“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Dallas, Texas Historical Markers

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By QuesterMark, February 27, 2016
Frankford Marker in context
Texas (Collin County), Dallas — 18081 — Frankford
The site of the former town of Frankford consists of the three-acre wagon yard, five-acre Frankford Church area and three-acre cemetery. The town of Frankford grew around Indian Springs after W.C. McKamy and his family moved to Texas in 1852. They . . . — Map (db m93072) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6593 — A. H. Belo Corporation
A.H. Belo Corporation traces its roots to a small company that founded the Galveston "Daily News" on April 11, 1842. The company began publishing the "Texas Almanac" in 1857. Alfred Horatio Belo (1839-1901) bought the company in 1876 and founded the . . . — Map (db m43393) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6640 — Abraham Carver Cemetery
Twenty-one graves have been located in the Abraham Carver Cemetery which covers one-half acre of land and contains six generations of Carver family members. The earliest marked grave is that of Abraham Carver (1806-1883), who came to Texas in 1844 . . . — Map (db m96704) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6598 — Ahab Bowen Home
In 1861, Tennessee-born Ahab Bowen (1807 - 1900) moved to Dallas, where he was a farmer and feed dealer. He owned and cultivated the surrounding area, including this site which was located outside the Dallas city limits at the time of purchase in . . . — Map (db m149052) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6639 — Caruth Pioneer Cemetery
Established early 1860's by William and Mattie Worthington Caruth, Pioneer settlers. Across road was old Caruth Chapel, where circuit-riding preachers officiated at baptisms, marriages and funerals for Caruth Plantation tenants and other local . . . — Map (db m148838) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6647 — Cedar SpringsEarliest known historic site in Dallas County
Visited in 1840 by Colonel Wm. G. Cooke's preliminary exploration for a route between Austin and Red River. A community also called Cedar Springs, established in this vicinity in 1843 by Dr. John Cole, rivalled Dallas in an election in 1848 for . . . — Map (db m148843) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6649 — Central National Road
During the early days of the Republic of Texas, settlers and pioneers coming from the United States entered Texas by crossing the Red River in Northwest Red River County. On the north side of that crossing was the terminus of a U.S. Military . . . — Map (db m28828) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6651 — Cochran Chapel Cemetery
This cemetery began in 1853 with the burials of Sarah Jane and William M. Cochran, the infant daughter and husband of Nancy Jane Hughes Cochran. Among the many Dallas County pioneers buried here are four of Nancy Jane's sisters and their husbands . . . — Map (db m149328) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6652 — Cochran Chapel Methodist Church
On first Dallas County site deeded (1856) for a Methodist Church. Donor was a widow, Nancy Jane Cochran. First edifice (30' x 40') was built by church men, of lumber hauled by wagons from Jefferson (150 mi. E.) and dedicated in 1858. The Sunday . . . — Map (db m149327) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6883 — Colonel C.C. Slaughter(Feb.9, 1837—Jan. 25, 1919)
Christopher Columbus Slaughter was the first native born cattle king of Texas. While living on the west Texas frontier he was a ranger, Confederate beef supplier, and trail driver. His ranching empire, including the Long S and Lazy S ranches, . . . — Map (db m72329) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6659 — Cox House
Farmers Howard (1837 - 1916) and Mary Jane (Webb) Cox (1843 - 1913) bought 189 acres here in 1878. They built a house at this site prior to 1884 that Cox family tradition claims was partially incorporated into this home built by the Coxes about . . . — Map (db m149272) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6668 — Dallas County Records Building
Designed by the prominent Dallas architectural firm of Lang and Witchell, this Gothic Revival style building was erected in 1927-28 to house Dallas County records, offices, and courtrooms. First known as the Hall of Records, the current name was . . . — Map (db m43461) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6670 — Dallas Hall Southern Methodist University
When Dallas was selected in 1911 as the site for a new Methodist University, local citizens pledged 622.5 acres of land and $300,000. In appreciation, the first building on campus was named Dallas Hall. SMU President Robert S. Hyer chose the Chicago . . . — Map (db m148837) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6676 — Daniel Family Cemetery
Frances Sims Daniel (1796-1853) moved to Dallas County with her family in 1849 and purchased land in what is now University Park. An orchard planted near the Daniel Home became the site of a family cemetery in 1850 when "Old Frank", a family slave . . . — Map (db m148834) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — Dealey PlazaBirthplace of Dallas
Within this small park was built the first home, which also served as the first courthouse and post office, the first store and the first fraternal lodge. Dedicated to the pioneers of civic progress by order of the Park Board. — Map (db m4675) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark
Dealey Plaza has been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses national signifigance in commemorating the history of the United States of America 1993 National Park Service United States Department Of . . . — Map (db m4677) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6693 — First Baptist Church of Renner
Renner Baptists organized in 1890 and met in the school building for eight years. Charter members were: B. F. and Kate E. Binkley; Elizabeth H., J. J., Mary A., and R. F. Butler; Mary E. and P. W. Collier; Mary L. Dickerson; George B., J. P. and . . . — Map (db m148772) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 11824 — First United Methodist Church of Dallas
Methodism in Dallas traces its roots to as early as 1846, when the small village was a stopping point for Methodist circuit riders. The first organized group of Methodists met in November 1850, and continued for almost 20 years without a building of . . . — Map (db m135399) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6895 — Formerly The Texas School Book Depository Building
This site was originally owned by John Neely Bryan, the founder of Dallas. During the 1880s French native Maxime Guillot operated a wagon shop here. In 1894 the land was purchased by Phil L. Mitchell, President and Director of Rock Island Plow . . . — Map (db m4661) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6715 — Freedman's Cemetery
This area of Dallas County was settled by former African American slaves shortly after the conclusion of the American Civil War. Freedman's Cemetery, a graveyard for African Americans, was established in 1869 on one acre of land purchased by . . . — Map (db m149056) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6723 — Garvin Memorial Cemetery
This burial ground served the pioneer families who settled in the area. Graves here date from the 1870s. The land for the cemetery was donated to the community by James G. Garvin (1830-1897), a former Dallas merchant, his wife Eliza, and brothers . . . — Map (db m149255) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6730 — Greenwood Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery was part of a Republic of Texas grant, called the John Grigsby League, given for service in the Battle of San Jacinto. W. H. Gaston, pioneer Dallas banker, acquired title to the site in 1874, after the noted local legal battle, . . . — Map (db m72412) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 18581 — Hamilton Park Community
Located ten miles north of downtown Dallas, the African American community of Hamilton Park began as the White Rock Farming Settlement. In the 1940s and 1950s, racial violence in the South Dallas community of Queen City and the discriminatory . . . — Map (db m104246) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6736 — Highland Park Methodist Church
This congregation traces its origin to the founding of a church at Southern Methodist University in early February 1916. Known as the University Church, its first members came from the campus community of faculty and students. Methodist Bishop . . . — Map (db m148933) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6737 — Highland Park Methodist Church Building
1926 Highland Park Methodist Church Building This splendid example of Gothic Revival architecture was designed by architects Roscoe DeWitt and Mark Lemmon and built in 1926. It features a majestic bell tower that houses a 48-bell carillon, . . . — Map (db m148934) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6739 — Hilton Hotel
Designed by the architectural firm of Lang and Witchell, this hotel was built in 1925 for Conrad Hilton, and was the first to bear the Hilton name. The hotel advertised comfortable guest rooms and superior service at moderate prices. The . . . — Map (db m138148) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 18811 — Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
In the early 20th Century, unrest and subsequent regional turmoil in Greece forced hundreds of thousands of Greeks to leave their homes, often for America. A year after the Hermes Society, a Greek-American Benevolent Society, was formed, the . . . — Map (db m148749) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963) was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. This event changed the city – and the world – forever. As a tribute to this extraordinary man, John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza was . . . — Map (db m4672) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 11839 — John Goodwin Tower(1925-1991)
The son of a Methodist minister, John Goodwin Tower was a veteran of World War II and a political science professor before entering politics. He joined the national political scene in 1960-1961 when he won the special election to fill Lyndon B. . . . — Map (db m150009) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6786 — John Hickman Miller House
Dallas businessman John Hickman Miller (d. 1933) had this house built in 1904 as a wedding gift for his wife Katherine "Kitty" (Melone) (d. 1969). Miller was the son of pioneer area settler William B. Miller, owner of Millermore (in Old City Park). . . . — Map (db m148929) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6605 — John Neely Bryan and Margaret Beeman Bryan1810–1877 and 1825–1919
In 1839 Tennessee lawyer John Neely Bryan chose this high bluff and shallow ford on the Trinity River as site for a trading post. Finding Indians scarce when he returned in 1844, he platted a town, installed a ferry, and called the place Dallas. In . . . — Map (db m24929) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6740 — Karl St. John Hoblitzelle(October 22, 1879 - March 8, 1967)
A young Missourian, Karl Hoblitzelle in 1904 helped produce the St. Louis World's Fair, where he gained respect for vaudeville. In 1905 he founded Interstate Amusement Company and opened theatres in Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, and San Antonio. Soon he . . . — Map (db m135772) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — Kennedy Assassination Route
On November 22, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, thirty-fifth President of the United States, visited Dallas. A Presidential parade traveled north on Houston Street to Elm Street and west on Elm Street. As the parade continued on Elm Street at 12:30 . . . — Map (db m4660) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6760 — Letot Cemetery
A native of France and a veteran of the Crimean War, Clement LeTot (b. 1836) settled in northwest Dallas County in 1874. He was the founder and leading citizen of the town of Letot, which was established in 1881 along the rail line. As was the . . . — Map (db m149248) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6775 — Log Cabin Pioneers of Dallas County
Most colonists first settled in this "Three Forks" area of the Trinity River as members of the Peters Colony after 1841. Immigrants from such states as Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee brought with them a tradition of building . . . — Map (db m43436) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 12983 — Love Field
Believing the city’s success was linked to its transportation system, Dallas leaders made early efforts to secure a future within the burgeoning field of aviation. Oak Cliff resident Frank McCarroll made his first flight in 1903. In 1910, he and the . . . — Map (db m97766) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — Love Field Airman Memorial
Love — Field Named in honor of Moss Lee Love First Lieutenant United States Cavalry Virginia 1879          1913 2nd Lieut. Arthur Anthony Sego, Jr. A.S.A., R.M.A. Born 1894 — Died 1918 2nd Lieut. John Maxwell . . . — Map (db m97713) WM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 18186 — Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church
In 1884, Rev. A. R. Griggs (d. 1922) and Jane Johnson Calloway Endsley (d. 1933) organized the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church to serve the African American Baptist community of Dallas. After a series of relocations starting in 1907, the . . . — Map (db m149086) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6779 — Majestic Theatre
In his determination to provide entertainment for the entire family, theatre pioneer and innovator Karl St. John Hoblitzelle (1879-1967) built this structure in 1921 to house Dallas' Majestic Theatre. The five-story, five-bay, Beaux Arts structure . . . — Map (db m135695) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6780 — Maple Avenue
One of twelve subdivisions of the North Dallas Improvement Company, Maple Avenue was developed after a streetcar line was extended to this area north of the growing city of Dallas in 1884. Many leading citizens built elegant Victorian mansions . . . — Map (db m148984) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 13536 — Mark and Maybelle Lemmon House
Designed by Mark Lemmon in 1924 for his own family, this house reflects an interest in Norman architecture he developed while serving in France during World War I. Lemmon and his wife Maybelle (Reynolds) supported many civic organizations in . . . — Map (db m148975) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6782 — McCree Cemetery
The first land for this cemetery was granted by Mahulda Bonner McCree in 1866. At least two burials, for John Henry Jones (d. 1862) and Elizabeth McCullough (d. 1864), occurred before the graveyard was formally deeded. Over the years, the cemetery . . . — Map (db m107099) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6784 — Merrell Cemetery
Elder Eli Merrell (1787-1849), minister of the Disciples of Christ Church, came with his wife, Mary, in 1844, to settle 640 acres near Bachman's Branch in what was then Nacogdoches County. This cemetery is on a part of his acreage, and his was the . . . — Map (db m149270) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — Mickey Charles MantleOctober 20, 1931 - August 13, 1995
A magnificent New York Yankee, true teammate and Hall of Fame centerfielder with legendary courage. The most popular player of his era. A loving husband, father and friend for life. — Map (db m120805) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 17060 — Moorland YMCA Building
In 1928, the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Dallas recognized a growing need for expanded facilities across the city. In the African American neighborhood of North Dallas, citizens raised $75,000 ($25,000 more than their goal) in . . . — Map (db m81308) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6790 — Mount Calvary Cemetery
Pioneer settlers used this site for burials as early as the 1840s. The oldest known grave is that of Amanda L. Houx (1829-1847). In 1868 William Huffhines donated a two-acre tract, which included the early graves, to Mount Calvary Baptist Church. A . . . — Map (db m93134) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6791 — Munger Avenue Baptist Church
Located near the railroad tracks on Central Avenue, Galilee Baptist Church was organized in 1894 by the Rev. A. H. Smith and a small group of charter members. In an attempt to block out noise and distractions from nearby taverns, members hung . . . — Map (db m149049) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 14628 — North Dallas High School
The city's fifth high school opened in 1922 on the far north edge of Dallas. At the time, there were three high schools for Caucasian students (Bryan Street, Oak Cliff and Forest) and one for African Americans (Booker T. Washington). The school . . . — Map (db m148928) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 11833 — Oak Cliff United Methodist Church
This congregation was formed in 1887 when the Shelton and Oliver families began meeting with circuit rider C. G. Shutt in the Shelton home under the name St. Mark's Methodist Church. The Olivers began Sunday School meetings in 1888. The first . . . — Map (db m139165) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6803 — Oak Lawn United Methodist Church
An Oak Lawn settler, the Rev. Marcus H. Cullum (1822-85), preached in a grove on Turtle Creek until citizens built a school-church house here on site given by the Dickason-Sale family. At opening of that building, Sept. 20, 1874, the Rev. M. H. . . . — Map (db m148922) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6805 — Oath of Office of President Johnson
Near this point on November 22, 1963, Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson took the oath of office as 36th President of the United States. He is the first Texan to hold the office of President. The ceremony was held in the central compartment of . . . — Map (db m97767) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 17284 — Officer J.D. Tippit
On November 22 1963, at this intersection, Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald, 45 minutes after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza. After the assassination, Oswald fled to his rooming house in . . . — Map (db m139141) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 15025 — Old Letot Cemetery
Old Letot Cemetery Established 1870s. Historic Texas Cemetery 2002 — Map (db m149244) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6880 — Old Scyene Road
Once a buffalo trail, Scyene Road was one of the earliest roads in Dallas County. It linked the community of Scyene with Dallas, one day's journey by wagon to the west, and with Jefferson and Shreveport to the east. Named for a town in ancient . . . — Map (db m147580) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 14100 — Pediatric Orthopedic Care in Dallas
The effort for pediatric orthopedic care in Dallas began when the Shriners (Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine) organized a board with the idea of creating a system of charity hospitals across the U.S. Samuel P. Cochran, . . . — Map (db m149047) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6817 — Pike Park
The city of Dallas purchased this site in 1912-13 for a neighborhood park. Developed as Summit Play Park, it served a predominately Mexican-American community. By the 1920s, the park name was changed in 1927 to honor a former park board . . . — Map (db m148985) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — Propeller From The RMS Lusitania
RMS Lusitania was a British ocean liner built in 1906 and operated by the Cunard Line. The ship entered passenger service in August 1907 and continued on the line’s heavily traveled Liverpool, England to New York City route. During World War I, . . . — Map (db m117031) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6759 — Robert E. Lee Park
The land in this area was once part of a Republic land grant awarded to pioneer William Grigsby. The Dallas Consolidated Electric Street Railway Company bought twenty acres of the property in 1903, and in cooperation with developers Oliver P. . . . — Map (db m149087) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6697 — Site of First Ferry and Bridge — (about 300 feet West) —
First ferry on the Trinity River at Dallas was started here, 1842, by John Neely Bryan (1810 - 1877), the founder of Dallas. Alexander Cockrell (1820 - 1858), early builder and developer, replaced ferry with wooden toll bridge, 1854. This crossing . . . — Map (db m43435) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 12846 — St. Mark's School of Texas
St. Mark's School has its foundation in three 20th-Century preparatory schools, each of which contributed to its high standards and national reputation for academic excellence. Founded in 1906 by educators Menter and Ada Terrill, the Terrill . . . — Map (db m148917) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 17802 — St. Paul United Methodist Church
In 1873, several inhabitants of Freedman's Town, a community of recently freed people just north of the Dallas city limits, met with Methodist Ministers Rev. H. Oliver and Rev. William Bush under a brush arbor to organize the area's first African . . . — Map (db m80034) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6873 — St. Paul's Evangelical and Reformed Church
Established on December 1, 1889, this congregation began with five charter members. Led by the Rev. H. Siegfried, the church was organized with the help of Fort Worth pastors Thomas L. Mueller and C.F. Bauman. The congregation was originally named . . . — Map (db m150017) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6888 — State Fair of Texas
Founded in 1886, the State Fair of Texas now ranks as the most largely attended state fair in the U.S. It was begun as a private, nonprofit corporation for civic purposes by Capt. W.H. Gaston and other pioneer business and civic leaders of Dallas. . . . — Map (db m121657) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 13912 — Stephen J. Hay School
This site commemorates a significant civic and business leader. Georgia native Stephen J. Hay (1864-1916) migrated to Dallas in 1887 and became an executive of the Texas Paper Company. He served eight years on the Dallas Board of Education and in . . . — Map (db m148841) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6893 — Temple Emanu-El Cemetery
Established by Temple Emanu-el congregation in 1884, this was the second Jewish cemetery in Dallas. The first burials which occurred here were those of Russian immigrants Aaron L. Levy and Jacob Rosenthal. Both men were born in Russia on June 2, . . . — Map (db m148987) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 18318 — Tenth Street Historic District Freedman's Town
The first African Americans to live in Oak Cliff were slaves, brought here by settlers such as William H. Hord in 1845 to work the land. The neighborhood that grew here became known as the Tenth Street District. An important African American enclave . . . — Map (db m98058) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6896 — Texas Centennial Exposition
As plans began to take shape for the Centennial celebration of Texas Independence, a group of Dallas businessmen led by R.L. Thornton, Sr., Fred Florence, and Nathan Adams, joined together to promote the city as the host of the major Centennial . . . — Map (db m121782) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 17723 — Texas Theatre
Constructed in 1931, the Texas Theatre was designed by architect W. Scott Dunne. The "Texas," the largest suburban theater in Texas when it was built, is an "atmospheric" theater, a genre designed to enhance the fantasy and exoticism of the . . . — Map (db m147391) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6894 — Texas’ First Airmail and Passenger Service
Love Field witnessed two “firsts” in Texas aviation history. National Air Transport (later became United Air Lines) on May 12, 1926, inaugurated first airmail service in Texas, and on Sept. 1, 1927, flew the first passengers and express. . . . — Map (db m97765) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 18770 — The Crossroads
Despite Dallas's reputation as one of the state's more conservative cities, its LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community was among the first in Texas to organize politically and socially. In 1947, the city became home to one of . . . — Map (db m125945) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6671 — The Dallas Morning News
On Oct. 1, 1885, "The Dallas Morning News" began publication as the North Texas extension of A. H. Belo's "Galveston News." The two publications were linked by telegraph to exchange information, and they maintained a statewide network of . . . — Map (db m43392) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6673 — The Dallas Symphony
Early efforts to establish a symphony orchestra in Dallas began in 1899 with the formation of the Dallas Symphony Club. It was a short-lived effort, but in 1911 the city's first professional orchestra was established under the Dallas Symphony . . . — Map (db m135505) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — The Grassy Knoll
Journalist Merriman Smith, riding in the motorcade five cars behind President Kennedy reported seeing Dallas Police run up this hill, which he called a grassy knoll. Some witnesses believed shots came from the knoll area, but police found no . . . — Map (db m116916) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6742 — The Hockaday School
Ela Hockaday (1875 - 1956) received her early education in the public schools of Bonham, Texas. After graduating from the Denton Normal School (now University of North Texas), she pursued graduate studies at both Columbia University and the . . . — Map (db m94482) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 13600 — Thomas L. Bradford
Thomas L. Bradford, who built this home by 1907, was a mayor, capitalist and philanthropist. Born in Louisiana in 1869, he moved to Dallas in the 1890s and became an entrepreneur before working in Southwestern Life Insurance company's finance . . . — Map (db m148972) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6905 — Turtle Creek Pump Station
Constructed in 1909 as a 15 million gallons per day primary pumping station for the city water supply, this brick industrial building was designed by Dallas architect C. A. Gill. Its location on high ground afforded protection from floods that had . . . — Map (db m148943) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6653 — W. P. Cochran Homeplace
Once surrounded by cultivated fields, this residence was built for William P. Cochran (1841 - 1906), whose father bought the land in 1851 and whose mother Nancy Jane Cochran donated a portion of it for Cochran Chapel Methodist Church in 1856. This . . . — Map (db m149267) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 6913 — Western Heights Cemetery
Located on part of the original William Coombs survey, burials in this cemetery date to the 1850’s. Originally known at Troth, it was formally dedicated in 1881, when land was set aside for a “graveyard forever” by Z.E. Coombes and W.R. . . . — Map (db m108596) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 13182 — WRR Radio
A pioneering radio station, WRR Radio grew out of tragic events in early-20th Century Dallas. In 1912, a large fire in southern Dallas required all of the city's firefighting units. While they were on the scene, another fire broke out in the . . . — Map (db m126059) HM
Texas (Dallas County), Dallas — 13660 — Zion Lutheran Church
Soon after German Lutherans began arriving in Dallas in the 1870s, they began to gather for worship. In 1874, the Rev. Tirmenstein from New Orleans started leading the Lutherans in worship, and others soon followed, utilizing facilities of the . . . — Map (db m150006) HM

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