“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Historical Markers

Markers relating to the Great Depression-era New Deal federal work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942 in the United States for unemployed, unmarried young men from relief families.
CCC Bunker Observation Tower Marker in foreground. image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, June 16, 2021
CCC Bunker Observation Tower Marker in foreground.
1 Alabama, Clay County, Delta — CCC Bunker Observation Tower
I propose to create a Civilian Conservation Corps to be used in simple work...More important however, than the material gains will be the moral and spiritual value of such work. –Franklin D. Roosevelt Cheaha State Park was built by the . . . Map (db m175327) HM
2 Alabama, Clay County, Delta — Civilian Conservation Corps
On Oct. 29, 1929 the world changed as we know it. On that ominous day, the stock market crashed and facilitated the U.S. Great Depression. Many Americans were unemployed and numerous families lost their homes to foreclosure. In 1933 President . . . Map (db m175325) HM
3 Alabama, Clay County, Delta — Managing Public Land
In 1933 the Civilian Conservation Corps began construction of Cheaha State Park as parks across the nation were built, President Franklin D. Roosevelt provided jobs and stability as well as parks for future generations. The 2,799 acre Cheaha . . . Map (db m175560) HM
4 Alabama, Hale County, Moundville — The CCC and Moundville — Moundville Archaeological Park —
The Civilian Conservation Corps was born during the turmoil of the Great Depression. Hundreds of thousands of young men were out of work, and wasteful exploitation of the environment had devoured millions of acres across America. In 1933, as part of . . . Map (db m144813) HM
5 Alabama, Lee County, Auburn — Chewacla State Park(CCC)
Side 1 Under President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal (1933-1942), the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was established to provide work for single young men. The CCC's Company 4448, Camp Alabama SP-12, began work in September 1935 to . . . Map (db m85164) HM
6 Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville — Civilian Conservation Corps(C. C. C.) Camp — 1935~1940 —
This rock entrance is all that remains of Camp Ala. SP-16, 3486 and Camp Ala. TVA-7, 3483 which were built here due to available water. They were part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's conservation projects. When WW II started the men enlisted . . . Map (db m55607) HM
7 Alaska, Juneau Borough, Juneau, Downtown Juneau — 4-Story TotemJohn Wallace, 1940 — Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) —
Natives of Southeast Alaska have made totem poles such as this one for thousands of years. This pole depicts four Haida clan stories. It was carved in 1940 by master carver John Wallace of Hydaburg. Described as "the last of the professional . . . Map (db m181736) HM
8 Alaska, Juneau Borough, Juneau, Downtown Juneau — Calhoun Ave. Overpass
Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps — 1935 Olaf Torkelson, Juneau Street Commissioner from 1924-1936, was instrumental in the success of this project. The overpass was built to provide safe access for children who attended Capital School . . . Map (db m181738) HM
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9 Arizona, Coconino County, Grand Canyon National Park — Trans-Canyon Telephone Line
Trans-Canyon Telephone Line, built in 1935 by CCC workers, maintained by Mountain Bell, has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.Map (db m78832) HM
10 Arizona, Coconino County, Sedona — Hart Pump House
A designated Sedona Historic Landmark built in 1932 by the Civilian Conservation CorpsMap (db m94814) HM
11 Arizona, Coconino County, Williams — Duffy Brothers Grocery StoreBuilt 1912
Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Cormick E. Boyce built this large brick structure intending it to be used as a bank, although it served as a grocery store during . . . Map (db m33417) HM
12 Arizona, Pima County, Summerhaven — Lemmon Rock Lookout TowerCoronado National Forest
Lemmon Rock Lookout Tower was erected in 1928. It is the oldest lookout still in use on the Forest. This general locale has been used as a fire lookout since the Coronado Forest Reserve was established in 1902. The current lookout structure was . . . Map (db m55554) HM
13 Arizona, Pima County, Vail — The CCC WorkerCamp SP-10-A — Colossal Cave Mountain Park 1934 – 1937 —
Honoring the young men who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps here and across the nation. With shovel and hammer, trowel and chisel, they moved earth, planted trees, crafted stone, and built structures that shape our landscape and remain a . . . Map (db m30614) HM
14 Arkansas, Conway County, Winrock — Civilian Conservation Corps and the Building of Arkansas's First State Park
This statue honors Civilian Conservation Corps Company V-1781. these skilled veterans of World War One built Arkansas's first state park.Map (db m233674) HM WM
15 Arkansas, Conway County, Winrock — Davies Bridge: Symbol of a Legacy
Davies Bridge, a sturdy Rustic-style structure, stands today as an emblem of the park's Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) heritage and the Davies family's contributions to Arkansas State Parks. In 1932, Samuel G. Davies, a graduate of . . . Map (db m233672) HM
16 Arkansas, Conway County, Winrock — Special Places to See
As you explore these unique structures around Petit Jean State Park, you will find that nature and history are strongly connected here. Rock House Cave - Explore this sandstone bluff shelter and look for ancient Native American . . . Map (db m233679) HM
17 Arkansas, Conway County, Winrock — The CCC at Petit Jean State Park
Company V-1781 was the designation of Petit Jean's CCC. camp. The "V" indicated the company employed World War I veterans. The situation was relatively unique: only 10 percent of CCC camps around the United States were veteran camps. . . . Map (db m233675) HM
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18 Arkansas, Conway County, Winrock — What was the Civilian Conservation Corps?
Following the stock market crash of 1929, the United States plunged into the depths of the Great Depression. By 1932, the unemployment rate was a staggering 23%. Over 13 million Americans had lost their jobs. In a landslide victory, . . . Map (db m233673) HM
19 Arkansas, Greene County, Walcott — CCC Pavilion
Crowley's Ridge State Park is here today due to the hard work, dedication, and ingenuity of the local community and the Civilian Conservation Corps. Crowley's Ridge State Park is home to log and stone structures built by the Civilian . . . Map (db m170555) HM
20 Arkansas, Greene County, Walcott — CCC Stone Arch Bridge
Crowley's Ridge State Park is here today due to the hard work, dedication, and ingenuity of the local community and the Civilian Conservation Corps. Roosevelt's Tree Army The men of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) companies 1729, 2736, . . . Map (db m170556) HM
21 Arkansas, Yell County, Dardanelle — 25 — Mount NeboCivilian Conservation Corps
With its rugged, scenic beauty and views of the Arkansas River Valley, Mount Nebo has been a popular recreational destination since the late 19th century. In 1928, the 1,350-foot landmark became Arkansas’s second state park. On April 5, 1933, . . . Map (db m206938) HM
22 California, Contra Costa County, Danville — Sentinel Rock OverlookA Place Where Sandstone Beds Were Turned On End
The large outcrop with the staircase and cables is Sentinel Rock. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) installed the steps and railings on Sentinel Rock sometime berween 1933 and 1942. It is now a popular climbing rock. One of the responses of . . . Map (db m199523) HM
23 California, Contra Costa County, Walnut Creek — Mount Diablo Beacon:Left Dark by War, Lighted in Remembrance
A large flashing light atop this rotunda once guided airplanes flying through the night skies of the Bay Area. Originally held aloft on a 75-foot tower erected by Standard Oil in 1928, it served as a crucial route-finding aid in the days before . . . Map (db m93631) HM
24 California, Contra Costa County, Walnut Creek — Mt Diablo State ParkWhat's In A Name?
Like many other isolated peaks, Mt. Diablo is steeped in lore - much of it involving the mountain's name. On a 1824 map, "M. del Diablo" signifies a Christian Indian village, not a peak. The reference to "diablo" or devil can be traced back to . . . Map (db m93632) HM
25 California, Humboldt County, Orick — The CCC at Prairie Creek
Company 1903 Comes to the Prairie In October 1933, CCC Company 1903 moved from Hyampom, in Trinity County, to Prairie Creek. Along with the 113 enrollees were seven soldiers — three officers, three sergeants, and a cook — who would . . . Map (db m159100) HM
26 California, Inyo County, Death Valley National Park — An Architectural Heritage
Among the first structures greeting visitors entering the park from the west, these two stone buildings at Emigrant were built to serve as a ranger station and are a legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Created by President Franklin . . . Map (db m159295) HM
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27 California, Inyo County, Death Valley National Park — Wildrose CCC CampHome, Far Away From Home
During the 1930s, Americans struggled with the financial and social turmoil of the Great Depression. The employment rate reached 25 percent, and many men were unable to support their families. Their frustration contributed to the election of . . . Map (db m159360) HM
28 California, Los Angeles County, Altadena — Farnsworth ParkWorks Progress Administration
marker at amphitheater: Built by United States Works Progress Administration - 1938. marker at basketball courts: Improved by Works Progress Administration - 1937.Map (db m243384) HM
29 California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Griffith Park — Spirit of the CCCHonoring Those Who Served in the Civilian Conservation Corps — 1933 - 1942 —
The CCC had two camps in Griffith Park. Camp Griffith Park, originally located just east of this site, was occupied from May 1934 to May 1936. A statue honoring the CCC was sculpted by John Palo-Kangas as a WPA Federal Art Project and placed in that . . . Map (db m137298) HM
30 California, Los Angeles County, Pomona — The Big RoundGiant Sequoia — The Journey of a Concept —
Julius Caesar's reign over Rome was approaching its dramatic end (44 BCE), when this giant sequoia sprouted - the tree providing this magnificent round. Until felled in Tulare County by a windstorm in 1961, this massive tree, nicknamed . . . Map (db m218620) HM
31 California, Orange County, Dana Point — Doheny State BeachArchway to the Past
Doheny State Beach was once known as Doheny Beach State Park (1931). These pictures depict the early years at Doheny, 1934-1938, when much of the work done in the park was performed by the Civilian Conservation Corps. or CCC. The CCC enrollees . . . Map (db m193592) HM
32 California, Riverside County, Idyllwild — Logging Shaped This Landscape
Logging was one of the most significant impacts on the natural landscape on the western side of the San Jacinto Mountains. Beginning in 1875 and lasting through the early 1900s, a number of logging camps and mills were established in the . . . Map (db m232790) HM
33 California, San Bernardino County, Mentone — Camp Mill CreekCivilian Conservation Corps
Commemorating enrollees, CCC Co’s. 541, 1341, 1941, 1943, and Forest Service - Military - Civilian personnel, CCC Camp Mill Creek F150, FD150. This plaque acknowledges the many accomplishments of all concerned. History . . . Map (db m197571) HM
34 California, San Bernardino County, San Bernardino — 60th Anniversary of the CCC
Honoring Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt who established the Civilian Conservation Corps 1933-1942. Commemorating CCC enrollees and all who were in the CCC camps in San Bernardino County.Map (db m172178) HM
35 California, San Diego County, San Diego — The Civilian Conservation CorpsSpirit of CCC
On March 31, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law an act creating the Emergency Conservation Work Program, better known as the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). This program became one of the most popular and successful of . . . Map (db m192107) HM
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36 California, Santa Barbara County, Lompoc — La Purisima Mission State Historic Park
Across this bridge lies California's eleventh mission and a glimpse of life during the 1820's. The Civilian Conservation Corps restored the buildings and grounds between 1934 - 1941. We hope you enjoy your visit to the past.Map (db m11116) HM
37 California, Santa Clara County, San Jose, Almaden — Camp Mt. Madonna
At New Almaden During the Depression (1933-1942) and after most mining activity had ceased, New Almaden once again gave jobs, hope and future to young men through a program created by Franklin D. Roosevelt called the Civilian . . . Map (db m52778) HM
38 California, Santa Clara County, San Jose, Almaden — English Camp
[Side-bar on left:] Once a Bustling Community Within view stood English Cam’s Methodist Church, Company Store, Mine Office, School House, Centennial Hall, Helping Hand Hall and a multitude of family cabins. As quicksilver . . . Map (db m52775) HM
39 California, Santa Clara County, San Jose, Almaden — Site of English TownCCC Camp Mt. Madonna
The Civilian Conservation Corps, established in 1933 by the Federal Government for nine years became one of the most constructive national service programs. CCC Companies: 1917-V, 1235, 3341, 3325, 739, 4500 occupied this camp between 1933 and 1939. . . . Map (db m52774) HM
40 California, Shasta County, Burney — The Civilian Conservation Corps: A Surviving Legacy
The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was established in 1933 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program. During the years of the Great Depression, when the stock market crash and ensuing business closures left many Americans . . . Map (db m96652) HM
41 California, Shasta County, Castella — 4 — CCC Camp (1934-1939)
For just six short years Sims was the location of a bustling Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp... With its wooded valley and beautiful river setting, Sims was a haven to the boys from Company 978 who came from the busy cities of San . . . Map (db m69843) HM
42 California, Shasta County, Castella — 1 — Sims Bridge: A CCC First
It took a bit of grit and determination for the Forest Service and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) crew to build this sturdy bridge... Raymond Huber, who supervised the project remembers... “I was given a pickup and a plan of a 160-foot . . . Map (db m69821) HM
43 California, Shasta County, Mill Creek — A Scenic BoulevardLassen Volcanic National Park
Today we take this park road for granted, but in 1916 when Lassen Volcanic National Park was established, the park's scenic features, expansive views, and volcanic landscapes could be reached only by horseback or on foot. In 1925, through the vision . . . Map (db m165932) HM
44 California, Shasta County, Old Station — Historic Crossroads Gateway
This stone monument, built in 1935, stands at the historic north entrance to Lassen Volcanic National Park from Lassen National Forest. Before the highway intersection was rerouted to its current location, visitors drove past this monument into the . . . Map (db m58126) HM
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45 California, Siskiyou County, Tule Lake — Civilian Conservation Corps
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt established the Civilian Conservation Corps on March 31, 1933, to provide employment for America's youth and promote the nation's economic recovery. The CCC's work involved conservation projects on forest, park . . . Map (db m547) HM
46 California, Siskiyou County, Tulelake — Attracted to WaterLava Beds National Monument — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
“When I was a child…I played around Tule Lake where the tules and grass grow thick… We used to go out in the tall grass… and look for chub fish… and shoot at (them) with our arrows.” Peter Schonchin, last surviving . . . Map (db m63249) HM
47 California, Siskiyou County, Tulelake — Camp Tulelake
1935-1942 Civilian Conservation Corps This camp was built and staffed by the CCC, an organization that was established during the Great Depression by President Franklin Roosevelt to reduce unemployment and to preserve the nation's . . . Map (db m88000) HM
48 California, Tulare County, Three Rivers — The CCC Boys
Shaping a Park The CCC Boys Tunnel Log reminds us of the work of young men who struggled to survive the Great Depression in the 1930s. The drive-through hole in the log was carved by the “boys” of the Civilian Conservation Corps . . . Map (db m103433) HM
49 California, Tuolumne County, Yosemite National Park — Civilian Conservation Corps
The CCC began work in Yosemite in May 1933. During the ensuing years, significant projects included the Half Dome cable system, Badger Pass Ski Complex, Henness Ridge Lookout Tower, numerous park structures and many miles of hiking and riding . . . Map (db m155198) HM
50 Colorado, Elbert County, Kiowa — 272 — Trail Under Siege / Rising to the Challenge
Trail Under Siege Indians of Colorado’s High Plains Kiowa and Comanche Indians migrated to these prairies in the 1700s, followed by Cheyennes and Arapahos in the early 1800s. The region’s vast grasslands, thick bison herds, and brisk fur . . . Map (db m45756) HM
51 Colorado, Garfield County, Glenwood Springs — CCC Men Built Improvements for Glenwood
In the 1930's, America was mired in a deep economic depression. As part of his New Deal program, President Franklin Roosevelt implemented government programs designed to create employment and to stabilize the national economy. One . . . Map (db m120550) HM
52 Colorado, Jefferson County, Red Rocks Park — Red Rocks AmphitheatreCity and County of Denver Landmark
Principle construction by Civilian Conservation Corps Company 1848, SP-13C, Mt. Morrison, CO. 1936 - 1941 Dedicated as a memorial to all who served at Mt. Morrison and to the 3 million who served in the CCC nation-wide, 1933 - 1942. The CCC . . . Map (db m57683) HM
53 Colorado, Jefferson County, Red Rocks Park — Red Rocks Park
Red Rocks Park is a national Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. The Trading Post and the Amphitheater are Denver Landmarks. The Trading Post, an example of the Pueblo-style architecture, is made of brick and stucco and . . . Map (db m57641) HM
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54 Colorado, Larimer County, Estes Park — The Woodpecker Army — Rocky Mountain National Park —
Little Horseshoe Park was the site of the first Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp west of the Mississippi River. In May 1933, CCC workers set up a base in the meadow below to house about 200 men. This camp’s laborers became known as the . . . Map (db m162063) HM
55 Colorado, Mesa County, Grand Junction — Rocky RoadsColorado National Monument
The first people to witness this view were probably Indians who had to scale the steep cliffs and talus slopes. Later, ranchers dug narrow passages up into the canyons to bring their cattle to graze in the rich highland trails below. Begun during . . . Map (db m61910) HM
56 Connecticut, Litchfield County, Barkhamsted, Riverton — Austin Hawes Memorial CampgroundFarmington River: Wild & Scenic
In this Area in the Past..... The Austin Hawes Memorial Campground is located in an area once known as the “Greenwoods,” where until the late 1700’s large pine and hemlock trees grew along the Farmington River. From 1800 to 1942 . . . Map (db m102111) HM
57 Connecticut, Litchfield County, Barkhamsted, Riverton — Camp White
To honor the men of Camp White Company 106 established 1934 Civilian Conservation Corps 1933-1942 created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt renewing the country’s natural resources and challenging the human spirit of . . . Map (db m102082) HM
58 Connecticut, Litchfield County, Kent, Cornwall Bridge — Camp Macedonia Company 1191
To Honor The Men Of Camp Macedonia Company 1191 Established 1935 Civilian Conservation Corps 1933-1942 Created By President Franklin D. Roosevelt Renewing The Country's Natural Resources And Challenging The Human Spirit Of A . . . Map (db m41092) HM
59 Connecticut, Litchfield County, Torrington — To Honor The Men Of Camp Wolcott
To Honor The Men Of Camp Wolcott Company 176 Established 1933 Civilian Conservation Corps 1933-1942 Created By President Franklin D. Roosevelt Renewing The Country's Natural Resources And Chellenging The Human Spirit Of A Nation . . . Map (db m30242) HM
60 Connecticut, Middlesex County, East Hampton — Comstock Covered Bridge
Comstock Covered Bridge Built in 1873 by the Towns of Colchester and East Hampton The Comstock Covered Bridge is one of only three historic covered bridges remaining in Connecticut. With a main span 80 feet in length (measured from the faces of . . . Map (db m84109) HM
61 Connecticut, New Haven County, Madison — Civilian Conservation Corps Camp HadleyCompany 2101; September 5, 1935 - April 4, 1941
Camp Hadley was home to "Roosevelt's Tree Army." These young men, 17-25 years old, came from families of unemployed parents during the Great Depression. They joined the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and earned one dollar a day, up to 30 days . . . Map (db m243157) HM
62 Delaware, Kent County, Dover — An Army of Restoration (CCC)
To provide employment and vocational training for youthful citizens of the United States…through the performance of useful public work in connection with the conservation and development of the natural resources of the United States and its . . . Map (db m4491) HM
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63 Delaware, Sussex County, Bridgeville — SC-268 — Jack Lewis
John I. "Jack" Lewis (1912-2012) moved to Delaware in 1936 as an artist with the Civilian Conservation Corps tasked with documenting activities at CCC camps in the state. After serving in the Pacific with the U.S. Army during World War II, he . . . Map (db m150089) HM
64 Delaware, Sussex County, Georgetown — SC-108 — St. John's Methodist Church
The origin of this congregation can be traced to the organization of “Johnson’s Society” in the 1830’s. Meetings were held in private homes and the local school. On July 3, 1852, trustees were elected to supervise the building of the first church. A . . . Map (db m38635) HM
65 Delaware, Sussex County, Laurel, Trap Pond State Park — Historic Mills of the Trap Pond Area
From Ironworks to Gristmills Many of the ponds in this area, including Trap Pond, were created in the late 1700s. The earliest dams were built to produce waterpower for ironworks. The waterpower ran bellows for furnaces that created iron . . . Map (db m198864) HM
66 Delaware, Sussex County, Lewes, George H.P. Smith Memorial Park — SC-288 — Block House Pond
Block House Pond, a natural spring-fed pond, has provided fresh water, ice, and recreation to the City of Lewes for several centuries. The pond was likely named for a nearby blockhouse built to protect Lewes in the 1670s, where the town residents . . . Map (db m232744) HM
67 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Brightwood — 17 — Aunt Betty's StoryBattleground to Community — Brightwood Heritage Trail —
Elizabeth Proctor Thomas (1821-1917), a free Black woman whose image appears on each Brightwood Heritage Trail sign, once owned 11 acres in this area. Known, respectfully in her old age as "Aunt Betty," Thomas and her husband James farmed and . . . Map (db m72830) HM
68 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Brightwood — Fort Stevens
Civil War Defenses of Washington 1861-1865 The partial reconstruction of Fort Stevens that you see today was done by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1937. No visible evidence of the original fort remains. Battle of Fort Stevens July . . . Map (db m3028) HM
69 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Theodore Roosevelt Island — Natural by DesignTheodore Roosevelt Island — George Washington Memorial Parkway, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
"The nation behaves well if it treats its natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased and not impaired in value." —Theodore Roosevelt, 1910 As a young man, Theodore Roosevelt realized . . . Map (db m213569) HM
70 District of Columbia, Washington, Southwest Washington, West Potomac Park — Combatting Economic Depression1937-1941 / Second Term — Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial —
Continuing to combat the Great Depression, President Roosevelt's New Deal created federal programs to stabilize the economy, provide relief, and create jobs for millions of Americans. Most Americans had never heard a president's voice before FDR . . . Map (db m197631) HM
71 Florida, Alachua County, Gainesville — Devil's MillhopperRegistered Natural Landmark
Devil’s Millhopper has been designated a Registered Natural Landmark This site possesses exceptional value as an illustration of the Nation’s natural heritage and contributes to a better understanding of man’s environment . . . Map (db m125200) HM
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72 Florida, Baker County, Olustee — A Legacy Remembered
(Left side text) During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt approved a plan to recruit thousands of unemployed young men into a "Civilian Conservation Corps" (CCC) From 1933-1942 the CCC employed over 3 million Americans. They . . . Map (db m55674) HM
73 Florida, Columbia County, near Mikesville — "CCC Boy" Statue
This "CCC Boy" Statue was erected by Chapter 143, NACCCA, Gainsville, Florida In 2007. Chapter 143 was organized by CCC veterans of the area on October 1, 1988. This statue was donated to Chapter 143 and O'Leno State Park by . . . Map (db m66128) HM
74 Florida, Columbia County, near Mikesville — Civilian Conservation CorpsApril 5, 1933   June 30, 1942
2,876,638 American youth served in 4500 CCC Camps restoring ravaged lands of a depressed America. Some Accomplishments 2 to 3 billion trees planted, 800 parks built, 3980 historical sites restored, and 6 million days . . . Map (db m65804) HM
75 Florida, Highlands County, Sebring — Dedicated to the Memory of Emil Billitz Sr.
Dedicated to the Memory of Emil Billitz Sr. and countless other C.C.C. enrollees who were injured, disabled or lost their lives in performance of their duty. We especially remember the 228 C.C.C. members who perished September 2, 1935 during a . . . Map (db m72742) HM
76 Florida, Lake County, Pittman — The Pitman Residence
This structure was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1938. It originally served as a home for the State Game Officer for the Ocala National Forest. It has been used by the Forest Service as an office and laboratory. The interior of . . . Map (db m167892) HM
77 Florida, Nassau County, Fernandina Beach — Fort Clinch
Reconstruction and construction of roads, buildings and grounds was performed by Civilian Conservation Corps Company 1420, 1937-1942.Map (db m33457) HM
78 Florida, Okaloosa County, Niceville — Niceville Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Worker Statue™
This statue is dedicated to honor the enrollees of CCC Camp Bigby, established May 19, 1933. Company 1402 Forest-3 served from 1933-1939. Company 1413 Army-1 served from 1940-1942. A temporary camp was set up on the grounds of the old Niceville High . . . Map (db m192249) HM
79 Georgia, Bibb County, Macon — The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) 1933-1942
The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) 1933-1942 Beginning in 1933, hundreds of people were employed at Ocmulgee by the various "New Deal" public works agencies created during the Great Depression. They worked on the archeological . . . Map (db m244425) HM
80 Georgia, Chatham County, Tybee Island — Fort Screven BakeryBuilding #97
Activated just prior to the Spanish-American War and inactivated at the close of World War II, Fort Screven served as a military post for almost 50 years. During that time, Fort Screven was a coast artillery installation, an infantry post, District . . . Map (db m13076) HM
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81 Georgia, Chatham County, Tybee Island — The Parade Reported missing
The Confederates used earth and a “blindage” of timbers as protection against shot and shells falling within the fort. To reduce casualties from flying debris, the “light colonnade” or veranda roof along the gorge was . . . Map (db m67782) HM
82 Georgia, Cobb County, Marietta — Civilian Conservation Corps Camp — Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park —
In the 1930s the Great Depression left 25% of the population of the United States unemployed and another 22 million homeless. Newly elected president Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal" programs sought to provide relief and reform to the American . . . Map (db m242587) HM
83 Georgia, Macon County, Andersonville — In Memory of ...Andersonville National Historic Site
After the Civil War, people wanted to preserve Civil War sites and remember fallen soldiers. At Andersonville, the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic (LGAR) and the Women's Relief Corps led these efforts. They encouraged states to place . . . Map (db m173064) HM
84 Georgia, Morgan County, Rutledge — Hard Labor Creek State Park
On the occasion of its Bicentennial, Morgan County placed this marker here to commemorate Hard Labor Creek State Park This park was built in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a New Deal program sponsored by President . . . Map (db m17574) HM
85 Georgia, Morgan County, Rutledge — Rutledge
On the occasion of its Bicentennial, Morgan County placed this marker here to commemorate the community of Rutledge In the 1840s, the heirs of Hezekiah Rutledge deeded right-of-way to the Georgia Railroad. The farm came to be referred . . . Map (db m17303) HM
86 Georgia, Stephens County, Toccoa — Ralls Dormitory & Broom Factory
A building to be used as a print shop was constructed by the Kiwanis Club and the citizens of Toccoa on the site later occupied by Ralls Dormitory. The plan for a print shop never developed, so the building was turned into a broom factory. But . . . Map (db m64442) HM
87 Georgia, Telfair County, McRae-Helena — Little Ocmulgee's Visitor Center
CCC enrollees completed Little Ocmulgee's Visitor Center in 1936. Called a combination building by the National Park Service for its multiple uses, it is labeled a casino on this early map of the park’s day use area. Beginning in December 1935, . . . Map (db m125199) HM
88 Hawaii, Hawaii County, Mountain View — The 'Ōhi'a Wing will soon be home to the park's collection of artwork and artifacts
The 'Ōhi'a Wing was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1932 (sic), and originally served as "Park Headquarters" for Hawaii National Park. Constructed in the classic Rustic Style, it was one of many projects that employed hundreds . . . Map (db m111042) HM
89 Hawaii, Hawaii County, Volcano — Countless are the Accomplishments of Roosevelt's Trusty "Tree Army"
The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), established by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933, was one of many "New Deal" Programs created towards economic recovery from the Great Depression. The goal of the CCC was to create Conservation . . . Map (db m94340) HM
90 Idaho, Benewah County, Plummer — Heyburn State Parkthe Oldest State Park in the Pacific Northwest
The Coeur d’Alene people are the earliest inhabitants of this area. The natural wealth of the forests, rivers, and lakes sustained their existence for countless generations on five million acres of ancestral land. Their lifestyle was . . . Map (db m110383) HM
91 Idaho, Boise County, Lowman — CCC Shapes the Payette Drainage
(Three panels make up this marker:) In the 1930s, Gallagher CCC widened and surfaced this road, built Scott Mountain Road, developed Hot Springs and Pine Flat Campgrounds, erected fences to control livestock grazing, fought fires, and . . . Map (db m119235) HM
92 Idaho, Caribou County, Wayan — Tincup Creek
Caribou Mountain rises 9,800 feet with alpine snowfields feeding Tincup Creek, a tributary to the South Fork of the Snake River. Placer gold discoveries high on the mountain in 1871 led to a gold rush that lasted for two decades. In the 1880s sheep . . . Map (db m105963) HM
93 Idaho, Custer County, Stanley — Sunbeam Bathhouse
This 1937 stonework building remains as a tribute to Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) craftsmanship. CCC workers from Camp Clayton built the structure. It was originally used as a bathhouse and is now a historic site. The National Forest System . . . Map (db m110038) HM
94 Idaho, Franklin County, Franklin — Franklin Relic Hall - 1937
The log Relic Hall is a fine example of Depression Era rustic architecture. Completed in 1937, it also represents a successful early effort to preserve and interpret community history. The building was designed in 1935 by architect Chris Gunderson . . . Map (db m44458) HM
95 Idaho, Idaho County, Riggins — Manning Crevice Bridge
Before you stands the north tower of the original Manning Crevice Bridge. The original bridge was located approximately 14 miles up on the Big Salmon Road. A new bridge was built and opened in 2018. HISTORY: The Crevice Bridge was first . . . Map (db m119429) HM
96 Idaho, Idaho County, Riggins — More Valuable Than GoldRiggins' Water Supply — Salmon River Heritage Waking Tour —
The Riggins irrigation ditch was built in 1891 by early pioneers, Charlie Clay and brothers Isaac and Johnny Irwin, to supply water to their gold mining operation. By 1894, gold mining waned and the ditch was used for irrigation water. It wasn’t . . . Map (db m119354) HM
97 Idaho, Valley County, McCall — McCall City Jail1930
The McCall City Jail was built for $650 in June, 1930, directly behind the City Hall located on the corner of Lenora and Third Streets. The City Hall building was later moved 12 miles to Roseberry, ID, leaving the jail as a sole reminder of . . . Map (db m109934) HM
98 Idaho, Valley County, McCall — The CCC Worker
Dedicated to the young men who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933 – 1942. Their work in the forests and parks in Idaho remain for all to enjoy Dedicated August 5, 2006 NACCCA Chapter 28 city of McCall . . . Map (db m110416) HM
99 Idaho, Valley County, McCall — The Idaho ForestA Miracle at Work — Idahoans at Work —
A Rich Tradition Of Land Use Gathering, Hunting, Trapping, Mining, Logging, Ranching, Farming, Recreation Around 15 thousand years ago, groups of Native Americans started the long history of land use in this area. Today, the Nez . . . Map (db m119494) HM
100 Illinois, Coles County, Lerna — The Reuben Moore Home
Left Panel: “This will certify that the foregoing plot of the town of Farmington laid by me as proprietor is correct. Witness my hand and seal this 30th day of April 1852.” J. J. . . . Map (db m30979) HM

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