“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Covered Bridges Historical Markers

Wooden bridges were covered to protect the bridge flooring from the elements. It was more economical to re-roof a bridge than to replace the flooring. Concrete and Steel spans replaced covered bridges when they became cheaper to build.
Coldwater Covered Bridge Marker image, Touch for more information
By cmh2315fl via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0), June 12, 2011
Coldwater Covered Bridge Marker
1Alabama (Calhoun County), Oxford — Coldwater Covered Bridge
was moved on August 17 , 1990 to Oxford Lake Leon Smith, Mayor City of Oxford Councilmembers Johnny Austin • Johnny Bentley • Bruce Dempsey Norma Martin • Marshall Shaddix The bridge was donated to the City of Oxford by the . . . Map (db m198533) HM
2Alabama (Cullman County), Cullman — Clarkson Covered BridgeSometimes Called Legg Bridge
This 270 foot bridge was constructed in 1904, destroyed by a flood in 1921 and rebuilt the following year. The only remaining covered bridge in Cullman County, it was restored by the Cullman County Commission in 1975 as an American Revolution . . . Map (db m33833) HM
3Alabama (Sumter County), Livingston — Sumter County's Covered Bridge
1860 Captain W. A. C. Jones of Livingston designed and built the bridge of hand-hewn yellow pine put together with large pegs, clear span 88 feet, overhead clearance 14 feet, and inside width 17 feet, across the Sucarnoochee River on old State . . . Map (db m92661) HM
4Arizona (Navajo County), Pinedale — The Mauretta B. Thomas Pinedale Memorial Bridge
In recognition of her unselfish participation and example in community beautification. Serving on the town bicentennial committee, she proposed the covered bridge and the planting of pine trees along the lane north to the highway as being worth . . . Map (db m36665) HM
5California (Butte County), Chico — Honey Run Covered Bridge / Gold Dredge
Honey Run Bridge Erected 1894 By George Miller Gold Dredge The first bucket line gold dredge to operate below the covered bridge used this tumbler – 1898.Map (db m29682) HM
6California (Nevada County), Penn Valley — 390 — Bridgeport (Nyes Crossing) Covered Bridge
Built in 1862 by David Isaac John Wood with lumber from his mill in Sierra County, this bridge was part of the Virginia Turnpike Company toll road which served the northern mines and the busy Nevada Comstock Lode. Utilizing a combination truss and . . . Map (db m8540) HM
7California (Nevada County), Penn Valley — Bridgeport Bridge
This covered bridge across the South Fork of the Yuba River at Bridgeport, Nevada Co., Calif. was built by David I. Wood in 1862 with lumber from his mill in Plum Valley, Sierra Co., Calif. Erected by Columbia Parlor No. 70, N.D.G.W., French Corral, . . . Map (db m8528) HM
8California (Nevada County), Penn Valley — Bridgeport Bridge"Wood’s Crossing"
Bridgeport Bridge, or “Wood’s Crossing”, is the longest single span covered bridge in existence. Used since 1862, built by David I. Wood. This plaque is dedicated to those pioneer Americans who came to California in search of a new life . . . Map (db m8539) HM
9California (Santa Cruz County), Felton — 583 — Felton Covered Bridge
Built in 1892-93 and believed to be the tallest covered bridge in the country, it stood as the only entry to Felton for 45 years. In 1937 it was retired from active service to become a pedestrian bridge and figured prominently in many films of that . . . Map (db m2348) HM
10California (Santa Cruz County), Felton — Roaring Camp Covered Bridge
Dedicated to the pioneer spirit of America which bridges past, present and future Designed in 1844 by Thomas Willis Pratt Constructed 1969 by Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Guage RR. First Pratt-Truss covered bridge built in . . . Map (db m190688) HM
11California (Stanislaus County), Knights Ferry — 347 — Knight's Ferry← 1 Mile
Picturesque mining center and trading post, 1849, once called Dentville. Early ferry to the southern mines; county seat 1862-72; rare wooden covered bridge reputedly designed by U. S. Grant, brother-in-law of the Dent brothers, 1854; old flour mill, . . . Map (db m178066) HM
12California (Stanislaus County), Knights Ferry — Knight's Ferry BridgeNational Historic Landmark
Knight's Ferry Bridge has been designated a National Historic Landmark This property possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America Knight’s Ferry Bridge is an exceptionally fine . . . Map (db m146387) HM
13California (Stanislaus County), Knights Ferry — Knights Ferry Covered Bridge
. . . Map (db m12013) HM
14California (Stanislaus County), Roberts Ferry — Roberts Ferry History Walk
[A short walk starting on the eastern side of the Roberts Ferry Covered Bridge; walking south, crossing over to the western side and returning north. Interpretive markers are placed along both sides covering the timeline from the first people who . . . Map (db m42617) HM
15California (Stanislaus County), Waterford — 347 — Knight's Ferry← 1 Mile
Picturesque mining center and trading post, 1849, once called Dentville. Early ferry to the southern mines; county seat 1862-72; rare wooden covered bridge reputedly designed by U. S. Grant, brother-in-law of the Dent brothers, 1854; old flour mill, . . . Map (db m178065) HM
16California (Yuba County), Camptonville — Marysville to Virginia City in 32 Hours49 Miles Along Highway 49
In 1859 the rich Comstock Silver Lode was discovered in Washoe Territory, Nevada, causing many miners to quickly pack up and head east. Immediately a company was formed to construct a road connecting this area of California to the Comstock finds. . . . Map (db m65968) HM
17California (Yuba County), Camptonville — Oregon Creek Covered Bridge
Built in 1860, the Oregon Creek Covered Bridge was floated from its foundations by the flood waters from the breaking of English Dam in 1883. It was restored to place by using ox teams and log rollers, but turned end for end in the process.Map (db m65967) HM
18Connecticut (Middlesex County), East Hampton — Comstock Covered Bridge
Comstock Covered Bridge Built in 1873 by the Towns of Colchester and East Hampton The Comstock Covered Bridge is one of only three historic covered bridges remaining in Connecticut. With a main span 80 feet in length (measured from the faces of . . . Map (db m84109) HM
19Delaware (New Castle County), Hockessin — Ashland BridgeRed Clay Creek — Listed on National Register of Historic Places – 1973 —
Original Town Lattice Truss Covered Bridge – ca. 1850 Bridge Deck Rehabilitated – 1964 Listed on National Register of Historic Places – 1973 Complete Rehabilitation & Steel Beams Added – 1982 Rehabilitated Stone . . . Map (db m62043) HM
20Delaware (New Castle County), Hockessin — Wooddale BridgeRed Clay Creek
Original Town Lattice Truss Covered Bridge - ca. 1850 Rehabilitated - 1939 Steel Beams Added - 1981 Destroyed by Flood/ Steel Acrow Bridge Placed - 2003 Town Lattice Truss Covered Bridge Replacement - 2008 Engineering & Project Management - . . . Map (db m73000) HM
21Florida (Broward County), Coral Springs — F-517 — Coral Springs Covered Bridge
The Covered Bridge was the first permanent structure built within the City by Coral Ridge Properties, developer of Coral Springs, in 1964. It withstood the eye of Hurricane Cleo that passed over it in August 1964 without sustaining any damage. The . . . Map (db m100391) HM
22Georgia (Banks County), Maysville — The Hurricane Shoals Covered Bridge
On this site in 1882, the original Hurricane Shoals Covered Bridge was completed, spanning some 127 feet at the cost of a mere $1,433. Vandals burned the old bridge in 1972, spoiling a community landmark and transportation corridor that had been in . . . Map (db m109855) HM
23Georgia (Bartow County), Euharlee — 8-1 — Euharlee Creek Covered Bridge
In 1886 the county contracted with Washington W. King, son of freed slave and noted bridge builder Horace King, and Jonathan H. Burke for the construction of this 138-foot bridge. It was adjacent to a mill owned by Daniel Lowry, of which the . . . Map (db m8478) HM
24Georgia (Clay County), Fort Gaines — The Old Lattice Bridge
Side 1: The second covered bridge across the Chattahoochee River, connecting Clay County, Georgia and Henry County. Alabama was constructed between 1867-69. Bonner and Walden, a New York construction company, were the original contractors . . . Map (db m164123) HM
25Georgia (DeKalb County), Stone Mountain — Covered Bridge
"Covered bridges" or "lattice bridges" were common throughout the Eastern U.S, during the nineteenth century. This bridge formerly spanned the North Fork of the Oconee River in the city of Athens, Ga.. connecting College Avenue and Hobson . . . Map (db m11054) HM
26Georgia (Early County), Blakely — Covered Bridge 2 Mi.<-----<<<
The covered bridge over Coheelee Creek, two miles north on the Old River Road, was ordered built by the Early County Board of Commissioners in 1883. It was erected by J. M. Baughman. Commissioners were J. S. Moseley, W. C. Sheffield, H. C. Fryer, . . . Map (db m48327) HM
27Georgia (Early County), Hilton — 49-1 — Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge
The construction of this 121-foot bridge at McDonald’s Ford was first authorized by the county in 1883, though construction was delayed until 1891. It was completed in four months by J.W. Baughman and thirty-six workers as a modification of the . . . Map (db m14850) HM
28Georgia (Early County), Hilton — Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge / Fannie Askew Williams Park
Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge According to the May 2, 1883 minutes of the Early County Board of Commissioners, a commission was appointed "to inquire into the practicability of construction a bridge across Coheelee Creek at McDonald Ford." . . . Map (db m8503) HM
29Georgia (Forsyth County), Cumming — 58-1 — Poole's Mill Covered Bridge
Cherokee Chief George Welch constructed a grist mill here on his extensive homeplace c. 1820. An uncovered bridge was later added. With the 1838 removal of the Cherokees, the land was sold to Jacob Scudder. Dr. M. L. Pool purchased it from Scudder's . . . Map (db m14944) HM
30Georgia (Franklin County), Franklin Springs — 59-3 — Cromer's Mill Covered Bridge
The Cromers settled on Nails Creek in Franklin County in 1845. Prior to the Civil War, the family operated a woolen mill near this site. Subsequently, the area maintained a cotton gin, flour mill and saw mill, though all operations had ceased by . . . Map (db m14932) HM
31Georgia (Meriwether County), Edman — 99-2 — Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge
This bridge was built in the 1840s by freed slave and noted bridge builder Horace King (1807-1885). Constructed on the Town lattice design, the bridge’s web of planks crisscrossing at 45- to 60-degree angles are fastened at each intersection with a . . . Map (db m57329) HM
32Georgia (Muscogee County), Columbus — Horace KingMaster Builder
Horace King Master Builder (1807-1887)Born a slave in Chesterfield District, S.C., Horace King came to Columbus in 1832 with his master, John Godwin, to construct the first bridge between Columbus and Girard, Alabama. After the completion . . . Map (db m113940) HM
33Georgia (Oconee County), Watkinsville — 108-1 — Elder Mill Covered Bridge
Built in 1897 by Nathaniel Richardson, this 99-foot-long bridge originally carried the Watkinsville-Athens Road over Calls Creek. It was moved here to Rose Creek in 1924 and the road was relocated to its present site. The nearby c. 1900 grist mill . . . Map (db m14945) HM
34Georgia (Oglethorpe County), Comer — 109-8 — Watson Mill Bridge
Built by W.W. King in 1885, Watson Mill Bridge is Georgia’s longest existing covered bridge. Of the Town lattice type it has four spans and is 236 feet long. Covered primarily to protect the structural timbers, the bridge served local traffic, . . . Map (db m47310) HM
35Georgia (Oglethorpe County), Smithonia — 109-2 — Howard's Covered Bridge
Built in 1904-05 to replace an earlier structure, this bridge bears the name of a pioneer family who settled near Big Cloud’s Creek in the late 1700s. Constructed in the Town lattice design using convict labor, the 164-foot bridge’s web of planks . . . Map (db m8989) HM
36Georgia (Troup County), LaGrange — Horace King   1807-1885
Born a slave, Horace King became a master builder who constructed covered bridges over every large river between western Georgia and eastern Mississippi. King gained his freedom in 1846 through the Alabama legislature with the aid of his master, . . . Map (db m103136) HM
37Georgia (Troup County), LaGrange — Horace King Bridge Builder
Born a slave September 8, 1807, Horace King became a noted builder of covered bridges and public buildings. His talents developed under the instruction of his master and friend, John Godwin. In 1846, Godwin secured King’s freedom through the Alabama . . . Map (db m22254) HM
38Georgia (Upson County), Thomaston — Auchumpkee Creek Bridge
This bridge, 120 ft. long spanning 96 feet, was built in 1892 by the firm of Herring and Alford, using the town lattice construction. Its cost of $1,199 was funded by the Upson County Commission. It is the last remaining covered bridge in Upson . . . Map (db m115881) HM
39Georgia (White County), Sautee Nacoochee — 154-1 — Stovall Mill Covered Bridge
Fred Dover constructed a bridge and nearby grist, saw and shingle mill complex here in the late 1800s. The original bridge washed away in the early 1890s and Will Pardue replaced it in 1895 with the present 38-foot structure. Dover sold the . . . Map (db m8984) HM
40Illinois (Cumberland County), Greenup — "The Road that Built the Nation"
[column 1:] "History of The National Road" Settlers had been moving west since the early 1700's. By 1802, so many farms and towns had been settled in the Ohio Valley that people living in the territory were calling for . . . Map (db m155631) HM
41Illinois (Cumberland County), Greenup — Cumberland County Covered Bridge
Historic Bridge Re-Created 177 years after the original Jackson Covered Bridge was constructed on this site a new bridge now spans the Embarass River. This structure re-creates as an original covered timber bridge that once stood on this . . . Map (db m152477) HM
42Illinois (Cumberland County), Greenup — Old to New: Bridges over the Embarras River
[column 1:] 1830 - Original Jackson Truss Bridge Excerpts from inspection report made in 1833: [Doc. No. 117] 23d Congress, 1st Session, HO. Of Reps. War Dept. May 14, 1834 "Inspection Cumberland Road and its . . . Map (db m155370) HM
43Illinois (Henderson County), Gladstone — Henderson County Covered Bridge
The original covered bridge was built in the fall of 1866 by Jacob Allaman at a total cost of $2,125.00. The bridge carried traffic until 1934. In 1935 the Illinois Division of Highways acquired the bridge from Henderson County, and it became the . . . Map (db m181371) HM
44Illinois (Randolph County), Chester — Mary's River Covered Bridge
Built in 1854, in continuous service from 1854-1930. Was originally part of a planked toll road between Breman and Chester. All of the timber in the bridge is the original with the exceptions of the floor, floor joist, roof and siding. Acquired by . . . Map (db m161447) HM
45Illinois (Shelby County), Cowden — Thompson Mill Bridge
The road on which this bridge is located was once an important route between Springfield and Effingham. The bridge was completed in the autumn of 1868 at a cost of $2,500 and named for the owner of the first mill near here. It is the narrowest of . . . Map (db m188395) HM
46Indiana (Carroll County), Cutler — Adams Mill
In 1831 John Adams, Pennsylvania, built a saw mill here. In 1832 he entered land, in 1835-36 added a flouring mill. The present building was erected in 1845, restored by M. & Mrs. Claude Sheets in 1840. Boliver Village was platted around the mill in . . . Map (db m42694) HM
47Indiana (Carroll County), Delphi — Bicentennial GardenWabash and Erie Canal Park Trail — Wabash & Erie Canal Park Village —
The Bicentennial Garden was created in 2016 as a way for the Carroll County Wabash & Erie Canal Association to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the founding of the state of Indiana. With a strong focus on blues and yellows, the . . . Map (db m163258) HM
48Indiana (Carroll County), Owasco — Lancaster Covered Bridge
Built by the Wheelock Bridge Company of Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the year 1872. The bridge spans 128 feet over the Wildcat Creek and is supported by cast iron abutments. The abutment design was patented by Alpheus Wheelock in 1870. Replicated . . . Map (db m159988) HM
49Indiana (Decatur County), Westport — Westport Covered Bridge
A Single Span Burr Arch Bridge Built by A.M. Kennedy & Sons in 1880 Clear Span 111 ft. 6 in. Overall Length 130 ft. Entered on the National Register of Historic Places June 25, 1982Map (db m73979) HM
50Indiana (DeKalb County), Spencerville — 17.1996.1 — Spencerville Covered Bridge
Built 1873, by John A. McKay, spanning Saint Joseph River; a Smith Truss, Variant Four, by Smith Bridge Company, Toledo, Ohio; has remained in use with regular maintenance, repairs, and extensive 1981 restoration. Listed in National Register of . . . Map (db m52971) HM
51Indiana (Fayette County), Connersville — The Longwood Covered Bridge
The Kennedy Family Emmett Loren Kennedy was born July 5, 1848. I 1870, he worked for his father, Archibald M. Kennedy, on the first bridge built by the Kennedy family. Upon completion of this bridge at Dunlapsville, in Union County, Indiana, . . . Map (db m152015) HM
52Indiana (Franklin County), Metamora — Metamora to Twin Locks: along the trailWhitewater Canal Trail
The Whitewater Canal Trail follows a 2.6 mile "water level route" so it is basically level. It has a solid surface made of crushed stone, and it is suitable for walking or bicycling. The route travels along farm fields and through a . . . Map (db m163370) HM
53Indiana (Franklin County), Rockdale — 24.2005.1 — Snow Hill Covered Bridge
(Front Side) Built 1894-1895 over Johnson's Fork Creek by John H. Horn and William H. Butts to a Howe truss design by John Burkhart. All men were local residents. Bridge was important passageway to Cincinnati markets. Rests on stone . . . Map (db m66868) HM
54Indiana (Grant County), Matthews — Covered Bridge
Built at New Cumberland in 1877 by William Parks of Marion at a cost of $722. The 1913 flood floated the bridge a half mile downstream. It was returned to its foundations by rollers and horsepower. New Cumberland was the second community in Grant . . . Map (db m7479) HM
55Indiana (Grant County), Matthews — Cumberland Covered Bridge
The Cumberland Covered Bridge was built in 1877. During the Great Flood of 1913, it was washed downstream. On March 26th 1913, the Mississinewa River floodwaters rose high enough (Fig. 2, 3) to push the Cumberland Covered Bridge from its . . . Map (db m71494) HM
56Indiana (Grant County), Upland — This Covered Bridge
This covered bridge built 1877 – 181 ft. long called Cumberland Bridge for Old Town. The 1913 flood carried the bridge downstream. It was returned on rollers to the old foundation and raised 3 feet. The 1958 flood . . . Map (db m141813) HM
57Indiana (Greene County), Bloomfield — 28.1998.1 — Richland-Plummer Creek Covered Bridge
Built 1883 by A.M. Kennedy and Sons to Burr arch truss design on stone abutments. Closed 1957; opened 1967 after foundation and roof rehabilitation; closed 1990. Bridge reopened 1998 following extensive structural renovation and replacement of . . . Map (db m98962) HM
58Indiana (Hamilton County), Noblesville — 29.2007.1 — Potter's Covered Bridge
First bridge spanning White River at Potter's Ford was commissioned 1860 and named after the landowner, William Potter. In 1870, Hamilton County Commissioners voted for construction of this "Howe Truss" bridge. It was finished 1871 and . . . Map (db m8165) HM
59Indiana (Hamilton County), Noblesville — White River GreenwayPotter's Bridge: Spanning Through Time
Potter's Bridge was built in 1871 by Josiah Durfee of Noblesville for a mere $13,000. It connects the land called "Potter's Ford,” named for William A. Potter (1838-1883) who owned and farmed the surrounding land. Why Were Bridges . . . Map (db m163077) HM
60Indiana (Howard County), Kokomo — Vermont Bridge1875
Removed to Highland Park 1957 by Howard County Historical SocietyMap (db m161456) HM
61Indiana (Jackson County), Medora — Medora Covered Bridge
The Medora Bridge The Medora Covered Bridge was built in 1875 by noted timber bridge builder J.J. Daniels. It was built to carry local traffic across the East Fork of the White River forty years before there was a state highway system. . . . Map (db m74047) HM
62Indiana (Jackson County), Seymour — Shieldstown Bridge
Built in 1876 by J.J. Daniels Burr Arch Length 331 Ft. + 12 Ft. overhang/ends. Width 16 ft. height 12ft.6in. Cut stone abutments and pier.Map (db m39335) HM
63Indiana (Montgomery County), Darlington — 54.1993.1 — Darlington Covered Bridge
Local donations helped build this important transportation link. Completed 1868; closed to vehicular traffic, 1976. Listed in National Register of Historic Places, 1990. Approximately 166 feet long; Howe Truss design; built of oak and poplar with . . . Map (db m69392) HM
64Indiana (Owen County), Cloverdale — 60.2008.1 — Cataract Falls Covered Bridge
(Side One) An 1838 state law gave county commissioners power to build bridges for “public convenience” and to raise taxes to pay for them. Owen County Commissioners contracted 1875 for a “Smith’s High Double Wood . . . Map (db m74181) HM
65Indiana (Owen County), Cloverdale — The Cataract Covered Bridge
The Cataract Covered Bridge is one of Owen County’s historic treasures. It is the only remaining covered bridge in the county. It is also only one of six Smith Truss covered bridges in the state, and one of the finest remaining examples of this . . . Map (db m74182) HM
66Indiana (Parke County), Annapolis — Wilkins Mill Covered Bridge1906 — Indiana's Historic Pike County, The Covered Bridge Category —
Burr Arch construction by Wm. Hendricks. 102' in length, crosses Sugar Mill Creek and was named for a mill that formerly stood nearby.Map (db m159708) HM
67Indiana (Parke County), Howard — Mill Creek Covered Bridge1907 — Indiana's Historic Parke County, The Covered Bridge Capital —
Burr Arch constructed by D. M. Brown. 92' in length, crosses Mill Creek. Sometimes called "Tow Path Bridge"Map (db m159736) HM
68Indiana (Parke County), Nyesville — State Sanatorium Covered Bridge
The State Sanatorium Covered Bridge is a single-span Kingpost Truss Burr Arch structure with a span length of 154 feet. It was constructed in 1913 by Joseph A. Britton. The bridge is listed on both the National Register of Historic . . . Map (db m164851) HM
69Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — 1883 Railroad Depot
This 1883 Railroad Depot serves as Parke County's Tourist Information Center. All covered bridge tours begin here. Indiana's Historic Parke County The Covered Bridge CapitalMap (db m3675) HM
70Indiana (Parke County), Roseville — 61.1966.3 — Roseville
The first business in Parke County was a grist mill built near here by Chauncey Rose and associates in 1819. This was the first flatboat landing in the county; territorial court was held here and this was a stop for stagecoaches.Map (db m164853) HM
71Indiana (Parke County), Waveland — 61.1998.1 — Portland Mills Covered Bridge
Built 1856 by Henry Wolfe to Burr arch truss design. Moved here 1961 to replace Dooley Station Bridge. Restored and reopened 1996. Horizontal yellow poplar siding replaced with pine; oak arches; new cedar shingles; concrete abutments. Listed in . . . Map (db m69399) HM
72Indiana (Putnam County), Bainbridge — Hillis Bridge
This bridge is also known as the Baker's Camp Covered Bridge. It was constructed in 1901 by J.J. Daniels over Big Walnut Creek. It is a single span and measures 128 feet long, 14 feet wide and stands 13 feet high. A short distance to the north is . . . Map (db m6428) HM
73Indiana (Spencer County), Fulda — Huffman Mill Bridge 1864-65/Pioneer George Huffman
Huffman Mill Bridge 1864-65 William T. Washer was contracted with Spencer & Perry Counties, July 1864 to build a 148 foot yellow poplar Burr Arch-Trust Bridge. (Patented by Theodore Burr 1771-1882). Contract payment called for Ten Thousand . . . Map (db m56774) HM
74Indiana (Vermillion County), Eugene — 83.1995.2 — Eugene Covered Bridge
County commissioners ordered (1873) to replace unsafe bridge over Big Vermillion River at Eugene. Built 1873 by Joseph J. Daniels, Rockville: Burr truss design, 180 foot span, using existing abutments. Closed to vehicle traffic, 1974. Listed in . . . Map (db m3701) HM
75Indiana (Vermillion County), Newport — 83.1995.1 — Newport Covered Bridge
County commissioners ordered (1885) as link across Little Vermillion River at Newport & Quaker Point Free Gravel Road. Built 1885 by Joseph J. Daniels, Rockville: Burr truss design, 180 foot span, sandstone abutments. Floor replaced, 1984. Listed in . . . Map (db m3699) HM
76Indiana (Wabash County), Roann — Roann Covered Bridge1877
Listed in the National Register of Historic Places 1877Map (db m163113) HM
77Iowa (Madison County), Winterset — Cedar Covered Bridge
Original Built: 1883 By: H.P. Jones Replica Built: 2004 By: Herberger Construction Company Type: Covered Timber Town Lattice Truss Overlaid by a Queenpost Frame Size: 130 feet (66 ft truss with an 42.5 ft approach to the south and a . . . Map (db m78220) HM
78Iowa (Madison County), Winterset — Cutler-Donahoe Covered Bridge - 1870
Designed and built by Eli Cox. Length: 79 feet Weight: 40 ton. Covered timber superstructure, towne lattice truss with overlay queenpost frame, fastened with round wooden pins and iron bolts. Originally located 18 miles N.E. of . . . Map (db m23170) HM
79Iowa (Madison County), Winterset — Hogback Covered Bridge
Built: 1884 By: Benton Jones Type: Covered Timber Town Lattice Truss overlaid by a Queenpost Frame Size: 160 feet (98 ft truss with two 62 ft approaches) x 15 feet wide Jones was responsible for the last all-timber truss built in the . . . Map (db m72410) HM
80Iowa (Madison County), Winterset — Middle River Water TrailHolliwell Covered Bridge (eventually to Bevington)
[Historical excerpts from marker] The Middle River has its origin in south-central Guthrie County. However, the navigable section of Middle River begins in east-central Adair County near Middle River Forest County Park. Middle River is a . . . Map (db m72408) HM
81Iowa (Madison County), Winterset — Middle River Water TrailRoseman Covered Bridge to Pammel Park
[Historical excerpts from marker] The Middle River has its origin in south-central Guthrie County. However, the navigable section of Middle River begins in east-central Adair County near Middle River Forest County Park. Middle River is a . . . Map (db m72439) HM
82Iowa (Madison County), Winterset — Roseman Covered Bridge
Built: 1883 By: Benton Jones & G.K. Foster Type: Covered Timber Town Lattice Truss overlaid by a Queenpost Frame Size: 225 feet (104 ft truss with an 88 ft approach to the south and a 33 ft approach to the north) x 15.4 feet wide . . . Map (db m72438) HM
83Kentucky (Bourbon County), Paris — 1566 — Colville Covered Bridge / Covered Bridges
Colville Covered Bridge Built in 1877, this bridge spans Hinkston Creek. It is of Burr truss construction, which is the multiple king post type. The single span is 124 feet long and 18 feet wide. It was restored by Louis Bower in 1913 and by . . . Map (db m171786) HM
84Kentucky (Fleming County), Hillsboro — 1568 — Ringos Mill Covered Bridge
This bridge and the surrounding community developed because of a grist mill operating on Fox Creek in the mid 1800s. The single span structure is 86 ft. long and built, 1867, on popular Burr truss design. The original yellow pine . . . Map (db m146825) HM
85Kentucky (Fleming County), Wallingford — 1559 — Goddard “White” BridgeCovered Bridges
Goddard “White” Bridge This covered bridge is the only surviving example of Ithiel Town Lattice design in Ky. The timbers are joined with wooden pegs (tree-nails); its date of construction and original builder are unknown. The . . . Map (db m83626) HM
86Kentucky (Franklin County), Switzer — 1571 — Switzer Covered Bridge
Franklin County's only covered bridge spans North Elkhorn Creek and is 120 ft. long and 11 ft. wide. It was built by George Hockensmith circa 1855. each entrance has a sawtooth edge; the lattice is pinned with trunnels (treenasil). Restored in 1906 . . . Map (db m11614) HM
87Kentucky (Greenup County), South Shore — 1076 — Bennett’s Mill Bridge
One of Kentucky’s longest wooden one-span covered bridges, length 195 feet. B.F. Bennett and his brother Pramley built the bridge in 1855 or 1856 to accommodate customers at their mill. It has withstood severe floods through the years. Original . . . Map (db m144392) HM
88Kentucky (Lewis County), Plumville — 1572 — Cabin Creek Bridge / Covered Bridges
Built circa 1870, this 114ft. covered bridge spans Cabin Creek. Name of the builder is unknown. It was constructed on Burr truss design, with laminated arches and truss rods added later. Louis Bower employed arches in early 1900s. Lack of . . . Map (db m180444) HM
89Kentucky (Mason County), Dover — 1439 — Dover Covered Bridge500 ft. South
One of the oldest covered bridges in Kentucky still in use. Erected in 1835, it was originally a toll bridge. The 62-foot span was built in an unusual Queenspost truss design similar to early barn construction. Major repairs were made by Bower . . . Map (db m136339) HM
90Kentucky (Ohio County), Hartford — 1259 — First Bridge
Site of the first covered bridge here, built in 1823, thought to be the first across the Rough River. This was later replaced by another similar one after the decay of the first. Earlier crossings were by ford or ferry. An iron bridge was . . . Map (db m159287) HM
91Kentucky (Washington County), Springfield — 1581 — Mt. Zion Covered Bridge
The covered bridge over Little Beech Fork is 211 feet long and 16 feet wide. It utilizes the Burr truss design and is one of the longest multi-spans in Ky. The contractors were H. I. and William F. Barnes of Mount Washington. Original cost of . . . Map (db m121604) HM
92Maine (Aroostook County), Littleton — Watson Settlement BridgeMaine Historic Civil Engineering Landmark
Oldest surviving example of a Howe truss system used in a Maine covered bridge. Built in 1911 — Designated on January 17, 2002Map (db m198635) HM
93Maine (Oxford County), Fryeburg — Hemlock BridgeMaine Historic Civil Engineering Landmark
Oldest surviving example of a Paddleford truss system used in a Maine covered bridge. Built in 1857 — Designated on January 17, 2002Map (db m198708) HM
94Maine (Penobscot County), Corinth — Robyville BridgeMaine Historic Civil Engineering Landmark
Oldest surviving example of a long truss system used in a Maine covered bridge. Built in 1876 — Designated on January 17, 2002Map (db m198697) HM
95Maryland (Cecil County), North East — Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge
Built circa 1860, the bridge is one of the few covered ones left in Maryland and the only one on public ground in Cecil County. The area to the East has been the site of several mills, the earliest Samuel Gilpin’s flour mill circa 1735. . . . Map (db m1692) HM
96Maryland (Frederick County), Emmitsburg — ThurmontVisitor Services — Catoctin Mountain Towns & Communities —
Each year, thousands of visitors come to the Thurmont area to enjoy the Great Outdoors. Uniquely positioned amidst a cavalcade of authentic recreational experiences, the Maryland Main Street designee of over 6,000 residents proudly caters to . . . Map (db m159918) HM
97Maryland (Frederick County), Myersville — Frederick County
Frederick County is home to three historic covered bridges. Each has its own unique design in a photogenic setting.Map (db m196238) HM
98Maryland (Frederick County), Rocky Ridge — Old Frederick RoadA Short Night’s Rest
Late in June 1863, the Union Army of the Potomac pursued Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia as it invaded the North for the second time in as many years. On Sunday, June 28, Union Gen. Oliver O. Howard's XI Corps broke camp in the . . . Map (db m3487) HM
99Massachusetts (Berkshire County), Sheffield — Reconstruction of 1854 Covered Bridge
“THE OLDEST COVERED BRIDGE IN MASSACHUSETTS” was ordered to be built in 1854. At a meeting in late 1853 the Sheffield Selectmen were directed to advertise for proposals. They were voted full power to move forward and make contracts, as . . . Map (db m37504) HM
100Michigan (Ionia County), Belding — 42 — White's Bridge
This picturesque covered bridge, one of the last of its kind in Michigan, was built in 1867 by Jared N. Brazee and J.N. Walker, builders of several covered bridges in this area. The name of the bridge derives from the White family, a prominent . . . Map (db m55246) HM

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