“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Manitoba

Brandon College Marker image, Touch for more information
By Rev. Ronald Irick, July 19, 2022
Brandon College Marker
1 Manitoba, Brandon — Brandon College
Higher Education in Western Manitoba traces its beginnings to Rapid city where in 1880 the Baptist community established Prairie College. In 1884 it was succeeded by the McKee Academy which moved to Brandon in 1890. Brandon College was . . . Map (db m204698) HM
2 Manitoba, Brandon — Central Fire Station #1637 Princess Avenue
Designed by W. A. Elliot, one of Brandon’s most prominent architects, the Central Fire Station was built in 1911 and stands on the site of its 1882-1893 predecessor. Elliot’s youngest son, Egbert, proposed the addition of the Station’s Tower. The . . . Map (db m204876) HM
3 Manitoba, Brandon — Daly House122 18th Street
Brandon's first mayor, Thomas Mayne Daly, hired local architect firm McCoskie & Co. to design this house for him in 1882 during Brandon's first decade of settlement. Daly was also appointed as Canada's first Juvenile Court Judge in 1909. This . . . Map (db m204875) HM
4 Manitoba, Brandon — Prairie College1880- 1883
This cairn is faced with stone from the walls of Prairie College, the forerunner to Brandon College and Brandon University. It was constructed in 1999, Brandon University's Centennial Year. Prairie College was the first post-secondary educational . . . Map (db m204700) HM
5 Manitoba, Brandon — Sir Clifford Sifton1861-1929
[English] Born near London, Upper Canada, Sifton as lawyer, politician, businessman and principal owner of the influential Manitoba Free Press, had great impact on Canadian development. As a member of the Manitoba Cabinet, he . . . Map (db m200468) HM
6 Manitoba, Brandon — Thomas Mayne Daly
In 1881 Thomas Mayne Daly arrived in Manitoba from his native town of Stradford, Ontario and began his distinguished legal and political career in Brandon. Elected the first Mayor of Brandon in 1882, Daly actively promoted civic development in . . . Map (db m204701) HM
7 Manitoba, Brokenhead — Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church
This monument is erected on the site of the Ukrainian Catholic Church built in 1904 by Ukrainian pioneers Moved to Beausejour in 1979 as a historical museum To commemorate those who had faith, wisdom and courage to leave . . . Map (db m204539) HM
8 Manitoba, Brokenhead, Libau — Dencross Manitoba1938- 1970
Named as a postal district May 16, 1938 The R.M. of Brokenhead in their Centennial honours the Postmasters who served the residents of this neighbourhood. John Dehn 1938-1947 Fred Klann 1947-1948 Rudolph Ferchoff 1948-1949 . . . Map (db m203574) HM
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9 Manitoba, Brokenhead Municipality, Beausejour — The Saints Peter & Paul Parish Community
The Saints Peter & Paul Parish Community remembers and honors the ancestors who not only brought faith to this community some 100 years ago, but through their daily example showed us that we could live in harmony with our neighbours and the . . . Map (db m203648) HM
10 Manitoba, City of Brandon, Brandon — Coronation Park
Coronation Park Commemorating the Coronation of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth May 12, 1937Map (db m204703) HM
11 Manitoba, Dauphin — Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection / L'Église Catholique Ukrainienne de la Résurrection
[English] Built between 1936 and 1939, the Church of the Resurrection is a proud testament to the cultural and spiritual strength of Ukrainian settlers in the Dauphin area. This "prairie cathedral" was designed by one of the early . . . Map (db m229428) HM
12 Manitoba, Gimli — New Iceland
New Iceland represents a distinctive episode in the early settlement of the Canadian West. In 1875 and 1876, more than a thousand Icelandic immigrants settled a large tract of land reserved for them by the federal government along the western shore . . . Map (db m8453) HM
13 Manitoba, Lac du Bonnet — Lac du Bonnet Cemetery War Memorial and Honour Rolls
A Memorial to the Fallen A Reminder to the Living 1914 - 1918 1939 - 1945 Honour Roll 1914 - 1918 King A. · Lavoie J. · McLeod G. · Smith J.L. · Sinclair A.G. · Wellman W. Honour Roll 1939 - 1945 Cedarland H.W. · David . . . Map (db m203817) WM
14 Manitoba, Lac du Bonnet, Lac Du Bonnet — Lac Du Bonnet Veterans MemorialWW I and WWII Honor Rolls
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. Honor Roll 1914 - 1918 Cook A.H. · King A. · Lavoie J. · McLeod G. · Sinclair A.G. · Smith J.L. · Wellman W. Honor Roll 1939 - 1945 Blank E. · Brezino J. · . . . Map (db m203713) WM
15 Manitoba, Lac du Bonnet — St Mary’s Polish Catholic Church
This cairn is dedicated to St Mary's (Polish) Catholic Church of the Brightstone area 1914 - 1988. The bell in this cairn is from that church. Erected in 1991 by The Knights of Columbus Lac du Bonnet Council, No.Map (db m204379) HM
16 Manitoba, Lac du Bonnet — Winnipeg RiverAssiniboia Boundary - 1811 — Manitoba - The Postage Stamp Province - 1870 —
Plaque#1 Winnipeg River The existence of the Winnipeg River dates back to the melting of the last great ice sheet 12,000 years ago and the formation of Lake Agassiz. Originating from Lake of the Woods, the river divides the Boreal . . . Map (db m204207) HM
17 Manitoba, Lac du Bonnet Municipality, Allegra — St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church (1936 - 1994)
The Allegra Church was built in 1936. Father John Zimmerman blessed the Church in 1938, and at Christmas celebrated the first Mass. In 1940 Father Charles Litowski was assigned to the parish and was the paster at Allegra until his death in . . . Map (db m203707) HM
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18 Manitoba, Lac du Bonnet Municipality, Seven Sisters Falls — First Airmail / James Richardson / Bush Pilots
First Airmail Flight in Manitoba June 1, 1927 -Oct. 4, 1927 The first semi-official airmail in Manitoba was carried from this site to Bissett, Wadhope, and Slate Lake return by Capt. F. J. Stevenson of Western Canada Airways Limited on 1 . . . Map (db m203816) HM
19 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — Camp Hughes
[English] The open landscape close to the CPR main line made this site attractive for summer training camps for artillery, infantry, and cavalry units. Established as Sewell Camp in 1909, it was renamed in honour of Major-General . . . Map (db m218701) HM
20 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — Camp Hughes — Overview / Tour d'horizon du Camp Hughes
[English] Established in 1909, Camp Sewell (renamed Camp Hughes in August 1915) opened on a war-time footing in 1915. Compared to the summer of 1914 when almost 7,000 militia soldiers trained, camp strength more than doubled to . . . Map (db m218681) HM
21 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — Camp Hughes / Le Camp Hughes
[English] Named after Sir Sam Hughes, Minister of Militia and Defence (1911–1916), this site contains the most intact First World War battlefield terrain created for training purposes in Canada. One of a dwindling number worldwide, . . . Map (db m218700) HM
22 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — Camp Hughes National Historic Site of Canada / Le camp Hughes Lieu historique national du Canada
[English] Camp Hughes, originally named Camp Sewell, was established in 1909 as the Central Training Camp for Military District 10 (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North-West Territory and N.W. Ontario). The terrain was selected for its . . . Map (db m218702) HM
23 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — Camp Hughes Railway Station / Depot / Railhead AreaGare / dépôt / terminal ferroviaire du Camp Hughes
[English] Sewell Station was located on the Canadian Pacific Railway line. In 1881, the CPR had reached a point between Carberry and Douglas approximately seven miles east of Douglas. The Railway laid sidings at Sewell (later known . . . Map (db m218698) HM
24 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — Camp Life / La vie de camp
[English] During the Great War, Camp Hughes became the 2nd Largest “city” in Manitoba, second only to Winnipeg. By 1916, the camp was divided into five brigade areas: Central; South Central; West; North-East and South-East Camps. . . . Map (db m218708) HM
25 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — Headquarters, Administration and Logistics AreaLe quartier général et la zone administrative et logistique
[English] The area immediately south of the main rail line and sidings was established as a headquarters and administrative support area. It contained several wood frame structures including the Commandant's Hut (and Staff Lines), . . . Map (db m218699) HM
26 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — The Hospital / L'hôpital
[English] The Canadian Army Medical Corps, Military District 10, established at Camp Hughes in 1915, a Field Ambulance Depot to raise volunteers for overseas service. As well, a hospital at the Camp was set up consisting of 250 . . . Map (db m218704) HM
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27 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — The Parade Ground / La terrain de parade
[English] To the north-west of the Canadian Pacific Railway station lies a large, flat expanse of land. It was here that parades of the camp garrison, comprising up to 30,000 troops took place. Revues of note occurred in 1915 during . . . Map (db m218697) HM
28 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — The Soldier's Recreation / Les moments de loisir des soldats
[English] When not training soldiers had many opportunities and venues within the Camp to keep themselves occupied. The YMCA and the Knights of Columbus maintained large marquee tents where the men could read books and newspapers, . . . Map (db m218684) HM
29 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — Training For War / L'entraînement de guerre
[English] During the Great War, training at Camp Hughes emphasised basic infantry soldiering where the new recruit learned drill, weapons handling, manoeuvre and tactics. In addition certain specialties were instructed. Signalers . . . Map (db m218707) HM
30 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Camp Hughes — Trench Warfare / La guerre de tranchées
[English] The Camp Hughes trench system was developed in 1915/1916 to teach recruit soldiers the lessons of trench warfare which had been learned through great sacrifice on the battlefields of France and Flanders. Seasoned veterans . . . Map (db m218705) HM
31 Manitoba, North Cypress – Langford Municipality, Carberry — Ernest Thompson Seton(1860-1946)
[English] An internationally renowned writer, artist, and social reformer, Seton was passionately interested in nature and the relationship of Native peoples to their environment. His realistic animal stories were best-sellers that . . . Map (db m201689) HM
32 Manitoba, Portage la Prairie — Portage la Prairie Public Building / Édifice public de Portage la Prairie
[English] Designed under the direction of Thomas Fuller, chief architect for the Department of Public Works from 1881 to 1896, this structure was built in 1895-1898. The federal presence was extended across Canada by public . . . Map (db m200606) HM
33 Manitoba, Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet, Lowland — St John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church
St John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church Built 1945 First Mass April 23, 1946 by Very Rev. Msgr. Joseph Cormylo This cairn is dedicated to the Ukrainian pioneers of Lowland for their religious beliefs and strong sense of . . . Map (db m204540) HM
34 Manitoba, Sagkeeng First Nation Reservation, Fort Alexander — Fort MaurepasFort Alexander
Pres de cet endroit s'élevait le Fort Maurepas, un des postes de commerce de la Verendrye. La compagnie de la Baie d'Hudson et la Compagnie du Nord Ouest s'établirent ici en 1792. Le Fort Alexander, construit par la compagnie de la . . . Map (db m204282) HM
35 Manitoba, Sagkeeng First Nation Reservation, Powerview-Pine Falls — Pine Falls Veterans MemorialWW II Honor Roll
The plaque is erected in memory of the men of Abitibi Power & Paper Company Limited and subsidiary companies who gave their lives in the Second World War 1939 – 1945 G.H. Anderson R.H. Betts J. Boyd B.E. Columbus J.F. Cooper G.S. . . . Map (db m204328) WM
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36 Manitoba, Saint Andrews — St. Andrew’s Rectory
Erected between 1852 and 1854, this large limestone dwelling housed the rector of nearby St. Andrew’s church and complemented the massive construction of that building. The rectory, built for the Reverend William Cockran was one of the first stone . . . Map (db m8449) HM
37 Manitoba, Saint Andrews — St. Andrews Anglican Church
Beginning in 1828 the Rev. W. Cockran held religious services in the homes of settlers in this area. In 1829 he established a permanent residence at Grand Rapids on the Red River and by 1831 had built a small wooden church. His growing congregation . . . Map (db m8445) HM
38 Manitoba, Saint Andrews — Twin Oaks
Built in the mid-1850s, this house was the residence for a private girls’ school run by Matilda Davis until 1873. The school was supported by families of the Red River Settlement and by officers of the Hudson’s Bay Company from across western Canada . . . Map (db m8450) HM
39 Manitoba, Shellmouth-Boulton Municipality, Inglis — Inglis Grain Elevators
This impressive grouping of five standard-plan wooden grain elevators is a rare survivor of the long rows that once dominated Prairie towns. The row was built between 1922 and 1941, Manitoba's golden age of elevators, by a cross-section . . . Map (db m8491) HM
40 Manitoba, Sifton Municipality, Oak Lake — The RM of Sifton and AreaOur Home and Native Land
In the early years fire was an ever-present danger both in town and on the farms. The old newspapers are full of accounts of fires started from lamps and heated stovepipes. These fires were very difficult to control because of lack of available . . . Map (db m200584) HM
41 Manitoba, St. Andrews Municipality, Gimli — St. Andrews Caméré Curtain Dam
This is the only Caméré curtain bridge-dam built in North America, and by far the largest ever constructed. H.E .Vautelet, the Canadian engineer responsible for its design, adapted a French technological advancement to deal with the . . . Map (db m9205) HM
42 Manitoba, St. François Xavier Municipality, Saint Eustache — Dominion Lands Survey System
The first marker of the Dominion Lands Survey was placed 10 July, 1871, on the Principal Meridian, about half a mile south of this site. The system, then inaugurated by Lieutenant Colonel J.S. Dennis, Surveyor-General, extends across the prairies . . . Map (db m8489) HM
43 Manitoba, Stuartburn Municipality, Gardenton — St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Constructed in 1899, this church is a fine early example of Ukrainian ecclesiastical architecture in Canada. Its distinctive massing, plan and bulbous cupolas reflect the Byzantine-influenced architectural heritage of the homeland of the settlers in . . . Map (db m8421) HM
44 Manitoba, Virden Municipality, Virden — The Fifty-Millionth Barrel of Crude OilProvince of Manitoba — 1951-1964 —
This plaque commemorates the production of the fifty-millionth barrel of crude oil from Manitoba oil fields, and stands as a perpetual tribute to the community and to all in the oil industry who over the years developed this great natural resource . . . Map (db m200592) HM
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45 Manitoba, Virden Municipality, Virden — Virden's Oil Heritage
This pump jack is located over an original oil well at Surface Location: 06 22 10 26 W1M The Regent Drill company drilled the well for the Murphy Oil Co. Ltd. The hole was spudded in on March 29, 1955 The rig was released on April 9, 1955 and the . . . Map (db m200587) HM
46 Manitoba, Wallace – Woodworth Municipality, Elkhorn — Elkhorn Veterans Memorial1914 - 1918
Erected by the Citizens of Elkhorn and district in memory of those who fell in the great war 1914 - 1918 They Gave Their All 1938 - 1945 Brennand G. • Duxbury T. • Duke A.S. • Jenner J. • McDonald J. • Mallett R. • . . . Map (db m204710) WM
47 Manitoba, Wallace – Woodworth Municipality, Kirkella — A.C. Emmett and the Development of Manitoba's HighwaysA.C. Emmett et le développement du réseau routier du Manitoba
[English] When A.C. (Ace) Emmett arrived in 1902, Manitoba had only a few passable roads. Railways provided the chief means of mass transportation. Most automobile owners were concentrated in Winnipeg. Emmett energetically led the . . . Map (db m200618) HM
48 Manitoba, Whitehead Municipality, Kemnay — Kemnay Pioneer Memorial
. . . Map (db m200467) HM
49 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Saint Boniface — The Five Saint Boniface Cathedrals
1818-1825 First ChapelWhen the first two Catholic missionaries arrived at the Red River settlement, much work awaited them. Father Provencher constructed a modest log structure to serve as rectory, church and boys' school. 1825-1839 Second . . . Map (db m106491) HM
50 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Broadway - Assiniboine — Ambroise-Didyme Lépine1840-1923
[English] Born in the Red River Settlement, Ambroise-Didyme Lépine engaged in river-lot agriculture, combining this with hunting and trading as did many other Métis. In the autumn of 1869 he became Adjutant General to Louis Riel and . . . Map (db m220224) HM
51 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Broadway - Assiniboine — Bonnycastle Park
Bonnycastle Park is named for Richard H.G. Bonnycastle, who served as the first Chairman of the Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg from 1960-1966. Developed on the former site of the Metro Transit Garage, the park was officially opened in . . . Map (db m220491) HM
52 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Broadway - Assiniboine — Dr. Amelia Yeomans / Le Docteur Amelia Yeomans1842-1913
[English] Amelia Yeomans was one of Winnipeg's first women medical practitioners. She led the early crusades both for temperance and women's suffrage. Born in Lower Canada, she obtained her medical degree at Michigan State . . . Map (db m220700) HM
53 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Broadway - Assiniboine — Fort Garry — Fort Edmonton TrailLa Piste de Fort Garry à Fort Edmonton
[English] This road was formerly part of a cart trail, also known as the Carlton, Saskatchewan or Fort Ellice Trail, which extended 1,400 kilometres between Fort Garry and Fort Edmonton. It was the principal overland trade route in . . . Map (db m220204) HM
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54 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Broadway - Assiniboine — Government House
Government House is the official residence of the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba. The present structure was completed by the Dominion Government in 1883 and transferred to Manitoba's jurisdiction in 1885 symbolizing the completion of Manitoba's . . . Map (db m220672) HM
55 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Broadway - Assiniboine — Pierre Gaultier de La Vérendrye1685-1749
[English] A native of Trois-Rivières, soldier, trader and explorer, La Vérendrye founded the first white settlements on the Canadian Prairies. Between 1731 and 1743 he and his sons established several posts beyond Lake Superior . . . Map (db m220128) HM
56 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Broadway - Assiniboine — The Fort Garry — Historic Winnipeg —
The Fort Garry is a classic hotel embodying the only example of the famed Gothic Chateau design in Manitoba. Built by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, it officially welcomed its first guests in December of 1913. The Fort Garry has traditionally been . . . Map (db m220399) HM
57 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Broadway - Assiniboine — The Fort Garry Hotel / L'hôtel Fort Garry
[English] Built between 1911 and 1913 according to plans drawn by architects George A. Ross and David H. MacFarlane, this hotel was one of a series constructed by Canadian railways in what is known as the Château style. The Fort . . . Map (db m220398) HM
58 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Broadway - Assiniboine — Upper Fort Garry Gateway / Porte d'entrée d'Upper Fort Garry
[English] Near this side stood the following Forts: Fort Rouge, under La Vérendrye, 1738; Fort Gibraltar, of the North West Company, 1810, became Fort Garry of the Hudson’s Bay Company, 1822; replaced by Upper Fort Garry, of stone, . . . Map (db m220450) HM
59 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Central Park — Knox Church
The first Knox Church was located at the corner of Fort Street and Portage Avenue in the Village of Winnipeg. It was built in 1868. It was a place of worship for those of the Presbyterian faith. Many of its members were descendants of the Lord . . . Map (db m220677) HM
60 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Central St. Boniface — Chief One Arrow
Signatory to treaty #6 Ka-Payak-Waskunam 1810-1886 Chief One Arrow, chief of a Willow Cree Tribe along the Saskatchewan River, was incarcerated at Stony Mountain for his participation in the North-West Rebellion of 1885. He was released . . . Map (db m219001) HM
61 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Central St. Boniface — Jean Baptiste La Vérendrye and Jean-Pierre Aulneau
1736[Français] Le 6 juin, dans une île du lac des Bois furent tués, le Père Aulneau, s.j., 31 ans, J.-B. La Vérendrye, 22 ans, et leurs 19 compagnons, précurseurs de nombreux missionnaires et des voyageurs qui . . . Map (db m219199) HM
62 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Central St. Boniface — Le Couvent des Soeurs Grises / Grey Nuns' Convent
[Français] Erigée à la fin des années 1840, cette maison a servi de premier couvent aux Sœurs Grises qui y firent de l’enseignement et dispensèrent des soins aux malades, aux orphelins et aux vieillards. Première institution de . . . Map (db m219200) HM
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63 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Central St. Boniface — Les Soeurs Nolin / Nolin SistersPionniers de l'éducation / Pioneers in Education
[Français] En 1829, les soeurs métisses Angélique (1787-1869) et Marguerite (1780-1878) Nolin ont ouvert la première école officielle pour jeunes filles dans l'Ouest canadien, à la Rivière-Rouge. L'école était située au nord-est de . . . Map (db m218997) HM
64 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Central St. Boniface — Sister Marguerite d’Youville / Sœur Marguerite d’Youville
[English] On the occasion of the canonization of Sister Marguerite d’Youville the first Canadian born saint and foundress of the Order of the Sisters of Charity of Montreal, the city of Winnipeg honours the Grey Nuns. From the time . . . Map (db m218998) HM
65 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Civic Centre — Abraham Albert Heaps(1885-1954)
[English] This labour leader and politician fought for the interests of workers and advocated on behalf of the Jewish community. One of the more moderate leaders of the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919, Heaps pushed . . . Map (db m214599) HM
66 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Civic Centre — First Salvation Army Meeting West of the Great LakesDecember 12th 1886
Near this spot on December 12th, 1886, the Salvation Army held its first meeting west of the Great Lakes ————————— [100th Anniversary Plaque] This commemorative plaque was unveiled October 10, 1986 by ☆ ☆ ☆ . . . Map (db m215696) HM
67 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Civic Centre — Nicolaus Copernicus / Mikołaj Kopernik1473-1973
Founder of Modern Astronomy Presented by The Canadian-Polish Community of Manitoba on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his birth Nicolaus Copernicus Observance Committee Inc. of Manitoba Odkrywca Nowóczesnej Astronomii . . . Map (db m215400) HM
68 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Civic Centre — Old City Hall1883-1886 — Historic Winnipeg —
Designed in less than a month by Winnipeg architects Barber and Barber, this edifice was constructed amidst a storm of scandal and controversy. Considered beautiful by some, ugly by others, it was the focus of many civic events, the “Gingerbread” . . . Map (db m215600) HM
69 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Colony — George Bryce1844-1931
[English] Born in Ontario, Bryce moved, in 1871, to Winnipeg where he had a distinguished career as clergyman, educator, and author. He founded Manitoba College and helped organize the University of Manitoba and the Manitoba . . . Map (db m200595) HM
70 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Colony — Thomas Douglas5th Earl of Selkirk / 5e comte de Selkirk — 1771-1820 —
[English] After establishing colonies of the dispossessed peasantry of Ireland and his native Scotland in Prince Edward Island and Upper Canada, Lord Selkirk secured from the Hudson's Bay Company a grant of land in southern Rupert's . . . Map (db m220400) HM
71 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Downtown — Ella Cora Hind(1861-1942)
[English] A path-breaking advocate of women's rights in Manitoba, Cora Hind also gained international reputation as an agricultural journalist. Writing for the Manitoba Free Press from 1901 to 1942, she became legendary for the . . . Map (db m203900) HM
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72 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Downtown — The Royal Winnipeg Ballet / Le Royal Winnipeg Ballet
[English] Founded in 1939 by Gweneth Lloyd and Betty Farrally, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) was one of the earliest ballet companies in Canada and the first to achieve professional status. It successfully adapted classical ballet . . . Map (db m219000) HM
73 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Bank of Hamilton1916-1918 — Historic Winnipeg —
Designed by Winnipeg architect J.D. Atcheson, this building was one of four major banks on “Bankers’ Row” along Main Street. It was the last major office building erected during the city’s early boom period, and served as the Manitoba headquarters . . . Map (db m214893) HM
74 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Bloody Saturday2019 - Bernie Miller & Noam Gonick — Steel, Glass, Light / Acier, Verre, Éclairage —
[English] So much that defines Winnipeg, its achievements and its rebellious core, was forged on Bloody Saturday. The streetcar overturned in Winnipeg on June 21, 1919, symbolizes one of the most dramatic . . . Map (db m215343) HM
75 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Commemorating Manitoba Theatre Centre's 50th AnniversaryImagine, MTC — Ruth Abernathy, 2008, bronze —
“Theatre is, for me, an ongoing illumination of man, his problems, his dreams, his visions, the society which lifts him and his relationship to God. This is what the theatre is about, always has been about. It is also a celebration of community, of . . . Map (db m215599) HM
76 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Court House1869-1884 — Historic Winnipeg —
In 1869 A. M. Sutherland erected a log store at this site. It was converted to a jail in 1870 and during 1873 it was expanded into a court house which served as the Manitoba Legislature until 1881. On August 26, 1874 Joseph Michaud, a volunteer . . . Map (db m214898) HM
77 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Early Skyscrapers in Winnipeg / Les gratte-ciel de Winnipeg
[English] The skyscraper was a by-product of technological advances and increased urbanization of the late 19th century. Steel-frame construction, the elevator and rising land values made multi-storeyed buildings . . . Map (db m214900) HM
78 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Exchange Building1898 — Historic Winnipeg —
This building functioned as Winnipeg’s second grain exchange from its completion in 1898 until 1908. It was designed by Samuel Hooper, and constructed for Nicholas Bawlf, the founder of Winnipeg’s first grain and produce exchange. It remains one of . . . Map (db m215335) HM
79 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Fairchild Building1907 — Historic Winnipeg —
Constructed as a warehouse for the farm implement business of the Fairchild Company, John Deere agents, this building was one of the first warehouses to break with the Richardsonian-Romanesque tradition established by the Whitla, Ashdown and Gault . . . Map (db m215302) HM
80 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — First Headquarters • International Brotherhood of Magicians
In 1922, on the 7th floor of this old Union Bank Building (later Royal Bank) was established the first headquarters of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, by its first President — a Canadian — Winnipeg business man, M.J.C. McMullen, known . . . Map (db m215036) HM
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81 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Gault Building1900 — Historic Winnipeg —
Designed by J. H. Cadham, who also designed the Whitla Building, this massive brick and stone warehouse was built for the Gault brothers of Montreal to house their rapidly expanding wholesale dry goods business. In 1903 the building was expanded to . . . Map (db m215398) HM
82 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Imperial Bank of Canada1906 — Historic Winnipeg —
On this site the Imperial Bank of Canada opened the first branch of the bank in Winnipeg on January 4, 1881. The original Robertson Block was replaced in 1906 with the present building which later became the main branch of the Imperial Bank in . . . Map (db m215379) HM
83 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Northern Light Lodge
Near this spot on the 8th of November 1864 was instituted “Northern Light Lodge” the first Masonic Lodge in the Red River settlement. The officers were John Schultz • Worshipful Master A.G.B. Bannatyne • Warden William . . . Map (db m215238) HM
84 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Pantages Theatre1913 — Historic Winnipeg —
This structure was built for Alexander Pantages, founder of the Vaudeville theatre line. Designed by B. Marcus Priteca of Seattle, the Pantages Theatre was the first reinforced concrete Vaudeville house of its size in North America. It was renamed . . . Map (db m215339) HM
85 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Recalling Brown's Creek / Revisiter le ruisseau Brown's
[English] Creeks and streams were significant components of Winnipeg's river system, draining a vast area of land west of the Red River, an area now known as the Historic Exchange District. One of the largest, . . . Map (db m215695) HM
86 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Robert Atkinson Davis(1841-1903)
[English] R. A. Davis, Premier of Manitoba from 1874 to 1878, arrived in the Red River Settlement from Quebec in 1870. He bought the Emmerling Hotel and saloon formerly located on this site. Renaming it the Davis . . . Map (db m215555) HM
87 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Rowand Block / Canada Life Building(1886-1974) — Historic Winnipeg —
This pediment hung above the entrance of a 3-storey office building located at the S.W. corner of Portage and Main. Designed by local architect C.O. Wickenden for Edward Rowand and accommodating such influential tenants as barrister Sir Hugh John . . . Map (db m215378) HM
88 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — The Confederation Building / L'édifice de la Confédération
[English] This ten story steel-framed office block is representative of early high-rise building construction technology in Winnipeg. Designed in the Chicago style of architecture by J. Wilson Gray of Toronto, it was . . . Map (db m214896) HM
89 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — The Exchange District / L'Arrondissement de la Bourse
[English] This remarkable group of commercial buildings vividly illustrates Winnipeg’s transformation between 1878 and 1913 from a modest pioneer settlement to Western Canada’s largest metropolitan centre. The . . . Map (db m215273) HM
90 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — The Great-West Life Building / L’édifice de la Great-West
[English] Constructed between 1909 and 1911 this building was designed by one of Manitoba's foremost architects, J. D. Atchison, who had trained and practised in Chicago. Built as the Great-West Life Assurance . . . Map (db m215586) HM
91 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
[English] In 1970, this structure was built to house the Manitoba Theatre Centre, a group founded in 1958 that has made a significant and lasting contribution to the development of regional theatre. Inside, the . . . Map (db m214600) HM
92 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Traveller's Block1907 — Historic Winnipeg —
The Traveller's Block was erected as headquarters for the North West Commercial Traveller's Association. Architects Darling and Pearson provided many amenities such as meeting rooms, lounges, and even a Turkish bath.Map (db m215394) HM
93 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Union Bank Building1904 — Historic Winnipeg —
Although the Union Bank was absorbed by the Royal Bank in 1925, it is remembered for the beauty of its paper money, printed in Winnipeg. Designed by architects Darling and Pearson, this Head Office was the first steel framed skyscraper in the city, . . . Map (db m214897) HM
94 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Union Bank Building / L’édifice de la Union Bank
[English] Constructed in 1903-1904, this building is Western Canada's oldest skyscraper. It combines the technology of steel framing, a rich exterior and an elegant interior to project a sense of modernity and . . . Map (db m215158) HM
95 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Union Tower1912-1913 — Historic Winnipeg —
After the Nares Block collapsed during construction of the Canadian Bank of Commerce in 1911, the site was acquired by the Union Trust Company. Plans for the steel-framed Union Tower were prepared by Chicago architect John D. Atchison. Based on the . . . Map (db m215232) HM
96 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — West Clements Block (Bijou Theatre)1884-1979 — Historic Winnipeg —
In 1884, John H. Clements commissioned architects Charles A. and Earle W. Barber to design a curving three storey red brick building along this bend in Main Street. Architects Alexander D. and William N. Melville added a Vaudeville theatre, the . . . Map (db m214899) HM
97 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Exchange District — Whitla Building1899 — Historic Winnipeg —
This warehouse, designed by architect J.H. Cadham, was the third built by R. J. Whitla for his expanding dry goods business. Two storeys were added to the original five in 1904. With its clear and simple geometric lines, the structure is . . . Map (db m215399) HM
98 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Legislature — John Norquay1841-1889
[English] Born at St. Andrew's in the Red River settlement, Norquay was elected to the first provincial assembly in 1870. He held several cabinet portfolios from 1871 to 1878 when he became Premier. His government, based on communal . . . Map (db m220514) HM
99 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Legislature — Marc-Amable Girard(1822-1892)
[English] Girard arrived in Manitoba from Quebec in 1870. He practised briefly as a Notary but soon entered politics. Elected by acclamation from St. Boniface, he served as Provincial Treasurer from 1871–1872 and helped draft the . . . Map (db m220603) HM
100 Manitoba, Winnipeg, Legislature — Noël-Joseph Ritchot(1825-1905)
[English] Born at L'Assomption, Lower Canada, Father Ritchot arrived at St. Norbert as a missionary in 1862, serving there until his death. He took part in the Red River Settlement's resistance when Canada annexed the Northwest . . . Map (db m220564) HM

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