissing" or "place of the island." Grand Island, the largest on Lake Superior's south shore, has a rich history. From here, you can see "the thumb" and the eastern side of the main portion of the . . . Map (db m226652) HM
19 Michigan, Alger County, Munising — Lake Superior Basin Geology
Bedrock in the Lakeshore consists of three lavers of relativelv soft sandstone. It overlays two-billion year old volcanic and metamorphic rocks visible at the surface to the north and west. At Marquette, quartzite, diorite, and slate are . . . Map (db m231031) HM
20 Michigan, Alger County, Munising — Munising Falls
Yesterday The Schoolcraft Blast Furnace manufactured pig iron at this site for nearly ten years, beginning in 1868. Steam engines powered by water from Munising Creek provided the "blast" (hot air) needed to turn iron ore, limestone, and . . . Map (db m226604) HM
21 Michigan, Alger County, Munising — Munising Public Dock
With the discovery of iron ore in Marquette County in 1844 and the opening of the Sault Locks in 1855, commerce and travel boomed on Lake Superior. Munising served not only as a port, but also as a harbor of refuge during storms. The first . . . Map (db m143346) HM
22 Michigan, Alger County, Munising — Russell A. Alger
Feb. 27 1836 – Jan. 24 1906 Brevet Major General U.S.V. Governor of Michigan Secretary of War United States Senator for whom this county is namedMap (db m131695) HM WM
23 Michigan, Alger County, Munising — Shipwrecks of the Alger Underwater Preserve
Local divers Pete Lindquist, Chuck Nebel, Tom Bathey, and John Stillman recovered this large anchor found buried in the sand of Munising Bay in 1980. The anchor is estimated to weigh over 1500 pounds. The anchor may have been lost by the barque . . . Map (db m154896) HM
24 Michigan, Alger County, Munising — U.S. Coast GuardMunising Station
The Munising Coast Guard Station at Sand Point opened in 1933 and closed in 1961. Photo to the right circa 1944 The official quarters building in front of you is now headquarters for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The building . . . Map (db m226606) HM
25 Michigan, Allegan County, Allegan — Allegan Civil War Monument
Defenders of our Nation 1861. — 1865.Map (db m69892) WM
26 Michigan, Allegan County, Allegan — S0226 — Allegan County
Allegan County's name was coined by the noted student of the Indians, Henry Schoolcraft. The county was set off in 1831 and organized in 1835. Settlement of the county seat, Allegan, was promoted in 1835 by eastern capitalists who were attracted by . . . Map (db m69891) HM
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27 Michigan, Allegan County, Allegan — L242 — Episcopal Church of Good Shepherd
On June 15, 1858, the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd was organized; its parish was admitted into the Diocese of Michigan two years later. Built in 1866-69, this Gothic structure was designed by Gordon W. Lloyd and first used for Divine . . . Map (db m69890) HM
28 Michigan, Allegan County, Allegan — James E. Mahan Park
By resolution of the Allegan City Council, this park is dedicated to the memory of JAMES E. MAHAN, M.D. 1895–1984 Dr. Mahan ministered to the needs of the Allegan area -- both in the personal and public health fields -- from 1931 . . . Map (db m69900) HM
29 Michigan, Allegan County, Allegan — S549A — The Second Street Bridge
This simply ornamented wrought-iron bridge was built in 1886. It replaced an earlier wooden one that had begun to fall into disrepair. Designed by the King Iron Bridge and Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, Ohio, the double-intersection Pratt . . . Map (db m69901) HM
30 Michigan, Allegan County, Allegan — Welcome to Allegan"Steamboat Alley"
"MEET ME AT COOK PARK, ALLEGAN, MICHIGAN" The steamer Mildred carried passengers to and from Cook Park until about the time of W.W.I. The park was located at Cady's Grove, about three miles upriver from the dock behind the bank in Allegan, . . . Map (db m69899) HM
31 Michigan, Allegan County, Douglas — L1801 — Douglas Union School
Side 1 In 1866, faced with the growth of what were then the separate villages of Douglas and Dudleyville, Saugatauk Township Districts No. 3 and 4 merged forming Union District No. 3. The Douglas Union School opened for classes in . . . Map (db m45325) HM
32 Michigan, Allegan County, Douglas — 1341 — Dr. Asa Goodrich House — Michigan Historic Site —
Dr. Asa Goodrich House Built in 1872Map (db m45469) HM
33 Michigan, Allegan County, Douglas — L1239 — Dutcher Lodge No. 193 / Douglas
Dutcher Lodge No. 193 Masons from Douglas, Fennville, and Saugatauk chartered Dutcher Lodge No. 193 on January 19, 1867. From 1867 to 1870 they held meetings in a building owned by Worshipful Master Thomas Dutcher. In 1875, the western . . . Map (db m45393) HM
34 Michigan, Allegan County, Douglas — S0742 — Francis Metallic Surfboat
From about 1854 to at least 1863, this surfboat was used for lifesaving purposes near the Saugatuck Lighthouse. It was one of 48 used on the Great Lakes and one of 137 used nationally. Joseph Francis, owner of the Francis Metallic Lifeboat Company, . . . Map (db m182126) HM
35 Michigan, Allegan County, Douglas — Mt. Baldhead
Mt. Baldhead is one of Michigan’s tallest dunes. Local Indians used it for their White Dog ceremonial sacrifice. In 1884 it became a park with camping at the foot and observation tower on top. In 1890, the first Fat Mans Club dune climb took place, . . . Map (db m73645) HM
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36 Michigan, Allegan County, Douglas — New Singapore
Just north of here, where the river enters Lake nMichigan (the "n" is silent), the once proud island nation of Singapore washed ashore in the same storm that took the Edmund Fitzgerald, which may explain the unusual devotion of Singapore's . . . Map (db m160034) HM
37 Michigan, Allegan County, Douglas — L1628 — Pier Cove
Surveyed in 1839, the village of Pier Cove was once hailed as "the busiest port between St. Joseph and Muskegon." Before the Civil War, Pier Cove was a bustling community and a major point for lumber distribution, with ships departing daily carrying . . . Map (db m73498) HM
38 Michigan, Allegan County, Douglas — 1472 — Sarah M. Kirby HouseMichigan Historic Site
Sarah M. Kirby House Built in 1890Map (db m45473) HM
39 Michigan, Allegan County, Douglas — The Old School HouseHistory Center and Back-in-Time Garden
The School House opened its doors in 1867, replacing a one-room school nearby. Known then as the Douglas Union School and part of a new public school consolidation movement in Michigan, the school offered classes at all grades—pioneering in . . . Map (db m73644) HM
40 Michigan, Allegan County, Douglas — Stop 4 — Welcome to Historic Douglas — Allegan County Heritage Trail —
On its winding path to Lake Michigan, the Kalamazoo River separates the land of Saugatuck and Douglas. While the north bank pioneer settlements of Saugatuck and Singapore got their start in the 1830's, it was not until the 1850's that the opposite . . . Map (db m73643) HM
41 Michigan, Allegan County, Fennville — L589 — Fifty-Seventh Street Bridge
Spanning the Kalamazoo River, this 422-foot bridge is one of Michigan’s longest pony truss highway bridges, and among the oldest surviving swing bridges in the United States. The Milwaukee Bridge and Iron Company fabricated the $5,000 structure, . . . Map (db m73574) HM
42 Michigan, Allegan County, Fennville — Ganges Township Civil War Monument
(Front / West Panel) Ganges Volunteers S. Shepherd 2 CAV • U.M. Nichols 2 CAV • Loomis 3 CAV • W. Bicnell 3 CAV • S. Winn 3 CAV • R. Winn 3 CAV • J. Woodin 3 CAV • O.P. Taylor 5 CAV • J.M. Weaver 8 CAV • S.D. Tobey 8 CAV • W. . . . Map (db m73510) WM
43 Michigan, Allegan County, Fennville — New Richmond Historical Timeline
  • 1825 - Trading post established by Louis Campau (a Frenchman) at the mouth of the Rabbit River approximately one mile upstream from what is now New Richmond.
  • 1825 - Mack’s Landing trading post established where Purdy’s Landing is now . . . Map (db m73571) HM
44 Michigan, Allegan County, Fennville — New Richmond History
New Richmond got its start in 1836, when three eastern investors, led by John Allen of Ann Arbor, arranged to found a city here. John Allen, a Virginian by birth, purchased 2240 acres in Allegan County on the north side of the Kalamazoo River just . . . Map (db m73573) HM
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45 Michigan, Allegan County, Fennville — The Railroad & New Richmond
The railroad has been a central component of New Richmond’s history from the very beginning. The first railroad bridge crossing the Kalamazoo River at New Richmond was completed in 1871. It was originally built for the Chicago & Michigan Lake Shore . . . Map (db m73572) HM
46 Michigan, Allegan County, Fennville — Stop 10 — Welcome to Fennville — Allegan County Heritage Trail —
The early settlement that eventually became Fennville was established where two log roads crossed at a low place along the town line road between Manlius and Clyde Townships. Early maps show a church and sawmill on the high ground to the west of . . . Map (db m73526) HM
47 Michigan, Allegan County, Hamilton — L1318 — Oakland Christian Reformed Church
A Dutch settlement known as Oakland sprang up in this area about a decade after the founding of nearby Holland in 1847. Many residents worshipped with the Vriesland and Drenthe congregations until they formed their own churches. One group, North . . . Map (db m73681) HM
48 Michigan, Allegan County, Holland, Fillmore Township — L77 — Ebenezer Reformed Church
Members of the First Reformed Church in Holland founded this congregation in 1866 to provide a place of worship for the settlers living southeast of town. Heavy immigration from the Netherlands prompted this move. The Dutch language was used . . . Map (db m73682) HM
49 Michigan, Allegan County, Holland, Fillmore Township — L483 — Graafschap Christian Reformed Church
(Side One) Erected in 1862, this church was the center of the Dutch immigrant community. The first settlers in this area arrived in early 1847 led by the Reverend Albertus C. V. Raalte. In June of that year a separate group of seventy . . . Map (db m73685) HM
50 Michigan, Allegan County, Holland, Fillmore Township — L0070 — Old Wing Mission Reported damaged
The main portion of this building was the residence of George N. Smith, a Congregational missionary to the Indians in this area and at Waukazoo's Village on nearby Lake Macatawa. The mission was named after an Indian convert. Built in 1844-45 by . . . Map (db m73683) HM
51 Michigan, Allegan County, Holland, Fillmore Township — The First Pioneers of Graafschap
In memory of the First Pioneers of Graafschaap of which the following are buried here Lambert Tinholt           1849 Infant Neerken           1850 Geesje Kropschot           1850 Geert Kamps          1850 Roelafje Schrow          1850 . . . Map (db m73687) HM
52 Michigan, Allegan County, Holland, Laketown Township — L1611 — Laketown Township Hall
Laketown Township was settled by Dutch immigrants who arrived in the area in 1847. Originally part of Newark Township, Laketown was set off in 1858 and named for its proximity to Lake Michigan. Officials did not have a meeting hall until 1884 when . . . Map (db m73641) HM
53 Michigan, Allegan County, Hopkins — Hopkins Township Veterans Memorial
In Memory of Hopkins Township Veterans Lost in Wars Civil War Frederick A. Brewer   6-17-1865 • Darwin E. Calloway    POW • William Everhart    3-28-1863 • Reuben Grommon    6-21-1865 • Reuben Hoffmaster    2-19-1865 • Homer . . . Map (db m74605) HM
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54 Michigan, Allegan County, Hopkins — U.S.S. Maine Memorial
In Memoriam U.S.S. Maine Destroyed in Havana Harbor February 15th 1898 This tablet is cast from metal recovered from the U.S.S. MaineMap (db m74606) WM
55 Michigan, Allegan County, Hopkins — Stop 24 — Welcome to the Village of HopkinsFrom Hopkinsburg to Hopkins — Allegan County Heritage Trail —
Jonathan Olin Round built the first log cabin in the area known as Hopkinsburg in 1837. His family came to join him in 1838. Other settlers soon followed. They settled in Hopkinsburg due to the good farmland the creek flowing through, providing . . . Map (db m74604) HM
56 Michigan, Allegan County, Martin — Stop 27 — Early History of MartinMartin was First Settled a Year Before Michigan Became a State — Allegan County Heritage Trail —
On the 8th day of January, 1836, Mumford Eldred along with his second wife, Jane, and five children, settled on 40 acres in section 29 of Martin Township. The land included a 30 acre clearing on which the northern edge lived a small band of . . . Map (db m74657) HM
57 Michigan, Allegan County, Martin — Geib Veterans Memorial
We honor these Veterans who gave their lives while serving our Country. Their sacrifice and devotion helped preserve our freedom. William Cornelius - 1862 - Army • Amasa Carpenter - 1863 - Army • Alvah Green - 1863 - Army • Alfred Leonard - . . . Map (db m74650) WM
58 Michigan, Allegan County, Otsego — Otsego Civil War Memorial
In Memoriam Given in F.C. and L. The Soldiers and Sailors Who Died That the Union Might LiveMap (db m73760) WM
59 Michigan, Allegan County, Otsego — L2119 — Otsego Methodist Church
The Otsego Methodist Church was organized in 1842 and served by a traveling minister. The first church was built on this site in 1847. On December 22, 1889, over 900 townspeople attended the dedication of the present church. Many donated money . . . Map (db m69960) HM
60 Michigan, Allegan County, Otsego — Stop 3 — Welcome to Pine CreekHere Sat the Community of Pine Creek — Allegan County Heritage Trail —
Settled in 1831 by the Hull Sherwood and Giles Scott families of Rochester, New York, the Pine Creek area was first called “New Rochester.” Allegan County’s first grist mill was constructed here in 1834, attracting customers from miles around, and . . . Map (db m74596) HM
61 Michigan, Allegan County, Otsego — Stop 1 — Welcome to the City of OtsegoOtsego: A Town with a History — Allegan County Heritage Trail —
Dr. Samuel Foster and his family built the first frame structure just west of here on the banks of the Kalamazoo River in the fall of 1831. First called “Allegan,” the name was changed officially to Otsego in 1835 when land developer Horace . . . Map (db m73761) HM
62 Michigan, Allegan County, Overisel — L1566 — Overisel / Overisel Reformed Church
(Side One) Overisel Seeking religious liberty and better economic opportunity in a new land, the Reverend Seine Bolks and a congregation of about two dozen families, left Hellendoorn, Province of Overisel, The Netherlands, on . . . Map (db m73646) HM
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63 Michigan, Allegan County, Plainwell — Stop 28 — Early History of Plainwell"The Island City" — Allegan County Heritage Trail — Reported permanently removed
Plainwell, formerly know as Plainfield, became an incorporated municipality in 1869, and later became designated as a city on March 12, 1934. The community is nestled along the banks of the Kalamazoo River and the Mill Race giving it the unique . . . Map (db m74530) HM
64 Michigan, Allegan County, Plainwell — 2273 — Michigan Paper Company Mill
On January 26, 1886. twenty-five businessmen founded the Michigan Paper Company. Daniel Albertson, a mill designer from Kalamazoo, built the mill complex using slow-burn construction methods. Supports were made of concrete, steel or timber. . . . Map (db m230023) HM
65 Michigan, Allegan County, Plainwell — Soule Memorial FountainPlainwell History
The Soule Memorial Fountain was built in 1907, donated by Mrs. Carrie Soule in memory of her late husband, George Gary Soule. The fountain was destroyed in 1953 when a truck driver from the Grand Rapids Hide Company was on his way to the . . . Map (db m74673) HM
66 Michigan, Allegan County, Saugatuck — L0908A — All Saints Episcopal Church / Gordon W. Lloyd
All Saints Episcopal Church An Episcopal parish was organized in Saugatauk on All Saints Day, November 1, 1868. Services were held at various locations until 1873. In 1871 the parish purchased property. Detroit architect Gordon W. Lloyd . . . Map (db m45324) HM
67 Michigan, Allegan County, Saugatuck — S697 — Felt Mansion
Chicago inventor and businessman Dorr Felt built this house as a summer home for his wife, Agnes. Felt held numerous patents, mostly notably for the Comptometer, the first machine to do complex calculations. In 1919 Felt purchased more than 750 . . . Map (db m73640) HM
68 Michigan, Allegan County, Saugatuck — L1818 — First Congregational Church
On January 11, 1860, eight years before Saugatuck was incorporated as a village, a council of area Congregational leaders met in the Pine Grove schoolhouse and organized a church. During the summer the congregation built a church on this site, which . . . Map (db m45457) HM
69 Michigan, Allegan County, Saugatuck — 2172 — Reed's Livery
Roger E. Reed, whose father was a blacksmith and carriage maker, built this structure in 1905. The front of the building housed an office and carriages, while the back was a stable of 25 stalls. Here travelers boarded stages bound for Holland, Grand . . . Map (db m45238) HM
70 Michigan, Allegan County, Saugatuck — 1762 — Saugatuck Engine House — Michigan Historic Site —
Saugatuck Engine House Built 1879-1880Map (db m45280) HM
71 Michigan, Allegan County, Saugatuck — L2284 — Saugatuck Pump House
The village of Saugatuck built this structure in 1904 to house the community’s first water pumps. The building’s construction cost about $720. The pumps were part of a water system designed by John W. Alvord, an engineer from Chicago. The two . . . Map (db m154313) HM
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72 Michigan, Allegan County, Saugatuck — S191 — Singapore, Michigan
Beneath the sands near the mouth of the Kalamazoo River lies the site of Singapore, one of Michigan's most famous ghost towns. Founded in the 1830's by New York land speculators, who hoped it would rival Chicago or Milwaukee as a lake port, . . . Map (db m45269) HM
73 Michigan, Allegan County, Saugatuck — L1908 — The Allegan Road
When Allegan county was organized in 1835, the only road from the interior to Lake Michigan followed an Indian Trail along the Kalamazoo River. In 1838 Ralph Mann of Connecticut was supervising improvements at the short-lived town of Richmond. He . . . Map (db m73603) HM
74 Michigan, Allegan County, Saugatuck — Stop 19 — Welcome to River Bluff ParkHistoric Saugatuck Township — Allegan County Heritage Trail —
You are near the center of Historic Saugatuck Township in River Bluff Park. The first settlers came here to a howling wilderness in the early 1830's. Within the township, Saugatuck is a half-mile to the west on the Old Allegan Road. Across the . . . Map (db m73604) HM
75 Michigan, Allegan County, Shelbyville — Stop 26 — Early History of Shelbyville — Allegan County Heritage Trail —
In the 1870's the Village of Shelbyville was created by the arrival of the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad. Shelbyville was named after the first railroad station agent, Mr. Shelby. Since there was already a Michigan town named Shelby, the . . . Map (db m74594) HM
76 Michigan, Allegan County, Wayland — L1274 — Henika Ladies Library
Upon her death in April 1899, Julia Robinson Henika bequeathed two thousand dollars to the Wayland Ladies Library Association for construction of a library building. Her husband George H. Henika, and mother, Mary Forbes, later donated additional . . . Map (db m73679) HM
77 Michigan, Allegan County, Wayland — Stop 25 — Welcome to Wayland — Allegan County Heritage Trail —
It is hard to imagine now, but 200 years ago, the place we know as Wayland was densely forested and the people who lived here, the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of the Pottawatomi, lived in settled villages, farming, hunting, and gathering the rich . . . Map (db m73677) HM
78 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — A Shipbuilding Revolution
Shipbuilding forever changed with the transition from wooden hulls to those built of iron and steel. The first iron-hulled freighter on the Great Lakes, the Onoko, debuted in 1881. At 287 feet long, she was a giant of her day. Just five years . . . Map (db m122196) HM
79 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — L2103 — Alpena City Hall
Located on the Government Square, City Hall remains one of Alpena’s most prominent structures. In 1904 when the city council chose to construct the building of Bedford (Indiana) limestone rather than local limestone or concrete from Alpena’s . . . Map (db m121900) HM
80 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — L746 — Alpena County Courthouse
"Alpena has blazed a new trail in construction," architect William H. Kuni of Detroit declared at the opening of the Alpena County Courthouse on October 21, 1935. Calling it "the first monolithic building erected in a cold climate," Kuni designed . . . Map (db m66795) HM
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81 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Bigger, Stronger, Faster
At the time of the U.S. Civil War, thousands of sailing ships worked the Great Lakes. Despite their impressive numbers, these sailing vessels struggled hardly able to keep pace with the enormous demands for bulk cargos generated by America's . . . Map (db m122215) HM
82 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Fast Steel Flyer: The Bulk Freighter Grecian
Launched in 1891, the Grecian symbolizes an era of unprecedented industrial growth and dramatic changes in technology. Newspapers heralded the steamer and her five sister ships as “fast steel flyers.” A marvel of efficiency at . . . Map (db m126625) HM
83 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — 2005 — First Congregational Church
Soon after white settlers came to the area in 1856, J.K. Miller held religious gatherings at the home of Daniel and Sarah Carter. These meetings evolved into the First Congregational Church, which was organized on March 2, 1862, with the . . . Map (db m233605) HM
84 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Harbor Tug Ralph
In 1874, the 60-foot wooden harbor tug E.H. Miller began a 45-year career operating out of Alpena, escorting vessels on the Thunder Bay River and assisting those in distress. The tug was not without her own share of mishaps. In her first . . . Map (db m122200) HM
85 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — International Shipmaster's Association
The maritime professionals who sail the ships on the Great Lakes are celebrating the 100th anniversary of their fraternal organization, the I. M. S. A. whose purpose is stated in the Association's constitution, "The purpose of this association's . . . Map (db m121889) HM
86 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — 1973 — Monarch Mill
In 1916 the Monarch Milling Company, a grist and flour mill, began operations in this building, which was constructed in 1914. By 1920 it was known as the Alpena Flour Mills, producing “Leader” and “Velvo” brand flour. The mill closed in . . . Map (db m233604) HM
87 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Propellers
The screw steamer or "propeller" first appeared on the Great Lakes in the 1840s. These vessels featured wooden hulls and shallow bottoms like early sidewheelers, but their steam engines powered one or more screw propellers at the stern of the ship . . . Map (db m121898) HM
88 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Research Vessels
For centuries explorers and scientists have researched the Great Lakes. As a vital transportation link to the Midwest and one of the largest sources of fresh water on the planet. Such important resources warranted scientific, charting and survey . . . Map (db m122199) HM
89 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Rising from the Ashes: The New Orleans
Life on the frontier Great Lakes was dangerous when the sidewheeler Vermilion went into service in 1838. In 1842, the 151-foot steamer burned to the waterline, killing several people. A year later, with immigration booming and the economy . . . Map (db m122429) HM
90 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Squeezing The Profit Margin
Sailing ships first appeared on the Great Lakes when French explorer Rene Robert Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle built the Griffon in 1679. By 1870, over two thousand sailing ships plied the Great Lakes. Most of these sailing ships were . . . Map (db m122194) HM
91 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — L990 — St. Bernard Catholic Church
In 1861 Bishop Frederic Baraga (1797-1868) trod through snow and icy waters from Sault Ste. Marie to Alpena where he founded a Catholic church. However, it was not until 1866 that Father Patrick Murray became the first resident pastor of the church . . . Map (db m121899) HM
92 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Steaming Open the Frontier
Steam power first appeared on the Great Lakes in 1818. The earliest "steamers" were expensive to build and operate. Constructed of wood, the vessels had shallow bottoms and were powered by large sidewheels. For a time, these "sidewheelers" . . . Map (db m121957) HM
93 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — 1915 — The Daniel Carter Family
In 1856 Daniel Carter, who came to the Thunder Bay region seeking pine lands, brought his wife, Sarah, and daughter Mary to the town of Fremont, present-day Alpena. They were Alpena’s first permanent settlers. Daniel participated in the . . . Map (db m233610) HM
94 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — The Fletcher Coal Piers
In November of 1856, George N. Fletcher assisted a survey crew in laying the footprint for the city of Alpena. Appreciative of the area's dense forest and the Thunder Bay River's ability to help transport raw materials, finished products, and fuel, . . . Map (db m122228) HM
95 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — The Loss of the PewabicGreat Lakes Maritime Heritage Trail
The Civil War created an insatiable demand for copper. At a time when Michigan's Upper Peninsula produced the majority of America's supply, vessels like the Pewabic played a critical role in the war effort. On a typical trip between lakes . . . Map (db m121896) HM
96 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — The Third WardAlpena's "North" Side
Located across the river from where you are standing is an area known historically as Alpena's Third Ward. The first dwellings there were erected in 1858 or '59 at the river's edge, while the majority of the land remained woods and swampland. The . . . Map (db m121894) HM
97 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — The Ties That BindAlpena’s Second Avenue Bridge
From the time of Alpena's inception it was divided by the Thunder Bay River, although most of the community was centered on the south side. A wooden scow served as a ferry, connecting Second Avenue on the south side with Dock Street on the north; it . . . Map (db m121890) HM
98 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Thunder Bay Fishing Industry
The first known fishing camp near Alpena was established on Thunder Bay Island in 1835. By the 1840s, both Thunder Bay Island and nearby Sugar Island served as a base for the area's fishing fleet, comprised entirely of sailing vessels. In 1846, . . . Map (db m121897) HM
99 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Thunder Bay River Lumber Industry
From 1858 to 1926, Thunder Bay served as a major center of the Great Lakes lumber trade. Schooners and steamers shipped lumber around the Great Lakes and to eastern cities. Beginning in 1845, Thunder Bay Island also served as a "wooding," or fueling . . . Map (db m121895) HM
100 Michigan, Alpena County, Alpena — Tragedy in the Mist: The Schooner E.B. Allen
Like other "canallers," the schooner E.B. Allen squeezed through the canals and locks of the Great Lakes. Crews tried to maximize the payload, and thus profits, using every inch of cargo space. The heavy traffic of thousands of sail and . . . Map (db m122198) HM

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