“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Nebraska

Naval Ammunition Depot Marker image, Touch for more information
By Bill Kirchner, September 23, 2014
Naval Ammunition Depot Marker
1 Nebraska, Adams County, Hastings — 366 — Naval Ammunition Depot
The U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot, known locally as "the NAD," was the largest of the navy's World War II inland munitions depots, occupying almost 49,000 acres of Adams and Clay County farmland. Construction began in July 1942; loading, assembly, and . . . Map (db m78005) HM
2 Nebraska, Adams County, Hastings — The Stein Building
For more than 30 years after the turn of the century, the Stein Brothers Store provided quality merchandise from all over the world to south central Nebraska shoppers. Stein's buyers made regular trips to Europe purchasing goods, like Belgian lace . . . Map (db m187774) HM
3 Nebraska, Adams County, Kenesaw — Susan C. Haile Gravesite
Susan C. Haile was born December 20, 1817, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. She was the youngest child of Joseph and Prudence (Bledsoe) Seawell, natives of Sumner County, Tennessee. Upon the death of Joseph in 1819, Prudence Seawell returned to Sumner . . . Map (db m123807) HM
4 Nebraska, Antelope County, Neligh — 138 — Ponca Trail of TearsWhite Buffalo Girl
A marker, 200 feet to the south, recalls the death of White Buffalo Girl of the Ponca tribe. The death of this child, daughter of Black Elk and Moon Hawk, symbolizes the tragic 1877 removal of the Ponca from their homeland on the Niobrara River to . . . Map (db m182053) HM
5 Nebraska, Antelope County, Neligh — 419 — The Neligh Mill Bridge
With the establishment of the Neligh Mill and the platting of the town of Neligh, a crossing of the Elkhorn River here aided farm-to-market commerce. This bridge, built in 1910, replaced an earlier span at this location. It is a pin-connected Pratt . . . Map (db m158998) HM
6 Nebraska, Antelope County, Neligh — 120 — The Neligh Mills
The Neligh Mills, built from locally fired brick in 1873 by John D. Neligh, was the first business and industry in the then newly platted town. Later owners and operators of the mill included William C. Galloway, Stephen F. Gilman and J. W. Spirk. . . . Map (db m159000) HM
7 Nebraska, Antelope County, Neligh — Trails, Rails, and Roads: Lifelines of a Mill
A Route and a Power Source: The Elkhorn Valley The Elkhorn Valley was a natural travel corridor into north-central and western Nebraska. Water, wood, and grass provided people and animals the critical resources to move overland wagons. Travel . . . Map (db m159076) HM
8 Nebraska, Antelope County, Neligh — Water Power at the Neligh Mill
Water = Power The Elkhorn River was an unlimited source of water power for flour mills and other manufacturing enterprises. But entrepreneurs found the meandering river difficult to harness. Too much water was as bad as too little. The key to . . . Map (db m158999) HM
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9 Nebraska, Antelope County, Orchard — 296 — The Prairie States Forestry Project Reported permanently removed
The Prairie States Forestry Project was initiated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 to combat the severe wind-caused soil erosion of the Dust Bowl days. From 1935 through 1942, the U.S. Forest Service, working with the Works Progress . . . Map (db m9633) HM
10 Nebraska, Antelope County, Tilden — Tilden, Nebraska1880-1980
The Village of Burnett was founded in 1880. Officially changed by the U.S. Post Office to Tilden in 1887 and by the courts in 1902.Map (db m160291) HM
11 Nebraska, Arthur County, Arthur — 548 — Baled Hay Construction
The invention of mechanical balers in the mid-1800s led to the use of bales of hay or straw as building blocks. Pioneer builders developed structural bale walls using cuttings of either native prairie flora — baled-hay — or of agricultural waste, . . . Map (db m223422) HM
12 Nebraska, Boone County, Petersburg — Logan FontenelleJuly 1855
”Near this location in July 1855 Logan Fontenelle noted French-Indian leader of the Omaha tribe, was slain in battle with the Sioux.” Petersburg Com’l Club, July 1955Map (db m179380) HM
13 Nebraska, Boone County, Petersburg — 205 — Logan Fontenelle
Logan Fontenelle, an interpreter and Omaha chief, was born at Bellevue in May, 1825. His father was Lucien Fontenelle, a noted fur trader both on the lower Missouri River and near Fort Laramie, Wyoming. His mother was a daughter of Big Elk, noted . . . Map (db m179377) HM
14 Nebraska, Boone County, St. Edward — 398 — St. Edward
For more than ten thousand years the Beaver Valley and surrounding prairie, with their abundant water and wildlife, nurtured Native Americans. The Pawnee Indians, whose permanent earthlodge villages were a few miles to the south, claimed this area . . . Map (db m181373) HM
15 Nebraska, Box Butte County, Alliance — 416 — Alliance Army Air Field
In the spring of 1942 the U.S. Army selected a site one mile south of here for an airfield. The dry climate and open landscape afforded ideal flying conditions. Ample water, cheap land, and Alliance’s new power plant, new hospital, and railroad . . . Map (db m178807) HM
16 Nebraska, Box Butte County, Alliance — 268 — Burlington Locomotive 719
By the mid-1880s the Sandhills had become an important cattle-raising region. The extension of the Burlington and Missouri Railroad westward through the Sandhills in 1877-1888 made ranching more profitable by making more accessible eastern markets. . . . Map (db m178801) HM
17 Nebraska, Box Butte County, Heminford — 146 — Box Butte Country
A flat-topped hill to the southeast was named Box Butte by early cowboys and travelers. This area is part of the Box Butte Tableland, semi-arid short grass country that stretches far to the west. Box Butte has given its name to the creek that flows . . . Map (db m89342) HM
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18 Nebraska, Boyd County, Lynch — 346 — Lewis and Clark CampsiteSeptember 7, 1804
On this day the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Pacific Ocean camped on the bank of the Missouri River at the base of a river landmark near here, now called The Tower. Clark wrote, “Capt Lewis & my Self walked up to the top which forms a Cone and . . . Map (db m181800) HM
19 Nebraska, Boyd County, Naper — 453 — Lost Airmen of World War II
On August 3, 1944, a C-47 transport carrying twenty-eight men of the U.S. Army Air Forces crashed in a ravine six miles southwest of Naper during a severe storm. There were no survivors. It was the largest single military air disaster in Nebraska . . . Map (db m70623) HM
20 Nebraska, Brown County, Ainsworth — 380 — Ainsworth Army Air Field
Ainsworth Army Air Field, completed on November 30, 1942, was a satellite of Rapid City Army Air Field and under command of the Second Air Force. The field was one of eleven Army Air Force training bases built in Nebraska during World War II. The . . . Map (db m77760) HM
21 Nebraska, Brown County, Johnstown — 236 — Lakeland Sod High School
Lakeland High School was constructed 20 miles south of this site by ranchers from several rural school districts during the summer of 1934. School began that September with 11 students. Constructed of prairie sod, with a sod roof supported by pole . . . Map (db m9623) HM
22 Nebraska, Brown County, Long Pine — 557 — Long Pine — A Railroad Town
Like many Nebraska communities, Long Pine's history is tied to railroad development. When the Fremont, Elkhorn, and Missouri Valley line arrived in 1881, Long Pine became a bustling railroad town. The Chicago & North Western Railroad (CNW) built a . . . Map (db m182061) HM
23 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Elm Creek — 91 — Historic Platte Valley
Through this valley passed the Oregon Trail, highway for early explorers, fur traders, California-bound gold seekers, freighters, and brave pioneers seeking new homes in the West. Traffic was especially heavy from 1843 to 1866. At times as many as . . . Map (db m45521) HM
24 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Gibbon — First Buffalo County Court House
On Oct. 10, 1871 the Buffalo County seat was by vote located at Gibbon. On this site was built the first Buffalo County Courthouse in 1873. Hand made brick in base, made from local clay is from this courthouse razed in 1909. On Oct. 13, 1874 the . . . Map (db m79715) HM
25 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Gibbon — 115 — Gibbon1871 - 1971
Gibbon, on the old Mormon Trail, was the site of a unique experiment in homestead colonization. Originally conceived as a financial venture by Colonel John Thorp of Ohio, the Soldier's Free Homestead Colony was responsible for bringing the first . . . Map (db m79880) HM
26 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Gibbon — 201 — Gibbon
Gibbon, near here, was the site of a unique experiment in homestead colonization. The Soldiers' Free Homestead Temperance Colony was responsible for bringing the earliest settlers, mostly Union veterans, to this locality. Traveling via the Union . . . Map (db m79716) HM
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27 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Gibbon — In Honor of D. E. "Mac" McGregor
In honor of D. E. "Mac" McGregor whose ideas brought about this park and this windmillMap (db m79884) HM
28 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Gibbon — Memorial Tree
In honor of the Grand Army of the Republic by its Auxiliary the National Woman's Relief CorpsMap (db m79718) WM
29 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Gibbon — 359 — Nebraska Centre - Boyd Ranche
James E. Boyd settled near here in 1858 and by 1860 operated a trail ranche supplying travelers on the Platte Valley Overland Route (Mormon Trail). The ranche included 2200 acres of corn and barley. Nebraska Centre Post Office was here until it was . . . Map (db m45425) HM
30 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Gibbon — The Soldiers Free Homestead ColonyIn Memory Of — April 7, 1871 —
Erected by the descendants of the Soldiers Free Homestead Colony, to honor and perpetuate their names, for their courage and self sacrifice in their pioneering. They arrived in Gibbon, Nebraska, April 7, 1871, by Union Pacific Railroad, seeking . . . Map (db m79721) HM
31 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Baldwin Engine 481
Baldwin Built engine 481 in 1903. The original number was 1902, but was later renumbered 841 in 1915. It was used on the main line branch lines of the Union Pacific Railroad in Kansas until the winter of 1954-55, when it was brought to Kearney . . . Map (db m45428) HM
32 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Boyd House
The Boyd House, first frame house in Buffalo County, was built just west of present-day Gibbon in 1864 by brothers James E. and Joseph Boyd. It was the family home of James and Ann Boyd and their children. The two brothers came to the area in the . . . Map (db m45468) HM
33 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — 488 — Buffalo County’s Lincoln Highway Seedling Mile
The Lincoln Highway Association was founded in 1913 to promote a transcontinental automobile route from new York City to San Francisco. Dedicated on October 31, 1913, the route was marked by the letter “L” within red, white, and blue . . . Map (db m45520) HM
34 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Dr. Paul Ambrose
This garden was planted in memory of Dr. Paul Ambrose who died on American Airlines Flight 77 on September 11, 2001. "Paul dedicated his career to changing the health care system with an emphasis on physician leadership and prevention. Paul . . . Map (db m58905) HM
35 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Empress Theatre1914
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Destroyed by fire Rebuilt 1940 as Fort TheatreMap (db m58904) HM
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36 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — German Baptist Church of the Brethren
This building was constructed in 1898 by the German Baptist Church of the Brethren to serve as a house of worship. It was originally located on the southwest corner of ? Street and Avenue A in Kearney. This congregation used this building until . . . Map (db m45467) HM
37 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Good Samaritan Air Crew
This gazebo is dedicated to the memory of the Good Samaritan Air Crew. On December 20, 1985, they gave their lives attempting to save others. Nancy Brandon Joan Brown Craig BuddenMap (db m58938) HM
38 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — 153 — Historic Kearney
In 1847 Brigham Young led the first migration over the Mormon Trail along the north bank of the Platte River, and in 1866 the Union Pacific Railroad pushed its main line westward to this valley, bringing pioneer settlers. However, it was not until . . . Map (db m45427) HM
39 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Hostetler Amphitheatre
Dedicated in honor and memory Judge Bruno O. Hostetler 1861 - 1954 Leadership in establishing college in Kearney 1903 A gift from his daughter Mrs. Florence H. Raymond June 19, 1980Map (db m58962) HM
40 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — KearneyFrom the Beginning
Long before early French explorers named it the Platte River, or "flat waters," this heartland oasis was a crossroads. Migratory birds, abundant wildlife and Native Americans had been in residence for centuries when the confluence of the Oregon and . . . Map (db m58888) HM
41 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Kearney Civil War and Spanish-American War Memorial
Erected by the City of Kearney, 1910. In honor of the Defenders of our Country, 1861-1865 and 1898-1900.Map (db m45426) HM
42 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — 148 — Kearney Cotton Mill
In the late 1880's, Kearney business leaders envisioned the city as a major manufacturing center. The Kearney Cotton Mill was among the many enterprises launched as part of this venture, which included paper, woolen, and oatmeal mills; plow and . . . Map (db m101852) HM
43 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Kearney State College Memorial Carillon Tower
In honor of George and Venetia Peterson and Elias and Mary Yanney The carillon tower reflects the early history of Kearney State College and the Administration Building located adjacent to this site. The four columns of the . . . Map (db m58961) HM
44 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Loup River Freighter Hotel
Loup River Freighters Hotel was built in 1884 by Jerome Lalone, a house painter and wallpaper hanger from Kearney. Mr. Lolone purchased land in the northwestern corner of Buffalo County along the South Loup river in 1883. he built the house along a . . . Map (db m45429) HM
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45 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Old Oregon Trail
. . . Map (db m58815) HM
46 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Shelton Union Pacific Depot
This depot was built in 1898 next to the Union Pacific tracks in Shelton. It was moved to this site in September 1975 and was the first building on the grounds of the Trails and Rails Museum of the Buffalo County Historical Society. It was donated . . . Map (db m45471) HM
47 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — Site of Bauer DrugNovember 1, 1946 - December 1958 — Proprietor, George J. Bauer —
and Bauer Sundries & Veterinary Supplies January 1959 - October 1969 Proprietor, Frances R. Bauer Home of Kearney's last soda fountain In honor of George J. and Frances R. Bauer for their civic mindedness and years of . . . Map (db m58857) HM
48 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — The Frank House
The Frank House National Register Of Historic Places 1973 Map (db m169808) HM
49 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — 364 — The Great Platte River Road
The trail which followed the south side of the Platte River was the main route to Oregon and California. Fur traders going to the Rocky Mountains took the first wagons over the trail in 1830. Oregon-bound missionaries followed in the mid-1830s, and . . . Map (db m53268) HM
50 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — 178 — The Watson Ranch
In 1888, H. D. Watson established the historic Watson Ranch, at one time containing 8,000 acres, reaching from the fertile Platte Valley on the south to the rolling hills on the north and from downtown Kearney to a point five miles west. . . . Map (db m101853) HM
51 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Kearney — 125 — University of Nebraska at Kearney
In 1903 the legislature appropriated $50,000 to establish a state normal school in central or western Nebraska. After 111 ballots, the State Board of Education chose Kearney as the site. The city donated twenty acres on the west edge of town for a . . . Map (db m45500) HM
52 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Ravenna — 370 — Civilian Conservation CorpsRavenna, Nebraska
From 1934 to 1939, Companies 2741 and 2732 of the Civilian Conservation Corps occupied a camp near this site. Barracks housed about 200 men, ages 18 to 25, who built soil conservation dams and planted shelterbelts on nearby farms. The camp moved to . . . Map (db m181771) HM
53 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Ravenna — Pleasanton Branch Union Pacific Railroad
The ill-fated Pleasanton Nebraska branch extended southwestward along the South Loup Valley from Boelus to Pleasanton, a distance of 22.42 miles. Construction from Boelus to Nantasket was completed in 1887 and reached Pleasanton in 1890. The line . . . Map (db m181793) HM
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54 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Ravenna — 361 — Post South Loup Fork"Fort Banishment"
On the South Loup River southwest of here was the site of the U.S. Army’s Post South Loup Fork. This small outpost of Fort Kearney was established in May 1865 by Company “E”, Seventh Iowa Cavalry, under the command of Capt. James B. David and . . . Map (db m181699) HM
55 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Shelton — 407 — Joseph E. Johnson and the Huntsman’s Echo
In April 1860 Joseph E. Johnson, a Mormon, established a road ranche at Wood River Center, today’s Shelton, and began publishing The Huntsman’s Echo, the first newspaper in Nebraska west of Omaha. He had earlier edited papers in Council Bluffs, . . . Map (db m45423) HM
56 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Shelton — Meisner Bank Building
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m79714) HM
57 Nebraska, Buffalo County, Shelton — Shelton Pioneers
This Boulder is dedicated to the early pioneers of the community of Shelton, in recognition of their heroic services in establishing and protecting this town and in risking their lives that Shelton might be secure. In memory of La Belle Whitney . . . Map (db m45283) HM
58 Nebraska, Burt County, Tekamah — Historical Facts of Burt County
(South Side) Old block house was built by U.S. War Department on this site in 1855 to protect white colony from Indians. Crowning achievment of the pioneers was a gold medal award for best agricultural display at World's Fair 1893 . . . Map (db m28077) HM
59 Nebraska, Butler County, David City — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty 40th Anniversary . . . Map (db m181434) HM
60 Nebraska, Butler County, David City — 252 — Shinn's Ferry
Moses Shinn and his son Dick began operating Shinn's Ferry across the Platte in 1859. The original site was near Savannah, the first Butler County seat, and a short distance from the present Schuyler bridge. Just above this location the Platte was . . . Map (db m39143) HM
61 Nebraska, Cass County, Elmwood — 41 — Bess Streeter Aldrich, 1881-1954
"Love is more like a light that you carry .... that is what love is to a woman - a lantern in her hand," says Abbie Deal the courageous heroine in Bess Streeter Aldrich's novel about the pioneers who with dreams and hard work forged this great . . . Map (db m82510) HM
62 Nebraska, Cass County, Plattsmouth — Blake Building
This Property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Blake Building 305 Main Street 1883 ca John Blake, proprietor of a local saloon, erected this building. The . . . Map (db m78059) HM
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63 Nebraska, Cass County, Plattsmouth — Budweiser Building 1888
This Property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Budweiser Building 1888 Anheuser-Busch Brewing Co built for $20,000 to house a saloon and liquor business. . . . Map (db m78051) HM
64 Nebraska, Cass County, Plattsmouth — Cass County Courthouse
Two markers, to the left and right of the front entrance. Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior 1985 This Property is listed in the . . . Map (db m78049) HM
65 Nebraska, Cass County, Plattsmouth — 242 — Company A – First Nebraska Volunteer Infantry1861-1866
When the outbreak of war between the states became imminent in the spring of 1861, the citizens of Plattsmouth were quick to respond to the impending crisis. Without waiting for President Lincoln's call for volunteers, Dr. Robert R. Livingston . . . Map (db m78024) HM
66 Nebraska, Cass County, Plattsmouth — Drew/Weckbach
This Property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Drew/Weckbach 317, 321, 325 Main Street 1881 & 1886 Joseph V. Weckbach came to Plattsmouth in 1865. After . . . Map (db m78056) HM
67 Nebraska, Cass County, Plattsmouth — Excelsior Building
This Property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Excelsior Building 313 Main Street 1884 Three business owners, in succession, J.C. & R. Peterson, brothers, . . . Map (db m78058) HM
68 Nebraska, Cass County, Plattsmouth — Plattsmouth Bridge 1930
This Property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Plattsmouth Bridge 1930 The bridge was built to replace the ferry service that had started in 1848. It was . . . Map (db m78061) HM
69 Nebraska, Cass County, Plattsmouth — Vienna Bakery
This Property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Vienna Bakery 329 Main Street 1881 Built by William Stadelman, First occupant was a bakery run by William . . . Map (db m78054) HM
70 Nebraska, Cass County, Plattsmouth — Wetenkamp Building
This Property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Wetenkamp Building 337 Main Street 1890 Many businesses occupied this site. Among them were various stores, . . . Map (db m78053) HM
71 Nebraska, Cass County, Weeping Water — 118 — Weeping Water Academy
This building was constructed by community effort in 1871 of native limestone as the Congregational Church and served in that capacity until a new brick church was constructed 1887-1890. The nearby stone parsonage, first occupied in 1867, was sold . . . Map (db m82521) HM
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72 Nebraska, Cedar County, Crofton — 167 — Historic Missouri Valley
During their exploration of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers, Lewis and Clark held councils with Ponca, Omaha, and Sioux Indians inhabiting this region. The council with the Sioux occurred August 28-31, 1804 at Calumet Bluff now the southern . . . Map (db m101395) HM
73 Nebraska, Cedar County, Crofton — Meeting the Yankton Sioux
On August 27, 1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition set up its camp for four days downstream from Calumet Bluff. The explorers came across three American Indian boys who told them of a large Yankton Sioux camp nearby. Knowing that President . . . Map (db m101392) HM
74 Nebraska, Cedar County, Crofton — Meridian Highway
You are within sight and sound of a Midwestern dream come true - the Meridian Highway. In 1911 a group of Kansans and Nebraskans drafted a plan for a highway paralleling the sixth principal meridian through America's heartland from Canada . . . Map (db m101393) HM
75 Nebraska, Cedar County, Crofton — 168 — Scenic Missouri Valley
This scenic overlook provides a clear view of the valley of the Missouri River, the longest waterway in North America. To the west is the Gavins Point Dam and the Lewis and Clark Recreation Area. The dam was built to harness the fury of the . . . Map (db m101391) HM
76 Nebraska, Cedar County, Crofton — The Great Missouri River
The Missouri, the continent's longest river, figures prominently in the unfolding of America's saga. Flowing nearby in its 2,341 - mile course from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi, the Big Muddy is not only loaded with sediment but . . . Map (db m101394) HM
77 Nebraska, Cedar County, Hartington — 204 — Cedar County
Much of the early history of Cedar County involves the Indian inhabitants, the Ponca, Omaha, and Sioux. Several prehistoric and historic Indian villages were located in the region. In 1804, Lewis and Clark ascended the Missouri River near here . . . Map (db m181311) HM
78 Nebraska, Cedar County, Hartington — 321 — Hartington - Home of two Nebraska Governors
This marker, dedicated on the 100th anniversary of Hartington High School, June 25, 1988, is in honor of two graduates who became governors of Nebraska. Dwight Burney, born in 1892, graduated from Hartington High School in 1910. Burney attended . . . Map (db m181317) HM
79 Nebraska, Chase County, Champion — 43 — Champion Water-Powered Mill
Champion, on the Frenchman River (Creek), is the site of probably the oldest functioning water-powered mill in Nebraska. Preliminary construction on the mill was begun in the fall of 1886. The work was completed and the mill placed in operation by . . . Map (db m79376) HM
80 Nebraska, Chase County, Imperial — Chase County War Memorial
A tribute in honor of all those who served their country dedicated in memory of those who paid the supreme sacrificeMap (db m177415) WM
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81 Nebraska, Chase County, Wauneta — George Rowley
Near this spot stood the Rowley sod house. Built in 1875 it was the first habitation in Chase County. On October 3, 1878, while on his way home to protect his family, Rowley was killed by Cheyenne Indians during the epic trek of Dull Knife’s Band . . . Map (db m177410) HM
82 Nebraska, Cherry County, Bayonne — 4 — Opening the Sandhills
The first ranch in this area was set up on the Niobrara River about five miles south of here in 1877. E. S. Newman established his ranch to sell cattle to the government for delivery to the Indians at the Pine Ridge Agency to the north. The . . . Map (db m9622) HM
83 Nebraska, Cherry County, Merriman — 493 — Survey ValleyCherry County, Nebraska
This natural valley extending east and west across the Sandhills became known as Survey Valley after the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad surveyed a prospective line from O’Neill to Alliance in 1887. No rails were ever laid. On January 19, . . . Map (db m178711) HM
84 Nebraska, Cherry County, Valentine — 378 — Bryan Bridge
This arched cantilever truss bridge, connected in the center with a single pin, is the only one of its kind in the United States. It was built in 1932 by the Department of Public Works and named by the local citizenry in honor of Governor Charles . . . Map (db m70625) HM
85 Nebraska, Cherry County, Valentine — 87 — Fort Niobrara
When a Sioux Indian reservation was established north of here in Dakota Territory in 1878, early settlers in the region grew fearful of attack. They requested military protection, and in 1880 Fort Niobrara was built a few miles east of present-day . . . Map (db m77753) HM
86 Nebraska, Cherry County, Wood Lake — 483 — Midair Collision of P-47 "Thunderbolt" Fighter Planes, 1944
At 10:45 a.m. on February 5, 1944, 1st Lt. John B. Beatty of Sandusky, OH, and 2d Lt. Earnest W. Fanslau of Mantua, NJ took to the air from the Ainsworth Army Air Field in two P-47 "Thunderbolt" fighter planes for an instrument training flight. Lt. . . . Map (db m77754) HM
87 Nebraska, Cheyenne County, Gurley — 56 — Discovery Oil Well - Marathon Oil Company
On August 9, 1949, the first successful oil well in western Nebraska came in for 225 barrels of oil per day at a total depth of 4,429 feet. Marathon Oil Co. completed the discovery well, Mary Egging No.1, located four miles east and two miles . . . Map (db m223425) HM
88 Nebraska, Cheyenne County, Sidney — 16 — Fort Sidney
Sidney Barracks, when established in 1867, was a temporary camp with one permanent structure, a blockhouse located to the north. In 1869 the Fort was relocated at this site and in 1870 the name was officially changed to Fort Sidney. The primary . . . Map (db m76864) HM
89 Nebraska, Cheyenne County, Sidney — Hickory Square
Eight plaques mounted on a single monument are located at Hickory Square. The plaques are presented left to right. Early Day Cheyenne County The history of Nebraska and Cheyenne County correlate to the push westward of the . . . Map (db m76866) HM
90 Nebraska, Cheyenne County, Sidney — 362 — Sioux Army Depot
Sioux Army Depot was established on 23 March 1942 as Sioux Ordnance Depot. It was the only U.S. Army Ammunition Depot in Nebraska during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The depot was initially under the command of the U.S. Army . . . Map (db m76863) HM
91 Nebraska, Clay County, Sutton — 49 — Sutton
The first permanent settler in the town of Sutton was Luther French, who arrived in 1870. He and his seven children lived near here in a dugout on the bank of School Creek. This dugout had a tunnel to the creek bank and the inside entrance could be . . . Map (db m78007) HM
92 Nebraska, Clay County, Sutton — 422 — The Soldier's Monument
On March 27, 1879, George G. Meade Post 19, Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Nebraska, was founded in Sutton by twenty former Union soldiers. The G.A.R. was a national fraternal organization created to provide for the welfare of Union . . . Map (db m78006) HM WM
93 Nebraska, Colfax County, Schuyler — 546 — Shell Creek Pawnee Settlements
By the early 1600s, the ancestors of the Pawnee Nation began consolidating into a few large communities. Each was home to hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Some of these were built along nearby Shell Creek. These Shell Creek cities may have . . . Map (db m179394) HM
94 Nebraska, Cuming County, Bancroft — 31 — Bancroft
Bancroft was the home of John G. Neihardt between 1900 and 1920. Here he wrote all of his short stories and lyric poetry including A Bundle of Myrrh, The Splendid Wayfaring, and the Quest and began his epic poem A Cycle of . . . Map (db m159850) HM
95 Nebraska, Cuming County, Bancroft — 207 — John G. Neihardt Center
John Gneisenau Neihardt (1881-1973), teacher, philosopher, and Nebraska Poet Laureate, moved to Bancroft in 1900. Here he first became acquainted with Indians, married, and began his major work, A Cycle of the West, a five-part epic poem . . . Map (db m161558) HM
96 Nebraska, Cuming County, Bancroft — 291 — John G. Neihardt Study
The building was erected on this site in the 1890s for August Hartman and used as a residence by various owners until 1964. Poet John G. Neihardt rented the building from 1911 through 1920 for a study. Here he wrote his lyrics, prose, and part . . . Map (db m161556) HM
97 Nebraska, Cuming County, Bancroft — M60A3 TankBuilt in 1775 — Weight 53.45 Ton —
Transported on a 107 foot tractor-trailer to present location on Sept. 12. 1996 from the Army National Guard base at Mead, NE. Dedicated Nov. 11. 1996 In memory of all who servedMap (db m161559) HM WM
98 Nebraska, Custer County, Anselmo — 571 — Anselmo
Anselmo began as a railroad town along the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad. The Burlington needed a stop for water, coal, and switching facilities. It built a depot, and the town itself was platted in November 1886. A Lincoln Land Company . . . Map (db m223426) HM
99 Nebraska, Custer County, Anselmo — St Anselms Catholic Church & Rectory1928
This property has been Placed on the National Register of Historic PlacesMap (db m181178) HM
100 Nebraska, Custer County, Broken Bow — 45 — Broken Bow
A discarded Indian bow suggested the name for a town. Wilson Hewitt, an early homesteader, had applied for the location of a post office on his place. Approving the location, the government rejected Hewitt's first three suggested names as being too . . . Map (db m77816) HM

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