“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Thomasville's Early History Marker (Side 2) image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, February 25, 2017
Thomasville's Early History Marker (Side 2)
Alabama (Clarke County), Thomasville — Thomasville's Early History
Side 1 In the summer of 1887, a notice was published confirming that the route for the Mobile and West Alabama Railroad would be the Choctaw Corner route. Soon the sounds of building could be heard over the swamp that was the . . . — Map (db m101601) HM
Alabama (Cullman County), Cullman — Bent But Not Broken
A tribute to the citizens of Cullman County for bending, but not breaking, following the EF4 tornado on April 27, 2011. Dedicated: April 27, 2013 Designed by: Cullman City Street Dept. — Map (db m101094) HM
Alabama (Elmore County), Wetumpka — Wetumpka Impact Crater
The ridges located here are the remnants of a six-mile diameter circular feature created some 85 million years ago by an estimated 1,000-foot diameter asteroid. The area at the time of impact was a shallow sea. The ridges consist of a variety of . . . — Map (db m67939) HM
Alabama (Houston County), Cowarts — Cowarts Baptist Church / Cowarts School
(Front): Cowarts Baptist Church Cowarts Baptist Church was founded in 1885 when dissension arose in the Congregation of Smyrna. Originally located beside the cemetery, the church was destroyed by fire during the 1890s. It was rebuilt . . . — Map (db m64865) HM
Alabama (Jackson County), Stevenson — Flight 800 Memorial
Early on the morning of Wednesday, July 17, 1996 —hearts and minds overflowing with excitement for the journey— five of our friends, neighbors and kinfolk, left Stevenson, Alabama, bound for Paris, France. That evening, at . . . — Map (db m108799) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Driven Up The WatersNatchez Trace Parkway
The Trail of Tears led groups of Cherokee up the Tennessee River here. The Cherokee are one of southeastern tribes who were relocated to Oklahoma due to the US Indian removal policy in the 1830s. During removal, most Cherokee went by land, but . . . — Map (db m107267) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Oakville — Town of Oakville
Based on the large number of local mounds and artifacts, this site shows evidence of Indian occupation over 2000 years ago. According to tradition about 1780, Oakville became a Cherokee town located on Black Warriors' Path. By the early 1820's, . . . — Map (db m36036) HM
Alabama (Lee County), Auburn — Founders' Oak
This post oak started growth in 1850 and was 6 years old when East Alabama Male College was established. It was 33 years old when the Alabama Agricultural Station was established, 91 when the nation entered World War II, and over 100 when this site . . . — Map (db m74430) HM
Alabama (Limestone County), French Mill — Limestone County Tornado Memorial
Primary marker The bricks in these walls were once part of the homes of Limestone Countians. Each one represents a dream, and the loss of that dream on April 27, 2011, when seven tornadoes hit Limestone County and 62 struck in Alabama, . . . — Map (db m72495) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Grissom • White • ChaffeeDate of Incident: January 27, 1967 • Intended Launch Date: February 21, 1967 — "Fire in the Cockpit!"
These were among the last words from Apollo 1. On January 27, 1967, the first scheduled Apollo flight, Apollo/Saturn 204, was undergoing routine launch pad tests. Soon after the crew was sealed inside the command module, a deadly fire exploded . . . — Map (db m85495) HM
Alabama (Marion County), Guin — City of Guin, Alabama: The Early Years / The Storms of 1974
City of Guin, Alabama: The Early Years In 1889, Dr. Jeremiah Guin gave land to the Kansas City, Missouri & Birmingham Railroad to allow completion of its Memphis to Birmingham railway. The rails connected at Dr. Guin's farm, about ¼ . . . — Map (db m96796) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — L'Arbre de Pau
The Tree of Pau Presented to the people of Mobile from their sister city, Pau, France. Symbolic of the restoration after Hurricane Frederic 1979. — Map (db m86439) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Augusta and the Old Augusta CemeteryCirca 1819
Augusta, home of Old Augusta Cemetery, was built on the site of a former Indian village, “Sawanogi,” on high ground close to the Tallapoosa River. In 1824 a disastrous flood swept over the plateau, invading shops and residences. A year . . . — Map (db m68260) HM
Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — Old Decatur Historic District/Old State Bank
The Old Decatur Historic District dates Back to the Town's settlement in 1817; at that time it was called Rhodes Ferry Landing after Dr. Henry W. Rhodes, an early landowner who operated a ferry across the Tennessee River. In 1820, President . . . — Map (db m103225) HM WM
Alabama (Morgan County), Vinemont — The "Katy-Did" Crash
Eight U.S. Army Air Corps officers and enlisted men were killed one-fourth mile east of here near the Roundtop Community on Sunday, April 9, 1944, at 2:20 p.m. when their B-26C Martin Marauder bomber, nicknamed the “Katy-Did”, crashed . . . — Map (db m80562) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Helena — Harmony GraveyardShelby County
This site began as the burying ground for Harmony Presbyterian Church, the first church built in the area that would become Helena. The earliest marked grave is Jones Griffin (died 1836), one of Andrew Jackson's Tennessee volunteers who was credited . . . — Map (db m76237) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Helena — Helena Freight House & Depot
The South and North Alabama Railroad Company constructed the Helena Freight House & Depot about 1872 while repairing damage inflicted by Union raiders in 1865. The original location of the structure was just north of the present railroad . . . — Map (db m76262) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Helena — Helena, Alabama
Side 1 At a crossroads, one mile south of Helena, a post office called Cove was established in 1849 and renamed Hillsboro in 1857. During the Civil War the South & North Railroad (the Louisville & Nashville Railroad) was constructed to . . . — Map (db m76243) HM
Alabama (Talladega County), Oak Grove — Stars Fell On Alabama / Hodges Meteorite
Stars Fell On Alabama November 30, 1954. It was a cold, clear early afternoon when Dr. Moody Jacobs left his office for lunch. In the sky, he saw a trail of dark smoke and heard an explosion before white smoke shot out in several . . . — Map (db m44229) HM
Alaska (Anchorage Borough), Anchorage — Measuring the Magnitude of Damage
Measuring the Magnitude of Damage The Good Friday Earthquake destroyed or severely restricted all forms of transportation, utilities and communications over a large part of south-central Alaska. Communications and Utilities The . . . — Map (db m69766) HM
Alaska (Anchorage Borough), Anchorage — The Earth Did Quake
“And, behold … The earth did quake and the rocks rent;” Matthew 27:51 A description of the first Good Friday The gruesome dance of the earth finally stopped, leaving much of downtown Anchorage in ruins. In four . . . — Map (db m69795) HM
Alaska (Anchorage Borough), Anchorage — Tsunami!
More devastating than the Good Friday Earthquake itself, the seismic sea waves or tsunamis, that followed caused the major loss of life and property in Alaska. Tsunamis are generated by the sudden upward movement of the seafloor along the . . . — Map (db m69769) HM
Alaska (Anchorage Borough), Anchorage — Turnagain Heights Slide
You are standing on the edge of the Turnagain Heights Slide, the largest and most destructive landslide in Anchorage. Ninety seconds into the Good Friday Earthquake, an 8,000-foot strip of bluff, 1,200 feet wide began cracking apart into . . . — Map (db m69770) HM
Alaska (Anchorage Borough), Girdwood — 1964 Earthquake
This cabin was part of the original Portage town site. The small coastal towns of Girdwood and Portage located on Turnagain Arm were destroyed in the 1964 earthquake. Girdwood was later relocated a few miles inland, while Portage, which subsided . . . — Map (db m70719) HM
Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — USS Juneau (CL-52) Memorial'Lest We Forget'
Center Marker Panel: [Rendering of the cruiser USS Juneau(CL-52)] 'Lest We Forget' The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal was as ferocious and decisive as any battle of World War II. It was not won cheaply. The night action of Friday . . . — Map (db m77160) WM
Arizona (Coconino County), Grand Canyon National Park — 1956 Grand Canyon TWA-United Airlines Aviation Accident Site
1956 Grand Canyon TWA-United Airlines Aviation Accident Site has been designated a National Historic Landmark This tragic accident site represents a watershed moment in the modernization of America's airways leading to the . . . — Map (db m81861) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument — Changes to Come
Buried under Sunset Crater's lava and cinders are perhaps dozens of pithouses. Those excavated revealed few artifacts; even building timbers had been removed. This suggests people had ample warning of the impending eruption. The changed . . . — Map (db m41693) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Walnut Canyon National Monument — A Time of Change
When a volcanic eruption occurred near what is now Flagstaff, Arizona, people lost homes and lands they had cultivated for at least 400 years. A major life events for locals, the eruption was also visible to large population centers across the . . . — Map (db m61325) HM
Arizona (Gila County), Globe — Globe Mine Rescue Station
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior Circa 1919 — Map (db m67462) HM
Arizona (Gila County), Payson — The Dude Fire
On June 25, 1990 a lightning caused fire entrapped ten members of the Perryville fire crew in this canyon. Resulting in six fatalities. Before the fire was contained it had burned more than 24,000 acres and destroyed over 70 structures. This . . . — Map (db m28210) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Lakeside — Rodeo-Chediski FireJune 18th 2002 – July 7 2002
The White Mountain communities dedicate this memorial to the courageous men and women who voluntarily put themselves in harm's way to protect from imminent destruction by the Rodeo-Chediski Fire. By the Grace of God, and through the . . . — Map (db m36745) HM
Arizona (Pima County), Summerhaven — Lemmon Rock Lookout TowerCoronado National Forest
Lemmon Rock Lookout Tower was erected in 1928. It is the oldest lookout still in use on the Forest. This general locale has been used as a fire lookout since the Coronado Forest Reserve was established in 1902. The current lookout structure was . . . — Map (db m55554) HM
Arizona (Santa Cruz County), Madera Canyon — Boy Scout Memorial
Troop 301 and Venture Crew 301 cautions you to Be Prepared before you hike to the summit. In memory of the 50th anniversary of the Boy Scouts lost on November 15, 1958 David Greenberg – 12 years old Mike . . . — Map (db m73898) HM
Arkansas (Arkansas County), St. Charles — St. Charles Battle Monument
[Northeast face] Officers and men killed on the U.S.S. Mound City {List of 124 dead} [Northwest face] Near this spot, on June 17, 1862, a decisive engagement was fought between the Conf- ederates entrenched and the . . . — Map (db m108071) WM
Arkansas (Benton County), Bella Vista — The Terrible Cost of World War II

SACRIFICE: In 1939 the active United States military totaled 335,000, and during the conflict more than 16 million men and women had served. Tens of millions of men and women throughout the world were in military service in other nations . . . — Map (db m91985) HM

Arkansas (Benton County), Bella Vista — War on Terrorism

The paradox of power is that a weaker nation will seek help from a stronger nation to resolve a problem, then hate the stronger nation because the weaker nation could not solve the problem themselves.

Though it was not realized at the time, . . . — Map (db m92254) HM WM

Arkansas (Benton County), Lowell — Original Site of Bloomington (Mudtown) Arkansas
Front Mar. 20, 1839 Trail of Tears Mar. 8, 1847 Robinson's Crossroads First Post Office Feb. 5, 1858 Name changed to Bloomington Sept. 18, 1858 Butterfield Stage Stop to 1861 Dec. 9, 1862 Civil War Skirmishes Aug. 24, 1864 "Camp . . . — Map (db m33712) HM
Arkansas (Carroll County), Eureka Springs — Fire and Brick & StoneUpper Spring

The neighborhood above the current First Baptist Church burned in the Great Fire of 1883, the first of four Great Fires which destroyed most of the town's early wooden structures. New commercial buildings were built of more fire-resistant . . . — Map (db m80106) HM

Arkansas (Desha County), Kelso — Old Town of Napoleon
This important river port, county seat of Desha County from 1838 to 1874, was located 24 miles east at the junction of the Arkansas River with the Mississippi. The town was finally abandoned after most of it washed into the Mississippi River. — Map (db m107758) HM
Arkansas (Faulkner County), Conway — Cherokee Memorial
Following is a partial list of persons who died and were buried at Cadron. They perished from cholera while being relocated by the Army in 1834. Graves were marked with native stones with no inscriptions. Some of the Indians had adopted . . . — Map (db m96643) HM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — Does the River ever flood?
Flooding, a long-feared natural phenomenon, is a very real concern throughout the region. Water has spilled from the banks of the Mississippi many time over the years, causing widespread fear and devastation. The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, the . . . — Map (db m107819) HM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — Those who have come before
The Delta represents a “melting pot” of diverse cultures. And most of them got here by canoe. Canoeing is the oldest form of water transportation on the Mississippi River-at least 2,000 years old! In the Quapaw tribal history, they . . . — Map (db m107816) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Great Cyclone at Fort Smith

A cyclone, carrying death and destruction in its wake, visited Fort Smith at 11:15 p.m. on Tuesday, January 11, 1898. Out of the western skies on an unusually balmy night came first an epic show of lightning followed by heavy winds. Then with . . . — Map (db m92364) HM

Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — The Trail of Tears

This marks the last encampment of the Cherokee Indians on "The Trail of Tears," from their ancestral homes in the South to the land allotted them in the Indian Territory. — Map (db m92345) HM

California (Alameda County), Berkeley — The 1923 Berkeley Fire
On the morning of September 17, 1923, a grass fire spread from Wildcat Canyon over the hills into Berkeley. Driven by hot, dry winds, the fire spread rapidly across the northeast residential districts of the city, burning as far south and west as . . . — Map (db m54213) HM
California (Alameda County), San Leandro — Memorial to the Chinese LaborersLake Chabot Historical Walk
The Alameda County Historical Society dedicates this panel to: Ah Bing – 41, Kim Yuen – 29, Toy Sing – 31, and Lock Sing – 33, who died outside this tunnel. This panel is also dedicated to the countless unnamed and . . . — Map (db m71651) HM
California (Amador County), Jackson — 786 — Argonaut and Kennedy Mines
Argonaut Mine, discovered 1850, and Kennedy Mine, discovered 1856, played dramatic roles in the economic development of California. They produced $105,268,760 in gold. Kennedy Mine has a vertical shaft of 5,912 feet, the deepest in the United States . . . — Map (db m100586) HM
California (Amador County), Jackson — Argonaut Mine
On the hill to your right stand the remains of the Argonaut Mine gallus (headframe), beneath which 47 miners were lost when a fire broke out deep in the main shaft on August 27, 1922. At that time the Argonaut was one of the deepest gold mines in . . . — Map (db m94781) HM
California (Amador County), Jackson — Miners' GravesArgonaut Mine Tragedy 1922 — (Jackson City Cemetery)
In memory of Elmer Bacheller, James Clayton, Evan Ely, William Fessel, Charles Fitzgerald, Ernest Miller, Arthur and son Charles O'Berg, and Bert Seamans who died August 28, 1922 in the Argonaut Mine Fire — Map (db m94757) HM
California (Amador County), Jackson — Miners' GravesArgonaut Mine Tragedy 1922 — (Catholic Cemetery)
In memory of Peter Bagoye, Rafaelo Baldocchi, Domenico Boleri, Eugene Buscaglia, John Caminada, Peter Cavaglieri, Manuel Costa, Paul Delonga, A. Fazzini, V. Fideli, Simone Francisconi, Battista Gamboni, Timothy Garcia, Maurice Gianetti, Giuseppe . . . — Map (db m94774) HM
California (Amador County), Jackson — The Kennedy Mine / The Argonaut Mine
- The Kennedy Mine - You are standing on property that once belonged to the Kennedy Mine. The Kennedy Mine is named for Andrew Kennedy, who reportedly discovered a quartz ledge in the late 1850s. The Kennedy Mining Company was formed in 1860 . . . — Map (db m72070) HM
California (Del Norte County), Crescent City — Crescent City Tsunami, 1964Redwood National and State Parks
During the evening of March 27, 1964 a massive earthquake shook Alaska’s Kenal Peninsula heavily damaging Anchorage, located more than 60 miles away, and sending a tsunami racing across the Pacific Ocean. About four hours later, on March 28, the . . . — Map (db m87813) HM
California (Del Norte County), Klamath — Captain Courageous1963 - 1983
The heroic voyage of this crossbreed steer; floating downriver from Klamath Glen and up the coast into Crescent City Harbor, was an inspiration to the flood victims of Klamath. He embodied their courage, stamina, and indomitable spirit. A living . . . — Map (db m91941) HM
California (Fresno County), Clovis — September 11th California Memorial
In Memory of the victims of September 11, 2011 and in honor of our fallen heroes America's bravest - New York City Firefighters Port Authority of NY and NY Police Officers America's Finest - New York City Police Officers The Passengers and crew - . . . — Map (db m61130) HM
California (Fresno County), Coalinga — Row of Store Buildings Destroyed By Earthquake in 19831904
In 1909 Dominique Bordagaray purchased six lots on 5th and “C’ Streets and built row stores on them as Coalinga began to grow. The row stores included a French laundry, cigar shop, and liquor store, bicycle shop and confectionery shop. The . . . — Map (db m63917) HM
California (Fresno County), Coalinga — The Earthquake of 1983
On May 2nd, 1983 at 4:42 P.M. a major earthquake of 6.7 magnitude lasting 45 seconds destroyed 54 buildings in downtown Coalinga. Only 31 people were injured and miraculously there were no deaths. The earthquake also destroyed over 300 homes and . . . — Map (db m63914) HM
California (Inyo County), Lone Pine — 507 — Disaster in 1872Grave of 1872 Earthquake Victims
On the date of March 26, 1872, an earthquake of major proportions shook Owens Valley and nearly destroyed the town of Lone Pine. Twenty seven persons were killed. In addition to single burials, 16 of the victims were interred in a common . . . — Map (db m34157) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 27 — Tehachapi Loop Mural
The Tehchapi Loop put Tehachapi on the map when it was completed in 1876. Before that time there was no rail access across the Tehachapi Mountains. The historic Loop is pictured here, circa 1952, with a trompe l'oeil effect showing damage to the . . . — Map (db m53117) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — The Great Flood of 1932 and Engine No. 3834
On September 30th torrential rains flooded Tehachapi Creek, undermining the tracks under Santa Fe Engine No. 3834 which was waiting out the storm about ½ mile east of Woodward Station. The engine disappeared into the raging water below. It . . . — Map (db m11912) HM
California (Lake County), Upper Lake — League's Store
League's Store, destroyed in the fire of 1924, housed the beginnings of both the Odd Fellows Hall and the Harriet Lee Hammond Library. The post office moved here when the library opened in 1916. The Griner Brothers eventually built and relocated . . . — Map (db m61079) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Cerritos — Cerritos Air Disaster Memorial
On August 31, 1986 at 11:56 A.M., two planes collided above a Cerritos neighborhood in the vicinity of Carmenita Road and 18rd Street. The tragic accident claimed 82 lives, destroyed 11 homes and severely damaged seven others. The collison was . . . — Map (db m73108) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Honoring The Lives
On June 24, 1971, an explosion and fire took the lives of seventeen construction workers building a tunnel in Sylmar, California. The tunnel was being built for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California by the Lockheed Shipbuilding and . . . — Map (db m109366) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Saugus — 919 — St. Francis Dam Disaster Site
The 185-foot concrete St. Francis Dam, part of the Los Angeles aqueduct system, stood 1½ miles north of this site. On March 12, 1928, the 185-foot high concrete dam collapsed just before midnight, sending 12½ billion gallons of water . . . — Map (db m30666) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Signal Hill — "Unity Monument"
Dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001, including those who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones. This monument is a symbol of our nation’s renewed strength and unity, blending five operate metals (stainless steel, brass, . . . — Map (db m100534) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Signal Hill — 5 — Oil Fires on the HillPart of the “Memory Necklace” — A Series of Historical Panels Located in the Hilltop Loop Trail
High concentrations of natural gas posed a constant danger to oilmen developing the Signal Hill field in the form of “gassers,” “gushers,” gas flares and fires. When Shell Oil completed its second well in 1921. It was a . . . — Map (db m100454) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Sylmar — Loop Fire
This park and memorial stand as a tribute to the young men who lost their lives on the Loop Fire, to those who survived, and to firefighters everywhere. Forever Honored - Those Who Lost Their Lives Raymond Chee - Age 23 • James . . . — Map (db m79155) HM
California (Marin County), Inverness — Lives of Sacrifice and Service are Honored Here
Since 1889, United States Life-Saving Service and Coast Guard crews have risked their lives to save shipwreck victims at Point Reyes. Brave crews of highly trained men struggled in some of the worst conditions in North America, sacrificing comfort, . . . — Map (db m102689) HM
California (Marin County), Inverness — Preserving Our Maritime Past
The heyday of life-saving at Point Reyes is over, but this 1927 lifeboat station still stands alive with a history nearly lost along our coast. While the station preserves the last intact marine railway on the Pacific Coast, the history of ordinary . . . — Map (db m102690) HM
California (Marin County), Inverness — Victims of the Coast
No one knows how many cries for help went unanswered along this isolated coast. If shipwreck victims were not overcome by pounding surf, they would perish in a cold sea. But once the Life-Saving Station was established in 1889, victims of the coast . . . — Map (db m102676) HM
California (Mendocino County), Caspar — History Pivots on a Rock
Our Captain's voice boomed above the roar of the surf. "Heave about! Turn the ship!" With a mighty jolt a rock took our rudder and punched a hole in her hull. The Frolic was sinking and none of us knew how to swim! Captain Faucon, bless . . . — Map (db m96476) HM
California (Mono County), Lee Vining — Avalanche of 1911
Not far from this site, in the early morning hours of March 7, 1911, a massive avalanche roared down the east slop of Copper Mountain and wiped out the town of Jordan. Eight people were killed including Robert Mason, the chief engineer of the power . . . — Map (db m50074) HM
California (Mono County), Walker — The C-130 CrewLost During the Cannon Fire - June 17, 2002
In Loving and Grateful Memory of The C-130 Crew Steve Wass, Craig Labare and Mike Davis Who gave their lives to save our community on June 17, 2002 — Map (db m23036) HM
California (Monterey County), Big Sur — End of an EraU.S.S. Macon ZRS-5
To commemorate the loss of the U.S.S. Macon ZRS-5 12 February 1935 Plaque donated by the Moffett Field Historical Society — Map (db m68505) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — Associated Oil Fire – 1924Historic Cannery Row
In 1904 the Coalinga Oil Transportation Company laid 168 miles of six-inch pipeline from the Belridge Field in San Joaquin Valley to the Tidewater-Associated Marine Terminal on Monterey Bay (top). Its purpose was to deliver heavy fuel oil for use in . . . — Map (db m55215) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — Monterey BreakwaterHistoric Cannery Row
Recurring winter storms wreaked havoc on the Monterey fishing fleet every few years (top). On April 29, 1915, such a storm, with 60-mile-per-hour winds, destroyed or damaged nearly 50 boats. On Thanksgiving morning 1919, more than 93 vessels were . . . — Map (db m55214) HM
California (Monterey County), Pacific Grove — John DenverHenry John Deutschendorf, Jr.
In Commemoration of John Denver Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. Dedicated September 23, 2007 at the site of crash of John’s plane, Long EZ N555JD “... So welcome the wind and the wisdom she offers, Follow her summons when . . . — Map (db m63662) HM
California (Nevada County), Truckee — Donner Camp Site
On October 28, 1846 the six covered wagons brought west by George and Jacob Donner and their families halted here for repairs. By March of 1847 one half of the party of 22 adults and children had died of starvation and cold. They came west seeking a . . . — Map (db m60507) HM
California (Nevada County), Truckee — Donner Party Camp at Alder Creek Valley / Tamsen and Elizabeth Donner
Donner Party Camp at Alder Creek Valley In the Fall of 1846, 25 Members of The Donner Party became Trapped by an Early Snowstorm here at Alder Creek Valley. The George and Jacob Donner Families, their Teamsters, and Fellow Travelers Suffered . . . — Map (db m60303) HM
California (Orange County), Newport Beach — Mariner's Mile
The Santa Ana River once made an estuary along Mariner's Mile. The 1916 flood prompted efforts since to confine the river to its concrete bed on the border with Huntington Beach. A 1920 county bond issue enhanced the dredging of the bay to establish . . . — Map (db m81924) HM
California (San Benito County), San Juan Bautista — The San Andreas Fault Exhibit & El Camino Real Earthquake Walk
In Celebration of the U.S.Geological Survey's Centennial 1879 - 1979 Dedicated July 4, 1979 by SAN JUAN BAUTISTA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE In Cooperation With Old Mission San Juan Bautista-Diocese of . . . — Map (db m15340) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Lake Arrowhead — Memorial to Pauliena LaFuze
"I never thought I would outlive the trees" A century old herself in 2005, and seeing many of her beloved trees bow to beetle and flame, Pauliena Lafuze had done just that. She has been a Lake Arrowhead Woman's Club member since the . . . — Map (db m30409) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Fireboats on the Bay
You are facing San Francisco's only waterfront firehouse, built in 1913 for the fireboats and their crews. Fireboats stand by, directly alongside the fire station wharf, always ready for action. All along the waterfront are special manifold pipes . . . — Map (db m92890) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Glen Canyon Park History
Unfortunately this maker has been badly vandalized. Missing portions are represented by ... Imagine how the Glen Canyon Park used to be part of the open ... hills far south of San Francisco... how you might feel if you came across this . . . — Map (db m99836) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Hotaling Building
Built in 1866 and occupied by A.P. Hotaling & Co., this building housed the largest liquor repository on the West Coast. It survived the 1906 earthquake and fire due to a mile long fire hose laid from Fisherman's Wharf over Telegraph Hill by the . . . — Map (db m40165) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Russian Navy Heroes
In memory of the selfless and courageous actions of the Russian Imperial Navy sailors while saving the lives of many city residents in suppressing the great fire in San Francisco on October 23, 1863. A close Russian translation on the . . . — Map (db m73087) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Splendid Survivor
In the cool, sweet pre-dawn silence of April 18, 1906, clocks marked 5:00 am. Empty streets picked up the clip-clop of the milkman's horse. At the wholesale market, as men unloaded produce wagons, horses suddenly reared up, snorting and neighing. . . . — Map (db m92847) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — The Bay Bridge
Begun in 1933 in the depths of the Depression, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge put hundreds of men to work on two six-hour shifts, morning and night, for three years and seven months, to finish two months ahead of schedule on November 12, . . . — Map (db m92904) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Unsung Heros
San Francisco’s firemen were the unsung heroes of 1906. Leaderless because Chief Dennis Sullivan had been fatally injured by the quake, with indomitable courage they battled for three days and nights the flames that were consuming the city. — Map (db m72079) HM
California (San Mateo County), Half Moon Bay — SMA 038 — "The Determination of One Man"
In October of 1906, Joseph Debenedetti constructed this two story mission revival commercial style building, which immediately became the center of commerce for Half Moon Bay and the surrounding area. Rising from the ashes of the devastating 1906 . . . — Map (db m10715) HM
California (San Mateo County), Milbrae — The San Andreas Fault
The San Andreas Fault is the largest earthquake fault in North America. It passes through this point and alongside the tip of the small peninsula straight ahead. In this area, during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the west side of the fault . . . — Map (db m17165) HM
California (San Mateo County), Pescadero — Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic ParkA Rich and Colorful History
Pre-1800s: Ohlone Indians inhabit the coast Early 1800s: Spanish name Punta de las Balenas - Whale Point 1850s: Clipper ship Carrier Pigeon wrecks on the rocks that are thereafter called Pigeon Point 1860: Boom and . . . — Map (db m93355) HM
California (San Mateo County), Woodside — In Memoriam The Aircraft "Resolution"
The Australian company British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines DC-6B, VH-BPE, on a scheduled flight from Sydney to San Francisco with a final destination of Vancouver, Canada, crashed on Kings Mountain in San Mateo County during the morning hours of . . . — Map (db m70332) HM
California (Santa Barbara County), Lompoc — Tragedy of Point Pedernales / Honda Point
In memory of the tragedy of Point Pedernales / Honda Point 8 September 1923 USS Delphy USS S.P. Lee USS Young USS Woodbury USS Nichols USS Fuller USS Chauncey Dedicated 8 September 1983 by the American Legion . . . — Map (db m70358) HM
California (Santa Clara County), Alviso — The Steamboat Jenny Lind Disaster
Beginning in the 1840s, the dock at Alviso served as Santa Clara County’s access to the San Francisco Bay. From this port, passengers boarded steamboats loaded with goods and produce bound for San Francisco and points beyond. In the early days of . . . — Map (db m64389) HM
California (Shasta County), Burney — Fountain Fire Vista Point
This facility is dedicated to the men and women, who battled the 1992 Fountain Fire, and those who have worked and are working to restore this forest to a healthy and productive part of the local ecosystem. During the dangerous salvage . . . — Map (db m13741) HM
California (Shasta County), Shingletown — Devastated Area
[Two markers, side-by-side, describe the events that created the Devastated Area.] Marker 1: A Night to Remember May 19, 1915 You are standing in the aftermath of the volcanic destruction known as the Devastated Area. . . . — Map (db m58113) HM
California (Shasta County), Shingletown — Hot Rock
Following the May 1915 Lassen Peak eruptions, B.F. Loomis and other local residents discovered several massive hot rocks resting in the valley miles from the volcano. This hot rock is a piece of dacite lava that filled Lassen Peak’s crater. On May . . . — Map (db m58114) HM
California (Ventura County), Santa Paula — Saint Francis Dam Disaster Memorial
Minutes before midnight on the chilly evening of March 12, 1928, the St. Francis Dam failed. The dam's 200-foot high concrete wall crumpled and collapsed, sending billions of gallons of raging flood waters down San Francisquito Canyon, about five . . . — Map (db m54568) HM
California (Yolo County), West Sacramento — Flood ControlWest Sacramento River Walk
On January 15, 1850, the fledging City of Sacramento, consisting mostly of tents and simple wooden buildings, stood in 6 feet of water. Two weeks later, the community pledged $200,000 to levee construction. But before the levee system could be . . . — Map (db m15720) HM
California (Yolo County), Winters — Cradwick Building
Between 1889 and 1891, John Cradwick developed this large two-story block, possibly utilizing prior one story structures already present on the three-lot site. Born in England in 1829, John Cradwick settled in the Winters area in 1875 where he . . . — Map (db m40145) HM
California (Yuba County), Marysville — River Pumps
In 1895 pumps were installed at the confluence of the Yuba and Feather Rivers to protect the City of Marysville from the danger of flooding. These pumps with a capacity to pump 18,265 gallons per minute, helped to keep Marysville dry during the . . . — Map (db m17741) HM
Colorado (La Plata County), Durango — Lime Creek Burn 1879
This man-caused forest fire burned 26,000 acres consuming approximately 150,000,000 board-feet of timber. Reforestation by direct seeding and planting of seedling trees was started in 1911 and continues today. The project was financed by federal . . . — Map (db m58966) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Ludlow — Celebration & Sorrow
A day of festivity was followed by one of the darkest in American Labor history. The state militia was on guard Because tensions between the strikers and the company had been steadily escalating, the state militia was stationed on . . . — Map (db m100513) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Ludlow — Hastings Mine Explosion1917
In memory of the 121 men who lost their lives in the Hastings Mine explosion, April 27, 1917 — Map (db m96334) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Ludlow — Ludlow Tent Colony Site MemorialThe Ludlow Massacre
In Memory of the men, women and children, who lost their lives in freedom's cause at Ludlow, Colorado April 20, 1914. — Map (db m100506) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Ludlow — The Ludlow Massacre
  On April 20, 1914, the State Militia unleashed an un-warranted attack on striking coal miners and their families living in a tent colony at this site. Eleven children and two women suffocated in a cellar beneath a tent when flames engulfed the . . . — Map (db m100509) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Trinidad — The Coal Miner's Canary
For centuries, miners have been taking canary birds down into their mines to warn them of potential disaster. If a tunnel or shaft collapses or is blocked, thereby diminishing the oxygen supply, the canary will be the first to react, usually dying, . . . — Map (db m100501) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Trinidad — 247 — The Ludlow Massacre - Cultural Frontier / Hispano Colorado - El Moro Country
Panel 1 The Ludlow Massacre By April 1914, the striking coal miners encamped at Ludlow (ten miles northwest of here) had nothing to lose but their lives. Poor, powerless, largely immigrant, they had held out for . . . — Map (db m97716) HM
Colorado (Teller County), Victor — Fire!
Up In Flames Victor was founded in 1893 at the foot of Battle Mountain – a stone’s throw from where the richest gold mines in the Gold Camp were eventually located. Underground mining was very labor intensive so, like many gold rush . . . — Map (db m46798) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Bridgeport — L’Ambiance Plaza Worker’s Memorial
In Memory Of The Construction Workers Who Died at L’Ambiance Plaza April 23, 1987 Michael Addona • Augustus Allman • Glenn Canning • Mario Colello • Francesco D’Adonna • William Daddona • Donald Emanuel • Vincent Figliomeni • Herbert . . . — Map (db m91977) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Danbury — 9 — Danbury Disasters– The Museum in the Streets – — Danbury, Connecticut
When the Kohanza Reservoir Dam gave way on the night of February 20, 1869, sixty acres of water, ice, lumber and debris roared down north Main Street. It took shops, homes, bridges and factories with it and several lives were lost. A combination . . . — Map (db m72857) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Trumbull — In Memory of Lt. Rodney L. Stokes and Sgt. Julius G. Skyberg
In Memory of Lt. Rodney L. Stokes of Liberty, Mississippi, and Sgt. Julius G. Skyberg of DeSmet, South Dakota Who Lost Their Lives While Fulfilling Their Duties When Their Airplane Crashed on This Spot on Sunday January 23, 1944. Placed Here by . . . — Map (db m77504) HM WM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Collinsville — Collinsville, Town of CantonViewing Site on the River
Canoe Club, circa 1910- The club house was near the present-day nursery. Note: The house in back was lost in the flood of 1955 Ice on the river, Circa 1900 View of the river from the tracks, Circa 1910 Station, circa 1911, . . . — Map (db m92462) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Bantam — Site of Methodist Church
On This Site Stood The Methodist Church Which Was Destroyed By The Tornado Of July 10, 1989 — Map (db m58645) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Cornwall — This Tree
This tree is dedicated to the people and community spirit that helped Cornwall recover from the July 10, 1989 tornado. Town leaders at that time were: Richard Dakin     First Selectman Patsy Van Doren     Selectman Steve Hedden     . . . — Map (db m41830) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Torrington — The Flood of August 19, 1955
"So numerous were the many acts of heroism, rescue of the sick and invalid, neighbors' concern for neighbors, that it would be impossible to chronicle them with slighting someone deserving of great credit." - Torrington Register, August 26, . . . — Map (db m54559) HM
Connecticut (New Haven County), Madison — Dianne Bullis Snyder Memorial
In memory for the life of Dianne Bullis Snyder, Flight Attendant American Airlines Flight 11, Sept 11, 2001-February 12, 1959-September 11, 2001.To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die. — Map (db m66473) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Bethany Beach — SC-73 — Shipwreck of the Faithful Steward
The Faithful Steward, bound from Londonderry, Ireland to Philadelphia, ran aground on a shoal September 1, 1785 with 249 passengers aboard. Stormy weather drove the vessel toward shore where it became stranded in 4 fathoms (24 feet) of water within . . . — Map (db m108226) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Lewes — SC221 — The Blizzard of 1888
Known as the “Great White Hurricane,” the Blizzard of 1888 was one of the most devastating weather events in recorded history. Affecting coastal states from Virginia to Maine, this paralyzing storm resulted in widespread death and . . . — Map (db m19316) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — 18 — The Artistic LifeRoads to Diversity — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail
Front The lively scene around you began with an arts movement in the 1950s. Musicians, dancers, and artists found centrally located 18th Street attractive as declining rents made it affordable. Early on, jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd . . . — Map (db m109111) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Barney Circle — U.S. Arsenal Explosion Memorial
Dedicated to the Memory of the Victims of the U.S. Arsenal Explosion on June 17, 1864 Ellen Roche Julia McEwen Bridget Dunn W. E. Tippett Margaret Horan Johanna Connors Susan Harris Lizzie Brahler Margaret Yonson . . . — Map (db m80961) WM
District of Columbia (Washington), Columbia Heights — Turbulence and ChangeThe '50s and '60s
On May 17, 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court made its historic decision in Brown vs. Board of Education to end segregation in public schools. One of the lawsuits that made up this decision involved the DC schools, and the following September, . . . — Map (db m109109) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Fort Totten — In Memory of Those Who Lost Their Lives on June 22, 2009Red Line Metro Crash
In memory of those who lost their lives on June 22, 2009 Mary "Mandy" Doolittle Veronica Dubose Ana Fernandez Dennis Hawkins Lavonda "Nikki" King Jeanice McMillan Ann Wherley David F. Wherley, Jr. Cameron . . . — Map (db m110062) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Massachusetts Heights — Why Are These Stones Here? — [Washington National Cathedral]
The limestone pinnacles were damaged in the August 23, 2011, earthquake here. The ground shook for less than a minute but caused the 301-foot central tower of Washington National Cathedral to whip back and forth. Some of the 50-ton pinnacles . . . — Map (db m71202) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest — In memory of the lives lost in the Oklahoma City Bombing...
In memory of the lives lost in the Oklahoma City Bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building April 19, 1995 Redbud Trees (Oklahoma State Tree) Dedicated to the memory of Steven Curry and Michael Loudenslager GSA . . . — Map (db m110059) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest — Memorial Tree Planting
Memorial Tree Planting April 21, 1995 Yoshino Cherry Redbud In memory of the children of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building America's Day Care Center Oklahoma City, OK — Map (db m109036) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest — U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
In memory of: Ted Leon Allen, Diane E. Althouse, Peter R. Avillanoza, Andrea Y. Blanton, Paul G. Broxterman, David N. Burkett, Donald E. Burns, Kimberly K. Clark, Kim R. Cousins, Diana L. Day, Castine Deveroux, Susan J. Ferrell, Judy J. Fisher, . . . — Map (db m109096) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Swampoodle — Famine-Genocide in UkraineHolodomor 1932-1933
In memory of the millions of innocent victims of a man-made famine in Ukraine engineered and implemented by Stalin's totalitarian regime Ukrainian: У пам'ять про . . . — Map (db m90872) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Washington Monument — Earthquake of August 23, 2011
On August 23, 2011, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake occurred 84 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. As the earth shook, the Washington Monument sustained significant damage to many of its marble and granite blocks. Although the monument remains . . . — Map (db m70930) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Why is the Washington Monument Temporarily Closed?
On August 23, 2011, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake centered in Virginia sent tremors throughout eastern North America. This seismic activity affected a number of Washington, D.C. landmarks, including the Washington Monument. National Park Service . . . — Map (db m49459) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Why is the Washington Monument Temporarily Closed?
On August 23, 2011, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake centered in Virginia sent tremors throughout eastern North America. This seismic activity affected a number of Washington, D.C. landmarks, including the Washington Monument. National Park Service . . . — Map (db m49521) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Why is the Washington Monument Temporarily Closed?
On August 23, 2011, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake centered in Virginia sent tremors throughout eastern North America. This seismic activity affected a number of Washington, D.C. Landmarks, including the Washington Monument. National Park Service . . . — Map (db m53727) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Launch Complex 34Friday, 27 January 1967 — 1831 Hours
Dedicated to the living memory of the crew of the Apollo 1: U.S.A.F Lt. Colonel Virgil I. Grissom U.S.A.F. Lt. Colonel Edward H. White, II U.S.N. Lt. Commander Roger B. Chaffee They gave their lives in service to their country . . . — Map (db m72912)
Florida (Citrus County), Floral City — The Great Train Wreck of 1956
You are standing on the site of one of the worst train disasters in Florida history. The tragedy occurred October 18, 1956, on a dark and foggy morning in Pineola. At 5:12 a.m., people from five miles around were awakened when two freight trains . . . — Map (db m101820) HM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — F-433 — Jacksonville's 1901 Fire"The Great Fire"
On May 3, 1901 at 12:30 p.m., a fire began at the Cleaveland Fibre Factory, ten blocks northwest of this site. Chimney embers ignited sun-dried moss to be used as mattress stuffing. Fueled by wind and dry weather, the fire roared east destroying . . . — Map (db m58013) HM
Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola — F-871 — Emanuel Point Shipwrecks / Los Naufragios de Emanuel Point
Side 1 Emanuel Point Shipwrecks In August 1559, eleven ships under command of Don Tristan de Luna y Arellano sailed into Pensacola Bay, then called Ochuse, to establish a new colony for Spain. Intended to stake a claim on the . . . — Map (db m102003) HM
Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola — F-733 — Firefighter Vista S. Lowe
At this site on September 30, 1962, Firefighter Vista Spencer Lowe, age 23, died in the line of duty while responding to a house fire at 409 East Zarragossa Street. Upon arrival at the scene, Firefighter Lowe stepped from the rear tailboard of the . . . — Map (db m72249) HM
Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola Beach — Deadly Explosion — Fort Pickens
On the night of June 20, 1899, a fire broke out near a gunpowder magazine on the fort's northwest side. A bucket brigade fought the flames, but the blaze grew in intensity, forced the soldiers away from the cistern, and at 5:20 a.m. ignited 8,000 . . . — Map (db m80081) HM
Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola Beach — Hurricane Ivan — Fort Pickens
On September 16, 2004, Hurricane Ivan roared across the Gulf of Mexico with 130-mile-per-hour winds and struck Santa Rosa Island and the national seashore's Fort Pickens head-on. A 14-foot storm surge washed across the island, destroyed piers and . . . — Map (db m80099) HM
Florida (Highlands County), Sebring — Dedicated to the Memory of Emil Billitz Sr.
Dedicated to the Memory of Emil Billitz Sr. and countless other C.C.C. enrollees who were injured, disabled or lost their lives in performance of their duty. We especially remember the 228 C.C.C. members who perished September 2, 1935 during a . . . — Map (db m72742) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Orchid — F-222 — Site of Survivors’ and Salvagers’ CampThe 1715 Fleet
Late in July, 1715, a hurricane destroyed a fleet of eleven or possibly twelve homeward bound merchant ships carrying cargoes of gold and silver coinage and other valuable items from the American colonies to Spain. About 1500 men, women, and . . . — Map (db m14306) HM
Florida (Lake County), Groveland — F-354 — Villa City
On this site in 1885, George Thomas King, founder of Villa City, built an estate that was the showplace of the area. By 1895, the town had a post office, school, church, hotel, photographic studio, dispensary and 35 homes. The citrus based community . . . — Map (db m67024) HM
Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Brick City Feverby artist Cliff Fink
On Thanksgiving Day, November 29th, 1883 fire broke out in Ocala. All of the buildings on the east side of today’s SE 1st Avenue from Silver Springs Boulevard to Fort King Street were destroyed. Five blocks of the business district were left in . . . — Map (db m72921) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — Great Miami Hurricane of 1926
On September 18, 1926, the Great Miami Hurricane swept across South Florida with estimated winds of 131-155 mph. Before the era of satellites and computer models, warnings for tropical cyclones were often inadequate. A storm warning from . . . — Map (db m88533) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — Naval Air Station RichmondWWII L.T.A. Facility
At this site, on 15 September 1942, the United States Navy established a 2,000 acre (810 hectare) lighter-than-air facility. The Navy constructed 3 huge hangers, each 17 stories (175 feet/54 meters) high, 297 feet (110.5 meters) wide, and 1,088 feet . . . — Map (db m73415) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami Beach — Biscayne House of Refuge
Near this site stood the Biscayne House of Refuge to save survivors of shipwrecks from the perils of the desolate shore. After every storm, the keeper and his family searched the beach for castaways to furnish them food, clothing, shelter, and a . . . — Map (db m75990) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Islamadora — The Florida Keys Memorial
The Florida Keys Memorial, known locally as the “Hurricane Monument,” was built to honor hundreds of American veterans and local civilians who perished in the “Great Hurricane” on Labor Day, September 2, 1935. Islamadora . . . — Map (db m3251) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Islamorada — Site of Camp Three
Established in 1934, during the Great Depression, Camp Three housed 250 bonus army veterans until September 2, 1935 when one of the worst hurricanes ever recorded destroyed everything there. The eye of the hurricane passed over nearby Craig Key with . . . — Map (db m83592) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Islamorada — Spanish Treasure Fleet of 1733
On Friday, July 13, 1733, the Spanish treasure fleet under the command of General Don Rodrigo de Torres Morales, sailed from Havana Harbor for Spain. The fleet of 21 ships was loaded with gold and silver from the mine at Cartagena, Peruvian . . . — Map (db m83550) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Summerland Key — F-901 — State Road 4A
The first Overseas Highway, also known as State Road 4A (SR 4A), consisted of two roadway segments both completed by 1928. One spanned from Key West to No Name Key, and the other from Key Largo to Upper Matecumbe Key. Ferries transported cars . . . — Map (db m107043) HM
Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — AC-130H Spectre"Wicked Wanda"
Project Pave Spectre began in 1971 to support combat operations in Southeast Asia. Eleven C-130Es were converted to AC-130Es and modified with 7.62mm, 20mm and 40mm guns, Infared and Low Light Level Television sensors, "Black Crow" detection set, . . . — Map (db m99912) HM
Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Combat Talon Aircrew S-01Lost During Combat Mission Into North Vietnam — 29 December 1967
Lieutenant Colonel Donald E. Fisher - Navigator Major Charles P. Claxton - Pilot Captain Edwin N. Osborne Jr. - Aircraft Commander Captain Frank C. Parker III - Electronic Warfare Officer Captain Gerald G. Van Buren - Pilot Captain . . . — Map (db m99875) WM
Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Combat Talon Aircrew S-59Lost In The Line of Duty In The Philippines — 26 February 1981
Major James M. Kirk - Aircraft Commander Capt. Norman Martel - Co-pilot Capt. Gregory S. Peppers - Navigator Capt. Terry D. Patterson - Navigator SSgt. John T. Felton - Flight Engineer MSgt. Barry R. Chumbley - Loadmaster TSgt. Gary . . . — Map (db m99874) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — 1972 B-52 Crash
(side 1) At 11:20 a.m. on March 31, 1972, a 306th Bombardment Wing B-52D Stratofortress bomber stationed at nearby McCoy Air Force Base (now Orlando International Airport) crashed on this site. The plane, which was not carrying any weapons, . . . — Map (db m82976) HM
Florida (Palm Beach County), Jupiter — "Dive Into History"(Ano - 1659)
These shipwrecked iron cannons and anchor were uncovered in July of 1987, just 2000 yards east of this spot in 10 feet of water off Jupiter Inlet. Archives and research link these maritime remains to the Spanish "Aviso" vessel named "San Miguel . . . — Map (db m83342) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Navarre — In Memory of UH-60M Crew "Mojo 69"10 March 2015
CW4 G. Wayne Griffin, Jr. [SP] CW4 G. David Strother [PI] SSG Lance Bergeron [SI] SSG Thomas C. Florich III [CE] USMC 2D MSOB PAX: SGT Marcus Bawol SGT Trevor P. Blaylock SSGT Liam Flynn SGT Kerry M. Kemp MSGT Thomas . . . — Map (db m99711) HM
Florida (Sarasota County), Longboat Key — Corey's Landing and Farming Community
Byron Corey was one of the first homesteaders to be awarded land by the U.S. Government on Longboat Key. He was given 154 acres of land on Sarasota Bay in 1895. Until 1921, he had some of the finest tomatoes, guavas, limes and other produce for . . . — Map (db m79430) HM
Florida (Volusia County), Ponce Inlet — Hotel Inlet TerraceBob Pacetti's Dream
This terra cotta wall is all that remains of what was to be a grandiose hotel and resort. It was started during the great land boom of the 1920's. The developer, Robert (Bob) Pacetti was a native of this area. His ancestors first came to this . . . — Map (db m52457) HM
Florida (Walton County), DeFuniak Springs — F-741 — Cosson Family Tragedy
In 1936, James Marvin Cosson Sr. moved his family to this location about one-half mile east of the Eglin Army Airfield to have more land to farm and to provide for his wife, Annie Bell Cosson, and their four children. During World War II, Eglin . . . — Map (db m73290) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Fort Oglethorpe — Mix-up in the Union CommandAn unwise order created a perilous gap in the Union line
Shortly before 11:00 a.m. on September 20, Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans, the Union commander, received an erroneous report that Brig. Gen. John M. Brannan's division was out of position, which would have created a gap in the Union battle line. In . . . — Map (db m65628) HM
Georgia (Catoosa County), Ringgold — Trail of Tears Memorial
In 1838 federal soldiers forced the Cherokee to march from Georgia to the Indian Territory. That area would later be known as Oklahoma. Thousands died on the march, which began in the midst of a drought and continued into a harsh winter. This . . . — Map (db m76042) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Pooler — Base Air Depot No. 2 Station 582 USAAFWarton, England
First marker: BAD 2 Warton, England, was established under the 8th Air Force Service Command, September 5, 1942. Its mission: the modification and repair of military aircraft. War planes coming from the United States would be adapted to . . . — Map (db m17126) HM
Georgia (Fulton County), Atlanta — Shotgun Houses472 - 488 Auburn Avenue
These duplexes are typical of the houses where Atlanta's blue-collar laborers lived in the early 1900s. The Empire Textile Co. built them for its white mill workers, but they moved out after the 1906 Atlanta race riot, and blacks began renting . . . — Map (db m64774) HM
Georgia (Fulton County), Atlanta — 060-175 — The Winecoff Fire
This is the site of the worst hotel fire in U.S. history. In the predawn hours of December 7, 1946, the Winecoff Hotel fire killed 119 people. The 15-story building still stands adjacent to this marker. At the time, this building had neither fire . . . — Map (db m59667) HM
Georgia (McIntosh County), Crescent — 095-12 — Baisden's Bluff Academy
Located a short distance East of here, near the River, Baisden`s Bluff Academy was the main educational institution in McIntosh County in the early years of the 19th century. A Boarding School, operating the year round, its roll held the names of . . . — Map (db m60298) HM
Georgia (Muscogee County), Columbus — Circus Train Wreck MemorialCon. T. Kennedy Shows
In memory of their comrades who lost their lives in a railroad wreck near Columbus, GA. Nov. 22, 1915. Reverse We’ll not forget thee, we who stay To work a little longer here. Thy name, thy faith, . . . — Map (db m101662) HM
Georgia (Paulding County), New Hope — The Worst Aircraft Disaster in Georgia HistoryApril 4, 1977
Side 1: On April 4, 1977 a DC-9 Southern Airways Flight 242 flying from Huntsville, AL to Atlanta encountered a dangerous thunderstorm over Rome, GA. The hail and rain the aircraft endured was so severe that both engines flamed out and . . . — Map (db m62977) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — In Loving Remembrance
In loving remembrance of those who lost their lives in the Flood November 6, 1977 Karen Anderson Joseph Anderson Rebecca Anderson Gerald Brittin William L. Ehrensberger Peggy Ann Ehrensberger Robert Ehrensberger Kristen . . . — Map (db m63462) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Kelly Barnes Dam Break Monument
Toccoa Falls College presents this memorial marker to the Toccoa-Stephens County Community, and to our friends everywhere, in order to demonstrate our eternal gratitude. We most gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the people . . . — Map (db m63332) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — Kelly Dam Disaster
On the morning of Nov. 6, 1977, the dam holding back the lake above the falls broke. The forty acres of water surged down over the falls, through the park, down the valley through the campus, leaving in its wake 39 dead and 60 injured. All of the . . . — Map (db m63465) HM
Georgia (Stephens County), Toccoa — The TentsLife After the Fire
Following the Haddock Inn fire, the battle for the school's survival began. The immediate need was housing. God provided the perfect answer by bringing to Dr. Forrest's mind the idea of using tents. He contacted a tent company in Atlanta, Georgia, . . . — Map (db m64344) HM
Georgia (Wilkes County), Washington — First Building
First building constructed after the Great Fire of 1895 which destroyed the entire west square business district. — Map (db m93768) HM
Georgia (Wilkes County), Washington — Great Fire of 1837
The Great Fire of 1837 began in the Vickers House at this site. The fire destroyed much of the downtown area located on the south and east sides of the public square. — Map (db m93846) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Laupahoehoe — Laupahoehoe Point
The Laupahoehoe we see now is very different from the Laupahoehoe of old. Laupahoehoe Point was a peaceful, Hawaian fishing village, untouched by missionaries and plantation life; the valley and the sea provided bountiful life. In the late 1800's . . . — Map (db m94338) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Fall and Rise of the Fleet
More than two thousand Americans were killed on December 7, 1941, almost half of them aboard USS Arizona. Military installations around the island were attacked and nineteen ships were sunk, beached, or badly damaged. Hundreds of Navy and Army . . . — Map (db m104804) WM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — This Sacred SiteWorld War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument
This memorial honors the fallen crew of USS Arizona and all those who died in the attack on December 7, 1941. The remains of over 900 Arizona crewman rest beneath you within the sunken battleship. Just ahead is an open area where you . . . — Map (db m73230) HM WM
Idaho (Bannock County), Lava Hot Springs — Furs and farms, fire and floods...... the rise of Lava Hot Springs
(This marker consists of series of photographs and their captions.) The community of Lava Hot Springs is located at a strategic crossroads between the Rockies, the Great Basin, and the West. The year-round availability of natural hot . . . — Map (db m108259) HM
Idaho (Blaine County), Hailey — Bullion Block Site/Werthheimer Building101 S. Main St.
The original building on this site, called the Bullion Block, was constructed in 1882. It was at this time that Hailey became the county seat of Alturas County after a bitterly fought election with Bellevue, and the existing county seat, Rocky Bar. . . . — Map (db m110109) HM
Idaho (Bonner County), Hope — Hope & East HopeMeet Traders and Merchants in Their Railroad and Timber Communities
Henrietta Tugboat for Hope Lumber Original Thornton School Spring Creek ca 1909 1894 Flood Changed Landscape Destroyed buildings along the tracks Floodwaters at level of present highway . . . — Map (db m73480) HM
Idaho (Caribou County), Soda Springs — Not A Walk In The Park...
The story of the American West is not simply a tale of pioneer courage and vision or of prairie schooners swaying westward to the strains of heroic music. Rather, it is a complex story of plots and sub plots, of romance and religion, of politics and . . . — Map (db m106255) HM
Idaho (Clearwater County), Lenore — 486 — Lenore Tram
In 1898, after rail service from Lewiston reached Lenore, a tramway was begun to ship grain from Camas Prairie (1600 feet above) to a new freight stop directly across the river. Previously, grain wagons descended a long steep hill from the . . . — Map (db m109760) HM
Idaho (Custer County), Custer City (ghost town) — Family TragedyAvalanche!
Snow slides were common during the winter months but none so tragic as on February 2, 1890. At 8pm the steam whistle on the Custer Mill shrieked the alarm, alerting the town of treacherous slides. One slide crashed down Bald Mountain and flooded the . . . — Map (db m109831) HM
Idaho (Custer County), Mackay — Earthquake! - The Event
There are no records from explorers’ journals or pioneers’ memories of earthquakes occurring in this area. Scientists have not detected activity in recent time. But, old fault scars indicate that earthquakes occurred before. Geologists recognized . . . — Map (db m109708) HM
Idaho (Custer County), Mackay — Earthquake! - The Results
• The scarp before you extends for 21 miles, paralleling the mountain front. In some places, multiple scarps formed. • Ground motion, or “ground roll,” did $15,000,000 damage to roads and buildings in the Challis and Mackay areas. . . . — Map (db m109709) HM
Idaho (Custer County), Mackay — Earthquake! - The Stage
Idaho is part of the world’s longest mountain chain above sea level. This chain extends from the tip of South America to Alaska’s north coast. The widest section is in the western United States - from the Sierra Nevada to the Rocky Mountains. The . . . — Map (db m109706) HM
Idaho (Custer County), Mackay — 356 — Earthquakes
On October 28, 1983, a major earthquake fracture, 26 miles long and 7 miles deep, surfaced as Lost River Valley slid away from Mount Borah. During that rock shift, Mount Borah’s ridge front rose about 6 inches, while this valley subsided 9 . . . — Map (db m109704) HM
Idaho (Fremont County), Newdale — 345 — Teton Flood
When Teton Dam suddenly was washed away, June 5, 1976, a large reservoir (280 feet deep) was dumped on farms and towns below. Houses floated away and crop land was ruined as water surged into Snake River and American Falls Reservoir, which . . . — Map (db m108351) HM
Idaho (Jefferson County), Roberts — 323 — Market LakeThe flat irrigated fields that stretch to the next interchange — used to be a great Indian and trappers' hunting ground in an old lake that came and went
In historic time Market Lake was formed during the great Snake River Flood of 1853. When a new railroad grade blocked the overflow channel leading from the river, the lake disappeared for a time after 1887. Later irrigation seepage restored . . . — Map (db m109685) HM
Idaho (Lemhi County), North Fork — In memory of Jeff Allen and Shane Heath
In memory of Jeff Allen and Shane Heath, Indianola Helitack Crew members, lost in the Cramer Fire near here on July 22, 2003. This will be a lasting place of remembrance and gratitude for their lives and service, a place for . . . — Map (db m59865) HM
Idaho (Madison County), Rexburg — The Teton Dam Flood Marker
The collapse of the Teton River Dam on June 5, 1976 unloosed a savage flood which caused $500,000,000 in damage, took eleven lives, and made thousands homeless in Wilford, Sugar City, Rexburg, Salem, Hibbard, Firth, Blackfoot, and Roberts. But . . . — Map (db m84341) HM
Idaho (Owyhee County), Murphy — The Otter Massacre
Erected to the memory of the Otter Massacre 1860 Forty four persons ambushed by Shoshoni Indians either killed or scattered. Most awful human experience. Site ten miles east on Sinker Creek. — Map (db m110210) HM
Idaho (Owyhee County), Murphy — 493 — The Utter Disaster
On September 9 & 10, the Utter Wagon Train engaged in a life-and-death struggle with attacking Indians. The assault on the wagon train of forty-four emigrants led by Elijah P. Utter just north of here resulted in the death of six men, two . . . — Map (db m110183) HM
Idaho (Owyhee County), Murphy — Utter Wagon Train Disaster
Near here the Elijah P. Utter wagon train was attacked by Indians on September 9 and 10, 1860. The two-day encounter resulted in the deaths of eleven emigrants and an estimated twenty-five to thirty Indians. The forty-four member train was composed . . . — Map (db m110184) HM
Idaho (Shoshone County), Avery — A Changing Landscape
“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” Benjamin Disraeli At the beginning of the 20th century, majestic western white pine, western larch and western red cedar, some over 400 years old, along with Douglas-fir and . . . — Map (db m45563) HM
Idaho (Shoshone County), Avery — Man’s Mark on the Land
If you stood on this spot with a railroad surveyor in 1906, you would have gazed across a lush patchwork forest of large trees. The super hot 1910 fires burned the valley below and for years afterward the area presented travelers with a bleak view . . . — Map (db m45567) HM
Idaho (Shoshone County), Avery — The 1910 Fires
One of the largest forest fires in the history of the United States ...swept over Idaho and Montana on August 20 and 21, 1910, including the area where you now stand. The fire burned three million acres, destroyed eight billion . . . — Map (db m45615) HM
Idaho (Shoshone County), Avery — The Big Blowup
The forest fires of August, 1910, burned millions of acres in Idaho, Montana and Washington. On the night of August 20, engineer Johnnie Mackedon, returning from a trip to St. Paul Pass, found the Falcon siding on fire. Over one hundred terrified . . . — Map (db m45617) HM
Idaho (Shoshone County), Avery — World Class Workers
Who’s Been Working On The Railroad? If you stood here sometime between 1907 and 1911, you would have heard a multitude of languages. The hundreds of people employed during the construction of the Milwaukee Road included; . . . — Map (db m45637) HM
Idaho (Shoshone County), Avery — You want to be a Ranger?
Do you have the right stuff to be a FOREST RANGER?! Forest Service District Rangers today are resource professionals. She/he could be a forester, fish or wildlife biologist, hydrologist, botanist, landscape architect or other . . . — Map (db m45643) HM
Idaho (Shoshone County), Mullan — 373 — Willow Creek Slide
A spectacular avalanche, Feb. 10, 1903, swept away part of a trestle—300 feet high—that let Northern Pacific Railway trains descend from this pass since 1890. An engine that plunged 80 feet was buried in 30 feet of snow; a passenger . . . — Map (db m91447) HM

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