“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Harris County Texas Historical Markers

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By Brian Anderson, November 4, 2018
Millard's Advance Marker
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 9 — Millard's Advance
No 9 Millard's Advance Infantry April 21, 1836 — Map (db m125948) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 3 — Millard's Camp
No 3 Millard's Camp — Map (db m125962) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10651 — Peter Jefferson Duncan
Participated in the capture of San Antonio in 1835 and served in the army in 1836 Born in New York in 1799 Died in Harris County, Texas in 1870 — Map (db m126009) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — Roster Company No. 6
Roster Company No. 6 James Gillaspie Captain Matthew Finch 1st. Lieut. A. L. Harrison 2nd. Lieut. R. H. Chadduck 1st. Sgt. Privates G. Grosby - J. S. Darling - Fielding Dedrick W. L. Ellis - Hezekiah Faris - Wm. Ferrell Wm. . . . — Map (db m126245) WM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10760 — Saint Mary's Seminary
When the Rev. Nicholas Gallagher became third bishop of Galveston in 1882, most Roman Catholic priests in the Diocese were natives of other states or countries. Realizing the need for a diocesan seminary to train young Texans for the priesthood, . . . — Map (db m51421) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — San Jacinto Battleground Park
(part 1) The movement to set aside the San Jacinto Battleground as a patriotic shrine was begun in 1856, when a group of Texas veterans assembled here started a fund for a monument to the nine men who fell in the battle. In 1883 the . . . — Map (db m126008) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — San Jacinto MonumentSan Jacinto Battlefield
The early policies of Mexico toward her Texas colonists had been extremely liberal. Large grants of land were made to them, and no taxes or duties imposed. The relationship between the Anglo-Americans and Mexicans was cordial. But, following a . . . — Map (db m6702) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 16 — Santa Anna's Camp
No 16 Santa Anna's Camp — Map (db m126001) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 6 — Sherman's Advance
No 6 Sherman's Advance Left Wing Infantry April 21, 1836 — Map (db m125997) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 5 — Sherman's Camp
No 5 Sherman's Camp — Map (db m125967) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10767 — Site of Battle of San Jacinto, 1836
Near here on the afternoon of April 21, 1836, the army of The Republic of Texas commanded by General Sam Houston was drawn up to attack an invading Mexican army commanded by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. — Map (db m125909) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 20 — Site of Surrender of Santa Anna
Plaque on Front of Marker: This heritage live oak, planted as a living memorial, marks the site of surrender of Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to Sam Houston, Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Texas. Dedicated to the heroes of . . . — Map (db m126006) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10752 — Site of the Home of Dr. George Moffit Patrick
Site of the home in 1836 of Dr. George Moffit Patrick 1801-1889 Pioneer surveyor • Here the Texas Army encamped after the Battle of San Jacinto and cabinet meet- ings were held — Map (db m53323) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 16881 — Sylvan Beach Pavilion
The town of La Porte, developed in 1892, originally reserved a portion of the bayfront for a recreational park, known as Sylvan Grove. Following the panic of 1893, much of the bayfront was sold except for 22 acres that were retained as Sylvan Beach . . . — Map (db m139614) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — The B. R. Brigham Monument
North Side: Two Days Before the Battle This morning we are in preparation to meet Santa Anna. It is the only chance of saving Texas. From time to time I have looked for reinforcements in vain: We will only have about seven hundred men to . . . — Map (db m126243) HM WM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — The La Porte-Sylvan Beach Depot
1895 - The La Porte/Sylvan Beach Depot was constructed in downtown La Porte on East Main Street a short distance from Five Points. 1899 - The Depot became part of the Southern Pacific System and was known as the Galveston, Houston and San . . . — Map (db m134004) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10768 — The Texas Army Attacked in Four Divisions
The Texas Army attacked in four divisions; the Cavalry on the right, commanded by Mirabeau B. Lamar; next, the Infantry under Lieutenant Colonel Henry Millard; the “Twin Sisters” cannon under Colonel Edward Burleson; the 2nd Regiment, . . . — Map (db m125883) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 1 — Twin Sisters
Marker Front: No 1 Site Twin Sisters April 20, 1836 Cannon Presented by Citizens of Cincinnati to Republic of Texas Supplemental Plaque: In grateful appreciation of the efforts of the citizens of Cincinnati, Ohio, whose . . . — Map (db m125950) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10771 — Will You Come to the Bower, Battle of San Jacinto
To the tune of “Will You Come to the Bower,” the Texans advanced; “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!” was their cry. With cannons and gunshot, clubs and Bowie knives they fought — no quarter was given; the rout . . . — Map (db m125908) HM
Texas (Harris County), La Porte — 10769 — Within A Few Minutes, Battle of San Jacinto Site
Within a few minutes the Battle of San Jacinto was over. According to General Houston's report 630 Mexicans lay dead on the field, 208 were wounded and 730 were taken prisoners. Money, arms and equipment were captured. The Texans had 9 killed and 30 . . . — Map (db m125906) HM
Texas (Harris County), LaPorte — First Marine Division
First Marine Division was founded aboard USS TEXAS (BB 35) when a directive was read on the ship’s fantail redesignating 1st Marine Brigade on 1 February 1941 while the battleship was flagship for Caribbean amphibious exercises. . . . — Map (db m36076) HM
Texas (Harris County), LaPorte — U.S.S. TexasNational Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark
Last steam engine-driven battleship Four cylinder triple expansion steam engines Largest afloat (27,000 h.p.) at commissioning (1914) Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships The American Society of Mechanical . . . — Map (db m36228) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10608 — Bay Ridge / Morgan's Point
The peninsula on Galveston Bay known as Morgan's Point was named for early landowner Colonel James Morgan. Later the area became a favorite summer retreat for wealthy Houston residents who sought refuge from the oppressive heat and humidity of the . . . — Map (db m51410) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — Col. James Morgan
Although the original land grant went to Johnson Hunter in 1824 and the Point was owned by Nicholas Clopper from 1826 until 1835, it was James Morgan who gave the Point its name. Morgan purchased 1600 acres from Nicholas Clopper in December of . . . — Map (db m60899) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10782 — Governor Ross Sterling Mansion
Architect Alfred C. Finn of Houston drew the plans for this scaled-down replica of the American White House for oil executive Ross S. Sterling (1875-1949). Completed in 1927 on the residential "Gold Coast" stretching from La Porte to Morgan's Point, . . . — Map (db m51469) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10683 — Gribble-Hofheinz House
Constructed in 1896 as the summer home of prominent Houston businessman Risdon D. Gribble (1836-1907) and his wife Adelaide (8141-1926). This house was oriented toward the water to take advantage of bay breezes. Flamboyant Houston businessman and . . . — Map (db m51411) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — John A. Grimes Memorial ParkMorgan’s Point, Texas
Mayor – April 7, 1984 through June 1, 1992 Dedicated to Mayor John A. Grimes July 10, 1924 – June 1, 1992 John A. Grimes was elected Mayor on April 7th, 1984 and had just been elected to his fifth two-year term when he was killed . . . — Map (db m60827) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10735 — Morgan's Point Cemetery
One of the oldest cemeteries in continuous use in Harris County, this cemetery was founded by Colonel James Morgan, Texas revolutionary soldier. Located on land bought by Morgan in 1834, it was part of a family estate called "The Orange Grove." . . . — Map (db m51396) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10741 — New Washington
Located at the junction of Buffalo Bayou and San Jacinto Bay, the townsite of New Washington was settled by Col. James Morgan (1786-1866), who bought 1600 acres of land in the area in 1835. A native of Philadelphia, Morgan had come to Texas in 1830 . . . — Map (db m50137) HM
Texas (Harris County), Morgan's Point — 10705 — Wade and Mamie Irvin House
Designed by prominent Houston architect Joseph Finger, this house was built in 1927 as the summer home of Houston business leaders Wade (1872-1941) and Mamie (1878-1957) Irvin. They owned a number of companies, and Wade was the founder and . . . — Map (db m68242) HM
Texas (Harris County), Nassau Bay — 10678 — Harris County Boys' School Archeological Site
In this vicinity lies evidence of a prehistoric Indian campsite and burial ground that takes its current name from the property on which it resided at the time of its discovery. The archeological site is classified as a shell midden site because of . . . — Map (db m50124) HM
Texas (Harris County), Nassau Bay — 10802 — Webster Presbyterian Church
Growing out of a Union Sunday School established in 1892, Webster Presbyterian Church was organized by farmers who moved to Texas from the Midwest. Early members also included Japanese rice farmers. A small church building erected in 1896 was . . . — Map (db m50127) HM
Texas (Harris County), Nassau Bay — 10803 — West Mansion
Lumber, oil, and ranching tycoon James Marion West (1871-1941) and his wife, Jessie Dudley (1871-1953), hired eminent Houston architect Joseph Finger to design this 17,000-square foot house as headquarters for their 30,000-acre ranch. Built in . . . — Map (db m50141) HM
Texas (Harris County), Pasadena — 10591 — Allen Ranch
This busy commercial area was once part of the Allen Ranch, one of the oldest and largest ranches in southeast Texas. A portion of the land was granted to Morris Callahan in 1824 by Mexico and inherited by his niece Rebecca Jane Thomas (d. 1919), . . . — Map (db m126443) HM
Texas (Harris County), Pasadena — 10643 — Crown Hill Cemetery
Permanent settlement of this area began about 1891. Lot sales in the new town of Pasadena began in 1893, and the town was officially platted three years later. The first recorded burials in this vicinity occurred about 1894, although the exact . . . — Map (db m125894) HM
Texas (Harris County), Pasadena — The Roberts-Hanson House
This farmhouse was built about 1895 on Galveston Bay in Kemah by Clarence Roberts and his mother, Susan Lamb Roberts, both of whom had moved to Texas from Minnesota. The 1900 storm blew the house off its foundation after which it was moved . . . — Map (db m50105) HM
Texas (Harris County), Pasadena — 18 — Vince's Bridge
No 18 Site Vince's Bridge destroyed by military permission April 21, 1836 by Deaf Smith, John Coker, Denmore Reves, John Garner, John Rainwater, Moses Lapham, V.P. Alsbury. This historic deed is believed to have insured the . . . — Map (db m125957) HM
Texas (Harris County), Seabrook — Captain William Plunkett HarrisEarly Texas Entrepreneur and Pioneer Settler
New York native William Plunkett Harris (1797-1843) ran a steamboat line in partnership with Robert Wilson before moving to Texas in 1830. At Harrisburg, founded by his brother John Richardson Harris (d. 1829), for whom Harris County was named, he . . . — Map (db m35924) HM
Texas (Harris County), Seabrook — Prehistoric Indian Campsite
In this vicinity are the remains of a prehistoric Indian refuse pile, comprised mainly of clam shells. Archeologists call such sites "shell middens." They are the result of centuries of shellfish harvesting by early Indian groups. Shells found at . . . — Map (db m35922) HM
Texas (Harris County), Seabrook — 10657 — Ritson Morris and Elmwood Plantation
Virginia native Ritson Morris (1798-1849) came to Texas about 1827. He settled first in Nacogdoches, where he married Minerva Edwards in 1829. One year later, following the birth of their first child, the Morrises moved to this area, where Minerva's . . . — Map (db m51425) HM
Texas (Harris County), Shoreacres — 10699 — Houston Yacht Club
The Houston Yacht Club was organized in 1897 by a group of prominent citizens. Members met in the Binz Building in downtown Houston and were led by the first Commodore, Dan E. Kennedy. After Kennedy's death in 1904, the boatmen reorganized as the . . . — Map (db m59849) HM
Texas (Harris County), Shoreacres — Isaiah P. Walker House
During the late 1920s, and early 1930s, the city of Shoreacres became a weekend haven for residents of nearby Houston. Families built weekend homes and boating fish camps, where they could enjoy fishing and boating activities on Galveston Bay. . . . — Map (db m135262) HM
Texas (Harris County), South Houston — 10660 — First Airplane Flight Over Texas
The first documented flight of a heavier-than-air flying machine in Texas occurred over this site on February 18, 1910, two weeks before the first military airplane flight by Lt. Benjamin Foulois at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. The South Houston . . . — Map (db m62908) HM
Texas (Harris County), Webster — 10758 — Seito and Kiyoaki SaibaraContributions to the Texas Rice Industry by
Seito Saibara (1861-1939), former president of Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, and first Christian member of the Japanese Diet (Parliament). Arrived in the United States in 1901 to study theology, and with the desire to establish a Japanese . . . — Map (db m50130) HM
Texas (Harris County), West University Place — 15654 — City of West University Place
Tennessee politician Ben W. Hooper led investors in forming the West End Realty Co. in 1910. They chose land near Rice Institute, which opened in 1912, and created West University Place, connected to Houston by streetcar. Homesites sold primarily to . . . — Map (db m125891) HM

245 markers matched your search criteria. Markers 201 through 245 were listed. Previous 200
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