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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Wisconsin, Madison Landmarks Commission Historical Markers

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By William J. Toman, April 24, 2011
"Elmside" Marker
1Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 82 — "Elmside" — The Simeon and Maria Mills House — 1863 —
This elegant Italian villa style house was constructed of native sandstone on the 191-acre country estate of Simeon and Maria Mills. An early pioneer from Ohio, Mills erected Madison's first store and was a banker, real estate developer and . . . Map (db m41983) HM
2Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 64 — Adolf H. Kayser House — Claude and Starck — 1902 —
The Adolph H. Kayser house was designed by Claude and Starck, a local architectural firm that would later become the foremost practitioner of the Prairie School style in Madison. The design of the Kayser house is a distinctive blend of classical . . . Map (db m40968) HM
3Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 141 — Aldo Leopold House — 1924
Aldo Leopold lived in this Craftsman style house from 1924 until his death in 1948. Leopold came to Madison to work at the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory and was a pioneer in forestry, wilderness preservation, soil conservation and wildlife . . . Map (db m45691) HM
4Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 4 — Alexander Smith House
Built of sand limestone and cap limestone from a nearby quarry, this residence is an example of the Greek Revival style. The building was constructed as a farmhouse, but it also served as a halfway house for travelers between Milwaukee and Prairie . . . Map (db m41991) HM
5Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 36 — American Exchange Bank — 1871 — Shipman —
This Italian Renaissance Revival style structure, a distinguished example of its type, was designed by Madison architect Stephen Vaughn Shipman. Built of Madison sandstone as the Park Savings Bank, the structure occupies the former site of the . . . Map (db m33644) HM
6Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 98 — American Tobacco Co. Warehouses — 1899 - 1901
These two buildings are the most substantial warehouses built in Madison to house the processing of leaf tobacco. From the Civil War until the 1940s, leaf tobacco was among Dane County's most lucrative crops. The tobacco grown in Wisconsin was . . . Map (db m53072) HM
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7Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 100 — Anna and Cornelius Collins Residence — Claude and Starck, Architects — 1908 —
This house, designed by Madison's premier architectural firm of Claude and Starck in 1908, incorporates an eclectic mix of popular styles of the era and includes Prairie, Tudor and Craftsman features. Windows take center stage at the front faηade: . . . Map (db m49272) HM
8Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — Armory & Gymnasium — University of Wisconsin - Madison
Armory & Gymnasium University of Wisconsin - Madison has been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America.Map (db m34019) HM
9Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 65 — B. B. Clarke House — Claude and Starck — 1899 —
One of Claude and Starck's earliest designs, this Queen Anne house has a Gothic theme, with pointed-arched windows and steeply pitched roofs. It was designed for B. B. Clarke, who earned a fortune in Indiana by manufacturing threshing machines . . . Map (db m32867) HM
10Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 89 — Badger State Shoe Factory — Ferdinand Kronenberg, Architect — 1910 —
Albert and Henry Atkins founded the Badger State Shoe Factory in Milwaukee in 1893. They expanded production to Madison in 1900 and in 1910 constructed this building to consolidate manufacturing operations. Significant for its association with turn . . . Map (db m49284) HM
11Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 8 — Bashford House — 1856-7
This house is an example of the towered Italian Villa style executed in sandstone. Its square, hipped roof, three story tower, or campanile, is unique among old Madison residences. The house was first occupied by H. K. Lawrence, banker and . . . Map (db m32466) HM
12Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 99 — Baskerville Apartments — 1913-1914
The Baskerville Apartments is one of Madison's finest remaining early apartment houses, built in an era of population explosion caused by enlargement of the University of Wisconsin, state government and private industry. Downtown densities increased . . . Map (db m38941) HM
13Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 94 — Bear and Lynx Effigy Mounds — 500-1000 A.D.
These mounds were constructed by a people of a hunting and gathering culture who met periodically at ceremonial grounds like this one to bury their dead.Map (db m33501) HM
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14Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 6 — Beecroft House — Claude and Starck, Architects — 1911 —
This house is attributed to Madison master architects Claude and Starck and is an excellent example of the Prairie style of architecture. Louis Claude was influenced by the work of architectural masters Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright and George . . . Map (db m58121) HM
15Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 81 — Bellevue Apartments — 1913 - 1914
Constructed by local builder Charles E. Marks, the Bellevue was the largest and most expensive apartment building erected during Madison's pre-World War I apartment house boom. Advertised as a place of "ease and comfort," the Bellevue featured such . . . Map (db m39920) HM
16Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 109 — Belmont Hotel — Balch and Lippert, Architects — 1923 - 1924 —
The Belmont Hotel was built to serve business travelers and legislators, with two dining rooms and "modern facilities," meaning adjacent bathrooms. City boosters hoped that it would encourage conventions to come to Madison. The construction of the . . . Map (db m41969) HM
17Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 47 — Bernard - Hoover Boat House — 1915
This frame building is the third boat house on the site. The site symbolizes the importance of pleasure boating in Madison in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The original boat yards and house were operated by Charles Bernard in . . . Map (db m38703) HM
18Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 55 — Biederstaedt – Breitenbach Grocery — 1874
A store with a residence above was a common pattern in nineteenth century Madison. This brick structure was erected as a saloon and grocery for Charles Biederstaedt. Built in a high Victorian Italianate mode, it replaced an earlier structure. In . . . Map (db m33233) HM
19Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 34 — Bird Effigy Mound — 500-1000 A.D.
This mound was constructed by people of a hunting and gathering culture who met periodically at ceremonial grounds like this one to bury their dead.Map (db m33532) HM
20Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 143 — Boutell House — 1923
The Boutell House is significant as an elegant and finely detailed example of the Georgian Revival style in Madison. The style, locally popular between 1900 and 1940, is the product of the emergence of interest in Colonial architecture of the United . . . Map (db m154088) HM
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21Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 17 — Bowen House — 1856-7
This Italianate style farmhouse was built for Seth Van Bergen from locally quarried sandstone. It is characterized by ornate wood bracketing and a central cupola. In 1859, Van Bergen sold the house to James B. Bowen, local homeopathic physician, and . . . Map (db m40976) HM
22Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 43 — Braley House — 1875-76
The house of Judge Arthur B. Braley was a social and cultural center of the Mansion Hill area in the Nineteenth Century. The house was built of cream brick with incised stone lintels in the Late Gothic Revival style. Braley, a patron of the literary . . . Map (db m33723) HM
23Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 13 — Breese J. Stevens House — 1863 - 1864
This multi-faceted brick Italianate house was built for Madison lawyer, Daniel K. Tenney. In 1871, Tenney sold it to Breese J. Stevens who probably altered the house significantly during his ownership. Stevens was elected mayor of Madison in 1884 . . . Map (db m40861) HM
24Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 132 — Breese Stevens Field — Claude and Starck, Architects — 1925; 1934 —
Breese Stevens Field, named for the former Madison mayor whose family donated the land, is significant as the city's premier athletic facility from 1926 through the 1960s. The grandstand, designed by prominent Madison architects Claude and Starck in . . . Map (db m58008) HM
25Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 49 — Brittingham Boat House — Ferry & Clas — 1910 —
The construction of this public boat house represents the spirit of municipal improvement that infused this city at the turn of the century. The parkland and its model facilities were created through the generosity of lumberman Thomas E. Brittingham . . . Map (db m32456) HM
26Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 22 — Buell House — 1894 — Conover & Porter —
Designed for Madison attorney Charles Buell in the Shingle style with Queen Anne proportions and ornament, this house was the first built in University Heights. Called "Buell's Folly," it was the work of Madison architects Allen D. Conover and Lew . . . Map (db m41149) HM
27Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 107 — Cardinal Hotel — Ferdinand Kronenberg, Architect — 1908-1909 —
The Cardinal Hotel, designed by prolific Madison architect Ferdinand Kronenberg, is significant for its association with east Madison's commercial and railway corridor. Conceived primarily to serve rail passengers, when constructed the hotel towered . . . Map (db m77755) HM
28Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 118 — Chi Phi Fraternity — Law, Law and Potter, Architects — 1928 —
The Chi Phi fraternity house is an outstanding example of the Tudor Revival style and is constructed of Madison sandstone. The striking design featuring steeply pitched and parapeted gables is one of the most accomplished works of premier Madison . . . Map (db m78506) HM
29Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 84 — Chi Psi Lodge — 1911-1913
This imposing fraternity house was designed by noted Milwaukee architect Alexander C. Eschweiler and was built using Madison's native sandstone. Its Tudor Revival style is one of the best examples of that architecture in Madison. The Iota chapter of . . . Map (db m40963) HM
30Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 86 — City Horse Barn — Built 1910-1914
This simple brick structure is a rare survivor of the horse-and-wagon era. Built as part of the old city yards, the barn housed up to nine draft horses whose job it was to pull maintenance and service vehicles. Each of the nine windows on the Dayton . . . Map (db m32640) HM
31Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 50 — City Market — 1909 — Robert L. Wright —
The City Market reflects the active civic improvement work in Madison at the turn of the century. Like other public projects, the Market was intended to enhance the advantages of city life. The building design by Madison architect Robert L. Wright . . . Map (db m32638) HM
32Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 29 — Collins House — c. 1911 — Claude & Starck —
Built for lumber executive William Collins, this dwelling was designed by architects Louis Claude and Edward Starck. The house is characterized by a gable roof, wide eaves, leaded glass windows, and horizontal and vertical banding that lends an . . . Map (db m40964) HM
33Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 76 — Corry Carriage House — 1911
This quaint stone carriage house was built for James and Minnie Corry. Corry, a well-known realtor, helped develop the Fair Oaks plat and was a promoter of the east side. The Corrys' plans to build a house in front of the carriage house were halted . . . Map (db m45442) HM
34Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 56 — Curtis-Kittleson House — 1901
William D. Curtis commissioned the architectural firm of J. O. Gordon and F. W. Paunack to design this imposing brick house with Queen Anne style. Hallmarks of the style include the complex shape, wide veranda and corner tower, highlighted by . . . Map (db m32670) HM
35Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 48 — Cutter House — 1882
Judson C. Cutter, an entrepreneur, commissioned the construction of this house, but he never lived here. The house is designed in a late Victorian period style, sometimes called Stick-Eastlake. The decorative surface treatment, which seems to show . . . Map (db m41002) HM
36Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 85 — Delta Upsilon Fraternity House — 1906-1907
Founded in the spring of 1885, the Wisconsin Chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity has occupied this stately structure since 1907. Delta Upsilon Fraternity is unique among local fraternities as a non-secret Greek letter society since it has no secret . . . Map (db m40961) HM
37Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 69 — Derrick C. Bush House — ca. 1867
Built of cream brick, this handsome Italianate house was constructed for Derrick C. Bush (1816-1887). A Vermont native, Bush became the village of Madison's first assessor in 1854, and later, a county judge. A later owner, Phineas Baldwin, was a . . . Map (db m41393) HM
38Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 137 — Dick-Eddy Buildings — 1889 and 1907 — Conover and Porter, Architects —
The imposing Dick Building is a flat-iron building in the Richardsonian Romanesque style, a style in which the local architects, Conover and Porter, were particularly adept. The Dick block was built in part to house Christian Dick's wine and liquor . . . Map (db m200505) HM
39Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 156 — Doty School — Claude and Starck, Architect — 1906 —
Built during a population boom in Madison, Doty School replaced the smaller Fourth Ward School built on this site in 1866. When it opened, the new school was renamed for Madison's founder, James Duane Doty, the person responsible for Madison's . . . Map (db m53073) HM
40Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 158 — Dowling Apartments — Philip Dean, Architect — 1922 —
William and Margaret Dowling built this impeccably maintained Craftsman style apartment building. It included luxury amenities such as chandeliers and built-in breakfronts in the dining rooms, laundry service and a dumb waiter system. Margaret . . . Map (db m40290) HM
41Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 155 — Draper Brothers Block — 1867
The Draper Brothers block is significant as one of the few remaining buildings of native sandstone from Madison's earliest era of commercial development and for being associated with Madison's commercial history, having housed a meat market on the . . . Map (db m52846) HM
42Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 171 — East Side High School — Frank Riley, Architect — 1922 —
This school was built during a school board facility expansion initiative beginning in 1920 to serve the growing east side neighborhood. The school has become a neighborhood anchor, uniting the community through ethnic and economic changes. . . . Map (db m52326) HM
43Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 27 — Elliott House — 1910 — Maher, Claude & Starck —
The design of this house typifies the effect of Prairie School concepts of residential design in the first fifteen years of the Twentieth Century. Edward C. Elliott, professor of education at the University of Wisconsin and later president of Purdue . . . Map (db m41074) HM
44Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 20 — Ely House — 1896 — Cobb & Frost —
Designed in the the Georgian Revival style by Chicago architect Charles Sumner Frost, who was a partner of Henry Ives Cobb, this house was commissioned by Richard T. Ely, nationally known economist and university professor. In the academic freedom . . . Map (db m41102) HM
45Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 150 — Emily Thompson House — Circa 1872
Emily Torstensenseim immigrated to the United States from Norway with her parents at the age of four. When she grew up she married a fellow Norwegian immigrant, Ole Thompson, who became a successful hotelier and grocer. Shortly after his death, his . . . Map (db m73067) HM
46Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 38 — Fess Hotel — 1858, 1901
A hotel for the common man throughout its history, the nineteenth century facade of the Fess remains a reminder of the commercial character of the King Street and Doty Street area. George Fess, the original proprietor of the hotel, catered to . . . Map (db m32944) HM
47Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 77 — Fire Station #4 — 1904 - 1905
Designed by local architect, Lew F. Porter, Fire Station #4 is one of the oldest fire stations remaining in Madison. The tiny windows on the east facade lit horse stalls. The rapid expansion of University Heights, Wingra Park and other near west . . . Map (db m44550) HM
48Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 61 — First Church of Christ, Scientist — Frank M. Riley — 1929 —
Designed with simplicity and grace, the First Church of Christ, Scientist is Georgian Revival in style, the form used for many early 20th century Christian Science churches across the country. It is the only Madison church designed by Frank Riley, . . . Map (db m40205) HM
49Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 33 — Forest Hill Cemetery & Effigy Mound Group — 1857 - 1862 & C. 500 - 1000 A.D.
Forest Hill is an intact example of the rural cemetery movement of the 19th century, in which cemeteries were located in a park-like setting that also served as a place for strolling, picnics, quiet recreation and contemplation. Many centuries . . . Map (db m89869) HM
50Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 73 — Frank G. Brown House — 1905
This handsome house was built by Frank G. Brown (1852-1920), scion of a prominent real estate and banking family. Brown, who was first vice-president of the First National Bank, was a founder of the French Battery Company (now Rayovac). The Brown . . . Map (db m40749) HM
51Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 163 — Fuller & Johnson Manufacturing Co. Office Building — 1885; Additions c. 1892 and 1909
This building is significant for its association with Madison's industrial history. It is all that remains of the once expansive Fuller & Johnson Manufacturing Co., a producer of farm implements and the first major industry in Madison. The building . . . Map (db m52125) HM
52Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 23 — Gates of Heaven Synagogue — 1863
Gates of Heaven was designed for Madison's first Jewish congregation by local architect August Kutzbock in the German Romanesque style. Kutzbock also used this distinctive style for the Pierce and Keenan houses at Pinckney and Gilman. The building . . . Map (db m32381) HM
53Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 5 — Gilmore House — 1908 — Frank Lloyd Wright —
This residence, called the "Airplane House," illustrates the essence of the Prairie School style of architecture. The strong feeling of horizontally is given by sweeping eaves; banded, leaded casement windows; horizontal wood trim; and site . . . Map (db m32504) HM
54Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 162 — Gisholt Machine Company Manufacturing Complex — 1899-1901; 1911; 1946
The Gisholt Machine Company site encompasses an expansive complex and is made up of three Neoclassical Revival style brick buildings: The 1899-1901 factory, the 1911 office building, and the 1946 engineering building. The company produced . . . Map (db m52106) HM
55Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 148 — Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran Church — Balch and Lippert, Architects — 1922 —
The Gloria Dei Church is a striking example of the Gothic Revival style, which was locally popular between 1915 and 1945 for the design of religious buildings. The faηade is of brick and limestone. Decorative elements include Gothic-arched door and . . . Map (db m53469) HM
56Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 45 — Grace Episcopal Church — 1855-58 — James Douglas —
Designed by Milwaukee architect James Douglas, and constructed of local sandstone, Grace Episcopal Church is a distinguished example of the Gothic Revival style. Inspired by early English models, the corner tower contains a full carillon of bells. . . . Map (db m33076) HM
57Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 87 — Grimm Book Bindery — Alvan Small, Architect
This building is significant as the work of architect Alvan Small and as an example of a small commercial building executed in the Neoclassical style. The primary facade is of red brick with a side-gabled roof bracketed with a stepped parapet end . . . Map (db m57732) HM
58Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 68 — Herman J. Loftsgordon House — 1918
Herman Loftsgordon and his family lived in this house from 1918 until 1946. Loftsgordon was one of five brothers who came to Madison from Mt. Horeb in the early 1900's and settled within blocks of each other in the Elmside plat. The family was . . . Map (db m41523) HM
59Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 37 — Hickory Hill House — 1842
A very early Madison sandstone house this farm dwelling was presumably constructed for John G. Hicks, a New Yorker. In 1854 James P. Falkner, a speculator, bought the house hoping to develop "Mendota Village" around it. His assets were wiped out by . . . Map (db m45743) HM
60Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 44 — Hiestand School — 1915
Since about 1855 this site has been the location of the Blooming Grove township school. Named for pioneer tobacco grower, Jacob Hiestand, whose farmstead lay across the road, the original frame building was razed in 1915 to make way for this fully . . . Map (db m42206) HM
61Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 30 — Hirsig House — c. 1913 — Small —
Commissioned to Madison architect Alvan E. Small by retail store owner Louis Hirsig, this stucco and brick house exemplifies the simplicity of the Prairie style. The horizontal lines of the windows along with the distinctive red tile roof and wide . . . Map (db m40926) HM
62Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 79 — Hocheera — The John R. and Nell Commons House — 1913 —
This large stucco house was designed by noted Madison bungalow designer, Cora Tuttle. From 1913 to 1937, it was the home of John R. Commons, a U.W. professor of economics. Commons was nationally significant as the author of important social reforms . . . Map (db m45742) HM
63Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 80 — Hoffman - Kennedy Dairy Horse Barn — Circa 1904
This simple brick horse barn was built by Conrad Hoffman, a laborer. In 1925, it was purchased by the largest dairy in Madison, the Kennedy Dairy, to house its east side branch. The barn had deteriorated seriously by 1985 when it was renovated into . . . Map (db m40823) HM
64Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 75 — Holy Redeemer Catholic Church — 1865-1869
This is the first parish organized by German Catholics and is the second oldest Catholic church in Madison. This church replaces the original brick structure built on this site in 1857 by the 80 founding families The simple Romanesque Revival . . . Map (db m38884) HM
65Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 75 — Holy Redeemer School Building — 1892
The Holy Redeemer School was founded in 1865 by German Catholics who were granted their own parish after separating from the Irish Congregation of St. Raphael. Classes were held within the church until growing enrollment necessitated a separate . . . Map (db m170938) HM
66Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 159 — Hotel Loraine — Herbert W. Tullgren, Architect — 1923-25 —
This building was designed by Herbert W. Tullgren, an architect nationally known for his design of hotels and apartment buildings in period revival styles. Hotel Loraine, having elements of both the Tudor and Mediterranean revival styles was the . . . Map (db m48309) HM
67Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 40 — Hyer - Jaquish Hotel — 1854
Built in a vernacular that borrows both from Greek revival and Italianate sources, this brick structure was the front section of a larger Farmers’ and Railway hotel. Such hotels offered lodging to boarders and travelers in the nineteenth century. . . . Map (db m32454) HM
68Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 101 — Irene and Robert Connor Residence — 1920
This Colonial Revival house was built for Robert and Irene Connor, daughter of lumber magnates Anna and Cornelius Collins who lived next door. Irene took over the position of vice-president of the family firm. The house is significant for its . . . Map (db m49271) HM
69Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 90 — Italian Workmen's Club — 1922/1936
One of the few buildings remaining from the original Italian community in Greenbush, the Italian Workmen's Club was constructed by volunteer labor in 1922, with a major renovation in 1936. John Icke, local contractor and benefactor of the Italian . . . Map (db m32642) HM
70Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 63 — Jackman Building — Claude and Starck — 1913 - 1914 —
The Jackman Building is an unusual and valuable example of early twentieth century commercial architecture because it is preserved virtually intact both inside and out. It was built for the law firm of Richmond, Jackman and Swanson. Their successors . . . Map (db m38494) HM
71Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 24 — Jacobs House I — 1937 — Frank Lloyd Wright —
Built for Herbert Jacobs, Madison journalist, this L-plan structure is the first of Wright's Usonian houses designed for middle income families. The horizontal emphasis of the earlier Prairie School style is evident. Innovative construction . . . Map (db m33500) HM
72Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 74 — James and Bridget Casserly House — 1891
The Casserly house is a classic example of a Queen Anne style house built for a middle-class family. James Casserly was a foreman and later superintendent of the Madison Democrat, one of Madison's two major newspapers at the turn-of-the-century. The . . . Map (db m40289) HM
73Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 172 — James Doris Farmhouse — 1857-1858
This vernacular Greek Revival style, side-gabled house is significant as an example of a style locally popular between 1830 and 1860. One of the few remaining houses of the "stagecoach inn" design characteristically being two bays wide and five bays . . . Map (db m53064) HM
74Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 15 — James Mears House — 1871
This square house designed in a modified Federal style with Italianate detailing was built for Major James Mears, realtor and merchant from New York state. The cream brick residence was originally built at a cost of $5,000. Its significant . . . Map (db m40857) HM
75Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 59 — John George Ott House — 1873
The Ott house is one of the finest High Victorian houses in Madison and the grandest remaining 19th century mansion in the Third Lake Ridge Historic District. German craftsmen probably executed the intricate woodwork on porches and bays, detailed . . . Map (db m32699) HM
76Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 18 — Joseph Stoner House — 1858
This simple Italianate sandstone house, constructed in a masonry pattern peculiar to southern Wisconsin, was built for undersheriff, jailor, and horse dealer Andrew Bishop. It was later owned by W. B. Jarvis, lawyer and land speculator. In the . . . Map (db m32441) HM
77Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 3 — Keenan House — 1858
Originally built in the early Romanesque Revival style, this house was altered in 1870 by the addition of a mansard roof. The Milwaukee cream brick structure was built for, but never occupied by, Napolean Bonaparte Van Slyke, first cashier of the . . . Map (db m32383) HM
78Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 10 — Kendall House — 1855
Pioneer banker J. E. Kendall built this two-and-one half story Italianate home in 1855. The mansard roof of the Second French Empire style was added between 1872 and 1879. This house stands as one of the four corner houses on Big Bug Hill, also . . . Map (db m32467) HM
79Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 139 — Kessenich's Building — Frank Riley, Architect — 1923 —
The Kessenich's building is significant as an example of the Commercial French Renaissance style as designed by Frank Riley. The building features an artfully assembled faηade uniting two street frontages and the adjoining corner. The long faηades . . . Map (db m51681) HM
80Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 11 — Keyes House — 1853-54
This rambling brick Italianate and Eclectic style house probably was originally built for Lansing W. Hoyt, a local speculator. It was later occupied and altered by Elisha W. Keyes, a powerful local political "boss" who was appointed postmaster by . . . Map (db m40856) HM
81Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 153 — King Street Arcade — Charles Huart, Architect — 1927 —
The King Street Arcade is an example of an arcaded block, a distinctive building type popular in the United States during the first half of the twentieth century. The exterior is characterized by a series of tall, evenly spaced, arched openings . . . Map (db m55934) HM
82Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 52 — Kircher House — 1877
An example of a High Victorian Italianate style pattern book house design, this cream brick dwelling was built by John Kircher, a German carpenter and contractor, in 1892. After a decade of absentee ownership, the house was bought by Adolph Klose . . . Map (db m32730) HM
83Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 53 — Klose Cottage — 1870
Typical of the frame L-plan cottages which dotted the isthmus in the last half of the Nineteenth Century, the Klose cottage is a vestige of immigrant housing in that period. Adolph Klose, a Prussian immigrant, was a self-employed tailor when he had . . . Map (db m40989) HM
84Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 91 — La Follette House — 1854
"Fighting Bob" La Follette and his wife Belle Case La Follette moved into this dignified old residence in 1881. Both graduated from the UW Law School, Belle being the first woman to do so. Both became preeminent state and national political figures, . . . Map (db m90021) HM
85Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 71 — Lamb Building — 1905
With its two-story bay, leaded glass detail, and original Carroll Street storefront, this is one of Madison's best remaining adaptations of the Queen Anne style to commercial architecture. Constructed for retired attorney F. J. Lamb, the building . . . Map (db m38493) HM
86Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 19 — Leitch House — 1857-58
The buff-colored sandstone for this Gothic Revival house was quarried in Westport, barged across Lake Mendota, and cut on the building site. The exterior of the structure is characterized by high peaked gables, decorative barge boards, spiked . . . Map (db m38700) HM
87Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 58 — Lincoln School — Claude and Starck — 1915 —
Lincoln School is a superb example of the Prairie School of architecture. Some of the reflections of this style are the bands of terra cotta and stone that emphasize the horizontal lines of the design, detailed terra cotta ornament on capitals and . . . Map (db m38704) HM
88Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 93 — Lizard Effigy Mound — 500-1000 A.D.
These mounds were constructed by a people of a hunting and gathering culture who met periodically at ceremonial grounds like this one to bury their dead.Map (db m33503) HM
89Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 102 — Longfellow School — Law, Law and Potter, Architects — 1918, 1924 and 1938 —
The Longfellow School served the ethnically diverse Greenbush neighborhood as a community anchor between 1918 and 1980. Designed by the prominent Madison firm of Law, Law and Potter, the school is an excellent example of the Elizabethan Revival, a . . . Map (db m49732) HM
90Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 54 — Lougee House — 1907 — Claude & Starck —
A significant example of the Prairie School style of architecture, this dwelling bears similarities to Frank Lloyd Wright's Harley Bradley house of 1900, in Kankakee, Illinois. Louis W. Claude worked for Louis H. Sullivan with Frank Lloyd Wright and . . . Map (db m41868) HM
91Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 149 — Luther Memorial Chapel — Claude and Starck, Architects — 1914-1915 —
This limestone chapel was designed by the prolific Madison architectural firm of Claude and Starck in the Elizabethan Revival style. The building's asymmetrical design features a monumentally scaled entrance and a ribbon of Tudor-arched windows at . . . Map (db m69713) HM
92Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — Luther Memorial Evangelical Lutheran Church — Claude & Starck; Reginald Stehr — 1921-1923; 1957-1958 —
The Gothic Revival style church by preeminent Madison architects Claude & Starck is a masterwork example of this style. The mid-century Gothic Revival style education building by Reginald Stehr is significant as a contemporary representation of the . . . Map (db m55933) HM
93Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 62 — Machinery Row — 1898-1914
This block long group of brick buildings was originally known the Brown Brothers' Business Block. It earned the nickname "Machinery Row" when several agricultural implement branch houses located here, part of the lively railroad shipping business . . . Map (db m40519) HM
94Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 142 — Madison Candy Company — John Nader, Architect — 1903 —
The Madison Candy Company building is significant for its association with the development of local manufacturing. An industrial type building designed by John Nader, it is constructed of red brick, with a limestone foundation, belt courses and . . . Map (db m40604) HM
95Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 121 — Madison Catholic Clubhouse — John J. Flad, Architect — 1938 —
This Mediterranean Revival clubhouse has Art Moderne touches, reflecting its late 1930s date. It was built for the Knights of Columbus, a fraternal society for Catholic men. Several other Catholic groups met here and the building also housed the . . . Map (db m39930) HM
96Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 116 — Madison Club — Frank Riley, Architect — 1916-1918 —
The Madison Club, Madison's premiere social club, was designed in the Georgian Revival style by master Madison architect Frank Riley. Artfully executed in red brick with concrete classical ornament including columns, friezes, portico and urns, the . . . Map (db m59806) HM
97Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 147 — Madison Gas & Electric Company Powerhouse — Claude & Starck; Mead & Seastone, Architects — 1902; 1915 Addition —
The Madison Gas & Electric Powerhouse has been in continuous operation providing electrical power since its construction in 1902. The building is significant for its association with the development of Madison's utility industry and as the location . . . Map (db m40250) HM
98Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 176 — Maeder Building / Ellsworth Block — 1871
The two-story Maeder building and the three-story Ellsworth block were constructed in 1871 as two distinct commercial buildings. Now considered one property, this block is significant as a representative example of the late 19th century commercial . . . Map (db m62337) HM
99Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 152 — Mattermore - Malaney House — 1875
This vernacular house is significant as a surviving example from Madison's earliest residential era and as an increasingly rare, intact, gable-front type house with wood clapboard siding. The elements which define this folk form are evident on the . . . Map (db m54227) HM
100Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — 57 — Miller House — Moved 1908
The earliest known Black-owned building remaining in Madison, this unassuming house has been the residence of two generations of the Miller family. From the time of William Miller's arrival here from Kentucky in 1901 members of the Miller family . . . Map (db m54184) HM

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