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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Hamilton, Ontario

"The Burlington Races" 1813 Marker image, Touch for more information
By Dale K. Benington, June 10, 2012
"The Burlington Races" 1813 Marker
1 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — "The Burlington Races" 1813
On the morning of September 28, 1813, a powerfully-armed United States fleet comprising ten ships under the command of Commodore Isaac Chauncey appeared off York (Toronto). The smaller British fleet of six vessels, commanded by Commodore Sir James . . . Map (db m56759) HM
2 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — Burlington Heights 1813 - 1814
[English Text]: Here in June, 1813, General John Vincent assembled troops that made the successful night attack on the invaders at Stoney Creek. From this point of vantage, in December, 1813, the force which retook Fort George and . . . Map (db m56725) HM
3 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — Defensive Outwork
About this spot was an outwork of the first line of defense 1812 - 1815Map (db m56758) HM
4 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — Dundurn Castle
This villa was completed in 1835 for Allan Napier MacNab. Incorporating an existing farmhouse, it was designed by the local architect, Robert Wetherell, as a statement of its owner's place in Hamilton society. The house features an eclectic blend . . . Map (db m66126) HM
5 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — Dundurn Castle— 1832 —
This mansion was built 1832-35 by Allan Napier MacNab (1798-1862) and named after the family ancestral seat in Scotland. Enlisting at fifteen, MacNab distinguished himself by his bravery in the War of 1812. He subsequently entered politics and was . . . Map (db m66129) HM
6 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — First Line of Defense
This Stone Marks The Line of Earthworks In First Line of Defense 1812 - 1815Map (db m56740) HM
7 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — March to Stoney Creek
These ramparts were erected by the British troops during the War of 1812-15. From this place on the night of June 5th 1813, 700 men under the command of Lieut. Colonel Harvey, marched to Stoney Creek where they surprised . . . Map (db m56756) HM
8 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — Sir Allan Napier MacNab1798 - 1862
Politician, businessman, land speculator and soldier, Allan MacNab enjoyed a very public life. He was a successful lawyer and was appointed Upper Canada's first Queen's Counsel. In 1838 he was knighted for his role in suppressing the rebellion in . . . Map (db m66130) HM
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9 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — Sir John Harvey1778 - 1852
From these heights, Lieutenant-Colonel John Harvey set out with about 700 men on the night of June 5, 1813, to launch a surprise attack on an invading United States force of some 3,000 men camped at Stoney Creek. His rout of the troops commanded by . . . Map (db m56743) HM
10 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — United Empire Loyalists
In Lasting Memory of the United Empire Loyalists Who preferred to remain loyal British subjects and came to canada in large numbers immediately following the American Revolution of 1776 and the . . . Map (db m66131) HM
11 Ontario, Hamilton — Hamilton Aviation History
Our city's aviation history began in East Hamilton on July 27, 1911 when Canada's first aviator, J. D. McCurdy, participated in Canada's first aviation meet in a field beside Burlington Bay at the head of Strathearne Avenue. It was sponsored by . . . Map (db m221443) HM
12 Ontario, Hamilton — Hamilton Customs House / La Maison de la douane de Hamilton
[English] The former Customs House (1858-1860) is a fine example of the Italianate style of architecture which was popular in Canada from the 1840s through the 1870s. Inspired by Renaissance palazzi of Rome and Florence, Italianate buildings . . . Map (db m196259) HM
13 Ontario, Hamilton, Ancaster — “The Bloody Assize” 1814
During the War of 1812 marauding bands of renegade settlers, many of whom had defected to the United States from the Niagara and London Districts, were active in southwestern Upper Canada. A number were captured and in May, 1814, nineteen . . . Map (db m220198) HM
14 Ontario, Hamilton, Ancaster — The Founding of Ancaster
In 1791 James Wilson in partnership with Richard Beasley built a sawmill and a grist-mill on the site of this community. The mills were sold to Jean Baptiste Rousseaux (known as St. John) in 1794 and developed into a thriving pioneer enterprise. . . . Map (db m220193) HM
15 Ontario, Hamilton, Beasley — Canada’s First Birth Control Clinic
The first Family Planning Clinic in Canada, located in Hamilton, began in 1931 as The Advocates of Birth Control. Led by Mary (Chambers) Hawkins, the American wife of a prominent city executive, and aided by some of Hamilton society's leading . . . Map (db m220765) HM
16 Ontario, Hamilton, Beasley — Christ’s Church Cathedral / La Cathédrale de l’Eglise du Christ
CHRIST'S CHURCH CATHEDRAL An important ecclesiastical centre for the Niagara Peninsula, Christ's Church was erected in stages, its form altered as the size and prominence of the congregation increased. Begun in 1835 as a parish church, . . . Map (db m218769) HM
17 Ontario, Hamilton, Beasley — George Hamilton 1787-1836
Born at Queenston, George Hamilton was the son of a prosperous merchant, the Hon. Robert Hamilton. He followed his father's career as a merchant in the Niagara District until the War of 1812, in which he served as a Captain of Light Dragoons. . . . Map (db m218241) HM
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18 Ontario, Hamilton, Beasley — Hamilton CN Station / La gare du CN de Hamilton
[English] This building recalls the importance of the railway to the development of Canada's industrial cities. Completed in 1931, it combines a strong classical design with a fluid circulation plan, making it one of the best urban stations . . . Map (db m196260) HM
19 Ontario, Hamilton, Beasley — John Weir Foote Armoury/ Le Manège Militaire John Weir Foote Armoury
JOHN WEIR FOOTE ARMOURY The north section of this building (1887-1888) is a rare surviving example of the second wave of armoury construction in Canada. Designed by Henry James, it exemplifies the replacement of earlier wooden . . . Map (db m218780) HM
20 Ontario, Hamilton, Beasley — The Lieutenant-Colonel John Weir Foote, VC CD Armoury
The Lieutenant-Colonel John Weir Foote, VC, CD Armoury This armoury is dedicated to the memory of Lieutenant-Colonel john Weir Foote. VC. CD. padre of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. padre Foote was awarded the Victoria . . . Map (db m222052) HM
21 Ontario, Hamilton, Berrisfield — “Bobby” Kerr 1882-1963
Born in Ireland, Kerr came to Canada in 1887 with his parents who settled in Hamilton two years later. He earned civic recognition at the 1902 Coronation Games where he won sprint and middle distance races. His exceptionally quick start placed . . . Map (db m223839) HM
22 Ontario, Hamilton, Burlington Heights — Military Occupation of Burlington Heights
[text on left side] BLOODY ASSIZE In the spring of 1814, a court of assize (travelling circuit court) in Ancaster convicted fifteen men of high treason for aiding American forces during the War of 1812. In June 1814, the harshest of sentences . . . Map (db m222062) HM
23 Ontario, Hamilton, Central Hamilton — St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral
ST. MARY'S PRO-CATHEDRAL One of the few Roman Catholic churches in Ontario retaining its pre-Confederation character, St. Mary's was erected in 1859-60 during the episcopate of Bishop John Farrell to replace a building destroyed by . . . Map (db m218828) HM
24 Ontario, Hamilton, Central Hamilton — The Official Birthplace of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club
On This Spot On November 3, 1869 On the night of November 3, 1869, a meeting was held in a room above George Lee's fruit store, at this exact location, to form the Hamilton Foot Ball Club - the ancestor of today's Hamilton Tiger-Cats . . . Map (db m218968) HM
25 Ontario, Hamilton, Centremount — The Niagara Escarpment
THE NIAGARA ESCARPMENT Hamilton Mountain is part of the Niagara Escarpment, a height of land extending 725 km across Ontario from Niagara Falls to Manitoulin Island. Over 450 million years ago, a tropical sea covered most of . . . Map (db m219256) HM
26 Ontario, Hamilton, Confederation Beach Park — Hamilton - Scourge ProjectWar of 1812 Naval Memorial Garden
We honour here fifty-three sailors who lost their lives when their ships, HAMILTON and SCOURGE, capsized during a storm in the early morning hours of Sunday, 8th August 1813. These two armed merchant schooners lie in 90 metres of water, 30 . . . Map (db m56928) HM
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27 Ontario, Hamilton, Corktown — Friend of the Greenbelt- The Honourable William Grenville DavisPremier of Ontario 1971-1985
The Niagara Escarpment is an important part of Ontario's natural heritage system. It hosts a myriad of flora and fauna, some of which are endangered or rare. In 1973, Premier Davis and the Government of Ontario took the remarkable step of . . . Map (db m219264) HM
28 Ontario, Hamilton, Corktown — The Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway
Hamilton's second major rail carrier, the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway, was conceived in response to the merger of the Great Western and Grand Trunk Railways, thus providing Hamilton with an alternative shipping system. Linking the . . . Map (db m218262) HM
29 Ontario, Hamilton, Dundas — “Dundas Mills”
By 1799 the Morden family had a sawmill near this site on Spencer Creek north of Dundas Street. They sold this property in 1800 to Edward Peer who built a grist-mill about 300 yards south-east, close to Dundas Street, and adopted the name . . . Map (db m220819) HM
30 Ontario, Hamilton, Dundas — 102nd Wentworth Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
This plaque is to commemorate the men and the units of the 102nd Wentworth Field Battery Royal Canadian Artillery. Formed in Dundas December 15th 1936 stood down March 31st 1970. The 102nd Wentworth Field Battery was mobilized for active service . . . Map (db m196244) HM WM
31 Ontario, Hamilton, Dundas — Dundas Cenotaph
1921 This monument is erected by the citizens of Dundas in loving and grateful memory of our brave boys who gave their lives for freedom in the Great War of 1914-18, and for the Empire in the South African War of 1900-1 Great War 1914 . . . Map (db m196251) WM
32 Ontario, Hamilton, Dundas — Dundas Street / La Rue Dundas
DUNDAS STREET Dundas Street, named for Henry Dundas, Secretary of State for the British Home Department (1791-1794), was built on Lieutenant Governor Simcoe's orders in 1793-1794. The road, cut by a party of Queen's Rangers from . . . Map (db m220871) HM
33 Ontario, Hamilton, Dundas — Sir William Osler in Canada
[text of metal inset plaque] 1849 Sir William Osler 1949 Erected by the Hamilton Academy of Medicine to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Sir William Osler Bart. [text of main plaque] Sir . . . Map (db m220911) HM
34 Ontario, Hamilton, Dundas — The Desjardins Canal
In pioneer days waterways provided the essential means of transportation. Dundas, located at the head of navigation on Lake Ontario and the eastern terminus of the Governor's Road", was thus in a favoured position. However, in 1823 the . . . Map (db m219998) HM
35 Ontario, Hamilton, Dundas — The Dundas Town Hall
Dundas was incorporated as a town in 1847 by a special Act of the legislature of the Province of Canada. The following year the town council accepted a tender from a local builder, James Scott, to erect a stone town hall and voted £2000 to cover the . . . Map (db m196237) HM
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36 Ontario, Hamilton, Dundas — The Founding of Dundas
THE FOUNDING OF DUNDAS In 1793 Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe authorized a townplot in this vicinity at the then eastern terminus of Dundas Street. Its original name, "Coote's Paradise", was derived from that of the adjoining marsh, a haunt of . . . Map (db m219992) HM
37 Ontario, Hamilton, Dundas — Upper Canada’s First Paper Mill 1826
The province's first paper mill began operations in 1826. Situated about 150 yards downstream from here, it was owned by James Crooks (1778-1860), one of Upper Canada's most successful entrepreneurs. On four hundred acres of land purchased here . . . Map (db m223079) HM
38 Ontario, Hamilton, Durand — Central Presbyterian Church
CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Erected to serve a thriving congregation established in 1841, Central Presbyterian Church was built in 1907-08 after an earlier building was destroyed by fire. It is reputedly the only church designed by . . . Map (db m218565) HM
39 Ontario, Hamilton, Durand — Hamilton Central Public School
This school, built to accommodate 1,000 students, was the largest graded school in Upper Canada, and became the only public school in Hamilton, at the time of its opening in 1853. Among the earliest examples of an institution inspired by the . . . Map (db m220407) HM
40 Ontario, Hamilton, Durand — John Rae, Arctic Explorer
This plaque marks the site where the residence of Dr. John Rae, MD, LL.D, FRS, FRCS used to stand. Rae was born in the Orkney Islands on 30 September, 1813. Graduating in medicine from Edinburgh, he joined the Hudson's Bay Company in 1833, . . . Map (db m220924) HM
41 Ontario, Hamilton, Durand — Sandyford Place
Built about 1856, at a time of rapid growth in Hamilton, Sandyford Place is a fine example of the housing then being erected for the merchants of the period. It is a rare survivor in Canada of the few row houses built for affluent . . . Map (db m218512) HM
42 Ontario, Hamilton, Durand — St. Paul’s Church
Begun in 1854 and completed three years later, this Presbyterian church was designed in the Gothic Revival style by architect William Thomas. The elegant eighty-foot spire set atop a hundred-foot tower marks the building as an outstanding example . . . Map (db m221813) HM
43 Ontario, Hamilton, Durand — St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church / L’église Presbytérienne St. Paul
Erected in 1854-1857, St. Paul's (formerly St. Andrew's) is an elegant example of the Gothic Revival style. The design of the church shows the influence of the Ecclesiological Movement which favoured plans based on English medieval . . . Map (db m218245) HM
44 Ontario, Hamilton, Durand — Whitehern
Set in a rare walled garden and enriched by its interior decoration, Whitehern is a remarkably intact example of mid-19th century residential architecture. The lingering influence of the Palladian style combined with Neoclassical motifs . . . Map (db m218635) HM
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45 Ontario, Hamilton, Durand — Whitehern
This stately mansion is a finely crafted and well preserved example of Hamilton's early stone architecture. Built no later than 1850 for city clerk and attorney Richard Duggan, it was purchased in 1852 by Calvin McQuesten, M. D. (1801-85), a . . . Map (db m221805) HM
46 Ontario, Hamilton, Gibson — Robert Land (1738-1818)Hamilton Pioneer
Robert Land settled near this site as early as 1784 as a refugee of the American Revolution. A Pennsylvania magistrate and farmer, Land joined Joseph Brant's Volunteers as a courier, scout and Loyalist recruiter. Captured and sentenced to death . . . Map (db m220750) HM
47 Ontario, Hamilton, Gibson — Woodlands Park
This land was occupied by various indigenous groups, including the Chonnonton Nation, meaning people who tend deer'. They were known by their neighbours as the 'Attiuoindaron' and by the French as the Neutrals. United Empire Loyalist Colonel . . . Map (db m220755) HM
48 Ontario, Hamilton, Hamilton Beach — Burlington Bay Canal/ Le Canal de la Baie de Burlington
BURLINGTON BAY CANAL The first public work undertaken with the financial backing of the provincial government, Burlington Bay Canal was proposed as one of a series of waterways to provide uninterrupted navigation from Lake Erie to the . . . Map (db m222843) HM
49 Ontario, Hamilton, Hamilton Beach — Dieppe Veterans’ Memorial Park
The Dieppe Veterans Memorial Park is dedicated by the City of Hamilton to the young men of Hamilton and surrounding communities who died on the stony beaches of the Port of Dieppe, France, on 19 August 1942. There were 197 . . . Map (db m222859) HM WM
50 Ontario, Hamilton, Hamilton Beach — Light Across the WaterThe Burlington Canal Lighthouse
The Burlington Canal was completed in 1832. In 1837, the canal's first lighthouse shone its beacon across the lake. The wooden structure guided many ships into the canal. George Thompson was the lighthouse's first keeper. His journal captured . . . Map (db m222838) HM
51 Ontario, Hamilton, Hamilton Beach — Strolling in the SunThe Beach Promenade
The first public walkway along the lakefront was built in 1910. The Burlington Beach Commission planned the promenade. The Commission looked after the area's health, park development, policing, street lighting, and garbage collection. The . . . Map (db m222965) HM
52 Ontario, Hamilton, Kirkendall — The H.A.A.A. Grounds
The original 1874 plans for this six and one-half acre site, owned by the Hamilton Cricket Club, Included an eight-foot board fence, a dining room, dressing room and grandstand. In addition to cricket, lacrosse and rugby football were played . . . Map (db m220653) HM
53 Ontario, Hamilton, Landsdale — The Place of Firsts
In the 1790s, many of Hamilton's first United Empire Loyalist families settled around this site where the head of an extended inlet from Burlington Bay intersected a prehistoric trail from Niagara. Smith's Tavern, the first public house in . . . Map (db m224070) HM
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54 Ontario, Hamilton, McMaster University — McMaster University 1887
The Honourable William McMaster (1811-1887), a prominent banker and member of the first Senate of Canada, bequeathed funds which enabled Baptists of Ontario and Quebec to found this university. Incorporated in 1887, it was the culmination of . . . Map (db m219428) HM
55 Ontario, Hamilton, North End East — HMCS Haida - NCSM HaidaTribal Class Destroyer — National Historic Site of Canada —
HMCS Haida is the last of the Tribal class destroyers which saw heavy action with the Australian, British and Canadian navies during World War II. Built for the Royal Canadian Navy at Newcastle, England, , in 1942, this ship served on the frigid . . . Map (db m67343) WM
56 Ontario, Hamilton, North End West — Ice-Fishing in Hamilton Harbour
From the early 1800s to the 1920s, many of Hamilton's working families survived the harsh winter months by spearing fish through the ice-covered harbour. European settlers learned to spear fish from the Iroquois and Mississauga peoples. By . . . Map (db m220538) HM
57 Ontario, Hamilton, North End West — Leander Boat Club
Hamiltonians first developed a passion for rowing in the 1870s. Sportsmen found the natural beauty and unpredictable waters of the bay irresistible and summertime regattas drew huge crowds. Two of the earliest and most successful clubs were . . . Map (db m220533) HM
58 Ontario, Hamilton, North End West — The Burlington Glass Works 1874
The Burlington Glass Works, formerly situated here, was one of the most important 19th century glass houses in Canada in terms of the variety and quality of its production. From 1874 to about 1897 skilled artisans produced lamps, tablewares and . . . Map (db m220301) HM
59 Ontario, Hamilton, Southam — “Claremont Lodge” and “Auchmar”, 1855
This gate lodge was built for the Hon. Isaac Buchanan (1810-1883) who was born in Glasgow. He emigrated to Toronto in 1830, became a successful wholesale merchant, represented Toronto in the first Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada, . . . Map (db m219592) HM
60 Ontario, Hamilton, Strathcona — Canada’s First Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (A.F. & A.M.)
Sir Allan Napier MacNab, Provincial Grand Master under patent from Scotland, was also appointed Provincial Grand Master for Upper Canada under patent from England in 1844. Due to much dissatisfaction with the Grand Lodge of England, a protest . . . Map (db m219746) HM
61 Ontario, Hamilton, Strathcona — The Nine-hour Movement/ Les Mouvement des Neuf Heures
In the mid-nineteenth century industrial workers laboured ten to twelve hours a day, six days a week. Inspired by British and American examples, Hamilton unionists launched a crusade for a shorter workday in January of 1872. The workingman, they . . . Map (db m220361) HM
62 Ontario, Hamilton, Sunninghill — John William Kerr
John William Kerr emigrated from Ireland to Canada in the 1840s and settled a crown grant on the Hamilton Mountain in the 1850s. Kerr was made the first provincial fisheries overseer by royal warrant in 1864. From a telescope on the escarpment . . . Map (db m223692) HM
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63 Ontario, Hamilton, Stoney Creek — Battle of Stoney Creek1813
On June 5, 1813, an invading United States army of about 3,000 men, commanded by Brigadier - General John Chandler, camped in this vicinity. That evening some 700 British regulars of the 8th and 49th Regiments, under the command of Lieutenant - . . . Map (db m56720) HM
64 Ontario, Hamilton, Stoney Creek — Battle of Stoney Creek
[English Text]: Battle of Stoney Creek During 1813 the Americans planned to invade Upper Canada from Detroit and the Niagara Peninsula. In late May, an American force crossed the Niagara River, seized Fort George, and with about . . . Map (db m56762) HM
65 Ontario, Hamilton, Stoney Creek — Battlefield House
[Text on First Historic Marker]: Battlefield House and Fifteen and one-half acres of Parkland Property of The women's Wentworth Historical Society 1899-1962 Given by this society to the Niagara Parks Commission as a . . . Map (db m56805) HM
66 Ontario, Hamilton, Stoney Creek — Billy Green Monument
[Text on West Side of Monument]: In Memory Of Billy Green "The Scout" Who led British troops in surprise night attack winning decisive Battle of Stoney Creek. Born Feb. 4, 1794 Died Mar. 15, . . . Map (db m56822) HM
67 Ontario, Hamilton, Stoney Creek — The Battlefield of Stoney Creek
The Battlefield of Stoney Creek 6th June 1813 In memory of 20 good and true King's Men who, in fighting in defence of their country, died and were buried on this knoll. This revised inscription and stone re-dedicated June 6th . . . Map (db m56798) HM
68 Ontario, Hamilton, Stoney Creek — The Nash-Jackson House
Originally located at the north-east corner of king Street East and Nash Road in the city of Hamilton, the house known as the Nash=Jackson House was built in 1818. The property on which the house stood, part of William Gage's original land grant, . . . Map (db m56859) HM
69 Ontario, Hamilton, Stoney Creek — Their Fame Liveth
Canada Remembers Lieutenant Samuel Hooker, Sergeant Joseph Hunt, Pri- vates James Daig, Thomas Fearnsides, Richard Hugill, George Longley, Laurence Meade, John Pegler, John Smith, and John Wale of the First Battalion of the . . . Map (db m56819) HM
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