“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Oklahoma

The Fort Wayne Marker image, Touch for more information
By James Hulse, September 11, 2021
The Fort Wayne Marker
1 Oklahoma, Adair County, Watts — 65 — Fort Wayne
Established in 1838 by Lt. Col. R.B. Mason, 1st Dragoons, U.S. Army, at request of Arkansas citizens fearing Cherokees who were being removed from southeastern U.S. Named in honor of Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne, the fort was originally located in NE . . . Map (db m181594) HM
2 Oklahoma, Alfalfa County, Cherokee — George C. Sibley Expedition
First white men to see Salt Plains. In summer of 1811 group composed of 8 white men and 6 Osage passed here after crossing north portion of Salt Plains from east to southwest.Map (db m216882) HM
3 Oklahoma, Alfalfa County, Cherokee — Stella Friends Academy
Buildings near here from 1897. Under auspices of Friends Church, the Academy was noted for high moral, spiritual and scholastic standards. Closed 1922. Named for the teacher of first school (1893) in this vicinity, a sod house near Stella Church . . . Map (db m216941) HM
4 Oklahoma, Alfalfa County, Jet — Memorial for the Veterans of the United States Armed Forces — Army - Navy - Marine Corps Air Force - Coast Guard
Declaration This Memorial Honors Men and Women Who Served Our Country in Time of War. In Time of Conflict or Peace. And Especially Those Who Lost Their Lives. Who Were Wounded or Maimed. And Who Were Held as Prisoners of War. These Stones . . . Map (db m181753) WM
5 Oklahoma, Alfalfa County, Jet — Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge
The National Wildlife Refuge system is broken down into regions of the United States. The southwest region of the National Wildlife Refuge System encompasses Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Oklahoma has nine national wildlife refuges across . . . Map (db m216689) HM
6 Oklahoma, Atoka County, Atoka — 45th Infantry Division Memorial Highway
By Concurrent Senate and House Resolution No. 93 adopted April 20, 1988 by the Oklahoma State Legislature and which was approved by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission on May 2, 1988, Oklahoma Highway 3 between Ada and Broken Bow, Oklahoma . . . Map (db m72490) HM
7 Oklahoma, Atoka County, Atoka — Captain Atoka — In Memory Of
Born about 1792 Died during Civil War Signed Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in 1830. Led Band of Choctaws to this area, settling near Crystal in 1834. Capt. Atoka was a noted athlete, Choctaw subchief and respected leader. . . . Map (db m72492) HM
8 Oklahoma, Atoka County, Atoka — Cornerstone from [Atoka] County Courthouse — Built 1913 - Replaced 1963
Ira Stephenson R. E. Long • F. C. Johnson Commissioners - 1913 - [Masonic Symbol] J. S. Murrow, P.C.M. C. L. Reeder, C.M.Map (db m72489) HM
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9 Oklahoma, Atoka County, Atoka — Historic Butterfield Trail in Indian Territory — 1857-1861
On September 16, 1857, the John Butterfield Company received a Federal contract to transport mail from Missouri to San Francisco in under 25 days. Semiweekly service began a year later. Twelve relay stations lined the Butterfield Trail in Indian . . . Map (db m64072) HM
10 Oklahoma, Atoka County, Atoka — Middle Boggy Battle — On this site lie Confederate Soldiers who died in battle, February 13, 1863
The Confederate Encampment here at Middle (or Muddy) Boggy Crossing on the Boggy Depot Road held by Lieut. Col. John Jumper's Seminole Battalion, Capt. Adam Nail's Company A of First Choctaw and Chickasaw Cavalry and a detachment of the Twentieth . . . Map (db m70626) HM
11 Oklahoma, Atoka County, Atoka — Vietnam War Memorial
In honor of the men and women that served their country in Vietnam and to those that made the supreme sacrifice, we dedicate this memorial in their behalf Dean Armstrong • Larry Culverson • Sam Daily John C. Deaton • Forbes P. . . . Map (db m72491) WM
12 Oklahoma, Atoka County, Atoka — War Memorial
In memory of all veterans of all wars of the United States of America especially to those veterans who paid the supreme sacrifice for the freedom that you enjoy.Map (db m72488) WM
13 Oklahoma, Atoka County, Stringtown — Stringtown Shootout
Near this place on Aug. 5, 1932, Atoka County Sheriff C.G. Maxwell and Deputy Sheriff Eugene Moore were involved in a shoot-out with Clyde Barrow, Raymond Hamilton, and Everett Milligan. The incident occurred when the two lawmen tried to arrest the . . . Map (db m64070) HM
14 Oklahoma, Beaver County, Elmwood — No Man's Land
You Are Now Entering Old No Man's Land Colorado Kansas 37th Parallel Called "No Man's Land" until 1890 Known Then as Beaver County Became the Panhandle of Okla. Statehood 1907 Texas State Line 36° 30" Parallel The . . . Map (db m93483) HM
15 Oklahoma, Beaver County, Forgan — Hank the Cowdog
Tales of bravery, mischief and morals make up the popular children's book series "Hank the Cowdog" What you may not know is that the lively main character in these books was inspired by a real cowdog named Hank who lived and worked on . . . Map (db m162469) HM
16 Oklahoma, Beaver County, Forgan — Hodges Site
This 168 mile trail from Mobeetie, Texas, to Dodge City, Kansas, was laid out by Ed Jones and Joe Plummer in 1874, originally as a freight trail for hauling buffalo hides purchased from the Buffalo Hunters in the Texas Panhandle for sale at . . . Map (db m162472) HM
17 Oklahoma, Beaver County, Forgan — In This Vicinity Coronado Passed 1541
In this vicinity Coronado passed 1541 Erected by The National Society of Colonial Dames of America in Oklahoma 1936Map (db m162474) HM
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18 Oklahoma, Beaver County, Gate — No Man's Land
You are now entering old ”No Man’s Land” Colorado/Kansas • 37th Parallel Texas State Line • 36° 30’ parallel New Mexico • 103rd Meridian Cherokee Outlet • 100th Meridian Called “No Man’s Land” until 1890 Known then . . . Map (db m131421) HM
19 Oklahoma, Beaver County, Turpin — Eureka — Consolidated District #12 — 1908 - 1969 —
Eureka was established in 1908 with 18 square miles. The high school was started in 1919 when Center, Lincoln, and one half of Pleasant View were consolidated. In 1923, the Nabisco, Happy Flat, and East Banner districts were added and a new building . . . Map (db m78816) HM
20 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Carter — Highway — Community History
In honor of the people who lived here from 1892 to 1957, and built this community. Life in the community, which at one time included 2 general stores, a barber shop, blacksmith shop, grain grinding mills, church and family residences, centered . . . Map (db m209528) HM
21 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — "Western Cattle Trail" — National Route 66 Museum & Old Town Museum —
More than 6 million cattle went up this trail from Texas to Kansas between 1874 and 1888. The trail crossed this area approximately 10 miles east of this location.Map (db m162452) HM
22 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — 018 Cowtown — 1978-1993 — National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum —
His hot brand number was 018 But he was called Ole Cowtown, Many a bullrider put a rope on him And most every time they hit the ground. Over 350 times they nodded their heads But only 5 made the judges book, Ole Cowtown not only would . . . Map (db m162455) HM
23 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — 1950's Model Train Replica of Elk City's Downtown District
Built & displayed by Dr. Dennis Friesen Dedicated 2001 "The railroad is the reason why Elk Cite exists and I want people to know what the railroad has really meant to Elk City. I share this for people to enjoy."Map (db m162466) HM
24 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — Bob Potter · Mel Patterson · I.A. "Pat" Patterson — Community TV — National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum —
Entrepreneurs, pioneering a new industry - a new way to receive a broadcast television signal. Inventing the first cable television system west of the Mississippi river, here in Elk City, Oklahoma.Map (db m162454) HM
25 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — Commotion
Beutler and Son PRCA Bareback Bucking Horse of the Year 1998, 1999, and 2000 NFR Bareback Horse of the Year 1997. Commotion had ten straight trips to the NFR in Las Vegas, Nevada before retiring in 2006. The 1-1/3 life-sized bronze by . . . Map (db m162468) HM
26 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — Cruze Farm House History — National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum —
This is dedicated in loving memory of Elmer "Red” and Elsie G. Cruze, early day settlers of the Indian Creek area, north of Carter, Oklahoma. Elsie moved to the Indian Creek area at the age of 3, with her parents Pearl J. and Kate King, . . . Map (db m162457) HM
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27 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — First Wooden Home — in Elk City, OK — National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum —
Built in 1901 by John HollisMap (db m162460) HM
28 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — Gas Pump
Ernest Martin of Leedey purchased this gas pump at public auction in 1946 to use on his farm. When ill health forced him to sell the farm in 1974, his daughter and son-in-law, Hellen & Derrel Weaver, bought the pump and donated it to the museum.Map (db m187259) HM
29 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum Complex, Elk City, Oklahoma — Route 66 Roadside Attraction
Established in 1998, the National Route 66 and Old Town Museum Complex preserves the history of Route 66 in Western Oklahoma. Recognized by Hampton Hotels Save-A-Landmark program as a site worth seeingMap (db m183510) HM
30 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — Road Grader — National Route 66 Museum & Old Town Museum
Sold to the city of Elk City by C.H. Nesser for $10.00 in 1931. This grader was used to help build Route 66 in 1926. C.H. Nesser was grandfather to Norman, Harold and Herman Nesser, (sons of Ernie Nesser) and Neil, Ray and Ron Nesser . . . Map (db m162451) HM
31 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — Rock Bluff School — Est. 1894-1926 — National Route 66 Museum & Old Town Museum —
Jaycee project 1976 Rock Bluff School Est. 1894-1926 Donated by Trigg Music Family Cornerstone: Rock Bluff School 1894 - 1976 Building donated by The Trigg Music Family Ron Savage Jr. Chairman Western Oklahoma . . . Map (db m162462) HM
32 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Elk City — The Anadarko Basin — National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum —
The deep Anadarko Basin of Western Oklahoma is one of the most prolific gas provinces of North America. Wells drilled here have been among the world's deepest. The Bertha-Rogers No. 1 in Washita County, drilled in 1971 to 31,441 feet, was then . . . Map (db m162463) HM
33 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Erick — Sandhills Curiosity Shop, Erick, Oklahoma — Route 66 Roadside Attraction
Formerly the City Meat Market, this is known as the oldest brick building in Erick. It is now the home of Harley and Annabelle, "The Mediocre Music Makers." Recognized by Hampton Hotels Save-A-Landmark program as a site worth . . . Map (db m183509) HM
34 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Sayre — Beckham County Courthouse — Sayre, Oklahoma
Beckham county was created at statehood from portions of territorial Greer and Roger Mills counties. It was named for J.C. Beckham, former governor of Kentucky. Sayre, a town founded in 1891 and named for a railroad promoter, won the title of . . . Map (db m160832) HM
35 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Sayre — Beckham County Veterans Memorial
In honor of veterans of all wars who sacrificed for democracy, peace and justice. Sponsored by Mildred Lee Chapter No. 1822 United Daughters of Confederacy MCMLXXIMap (db m160833) WM
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36 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Sayre — Delhi
In 1888 Thomas and Millie Price were one of the first families to settle in this portion of old Greer Co, now Beckham Co. Price built a cotton gin ½ mi. east of Delhi in 1903. The one-roomed Delhi Academy was established in 1921. The Academy . . . Map (db m54903) HM
37 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Sayre — WPA — 1939
This underpass was a 1939 WPA Works Project. In 1939 the Sayre Grade School was located one block east of this location the underpass was built to provide safe passage for children and pedestrians crossing under the very busy Route 66. It is still a . . . Map (db m187260) HM
38 Oklahoma, Beckham County, Texola — Will Rogers Highway — U.S. 66 - Chicago to Los Angeles
June 26, 1952, on this location, Route 66 was rededicated as the Will Rogers Highway. This was one of the many ceremonies that took place on the state lines of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California as well as Oklahoma, . . . Map (db m100328) HM
39 Oklahoma, Blaine County, Hydro — Hydro Veterans Memorial
This memorial is Dedicated to the men and women who served in our Armed Forces We shall never forget!Map (db m174528) WM
40 Oklahoma, Blaine County, Okeene — Body Found In Deep Creek 1903
On a late fall afternoon in 1903, a stranger with a new wagon, fine team and money (something the local people had little of) arrived at the store in Craig located in the NW/4 of Section 24 T19N R10W. He wore nice, but foreign clothes, and spoke . . . Map (db m160285) HM
41 Oklahoma, Blaine County, Watonga — Chief Henry Roman Nose
Chief Henry Roman Nose, for whom this park is named, was one of forty-four chiefs of the Southern Cheyenne tribe. He was a council chief from 1897 until his death in 1917. Born in 1856, Roman Nose (Woqini in the Cheyenne language) grew up during . . . Map (db m184807) HM
42 Oklahoma, Blaine County, Watonga — Legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps
One of Oklahoma's original seven state parks, the vision of Roman Nose State Park was realized through the combined efforts of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the National Park Service, community leaders, and the State of Oklahoma. Work . . . Map (db m185621) HM
43 Oklahoma, Blaine County, Watonga — Springing to Life
The Civilian Conservation Corps begun construction of Roman Nose State Park on September 10, 1935, bringing the vision of the local community to life. While the community gathered the land, the design, supervision, and funding of the project came . . . Map (db m185579) HM
44 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Bokchito — 180 — Chahta Tamaha
Armstrong Academy, established by Choctaw Nation and named for Wm. Armstrong, Indian Agt., was opened in 1845. Rev. R.D. Potts, Supt., under Baptist Miss. Soc. Post Office established Nov., 1850. Confederate Capitol during Civil War. Choctaw . . . Map (db m77938) HM
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45 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Brown — Colbert Family
As a memorial to Charley Colbert, his wife Abbie Davis Colbert, and their children, this monument is erected. Charley Colbert was born May 20, 1863 at Colbert, Indian Territory, died June 13, 1955. His wife Abbie, born January 10, 1877, died . . . Map (db m206669) HM
46 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Caddo — Ben Siegel Building
Ben Siegel at age 14 came to America from Lithuania. He established a business in Caddo, Indian Territory in 1895. One of Bryan County's first merchants, he was an important part of the early trade area.Map (db m73423) HM
47 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Caddo — Cowboy Pink Williams — (James Pinckney Williams)
Lieutenant Governor 1955-1959 State Treasurer 1963-1967 Born: April 9, 1892 at Newberry, SC Died: April 1, 1976 at Caddo, OK Building erected: 1900Map (db m73425) HM
48 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Caddo — Craighead's 5 & 10 Store
In 1955 the Craighead family purchased this store which for over four decades has served and intrigued children as well as adults: Partial records show previous owners as: E. F. Nichols - original site - 1905 Boone Styron Dry Goods - . . . Map (db m73424) HM
49 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Caddo — Hancock Building
John S. Hancock and his young son Clement Allen Hancock followed the MKT Railroad to Caddo in 1872. They established a business at this location and became two of Caddo's founding businessmen and community leaders.Map (db m73410) HM
50 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Caddo — W.O.W. Building
Built by Woodmen of the World, this site has served businesses as well as Caddo schools as a classroom. One of its most famous occupants was John L. "Judge" Boland, opening a law office in 1910. He served as city attorney and a civic leader . . . Map (db m73426) HM
51 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Colbert — Colbert's Ferry — Chickasaw Nation
Ferry owned by B.F. Colbert, at old crossing on Red River 3 miles south, was noted on the Butterfield Overland Mail line, organized, 1857; first U.S. mail route by stage between cities of St. Louis and San Francisco. Colbert post office was . . . Map (db m189885) HM
52 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Colbert — 227-1997 — Red River Bridge
North span first free bridge across Red River erected 1931, replaced 1996. Oklahoma Gov. "Alfalfa" Bill Murray defied Federal Court injunction plowed up road to "toll" bridge forcing opening of "free" bridge linking Texas & Oklahoma hwy's. Gov. . . . Map (db m189824) HM
53 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Durant — Chickasaw Trail of Tears
During the late 1830s and early 1840s, Chickasaw Indians removed by the United States Government from Alabama and Mississippi passed near here on their way to a new home in present-day south-central Oklahoma. In 1837 alone, an estimated 6,000 . . . Map (db m77936) HM
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54 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Durant — 183 — Fort Washita
Site selected and named 1842, by Gen. Zachary Taylor, later Pres. of U.S. Fort established 1842 by 2nd Dragoons, occupied by several rifle, infantry, cavalry, and artillery companies. Built to protect the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians from the . . . Map (db m81743) HM
55 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Durant — General Douglas Hancock Cooper
"Kind and sympathetic by nature, generous to a fault, he was an honest man of noble impulses, and born and bred a gentleman." These were the words of a contemporary of General Douglas Hancock Cooper, C.S.A. Cooper was appointed U.S. Agent to . . . Map (db m77935) HM
56 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Kenefic — Fort McCulloch
Earthworks 1.5 mi. S.E. constructed early in 1862 by Gen. Albert Pike, C.S.A. as major Confederate stronghold in southern Indian Territory. Named for Gen. Ben McCulloch, who fell at Pea Ridge. Fort had 18 pieces of artillery; 3,000 soldiers . . . Map (db m206451) HM
57 Oklahoma, Bryan County, Kenefic — Nail's Crossing — Butterfield Overland Mail
Butterfield Overland Mail site of Nail's CrossingHere was located a stage stand of the Butterfield Overland Mail route, under act of Congress, March 3, 1857. First mail service arrived here in September 1858, enroute to San Francisco, service . . . Map (db m40707) HM
58 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — 1st Lieut. Pascal C. Poolaw — January 21, 1921 - November 7, 1967 — Kiowa Warrior —
Most decorated Indian soldier in United States history who was honored by receiving forty-two awards and medals from the U.S. Armed Forces including five Bronze Stars, four Silver Stars, three Purple Hearts and one Air Medal. The brave combat . . . Map (db m182082) HM
59 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Alice Brown Davis — Seminole Chieftain
B. 1852 - D. 1935 Educator, Humanitarian, Interpreter Donors Mr. & Mrs. Tom Garrard & Mrs. William S. Key Willard Stone: SculptorMap (db m187719) HM
60 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Allen Wright (Kuliahote) — 1836 - 1883
Principal Chief of Choctaw Nation Gave Oklahoma Its NameMap (db m182071) HM
61 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Anadarko Community Library — "Ca. 1902" — Historic Anadarko —
The present location of the Anadarko Community Library was previously an auto garage then car dealership that was built in 1902 and remodeled in 1916. In 1925, it became an Auto Electric and Battery Shop. In the mid 1980's, the library board . . . Map (db m181825) HM
62 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Black Beaver (Se-Ket-Tu-Ma-Qua) — 1806-1880
Delaware Scout and Guide Charted the California Road Donors Mr. & Mrs Logan Billingsley Sculptors: Keating Donahoe Map (db m182587) HM
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63 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Bryan Hotel — (1902) — Historic Anadarko —
The Windhollow at 132 East Broadway is a resale outlet, selling both used and new items. It is housed in one of the few stuccoed buildings in the historic district. The three story building was renovated in 1983-84. The Sanborn and APP map have its . . . Map (db m181834) HM
64 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Charles Curtis — 1860-1936
Native Kansa (Kaw) of Kansas who was elected Vice President of the United States, 1928.Map (db m182129) HM
65 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Chief Joseph — (Himnaton - Yalakit)
1838 (approx.) - 1904 Famous in Military and Tactical skill for his tribe, The Nez Perce. Map (db m11497) HM
66 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Cochise — Chiricahua Apache Chief — 1800-1874 —
Chief Cochise was a great leader of his people. He was accused falsely of a kidnapping and members of his tribe were killed by soldiers. He became a bitter enemy of the White man. Sculptor: Betty ButtsMap (db m182527) HM
67 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Cpl. Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr. — Geeshayshag Maneega — 1925-1950 —
Brave Wiinnebago hero whose courage and self-sacrifice reflects the traditional spirit of bravery inherited from Great Indian Warriors. He gave his life for his country. Saved his comrades in battle and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. . . . Map (db m182108) HM
68 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — George's Department Store — Historic Anadarko —
S.M. Singer was the owner and manager of Singer's clothing store from 1913 to 1947. George's Department Store is Anadarko's oldest clothing and shoe store. It was opened in 1948 by George Salamy. For over 65 years, George made a tremendous . . . Map (db m181822) HM
69 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Geronimo — Early 1820's-1909
Vigilant, stubborn, fierce and relentless war leader who became a legendary fighting hero. He led his followers in revolt against cruelties and injustices that changed the brave Apache's way of life. Sculptor: Leonard McMurry Donor: Mrs. . . . Map (db m182545) HM
70 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Hiawatha
Mohawk Indian Chief who lived during the late 1500's. Social reformer, interested in ending war and promoting universal peace. Co-founder of the Iroquois Confederacy, an influence on the U.S. Constitution. Sculptor: Kenneth F. Campbell Donor: . . . Map (db m182558) HM
71 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Historic Anadarko
U.S. Post Office (1947). The historic Anadarko post office building was previously the site of the Kiowa Indian Agency until 1947. The former name is still on the east side of the building. The post office is listed on the National Historic . . . Map (db m166736) HM
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72 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Hosteen Klah — Navajo — 1867-1937 —
Hosteen Klah was a noted medicine man and an unsurpassed weaver. His sand paintings were seen by President F.D. Roosevelt in 1934. He was a singer and a chanter of the many Navajo ceremonial chants. Sculptor: Allan HouserMap (db m182529) HM
73 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Ideal Decorating Center — (1902) — Historic Anadarko —
The location of the Youngheim Clothing Co. for the better part of a century. In 1901, Herman Youngheim arrived at Ellis Island from Bad Wildengen, Germany. Shortly after arriving in New York City, his family put him on a train to meet his . . . Map (db m181806) HM
74 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Jim Thorp — ( Wa-Tho-Buck)
1888 - 1953 Sac and Fox & part Potawatomi. World's Greatest Athlete, Winner of the Olympic Games at Stockholm Sweden, 1912. Map (db m11496) HM
75 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — John Ross — 1790 1866
Most notable chief of the Cherokees. Served as leader and statesman for a half century during the most dynamic period of Cherokee history. His love and attachment to the sacred home lands matched that of the full blood Cherokees, whom he led when . . . Map (db m182084) HM
76 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Josι Maria — Anadarko Chief - 1805 to 1862
Josι Maria Was Principal Chief of All Caddo Tribes and Led Them From the Brazos River, Texas in 1859, to the Site Now Called Anadarko, Oklahoma Sculptor: Leonard McMurry Donors: the Caddo Tribe and Citizens of Anadarko . . . Map (db m182078) HM
77 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Kicking Bird — Tene Angopte
1835 - 1875 Principal Chief of the KiowasMap (db m187720) HM
78 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Lewis Tewanima — Hopi Olympian — Circa 1880-1969 —
A Hopi tribal antelope, he received a silver medal in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. He lived most of his life on Second Mesa, Hopi Reservation, Arizona. He won more than 25 track records during his school years. In 1967 he was inducted into the . . . Map (db m182526) HM
79 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Little Raven "Hosa" — 1817-1889
Chief of the Southern Arapaho, Brave in War, a tribal religious leader who always stood for peace with the with the United States.Map (db m182519) HM
80 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Lonnie's — Historic Anadarko —
Martinez 1911 is embossed atop the store front. Andres Martinez, known as Andele, was an Apache captive. One day he and his nephew were taken by a band of Mescalaro Apache Indians. Andele's nephew, Pedro, didn't survive. Andele remained a slave for . . . Map (db m181819) HM
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81 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Maj. Gen. Clarence L. Tinker — Osage - 1887 to 1942
. . . Map (db m182509) HM
82 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Muriel Wright — Oklahoma Author and Historian — 1889-1975 —
Wright was a teacher and researcher. She worked for the Oklahoma Historical Society researching and writing the history and language of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole. She wrote "A Guide to Oklahoma Indians" in 1951 and many . . . Map (db m182127) HM
83 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Osceola (Asi Yahola) — 1803 - 1838
Who Held a Home Land in Florida for the Seminoles as Their War ChiefMap (db m182072) HM
84 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Pocahontas
Powhatan --- 1595 to 1617 Noted as the Angel of Mercy who saved the starving colonists of Jamestown, Virginia Sculptor: Kenneth F. Campbell Donor: National Society of the Colonial Dames XVII CenturyMap (db m7619) HM
85 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Pontiac — 1720 - 1769
Noted Ottawa Chief in Detroit region. Warrior, orator and organizer of the Indian Tribes to save America for the Indian People.Map (db m11499) HM
86 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Pushmataha — 1764-1824 — Choctaw Chief —
Wise, and eloquent leader, educator and warrior of great distinction. Friend of President Andrew Jackson and leader of Choctaw warriors in the War of 1812. Sculptor: Leonard McMurry Donated by: Frances Billingsley Map (db m182109) HM
87 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Quanah Parker (Kwania) — 1845-1911
Chief of the Quahadi Comanche and the Confederated Comanche, Kiowa and Apache.Map (db m182507) HM
88 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Redskin Theater — (1947) — Historic Anadarko —
Redskin Theatre at 221 West Broadway. The Redskin Theater's formal opening was held on Wednesday February 12, 1947. It was designed by architect Jack Corgan of Dallas, Texas, and constructed by Cowan Construction of Shawnee, Oklahoma. Arrows . . . Map (db m181831) HM
89 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Riverside School — Begun by U.S. Quaker Agents, 1871
This school opened at the Indian agency on Sugar Creek with 8 pupils. A new building was erected as a boarding school in 1872, for Wichita and Caddo children. Fire in 1878 destroyed the school. It soon reopened in a new building here on the Washita . . . Map (db m166713) HM
90 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Roberta Campbell Lawson — Delaware - 1878 to 1941
. . . Map (db m187716) HM
91 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Sacajawea — 1786-1884 —
The Shoshoni Girl Who Led the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Pacific in 1805-1806Map (db m182466) HM
92 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Satanta (White Bear) — Kiowa War Chief — 1830-1878 —
"Orator of the Plains" One of the most illustrious and colorful Indian leaders of the southwest region. Signer of the Medicine Lodge treaties which benefit the Nation's Indian tribes today. Satanta's (Set-Tainte) Children . . . Map (db m182604) HM
93 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Sequoyah
Cherokee - - - 1764-1843 Artist and tribal leader Famous inventor of the Cherokee Alphabet Sculptor Leonard McMurry Map (db m28103) HM
94 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Stand Watie — Tsa-La-Gi 1806-1871
Beloved Southern Cherokee Chief who served during Civil War as brave Brigadier General. Last Confederate leader to surrender. Donors Frances Billingsley Plains Indian Arts and CraftsMap (db m7719) HM
95 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Stumbling Bear — Sait Im Kia - "Bear That Is Throwing"
Kiowa Chief 1832 - 1903 Stumbling Bear became a chieftain for his leadership in battle at the age of 22. He led war parties against the Navajos in 1856-57. Against the Utes in 1859-59 and Kit Carson at Adobe Walls, Texas in 1865. He was a . . . Map (db m182514) HM
96 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — T.C. Cannon — Kiowa / Caddo — 1946-1978 —
Born and raised in southwest Oklahoma, Cannon permanently resided in Santa Fe, N.M. at the time of his death. Following his studies at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, Cannon quickly became internationally recognized as a leading . . . Map (db m182531) HM
97 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Tecumseh — 1768 - 1813 — Shawnee —
A noted warrior / statesman who conceived a confederation of Indian Tribes to stem the flow of white migration, revitalize tribal culture and preserve tribal lands along the Mississippi Valley. Killed in the Battle of Thames River, 1813 . . . Map (db m11498) HM
98 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — The Rock Island Depot — (1912) — Historic Anadarko —
The Anadarko Heritage Museum is housed in the old Rock Island Depot (1912). The museum was established in 1936 by the Philomathic clubwomen, and was previously located at the old City Hall then the Fire station and Police Department. Through . . . Map (db m181858) HM
99 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — The Soda Fountain Eatery — (1901) — Historic Anadarko —
The building that houses the Soda Fountain Eatery was built in 1901. This building has only housed pharmacies until it was converted into a restaurant in 2012, and had only three owners over the past century or more. The current establishment . . . Map (db m181814) HM
100 Oklahoma, Caddo County, Anadarko — Tishomingo — 1737-1839
Noted as the "War Chief" of the Chickasaws, advisor and leader in the Treaty of Pontotoc (1832) and final removal of the tribe to the west.Map (db m182128) HM

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