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Myrick Chapel with cemetery on far left upper corner and marker. image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, September 25, 2022
Myrick Chapel with cemetery on far left upper corner and marker.
1 Alabama, Autauga County, Marbury — Myrick Chapel CemeteryAutauga County — Established 1870 —
Located on the site of the Old Myrick Plantation, George Myrick established this cemetery. He arrived in Autauga County in 1826 and he built his home just north of this site. The original chapel dates to the 1870s and served as a local school as . . . Map (db m206686) HM
2 Alabama, Autauga County, Prattville — Daniel Pratt Cemetery / George Cooke
(Front): Daniel Pratt CemeteryFinal resting place of early Alabama industrialist Daniel Pratt, 1799-1873, and wife Esther Ticknor Pratt, 1803-1875. He was from New Hampshire and she, Connecticut. Married 1827 at Fortville, Jones County, . . . Map (db m168941) HM
3 Alabama, Autauga County, Prattville — Old Kingston Historical Cemetery
This cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Autauga County having been established as a burial ground by at least 1841. The land was officially set aside as a burial ground when the county seat was in this area from 1834 to 1868. The area . . . Map (db m82561) HM
4 Alabama, Autauga County, Prattville — Rocky Mount Cemetery
Rocky Mount Cemetery was established on this sacred ground for families who settled Cobb’s Ford and the surrounding area. The oldest marked burials date to the 1890s. Numerous veterans of the Civil War and World Wars I and II are buried here. Rocky . . . Map (db m158661) HM
5 Alabama, Autauga County, White City — White City Cemetery
In 1870, Marbury Lumber Company donated land for the White Pond Methodist Church and Cemetery. It is believed that the first burial in the cemetery, marked only by a pile of bricks, took place that same year. The earliest marked grave is of Thomas . . . Map (db m158662) HM
6 Alabama, Baldwin County, Daphne — Colonia Italiana 1888-The Beautiful Forest / The Founding Fathers of the Italian Colony
Colonia Italiana 1888-The Beautiful Forest In 1888, Alesandro Mastro-Valerio, realizing the plight of fellow Italian immigrants living and working in hazardous conditions in many northern states, bought land here to attract colonists. He . . . Map (db m130913) HM
7 Alabama, Baldwin County, Fairhope — Confederate Rest Cemetery
The Grand Hotel and the Gunnison House served as a hospital for wounded Confederate soldiers from the Battle of Vicksburg during the Civil War. The Confederate Rest Cemetery commemorates more than 300 Confederate soldiers who died while in the . . . Map (db m153433) HM
8 Alabama, Baldwin County, Orange Beach — Orange Beach Community Cemetery“Bear Point Cemetery” — Baldwin County —
(front) The property where the cemetery is located was part of a Spanish Land Grant issued to the Suarez family prior to the War of 1812. In 1925, a United States Land Patent was confirmed and issued. The property has been in use since . . . Map (db m71618) HM
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9 Alabama, Baldwin County, Spanish Fort — Revolutionary War Battlefield and Burial Ground at Spanish Fort (1780-1781)
During the Revolutionary War, France, Spain, Britain, and the United States were interested in the fate of this region. In March 1780, Spanish forces captured Mobile. They established a palisaded fort with trenches (one mile north of here) to . . . Map (db m61451) HM
10 Alabama, Baldwin County, Spanish Fort — Saluda Hill Cemetery
Saluda Hill Cemetery is a private historical cemetery established in 1824. Among the graves here is that of Zachariah Godbold, the only known Revolutionary War veteran buried in Baldwin County. Many Blakeley residents and Confederate soldiers also . . . Map (db m81854) HM
11 Alabama, Barbour County, Batesville — Providence Methodist Church & Schoolhouse
Side 1 In 1828, Reverend John Wesley Norton left his native South Carolina with his family and a wagon train of followers, crossed into the Creek Indian Nation and just into the edge of what was then Pike County, settling near the . . . Map (db m78123) HM
12 Alabama, Barbour County, Blue Springs — Bethel Primitive Baptist Church
Organized and constituted April 11, 1835. A committee called brethren John Tew and Solomon Sikes as presbyters. The presbyters, finding the brethren orthodox in faith, constituted a church which they named Bethel. Founders migrated from Pa., N. C.. . . . Map (db m220893) HM
13 Alabama, Barbour County, Clio — Dedicated to Memory of African Slaves
To the memory of the African slaves who lived, worked, worshipped and died here at April, 1857. These 23 were baptized members of the Pea River Presbyterian Church Moses · Dilley · Hanner Mary · Calvin · Sarah Henry · Anakey · Hannah . . . Map (db m187391) HM
14 Alabama, Barbour County, Clio — Pea River Presbyterian Church CemeteryBarbour County
This cemetery is the final resting place for many early pioneers who settled this area of Alabama. More than six generations of families from the surrounding communities including county elected officials, mayors of both Louisville and Clio, . . . Map (db m187390) HM
15 Alabama, Barbour County, Elamville — Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the who Served Honorably in our Nations Armed ForcesMap (db m184477) WM
16 Alabama, Barbour County, Eufaula — Old Fairview Cemetery
Side 1 Fairview contains a diverse collection of statuary, grave emblems and monuments amid a picturesque park-like setting. Many monuments are attributed to the Tansey family who owned a monument company in Eufaula and operated their marble . . . Map (db m173638) HM
17 Alabama, Barbour County, Eufaula — Old Negro Cemetery / Fairview Cemetery
Interred on this gently sloping hillside are the remains of many of Eufaula’s early black citizens. Their names are known only to God because the wooden grave markers which located the burials have long since vanished. This burying ground was used . . . Map (db m27987) HM
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18 Alabama, Barbour County, Midway — Ramah Baptist Church & CemeteryBarbour County
Constructed in the 1840s and constituted in 1852, Ramah Baptist Church is in the community formerly known as both Ramah and Vaughn. Records show that the land for both the church and cemetery was given by Solomon G. and Francis T. Burke in . . . Map (db m158553) HM
19 Alabama, Barbour County, Midway — Spring Hill United Methodist Church
This Greek Revival church was built in 1841 by John Fletcher Comer with lumber from his mill. The building originally had a slave balcony and exterior stairway which were removed c. 1890. At the same time, the pulpit was moved from between the two . . . Map (db m188268) HM
20 Alabama, Bibb County, Centreville — Centreville CemeteryBibb County
Centreville Cemetery is older than the town of Centreville itself. The earliest known burial is that of Willie Coleman, dated 1822, and Centreville was established in 1823. One half of the cemetery, known as Cooper Cemetery, contains mostly the . . . Map (db m156403) HM
21 Alabama, Blount County, Oneonta — Antioch CemeteryBlount County
Antioch (an'~te~ok') was an ancient Biblical city and a chief center of early Christianity. Today, many churches and cemeteries throughout the United States use the name. Once called Glover's Graveyard, the earliest recorded burial is 1794. Antioch . . . Map (db m128071) HM
22 Alabama, Bullock County, Aberfoil — Aberfoil Community
The town of Aberfoil was incorporated January 26, 1839, in then Macon County, with the first election for councilors conducted and managed by Lewis Stoudenmire, Charles G. Lynch, Thomas Scott, David Hudson, and A. J. and E. A. Jackson. Aberfoil was . . . Map (db m61027) HM
23 Alabama, Bullock County, Blues Old Stand — Samuel Sellers Cemetery
Samuel Sellers (1788-1857) of North Carolina arrived with his large family at Three Notch Road on January 29, 1835. Here, in what was then the Missouri Beat, Pike County, the first post office in the area was established, 2.5 miles west of . . . Map (db m61061) HM
24 Alabama, Bullock County, Union Springs — Log Cabin Museum / Old City Cemetery
Log Cabin Museum Early settlers of this area cleared land and built their first homes of logs in the early 1830s. This cabin was built by Reuben Rice Kirkland (1829-1915) about 1850. He and his first wife had ten children while living in the . . . Map (db m60969) HM
25 Alabama, Bullock County, Union Springs — Mt. Hilliard
A 19th century cultural center located on the ridge dividing the coastal plain from the black belt originally Pike Co., Al.; Bullock Co. since 1866 Cemetery established in the 1830s for all faiths, situated between Mt. Hilliard Methodist . . . Map (db m181649) HM
26 Alabama, Bullock County, Union Springs — Sardis Baptist Church, Cemetery, and School
(side 1) Settlers from the Edgefield District, South Carolina, organized the Sardis Baptist Church on June 10, 1837. The first building, a log cabin, was constructed in 1841 after John M. and his wife Amy Youngblood Dozier deeded four and . . . Map (db m67552) HM
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27 Alabama, Butler County, Fort Deposit — Oak Bowery
In March 1863 Francis and Sarah Sheppard gave 3 acres of land to Methodist Episcopal Church South as a place for worship and burial. 2 more acres given by Alexander and Mary Sheppard Oct. 1868. Property sold to County Line Primitive Baptist Church . . . Map (db m70838) HM
28 Alabama, Butler County, Greenville — Pioneer Cemetery
Greenville's oldest, established 1819. Captain William Butler, for whom the county was named, buried here. He was killed fighting Indians led by Savannah Jack in March, 1818. Greenville's oldest church, a community church established in 1822, . . . Map (db m70751) HM
29 Alabama, Butler County, Greenville — Site of Confederate Hospital1861 – 1865
Title is textMap (db m130053) HM
30 Alabama, Calhoun County, Alexandria — Crook Cemetery
James Crook established this cemetery in 1837 on land he purchased from Creek Indians. In 1834, he and his family moved to this area from South Carolina. In Nov. 1837, Samuel M. Crook, grandson of James Crook, was the first person buried here. . . . Map (db m36552) HM
31 Alabama, Calhoun County, Oxford — The City of Oxford Cemetery
Located at the end of McKibbon Street is on a cedar covered hill with a beautiful view. The cemetery contains the remains of many of Oxford's early settlers. Some markers date in the 1850's.Map (db m195727) HM
32 Alabama, Chambers County, Five Points — Five Points, Alabama: Town of Five
In 1885, Five Points was named because of five roads converging at a single point. Before this, the post office was known as Lystra, operated by Postmaster W.C. Smith. The town was incorporated in 1915, making the town Chambers County's oldest . . . Map (db m195788) HM
33 Alabama, Chambers County, LaFayette — Essie J. Handy Memorial CemeteryChambers County
Elisha and Essie Handy came to La Fayette in 1925. They were educators and active in civic and religious activities. In 1940 their oldest son, Ralph, died from tuberculosis and was buried in the only cemetery in La Fayette for African-Americans . . . Map (db m151220) HM
34 Alabama, Chambers County, LaFayette — LaFayette CemeteryChambers County
LaFayette Cemetery, also known as Westview, began in 1934 with the death of Miss Sarah Gipson. Many early pioneers and veterans of East Alabama are buried here including Revolutionary War Patriot Capt. Alexander Dunn, Col. Charles McLemore, . . . Map (db m83263) HM
35 Alabama, Cherokee County, Centre — Garrett Cemetery
Final resting place of Chief Pathkiller (B. 1749 - D. 1827) who served as principal chief of the Cherokee Nation. Many prominent early settlers are also interred here including newspaper editor and publisher, Confederate infantry captain and . . . Map (db m114282) HM
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36 Alabama, Cherokee County, Spring Garden — Ladiga Cavalry SkirmishOctober 28, 1864
Last fighting between armies of Hood and Sherman. Here Ferguson turned back Kilpatrick's larger force. These two armies had fought all summer from Chattanooga to Atlanta, west to here. To split South, Sherman turned, led Union forces . . . Map (db m132782) HM
37 Alabama, Chilton County, Marbury — Woven Wire Fence1904
Completed in 1904, this is one of only three remaining sections of the original woven wire fence at the Soldiers' Home. During the latter half of the nineteenth century woven wire and barbed wire began to replace wooden rail fences. Woven . . . Map (db m129332) HM
38 Alabama, Chilton County, Marbury — Woven Wire Fence1904
Completed in 1904, this is one of only three remaining sections of the original woven wire fence at the Soldiers' Home. During the latter half of the nineteenth century woven wire and barbed wire began to replace wooden rail fences. Woven . . . Map (db m129425) HM
39 Alabama, Chilton County, Stanton — Memorial to Union Dead at Battle of Ebenezer Church
Memorial to Union Soldiers Lost at the Battle of Old Ebenezer Church April 1, 1865 Map (db m129770) WM
40 Alabama, Chilton County, Thorsby — Scandinavian Cemetery
In 1896 Swedish settlers organized the Concordia Methodist Church and acquired this land for the Concordia Cemetery, later known as the Lutheran Cemetery. This is the former site of Strassburg School. In the 1980s it became known as the Scandinavian . . . Map (db m83269) HM
41 Alabama, Chilton County, Verbena — Moore Cemetery
This cemetery is the final resting place for thirty-seven members of the Moore Family. John Moore, son of American Revolutionary War Patriot and Battle of Charleston POW Obadiah Moore, purchased this land on September 4, 1834. The Moore family . . . Map (db m206684) HM
42 Alabama, Clarke County, Carlton — Mt. Nebo Death Masks
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Mt. Nebo Cemetery is home to the unique folk art of African American inventor and artist, Issac "Ike" Nettles, who used concrete to make images of living people's faces for their . . . Map (db m101576) HM
43 Alabama, Clarke County, Rockville — Gravesite of Major Jeremiah Austill
Near this site, is the gravesite of Maj. Jeremiah Austill, folk hero & prominent figure in the early settlement of Clarke County. Born in 1794 in S. C., he lived, along with his parents, Capt. Evan and Sara Austill, among the Cherokee in Ga. . . . Map (db m101588) HM
44 Alabama, Clarke County, Thomasville — Airmount Grave Shelter And Cemetery
Front: This Greek Revival style brick structure is known as the Hope Family Grave Shelter. Constructed in 1853, it is listed on the National Register of Historical places. The unusual splayed eaves and vaulted or “compass” . . . Map (db m47621) HM
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45 Alabama, Clarke County, Winn — Union Methodist Church
Established 1858, ¼ mile east of here. Camp meetings were held in summers. Congregation moved to site near Peniel 1894. The "arbor" and church building were left at original site. These buildings convenient for annual encampment of county . . . Map (db m101579) HM
46 Alabama, Coffee County, Elba Coffee County, Brooksville Community — New Ebenezer CemeteryElba, Alabama
The first burial here was James Shorter Grimes who died May 20, 1903, at the age of 48. His wife, Malissia Tillis, and 9 of their 14 children are also buried here. Their son, John Temple Grimes, along with M.G. Caylor and A.D. Donaldson purchased a . . . Map (db m231394) HM
47 Alabama, Coffee County, Kinston — 124 — Grancer's Ghost — Legends & Lore —
Sounds of a fiddle and tapping feet can be heard near the grave of Grancer Harrison, buried in his dancing shoes in 1860.Map (db m228451) HM
48 Alabama, Coffee County, New Brockton — Tabernacle Methodist Church
Established 1858 Oldest official record is land deed of December 29, 1853 for five acres to trustees I.T. Law, William Mixson, William Dubose, Javor Dupee and William Hendricks. Name was changed in 1868 to Old Tabernacle after New Tabernacle . . . Map (db m204960) HM
49 Alabama, Colbert County, Barton — Civil War Skirmish at The Barton Cemetery / Civil War Skirmishes at Barton
Bullet - marked tombstones in this cemetery show evidence of a brisk skirmish here Oct. 26, 1863, when Gen. P.J. Osterhaus's first division of Sherman's Corps came under fire from Gen. S.D. Lee's Confederate troops. CSA artillery on a hill near a . . . Map (db m83329) HM
50 Alabama, Colbert County, Ford City — The Old Brick Presbyterian Church1820
Old Brick Church began in 1820 as the Mt. Pleasant Cumberland Presbyterian Church and met in a frame building which burned in 1824. The present building has undergone few changes since its construction in 1828 when the congregation was officially . . . Map (db m147370) HM
51 Alabama, Colbert County, Leighton — William LeighFounder of Leighton
(side 1) The town of Leighton was named in honor of the Reverend William Leigh, son and grandson of Revolutionary War veterans. He was born in Amelia County Virginia, Oct 4, 1790 and moved to Alabama about 1823.
Leigh settled nearby . . . Map (db m106112) HM
52 Alabama, Colbert County, Sheffield — 101 MemorialWorld War I
Dedicated to Civilian defense workers in critical industry for the war. US Army directed construction and production via Air Nitrate Corp. Army Projects here in 1917-1918 required 20,000 workers recruited from across the USA. The great flu-pandemic . . . Map (db m138776) HM WM
53 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — Tuscumbia's Oakwood Cemetery
This burial ground was designated on General John Coffee's 1817 survey and original map "Plan of a Town at the Coldwater Spring." The oldest tombstone carries the burial date 1821 and the cemetery contains graves of veterans from all wars beginning . . . Map (db m28567) HM
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54 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — Winston Cemetery
The Winston family settled this area in the early 1820s. Andrew Jackson purchased the property at the U.S. government land sale and conveyed it to Col. Anthony Winston (1782-1841) who lived nearby in a two-story brick Federal-style house (razed . . . Map (db m28566) HM
55 Alabama, Conecuh County, Burnt Corn — John Green CemeteryConecuh County
War of 1812 veteran John Green (1790-1882) settled in Burnt Corn in 1816. He held many public offices, established the first school, and represented Conecuh County in the state legislature in 1824 and 1829. He was the Conecuh delegate to the . . . Map (db m81285) HM
56 Alabama, Coosa County, Rockford — Peace & Goodwill Cemetery
Peace & Goodwill Cemetery is Coosa County's first African American Cemetery to be placed on the prestigious Alabama Historic Cemetery Register. It provides powerful insights about the diligence and commitment of our African Ancestors. Family . . . Map (db m64587) HM
57 Alabama, Crenshaw County, Rutledge — Rutledge Primitive Baptist Church
The Rutledge Primitive Baptist Church was built circa 1890, on land donated by Thomas Warren Shows and his family. The Rutledge Primitive Baptist Church was a member of the Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Association, which was formed in 1837. It was one . . . Map (db m72054) HM
58 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — Colonel John G. CullmannFounder of Cullman, Alabama 1873 — 1823 - 1895 —
Col. John G. Cullmann July 2, 1823 - December 3, 1895 Thrifty German Colonists led by Col. John G. Cullmann in 1873 settled this thinly populated plateau of Alabama. Map (db m35629) HM
59 Alabama, Cullman County, Cullman — Mace Thomas Payne Brindley1801-1871 — Pioneer - Landowner - Senator - Banker —
The first family to settle this area in 1832. Married Nancy Stewart Hanby, daughter of Gabriel Hanby, who was one of the original framers of the Alabama Constitution. They became parents of 11 children: 4 sons served in the Confederate Army. At one . . . Map (db m201371) HM
60 Alabama, Cullman County, Holly Pond — Holly Pond CemeteryEstablished 1894 — Listed in Alabama Historic Cemetery Register 2014 —
Marked by an antique arch, the Holly Pond Cemetery encompasses 10 acres and a chapel built in 1975. The site was chosen to replace the burial ground in the center of town and make room for the town to grow. The first acre was deeded to the deacons . . . Map (db m160676) HM
61 Alabama, Cullman County, Logan — Shady Grove Methodist Church And Cemetery
Early settlers to Cullman County established Shady Grove Methodist Episcopal Church as a brush arbor in the 1870s on land homesteaded and donated by Richard McCain. Trustees, J. J. McKissack, W. H. Martin, J. C. Vickery, J. W. Kilgo, together with . . . Map (db m34244) HM
62 Alabama, Dale County, Arguta Community — Union (Arguta) Cemetery Established By Union Presbyterian Church 1843-2016
Founded by the Keahey family and related immigrants from Scotland, the adjacent Union Presbyterian Church established this cemetery before the Civil War. The Presbytery of South Alabama, a District Governing Body of the Presbyterian Church . . . Map (db m183624) HM
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63 Alabama, Dale County, Midland City — Christian Hill Cemetery
The Christian Hill Congregational Church was established by the Rev. Samuel Long in 1895. After serving the community for more than 50 years, the church was inactivated and the building dismantled in the early 1970's. Map (db m205354) HM
64 Alabama, Dale County, Ozark — Clarence Dowling Barnard
In loving memory of Clarence Dowling Barnard founder of the Claybank Memorial Association for the perpetual care of the Claybank Cemetery 1963Map (db m213373) HM
65 Alabama, Dale County, Ozark — Claybank ChurchOzark, Dale County, Alabama — Built in 1852 —
Restored to its original pioneer condition in 1980 by descendants of William A. "Billy" Byrd 1850-1931 and wife Ophelia Dowling Byrd 1854-1931 This is to certify that Claybank Log Church which has been selected as a landmark . . . Map (db m213406) HM
66 Alabama, Dale County, Ozark — Longstreet CemeteryDale County
Longstreet Cemetery contains six separate cemeteries that were moved to this location in August 1942 during the construction of Fort Rucker. The property where the cemeteries are now located was the former site of Longstreet School. Cemeteries moved . . . Map (db m181072) HM
67 Alabama, Dale County, Ozark — The Original Burial Plot
The original burial plot northwest of this column one and one fourth acres was deeded by Elisha Matthews in 1888Map (db m213375) HM
68 Alabama, Dale County, Skipperville — Salem Baptist Church
This Church was organized August 3,1868, under a brush arbor, by Elias John McLendon and John Bradley.The first building was log house near the cemetery west of the Edd Dykes's place. First known as "Antioch" the church was later named Salem. On . . . Map (db m182138) HM
69 Alabama, Dallas County, Cahaba — Cahaba's "New" Cemetery
Created by the Legislature This cemetery was created by an act of Alabama's Legislature on January 31, 1852. Cahaba's town council selected this spot, but the Legislature had to confirm their choice because all public land within . . . Map (db m150864) HM
70 Alabama, Dallas County, Cahaba — Memorials for Prisoners of War
These are not graves. These are markers to memoralize the Federal soldiers who died in the Cahawba Military Prison during the Civil War. The men within the prison called it "Castle Morgan." No one knows where in Cahawba these . . . Map (db m112409) HM
71 Alabama, Dallas County, Cahaba — New Cemetery
Burials in this cemetery, which served Cahaba from 1848 to 1900, tell a story of the town in which many deaths resulted from diseases of infancy, childhood and early adult life, Yellow Fever being a large factor because of proximity to Gulf of . . . Map (db m23322) HM
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72 Alabama, Dallas County, Cahaba — Old Cemetery
This site was set aside by the 1820 General Assembly, burials here date from 1818 to 1847. Interred are some of the state's earliest figures. There is no record of names, many handsome tombs have been destroyed, seven marked ones remaining, six are . . . Map (db m23355) HM
73 Alabama, Dallas County, Marion Junction — Prosperity Cemetery Reported missing
Prosperity Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery is the resting place of many members of the church from 1846 until 1961. The Church was organized in 1822 by Isaac Grier. A church building stood on this site from 1844 until 1891, . . . Map (db m112357) HM
74 Alabama, Dallas County, Orrville — Whitt Cemetery
Whitt Cemetery has been placed on the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register by the Alabama Historical CommissionMap (db m112356) HM
75 Alabama, Dallas County, Pleasant Hill — Mount Carmel Church
A Cumberland Presbyterian church named Mt. Pleasant was organized here about 1821 by Rev. William James Moor, a missionary from the Elk Presbytery of Tennessee. Renamed Mount Carmel in 1827, this church provided early leadership for the Ala. . . . Map (db m75777) HM
76 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — Live Oak Cemetery
East portion reserved for graveyard, 1829; west part purchased City of Selma, 1877. Here are buried: William Rufus King, 1786-1853, Vice President of U.S. 1853. John Tyler Morgan, 1824-1907, U.S. Senator, Brig. Gen. C.S.A. Edmund . . . Map (db m37653) HM
77 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — Valley Creek Presbyterian ChurchOne of state’s first Presbyterian churches
Established in 1816 by eight families from Rocky River Presbyterian Church in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. In 1859 this two-story brick building replaced original wooden structure. Sanctuary and former slave gallery are on second . . . Map (db m83683) HM
78 Alabama, Dallas County, Selma — William Rufus de Vane King1786-1853
Native Sampson County, North Carolina. Admitted to bar, 1806. North Carolina House of Commons 1807-1809. U.S. Congressman 1811-16. Secretary U.S. Legation Naples and St. Petersburg 1816-1818. Moved to Dallas County, Alabama, 1818. . . . Map (db m37654) HM
79 Alabama, Dallas County, Valley Grande — Childers Chapel
Established circa 1819 as Childers Meeting House on land given by George Childers. Patent for the land was issued to George Childers March 16, 1819. This Methodist Church was later known as Childers Chapel. Church burned in 1842. Congregation . . . Map (db m37646) HM
80 Alabama, DeKalb County, Fort Payne — Site of the Willstown Mission1823-1839
Also resting place of Supt Ard Hoyt 1770-1828 Missionary to the Cherokee Indians Here and at Brainerd 1818-1828Map (db m36965) HM
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81 Alabama, Escambia County, Brewton — Franklin CemeteryEscambia County
Franklin Cemetery was established in the mid-nineteenth century and was originally located on land where the existing Georgia-Pacific Brewton LLC containerboard mill stands off of Highway 31 in Brewton. The cemetery served as the primary burial . . . Map (db m94163) HM
82 Alabama, Escambia County, Brewton — Pilgrims' Rest Cemetery
This cemetery was established in 1854 when Pilgrims' Rest Baptist Church was founded across the road on September 17 in that same year. The cemetery remained prominent in Alco even though the original congregation moved and Alco Methodist Church . . . Map (db m130672) HM
83 Alabama, Escambia County, Brewton — Union Cemetery
Union Cemetery has been an important resting place for Brewton's loved ones since at least 1879. State officials acknowledged the historical significance of Union Cemetery for our area by adding it to the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register . . . Map (db m94162) HM
84 Alabama, Etowah County, Gadsden — Southern Hill CemeteryEtowah County
Established in 1826 as "The Colored Cemetery," this site is the first and largest African-American cemetery in Gadsden. In 1918, the Mosaic Templars of America, a fraternal organization who provided African Americans with death and burial . . . Map (db m167227) HM
85 Alabama, Etowah County, Rainbow City — Harmony Baptist Church
Oldest church in Etowah County. Organized Saturday, April 2, 1831, at Harmony Meeting House, which was built in 1821, by Edmond Jones at this location. It was here that the Wills Creek Baptist Association was organized in 1836, Harmony being . . . Map (db m205239) HM
86 Alabama, Etowah County, Rainbow City — Old Harmony Cemetery
In the summer of 1784 William Jones and his two young sons were among a group of families from Georgia making their way through this area following the Old High Town Path. They camped here near a large spring and planned to continue their journey . . . Map (db m156371) HM
87 Alabama, Etowah County, Rainbow City — Site of 1784 Indian Massacre
The lone survivor being Edmond Jones, 5 year old son of William and Hannah Humphries Jones, who later gave the land for the cemetery.Map (db m156398) HM
88 Alabama, Franklin County, Russellville — Counts Family Cemetery
Counts Family Cemetery has been placed on the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register by the Alabama Historical CommissionMap (db m214664) HM
89 Alabama, Geneva County, Hartford — Earliest Church In Hartford
Organized on June 30, 1888 by thirteen charter members as Dundee Missionary Baptist Church. The congregation originally worshipped in a brush arbor on this present site. The first church building was erected from pine slabs in the summer of 1886. . . . Map (db m39125) HM
90 Alabama, Geneva County, Slocomb — Countyline Missionary Baptist ChurchSlocomb, Alabama
The Countyline Missionary Baptist Church and adjoining cemetery were established in November 1882, on land donated by Shade Adams, Originally donated by way of a gentleman's agreement with the founding members, the land was deeded to the 'Countyline . . . Map (db m199425) HM
91 Alabama, Henry County, Abbeville — The First Baptist Church of Abbeville/Abbeville Pioneer Cemetery
Side 1 The First Baptist Church of Abbeville This church was founded in 1834 as a mission of the Lawrenceville Baptist Church. Reverend Jeremiah Campbell was one of the early pastors. Later meetings were held in the lower story . . . Map (db m71807) HM
92 Alabama, Henry County, Haleburg — Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Constituted to the Glory of God, circa 1871, by former slaves in the area that later became Halesburg (now Haleburg), Alabama in 1885. Mt. Zion Church is one of the oldest African-American wooden frame churches in service in Alabama's Wiregrass . . . Map (db m165975) HM
93 Alabama, Henry County, Headland — Piney Grove Primitive Baptist Church and Cemetery
Side 1 An arm of the Shilo Primitive Baptist Church located near the Abby Creek, began meeting near the Three Cornered Pond just south of here in 1848. A new church called Piney Grove was constituted on April 21, 1849, by the hands of . . . Map (db m71815) HM
94 Alabama, Henry County, Newville — Newville Baptist Church / Newville Baptist Church Cemetery
Side 1 Newville Baptist Church A small Baptist congregation met under a brush arbor in 1876, near what later became the village of Wells which grew into the town of Newville, Alabama. A log church called Center was erected in . . . Map (db m71814) HM
95 Alabama, Henry County, Newville — Old Center Methodist Church / Old Center Cemetery
Old Center Methodist Church The church was organized in 1859. The first building was a log structure located just NW of the present building. In the 1870's it was part of the Newton Circuit and was served by a minister who lived in the . . . Map (db m71831) HM
96 Alabama, Henry County, Newville — Union Springs Missionary Baptist Church And Cemetery
Union Springs Missionary Baptist Church was dedicated to the Glory of God on September 19, 1896. Founders of the church included the Rev. Zack Deese, George Murray, Nathan Jones, Alec Cutchen, George Stokes, Marion Holland and Jasper Roney. The . . . Map (db m174720) HM
97 Alabama, Houston County, Columbia — Columbia CemeteryHouston County
Front The Columbia Cemetery was started in the 1830s on land given by Rev. Edmund Talbot. It postdates the abandoned Omussee Creek Church Cemetery located a mile SW of here. A "public Meeting house," which served as the Columbia . . . Map (db m115031) HM
98 Alabama, Houston County, Gordon — Gordon Cemetery / Early Gordon Leaders
(side 1) Gordon Cemetery Mr. William Wood (b. 22 Mar. 1826, d. 15 Oct. 1885), a prominent Gordon businessman, donated one acre of land located north of the town center adjacent to the old river road, now U.S. Highway 95, from . . . Map (db m73371) HM
99 Alabama, Houston County, Rehobeth — Big Creek United Methodist Church / Joseph Watford Revolutionary War Veteran
(side 1) Big Creek United Methodist Church One of the oldest churches in southeast Alabama and reportedly the oldest church in Houston County. The first church structure was a log building constructed about 20 yards north of the . . . Map (db m73356) HM
100 Alabama, Jackson County, Hollywood — Bellefonte Cemetery / Town of Bellefonte
(Front): Before the courthouse was completed, the community selected a location for a cemetery. The highest elevation in Bellefonte's corporate limits was chosen as the town's burial place. The earliest inscribed marker in Bellefonte Cemetery . . . Map (db m83790) HM

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