“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Lanark County, Ontario

Wideview of "Auld Kirk" 1836 Marker image, Touch for more information
By Kevin Craft, May 28, 2017
Wideview of "Auld Kirk" 1836 Marker
1 Ontario, Lanark County, Almonte — "Auld Kirk" 1836
This stone church, an attractive example of an early form of Gothic Revival architecture, was constructed in 1835–36 on land obtained from John Mitchell, one of Ramsay Township's earliest settlers. Built by the local congregation of the Established . . . Map (db m104031) HM
2 Ontario, Lanark County, Almonte — Dr. James Naismith — 1861-1939
This is the boyhood home of James Naismith, the inventor of basketball. Born in a house which formerly stood on this lot, he entered McGill University in 1883 where he was active in athletics. In 1890 Naismith graduated in theology from . . . Map (db m104107) HM
3 Ontario, Lanark County, Almonte — Former Almonte Post Office
Begun in 1889 and finished in 1891, this building was erected to house postal and customs services. Federal chief architect Thomas Fuller was responsible for the design and Robert Cameron was the contractor. The building was part of a national . . . Map (db m104019) HM
4 Ontario, Lanark County, Almonte — Mississippi River Improvement Company — 1909-1991
The Mississippi River in eastern Ontario is a tributary of the Ottawa River. The upper basin starts in the Mazinaw Lake area and enters the Ottawa River above Chats Falls. Recognizing a need to manage the water flow, Mr. Jim Brown of Carleton Place . . . Map (db m104108) HM
5 Ontario, Lanark County, Almonte — The Founding of Almonte
The sawmill and grist-mill completed here on the Mississippi River in 1823 by Daniel Shipman provided the nucleus around which a community known as Shipman's Mills had developed by 1824. About 1850 two town plots were laid out here - "Victoria" by . . . Map (db m104000) HM
6 Ontario, Lanark County, Almonte — The Rosamonds in Almonte
In 1857 James Rosamond built this mill on the Mississippi River, thereby firmly establishing the woollen industry in Almonte. An Irish-born entrepreneur, Rosamond was previously a resident of nearby Carleton Place where, in 1846, he had built one . . . Map (db m104009) HM
7 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Memorial Park — Get to know Carleton Place — History —
Originally the site of the Market Square, Memorial Park was created with the dedication of the local cenotaph in 1924. Part of Memorial Park also consists of land (the north-eastern section) donated by the Gillies family as a result of . . . Map (db m234330) HM
8 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Memorial Park — Get to know Carleton Place
On June 8th, 2013, a dedication ceremony was conducted on this site following a three year restoration and expansion project of the cenotaph area. This project was completed through the joint efforts of the Town of Carleton Place, Veterans . . . Map (db m234332) HM
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9 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — A. Roy Brown Memorial
[Stylized bas relief of Roy Brown's epic dogfight with the Red Baron] [Sculpture of Roy Brown looking skyward with the Distinguished Service Cross in hand]Map (db m234444) HM
10 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Canadian Pacific Railway Station
Carleton Place Heritage Property Designated under the Ontario Heritage ActMap (db m234447) HM
11 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Captain/Capitaine A. Roy Brown, D.S.C. — 1893-1944
Victor in aerial combat over Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the First World War's leading fighter pilot and German national hero, Arthur Roy Brown was born at Carleton Place. In 1915 he qualified as a civilian pilot and was commissioned . . . Map (db m103968) HM
12 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Carleton Place Town Hall
Built between 1895 and 1897 for a cost of $26,000, our Town Hall was designed in the Richardson Romanesque style by Toronto architect George King. It replaced the original Town Hall built in 1872 on Edmund Street. The chateau style . . . Map (db m234392) HM
13 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Countdown Public Art Legacy Project — Honouring survivors of sexual violence — Pebble Mosaic —
Unveiled on May 17, 2019, this pebble mosaic was created by 75 members of the Carleton Place community as a tribute to sexual assault victims. Made in collaboration with Lanark County Interval House and Red Dress Productions, this monument . . . Map (db m234377) HM
14 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Findlay
Scottish born David Findlay arrived in Canada in 1858 and settled in Perth, Ontario. Finding little opportunity for working at his trade as a moulder, he left two years later for Carleton Place. Walking the 21 miles with only $30 in . . . Map (db m234402) HM
15 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Founding of Carleton Place
The families of Edmond Morphy and William Moore became in 1819 the first settlers on the site of Carleton Place. About 1822 Hugh Boulton built a mill here on the Mississippi River which provided the nucleus around which a community, known as . . . Map (db m103985) HM
16 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Memorial Park Cenotaph — They Gave Their To-day For Our To-morrow — 1914-1918 • 1939-1945 • 1950-1953 • NATO • Peacekeeping —
CONFLICTS SINCE 1953 1946-1991/Cold War • 1990-1991/Gulf War • 1992-1995/Somali Civil War 1992-1995/Bosnian War • 1998-1999/Kosovo War 1999-2000/East Timor • 2001-2014/Afghanistan War 2003-2011/Iraq War • 2011/Libyan Civil War OUR . . . Map (db m234334) WM
17 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Post Office and Federal Building
The first post office was established in town in 1830. That same year, the name of the community changed from Morphy's Falls to Carlton Place, and then, through a slip in typing, to Carleton Place. By 1890, the growth of the town was . . . Map (db m234052) HM
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18 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — The Herald and Canadian Tire
The settlers who first received land grants within the present area of the Town of Carleton Place were four members of the family of Edmond Morphy and three members of the William Moore family. The Moore family's grant stretched from present-day . . . Map (db m234328) HM
19 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — The Town Hall Square Millennium Project — 15th Day of July 2000
The Town Hall Square forms the nucleus of the pioneer development along the Mississippi River and rapids. This environmentally important area, near the unique and significant stand of Hackberry Trees, has become the central part of the Town of . . . Map (db m234372) HM
20 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Town Hall Square Historical Murals
The Ripple [Steamboat on Mississippi River] 1885 First Nations Harvesting of wild rice Logging on the Mississippi Men's War Canoe Team 1905 The Ballygiblin Riots 1824Map (db m234374) HM
21 Ontario, Lanark County, Carleton Place — Zion Presbyterian Church Cornerstone
Cornerstone from Zion Presbyterian Church Formed 1868. Amalgamated with Memorial Park United Church 1966. Cairn erected 1990Map (db m234012) HM
22 Ontario, Lanark County, Franktown — Reverend George Buchanan — 1761 - 1835
Born at Coupar-Angus, Scotland, Buchanan graduated in medicine from Edinburgh University. He later became a Presbyterian minister and was called to Upper Canada. He arrived in Beckwith Township in August 1822, to become its first . . . Map (db m233987) HM
23 Ontario, Lanark County, Franktown — The Rectory of Beckwith
Beckwith Township, surveyed in 1817, had among its first settlers discharged military personnel and emigrants from the United Kingdom. The Reverend Michael Harris of Perth administered to the Anglicans until a resident clergyman, the . . . Map (db m233990) HM
24 Ontario, Lanark County, Franktown — The Village of Franktown
The first road through Beckwith Township was cleared in 1819 from Richmond to Perth: This work was done by British soldiers. The road was cut 60 feet wide and was to connect the military settlements of Richmond and Perth. It entered . . . Map (db m234011) HM
25 Ontario, Lanark County, Mississippi Mills — Robert Tait McKenzie
Surgeon, educator and sculptor, McKenzie was born in Lanark County, Ontario. After graduating in medicine at McGill University, he became its Medical Director of Physical Training in 1894. A pioneer in physical education, he served as a surgeon . . . Map (db m104096) HM
26 Ontario, Lanark County, Mississippi Mills — The Mill of Kintail and Robert Tait McKenzie
This grist-mill was constructed in 1830 by John Baird, a Scottish pioneer. In 1930 it was restored by Robert Tait McKenzie (1867–1938) the prominent Canadian surgeon, physical educator, and sculptor, as his summer home and studio. Born in . . . Map (db m104090) HM
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27 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — "Summit House"
This house was built in 1823 by James Boulton, one of Perth’s first lawyers. Modelled after "The Grange" in Toronto, the house was designed in the Adamesque style, which was popular in Upper Canada during the 1820’s, with overtones of the . . . Map (db m207798) HM
28 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Boats, Boats, Boats — Tay Basin — Tay River Trail • Overland, Over Water, Over Time —
The Tay Basin is a central depot for water travel on the Tay. In its youth, it aspired to become a major port for shipping and receiving goods, as it was linked to the newly finished Rideau Canal. The Tay's snies, creeks and swamps were . . . Map (db m207906) HM
29 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — By Barge and Bateau / Par barges et chalands
Perth merchants regularly used the Tay Canal between 1834 and 1850. Potash, timber and local produce were shipped to Montreal, and dry goods and manufactured articles were imported. But the canal steadily fell into disrepair as soon . . . Map (db m208017) HM
30 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Canal Fever / la Fiθvre des canaux du Canada
In the wilderness of 19th century Upper Canada, transportation was the key to settlement, growth and prosperity. Waterways, modified with locks and canals, were seen as the solution to many transportation problems. A feverish era of . . . Map (db m208032) HM
31 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Centrestage for Community — Stewart Park — Tay River Trail • Overland, Over Water, Over Time —
Historically, Perth has always boasted a thriving creative community with music, dance and theatre at the core of activities. That tradition continues today with many residents internationally known as award-winning artists, musicians . . . Map (db m233963) HM
32 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Hub of Activity & Change — Tay Basin — Tay River Trail • Overland, Over Water, Over Time —
The landscape in the Tay Basin has changed dramatically over the years. It has gone from an early settlers' campground to shipping docks and from residential housing to a market square. Once called Perth Landing, its docks bustled with . . . Map (db m207886) HM
33 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — International Friendship Fountains
The three fountains in the Tay Basin are known as the International Friendship Fountains. They were installed in 2004, thanks to the Ontario Small Town and Rural Economic Development Program (OSTAR-RED) and the generosity of the Rotary Club of . . . Map (db m207849) HM
34 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Perth Military Settlement — Tay Basin — Tay River Trail • Overland, Over Water, Over Time —
The British government established the first Military Settlement in Canada in March, 1816 at Perth upon Tay in response to continuing fears of an American invasion following the War of 1812. A depot was established with a Superintendent's . . . Map (db m207948) HM
35 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Perth, A Unique Blend / Perth un mιlange exceptionnel — The Tay Canal / Le canal Tay
Perth was created in 1816 as part of a grand British defence strategy which included the Rideau Canal and Fort Henry at Kingston. By 1822 Perth had burst into a vibrant frontier town, the new County Seat for the District of Bathurst . . . Map (db m208000) HM
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36 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Stewart's Legacy — Stewart Park — Tay River Trail • Overland, Over Water, Over Time —
The citizens of Perth are very fortunate to have such a pristine green space in the heart of the downtown core. This beautiful parkland straddles two islands with the Tay River on one side and the Little Tay on the other. It is . . . Map (db m233947) HM
37 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Tay Canal Revival / Renaissance du canal Tay — The Tay Canal / le canal Tay — 1890 —
Enthusiasm for canals in 19th century Canada remained high despite the flurry of railway construction after 1850. The government continued to maintain canals, including the Rideau Canal, to ensure their competitiveness. This kept alive . . . Map (db m208028) HM
38 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Tay Crossings — Stewart Park — Tay River Trail • Overland, Over Water, Over Time —
Although it is hard to tell at a glance, there are no less than eight bridges connecting Cockburn and Haggart Islands to the mainland in Perth's downtown core - and each bridge has its own personality and history. Locke's Bridge on . . . Map (db m233962) HM
39 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Thousands of Years of Algonquin Homeland
Algonquin/Omΰmμwinini People have lived on this river and in this territory for thousands of years. These waterways were elemental to people's seasonal lives, moving into the family's territories in the upper watersheds for the winter and . . . Map (db m207879) HM
40 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Welcome to the Tay River Trail — Tay Basin — Overland, Over Water, Over Time —
The Tay has seen many tales over the years. Once covered by the salt water of the Champlain Sea, the banks of the Tay hold the memory of a very different aquatic life from what you see today. The fossils in the bedrock tell the story of a . . . Map (db m207937) HM
41 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — World-Famous Whiskey — Stewart Park — Tay River Trail • Overland, Over Water, Over Time —
[Photo captions, counterclockwise from top left, read] • Spalding & Stewart • Spalding & Stewart • McLaren's Distillery • THE TAY FROM HAGGARTS • [Trail map and] Legend The Tay River Trail is an historic pathway and portage . . . Map (db m233875) HM
42 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — 50th Anniversary of the World's Largest Cheese — Upbuilding of the Dairy Industry in Canada
Erected by the Lanark County Cheese Producers in recognition and appreciation of the services of all those who through legislative educational commercial or industrial leadership or activity did lay the foundation and did guide the . . . Map (db m207883) HM
43 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Alexander Morris — 1826 - 1889
An astute public servant who played a significant role in the development of Western Canada, Morris was born in Perth. In 1861, after establishing a successful law practice in Montreal, he was elected to the legislature as the member . . . Map (db m207696) HM
44 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — An Avenue to the Future / Un pas vers l'Avenir — The Tay Canal / le canal Tay
Before you lies the restored Tay Canal Turning Basin, today part of Parks Canada's Rideau Canal heritage waterway. The Tay Canal was once the symbol of progress and prosperity to the people of Perth. First operated in 1834, the canal . . . Map (db m207782) HM
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45 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Andrew Ronald Gamble — In Loving Memory of — 1914 [World War] 1918 —
Killed in Action at Passchendaele Nov 4th 1917 Gone But Not Forgotten Nec Tamen Consumebatur ["Yet it was not consumed" from Exodus 3:2] [War Medallion] He Died For Freedom and HonourMap (db m233728) WM
46 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Big Ben — Belgian Warmblood — For the Love of a Horse
Born at Winston March 27, 1976 Sire: Etretat - Mare: Oekie Breeder: J. Van Hooydonk Kalmthout, Belgium Big Ben's Career Highlights Did you know... • Big Ben was Ian Millar's mount for nearly half of Millar's career Grand Prix . . . Map (db m233771) HM
47 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Capt. Harry D. Campbell and Major Alex. R. Campbell — They Died, That Others Could Live
. . . Map (db m233725) WM
48 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Carnegie Library (McMillan Building) — Perth Designated Heritage Building
[Title is text]Map (db m207781) HM
49 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Code's Mill — 1902 — Perth Designated Heritage Site —
[Title is text]Map (db m233770) HM
50 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Doran-Riverside Building — c 1850 — Perth Designated Heritage Site —
[Title is text]Map (db m207761) HM
51 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — ecoPerth Forest — Come experience the natural beauty of
This "forest in the making" was planted in 2002 with a variety of ash, oak, pine, walnut, butternut, spruce, dogwood and hackberry. As the trees grow, the understory will continue to evolve from a grass lawn to a forest floor ecosystem. These . . . Map (db m207792) HM
52 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — House of Industry of Lanark County Burial Site — 1903 - 1965
Dedicated to the memory of 400 unmarked indigent burials contained within this general area. Most of these people died at the former House of Industry of Lanark County. House of Industry Deaths 1903-1935 Richard Adams · Thomas . . . Map (db m234461) HM
53 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Kellock Block — Perth Designated Heritage Building
[Title is text]Map (db m233747) HM
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54 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Last Fatal Duel
Here died the victim of the last fatal duel fought in this province, June 13, 1833. Two law students and former friends, John Wilson and Robert Lyon, quarrelled over remarks made by the latter concerning a local school teacher, . . . Map (db m233873) HM
55 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Lieut. Alexander W. Kippen, D.L.S. — Intelligence Corps
. . . Map (db m233715) WM
56 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Malcolm Cameron 1808-1876
A prominent Upper Canadian entrepreneur and politician, Cameron was born in Trois-Riviθres. He began his business career in Perth, establishing himself as a general merchant and in 1834 co-founding the Bathurst Courier. In 1837 . . . Map (db m207786) HM
57 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Mammoth Cheese — Aged to Perfection — Tay River Trail • Overland, Over Water, Over Time —
The Mammoth Cheese was more talked about and written about than any other single exhibit at Chicago's World Fair in 1893. Judged to be near perfection, the cheese garnered 95 points out of a possible score of 100 points, receiving a diploma . . . Map (db m207843) HM
58 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Matheson House / La Maison Matheson
Built in 1840 of local sandstone, the Matheson House is an outstanding example of early Scottish-Canadian architecture. Its design is imposing, its stonework remarkably fine, and it occupies a key position in one of the best surviving . . . Map (db m233817) HM
59 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Matheson, the Merchant — Perth Designated Heritage Site — 1840 —
[Photo caption reads] Exterior photo of Shaws circa 1940. This high profile site was first home to Roderick Matheson's harness and saddle shop in 1818 until 1840 when he commissioned the building of this two storey cut stone . . . Map (db m233820) HM
60 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Matthews Building — Perth Designated Heritage Site 1850 — Heritage Conservation Easement Site/Site Patrimonial Protιgι Par Une Servitude —
1981 Regional Award of Honour for the preservation of Matthews Building, Ontario ————————————— The heritage character and integrity of this property are protected by a legal agreement between the owner and the Ontario Heritage . . . Map (db m233867) HM
61 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — McLaren-Stewart Mausoleum Agreement
. . . Map (db m233713) HM
62 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — McMartin House / La Maison McMartin — c./vers 1831
The son of Loyalists from the Morrisburg area, Daniel McMartin (1798-1869) established a law practice in Perth in 1823. Well-educated and well-connected, he acquired clients like timber baron Philemon Wright of Hull. McMartin chose a . . . Map (db m207667) HM
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63 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — McMartin House / Maison McMartin
Begun in 1830 for barrister Daniel McMartin (1798-1869), this imposing house symbolizes the wealth and social aspirations of this member of the Tory elite. Born at Williamsburg of Loyalist stock, McMartin attended John Strachan's . . . Map (db m207662) HM
64 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Old Fire Hall — 1855 • Perth Designated Heritage Site • 1883
[Title is text]Map (db m233868) HM
65 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Perth Military Settlement 1816
The present townships of Bathhurst, Beckwith and Drummond were settled under the jurisdiction of the Quarter Master General's Department. Scottish emigrants, quartered in barracks at Brockville during the winter of 1815-16, and soldiers . . . Map (db m207754) HM
66 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Perth Town Hall / l'Hτtel de Ville de Perth — 1863 — Perth Designated Heritage Site —
Perth's stately town hall is an enduring expression of the vitality and importance of local governments in the 19th century. Erected in 1863-1864, shortly after the town's incorporation, it recalls an era when such buildings served as . . . Map (db m207771) HM
67 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Reverend William Bell — 1780 - 1857
One of the most influential Presbyterian clergymen in Upper Canada, Bell was born in Airdrie, Scotland. In 1808, he entered a Congregational academy in London to train for the ministry and, after completing his studies in Scotland and . . . Map (db m233976) HM
68 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church — 1927 — Perth Designated Heritage Site —
[Title is text]Map (db m233975) HM
69 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — St. George Hotel — 1836 — Perth Designated Heritage Site —
1836. Perth Designated Heritage Site.Map (db m207794) HM
70 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — St. John the Baptist, Perth, 1823
Roman Catholics began to settle in the Perth area from 1816 onwards. They were served by visiting missionary priests until 1823 when Father John Macdonald became the first resident pastor of the new parish which embraced most of the present-day . . . Map (db m233870) HM
71 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — The Balderson Theatre
Colonel Balderson commissioned this building at the cost of $150,000 in 1914. Touted as the finest theatre between Toronto and Montreal, the new 1000-seat theatre with its opulent opera house dιcor and grand central lobby opened its doors in . . . Map (db m233811) HM
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72 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — The Canal Evolves / l'Ιvolution du canal
The second Tay Canal, like its predecessor, was never the large-scale success anticipated by its supporters. While freight and passenger steamers were a common sight, recreation became the focus for the canal by the 1920s. Today there . . . Map (db m208031) HM
73 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — The First Canal/ Le premier canal Tay — The Tay Canal / Le canal Tay — 1834 —
William Morris, a fiery businessman and local politician, was the driving force behind the creation of the first Tay Canal. When the government refused petitions to construct the canal, the people of Perth, led b[y] Morris, decided . . . Map (db m208004) HM
74 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — The Old Perth Post Office / The Crain Building
The Old Perth Post Office The buildings that were previously built here were torn down in 1913, after the government bought a vacant lot from John A. Stewart and three adjacent buildings on this corner. The property sat unused for twenty . . . Map (db m207769) HM
75 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — The Perth Courier — 1860 Perth Designated Heritage Site — 39 Gore Street East —
[Photo caption reads] Early photo of interior of Perth Courier. This two-and-half-storey stone building is part of what became known as the Kellock Block which was built by John Ellis for Roderick Matheson in 1848. It was host to many . . . Map (db m233773) HM
76 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — The Prince of Wales Prize / Le Prix du Prince de Galles
For outstanding stewardship of the built heritage ——————————————————————— Attestation d'excellence en gestion du patrimoine bβtiMap (db m207776) HM
77 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Thomas Wright Building — Perth Designated Heritage Building
[Title is text]Map (db m233866) HM
78 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — Weigh Station — First Drive Thru — Tay River Trail • Overland, Over Water, Over Time —
The first set of weigh scales was located behind Town Hall. This is the site of the second weigh scale station, operated from 1900-1960 by the Town of Perth. Trucks and wagons laden with goods would enter from Drummond Street, drive onto . . . Map (db m207807) HM
79 Ontario, Lanark County, Perth — William Morris — 1786 - 1858
Morris is acknowledged as a leading force in the founding of Queen's College in 1840 and in the securing of its royal charter in 1841. His considerable reputation for honesty, justice and integrity enabled him successfully to draft and push . . . Map (db m233744) HM
80 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Automated Lock / Une ιcluse automatique
The new lock at Combined, opened in 1974, is one of three automated locks on the Rideau Canal. The basic principle of locking through boats by raising and lowering water levels is the same for all the locks, but the operating mechanisms that allow . . . Map (db m125629) HM
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81 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Beckwith Street and Bridge / La rue et le pont Beckwith
Created during the town's settlement in the early 1820's, the name of Beckwith Street and its bridge derived from Beckwith Township, when strong ties existed between the Anglican congregations of both communities. At 99 feet wide, Beckwith . . . Map (db m124644) HM
82 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Canadian Northern Railway Station / La Gare de la Societe Canadian Northern Railway
Opened in 1914, on the new Toronto-Ottawa line, this station reflected the western-based Canadian Northern's ambition to compete directly with the established Canadian Pacific Railway in populous Ontario in an attempt to achieve . . . Map (db m142128) HM
83 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Canadian Northern Train Station / Chemin de fer du Nord Canadien — Smiths Falls — Rise at the Falls —
Construction of the Canadian Northern train station began in 1911 with an official opening in 1912. The building was intended to serve as a model of the railway's high architectural standards and to draw passenger traffic away from . . . Map (db m142120) HM
84 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Centennial Park — 1867 • Centennial of Confederation • 1967 — Smiths Falls —
. . . Map (db m142164) HM
85 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Crossroads of the Rideau / ΐ la croisιe des chemins
Canal, rail and highway converge at Smiths Falls, the crossroads of the Rideau corridor. Each means of transport, built in turn, changed the face of the town, the Rideau River, and this lockstation. Canal construction first transformed the . . . Map (db m125889) HM
86 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Evergreen Avenue — A Living Memorial
Dedicated to All Veterans And Peacekeepers of the Armed Forces A Millenium Environmental Project Initiated in the Year 2000 . . . Map (db m142077) HM
87 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Grant Amy — 1908 - 1943
Charter Member of the Smiths Falls Lions Club Killed in Action in Italy Memorial PoolMap (db m142084) WM
88 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — HMCS/MHCS Smiths Falls
Launched in Kingston August 19, 1944 this Corvette (of the Flower Class) sailed under Pennant K345 commanded by Lt. CDR. Philip Taber Byers. The ship made 3 Atlantic crossings as a convoy escort, later transporting men to Quebec City who were . . . Map (db m124545) HM
89 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Parc Victoria Park — Smiths Falls — Rise at the Falls —
This once marshy area was transformed into a picturesque space in 1897, as trees, flower gardens, and pathways were landscaped to create a "public pleasure ground". The area was named Victoria Park in honour of Queen Victoria's Diamond . . . Map (db m124791) HM
90 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Rotary Club Swimming Pool Stone / La pierre de la piscine du club Rotary
This stone, a reminder of the heritage of Smiths Falls, was restored by the Smiths Falls Rotary Club during the National Parks Centennial. November 1985 . . . Map (db m124736) HM
91 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Smiths Falls
The 3 locks here were designed to overcome a series of rapids with a total fall of over 7 metres (20 feet). A set like this is known as a flight of locks - each lock raises a vessel part of the way - rather like a stairway. Construction here . . . Map (db m124723) HM
92 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Smiths Falls and the Dam / Smiths Falls et le Barrage
Where are the Falls? The Town gets its name from a mile long series of rapids, which originally flowed from the water tower in Centennial Park, to the stone arch bridge on Beckwith Street. As boat traffic increased in the early . . . Map (db m142161) HM
93 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Smiths Falls Public Market Building — Le bβtiment du marchι public de Smiths Falls
The public Market Building was designed and constructed in 1892 by Matthew J. Ryan. Ryan was a local contractor who had also won contracts to build the Fire Hall, Town Hall, and St. Francis Catholic School. The interior of the market . . . Map (db m142168) HM
94 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — The Rideau Waterway
Constructed 1826-32 by the British government for military purposes, but used principally for commerce, the Rideau waterway, together with the lower Ottawa River, was the first canalized route from Montreal to the Great Lakes. Although eastbound . . . Map (db m142082) HM
95 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — The Rideau Waterway / Voie navigable du Canal Rideau — The Canadian Heritage Rivers System — Le Rιseau de riviθres du patrimoine canadien —
The Rideau Waterway stretches 202 kilometres through a chain of lakes, rivers and canals, linking Smiths Falls, the heart of the Rideau, to the historic city of Kingston on Lake Ontario and to Ottawa, Canada's capital. To follow the Rideau . . . Map (db m142166) HM
96 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — The underwater view / La vue sous l'eau
The locks before you, replaced by the automated lock in 1974, are the only non-operational locks on the Rideau Canal. Their preservation reflects Parks Canada's commitment to protect and present canal heritage. These locks provide us with an . . . Map (db m125621) HM
97 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — To Commemorate the Opening of the Rideau Canal 1832
[Title is text]Map (db m124556) HM
98 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — 14 — Town Hall / L'Hτtel de Ville — The Heritage Trail / Le sentier du patrimoine — Remembering Our Historic Past / Nous souvenant de notre passι historique —
Town Hall The Town Hall was built in 1859 in the Classical Revival Style to house the municipal offices and council chambers of Smiths Falls including the Police and Fire Departments. In later years there were additions to the building such . . . Map (db m124512) HM
99 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Veterans Memorial
To Those Who Served The Harvard The Yellow Peril Basic trainer for thousands who learned to fly in defence of their countryMap (db m142081) HM WM
100 Ontario, Lanark County, Smiths Falls — Vimy Oaks / Les chκnes de Vimy
A chance for them to say what they cannot:__________.Map (db m124630) WM

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